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Racism: What It Is, What It Isn't, and What We Can Do About It

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Racial discrimination is one of the key concerns in the world today. A lot of people are not conscious of how much prejudice still subsists in our workforces, schools, and everywhere else where communal lives are going on. It is evident that discrimination is shocking as it was several decades ago. Racial discrimination has various denotations, one meaning explaining the prejudice of a faction of people because of their colour, race, and religion. Also, racial discrimination is abhorrence for all races except for one that is deemed as the powerful race. Due to this, researchers beg to explain why it is still active to date. Apart from explaining why racism is still present today, this paper explores ways in which people exhibit discriminative behaviour. 

Evidently, racial discrimination has not been exclusively eradicated from the American culture, and no exact ethnic group can frankly beseech complete innocence to exhibiting xenophobic behaviour at one instant or another. The manner in which individuals recognise each other is based on the personality, so sanctioning an ethnic population in its fullness with an extremely broad allegation of xenophobic behaviour is unfair(Van Dijk, 2015, p. 21). There are undoubtedly racialist white Americans existing in the United States currently, although the group of the white inhabitants of our nation has no individual grievance with a different race. 

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Research Method 

This paper relied heavily on archival materials related to the subject of racism to help prove the hypothesis. The use of existing, as well as current literature, has enabled me to come up with great explanatory content for the paper. 


Irritation is a very familiar cause of prejudice. If an individual is having a few social problems, they have a tendency to get extremely irritated with persons who are not disturbed by their state of affairs. For example, when an individual is having a rough period economically, they find it simple to fault immigrants for confiscating their employment opportunities or creating fewer opportunities. This form of a scrutiny is extremely easy to formulate. However when one puts together this assumption, it frequently results in hatred towards any marginal group. The psychosomatic factor is also a familiar disorder that is found as the cause of racism. Individuals with harsh childhoods may at times generate anger and revulsion towards others(Van Dijk, 2015, p. 22). This individual is prone to overlook others because these qualities draw in racism as a result of the manner racism segregates humanity into superior and lesser classes. In these kinds of states, one can only imagine what might run through the minds of such characters. 

Nonetheless, in some cases, frustration is only shaped by the psychological thought. Revolution is a particular mechanism that individuals cannot grip in many instances. Individuals have the impression that they are much secure around familiar people, and they find it difficult to settle in a society that they are not familiar with. Ever since 1987, Chinese citizens have been inhabiting in Vancouver, as the neighbourhood of Richmond changed from one in every twenty to one in every three of its dwellers being Chinese after two decades (Lentin, &Titley, 2011, p. 47). This brisk transformation was not tolerable for many individuals who again migrated because of this reason so they can survive in a town dominated by whites again. Alternatively, one can increase the racism around them even without boasting as being racist. For instance, stillness does not inevitably suggest it can put off prejudice, but it might, in reality, aggravate it. Studies confirm that individuals are hesitant to speak out towards their family or friends who are fond of expressing their chauvinistic views. 

Several blacks may discover that they have frontiers situated around them when they are type cast as fine athletes and artists(Martin, et.al, 2011, p. 666). This makes it extremely hard for blacks to be taken sincerely in every other field. It is somewhat evident that irritation is the origin of all these universal causes of racial discrimination, and such irritation is simply created by the defenceless intellect of an individual who is bewildered because of the difficulties they are experiencing. Moreover, the majority is one of the most influential effects on racism. When radicals such as skinheads raise violence or bombings, generally the beginning is the mild small-mindedness of some typical thoughts. When legislators and media personalities grumble about a marginal group, there is a vast population of individuals out there who are laughing and nodding in agreement. 

Ultimately, the multifarious source of racism in the United States is American societies. The criminal integrity structure is not dependable enough, and studies confirm a lot of favouritism going on in our courts and prisons. In several cases, the individuals who protect our rights perpetrate injustices. The statement of the Commission on universal Racism in the Ontario unlawful integrity system states that it is the law enforcement, lawyers, and judges who are mainly to blame for the lack of assurance of the equality of the criminal integrity system(Chaney& Robertson, 2013, p. 483). It is these individuals who put together decisions founded on conjectures and stereotypes. The statement also states blacks are a lot less prone than whites to be granted bail under related circumstances are. Blacks are at least twenty times more likely to be incarcerated ahead of their trials on allegations of drug trafficking and about twenty times as liable as whites to be imprisoned on drug-possession charges are. It appears that the police force is preventing black males more regularly than whites are. 

It appears that discrimination primarily hits the lower class, uninformed people. Many individuals believe that this is the case since all around them, they observe richer folks. They do not want to make out individuals of their chaste wealthier than them, so they disregard them. However, when they observe somebody of a different race, better off than them, they become livid, and the wealthier individuals turn into their target. It is similar to what ensued during the Holocaust. Hitler then was a racialist. Most Germans were poor though not extremely well trained, and annoyed. They desired somebody to fault for their problems. The Jewish persons in Germany were hard employees, usually pretty wealthy and they were diverse. As a result, they became Hitler’s aim. 

A Qualitative Study 

Dependence on literature establishes the status of this study as more of a qualitative study given that I do not mention any data throughout the study. The study also focuses more on the theoretical aspects of racism instead of statistical data associated with Racism in America. 


I have used several independent variables. Namely, the law enforcement and justice system and the work environment to try and explain how racial discrimination transpires. The phenomenon, which is racism, as well as the people constitute my dependent variables. 

In conclusion, it is important to note that racial discrimination is not an attitude that individuals are born with. There are lots of resolutions in the planet to put off racism. Nevertheless, as discussed above, research has proven that such endeavours cannot put an end to racial discrimination since racism will forever exist provided that we live. However, what the government, institutions, and rest of the citizens can do is facilitate minimization of racism. It is a disgrace that several individuals possess such hatred towards others whereas if they attempted to cope with the alteration and personal aggravations responsibly, they could get extra cosy around the marginal groups. 


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Van Dijk, T. A. (2015).  Racism and the Press  (Vol. 5).Routledge. 

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