Racism Essay Writing Guide & Examples for Students

Finding free racism essays as examples for your studies can be a huge problem. It is a complicated topic. Before jumping into writing, you will need to do considerable research. There is no way to find a ready solution. But we will guide you through the best essay on racism and help to create your own paper. Moreover, with free examples of essays you can find on our website, you will better understand standard writing techniques.

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17 Sep 2023

Racial Discrimination in the United States of America

Racial discrimination in the United States of America has a rich history to understand and to read. The racial challenges began with the European settlers who moved into the United States of America. It is the...

Words: 568

Pages: 2

Views: 395

17 Sep 2023

Racial Inequality in Education: Florida Public High Schools

Central Research Question How can the issue of racial inequality in Florida’s public schools be eradicated? _ Interview Questions _ How are racial inequalities practiced in Florida Public schools? This...

Words: 339

Pages: 3

Views: 148

17 Sep 2023

How to Understand and Develop Your Racial Identity

In all social contexts, the best way to share information on racial identity development with staff is to talk about it continually. School leaders should speak, learn, and understand the concepts behind racial...

Words: 598

Pages: 2

Views: 204

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Human Experimentation, Eugenics and Racial "Science"

Human Experimentation, Eugenics and Racial "Science" From the mid-19th century to the early 20th century, the world witnessed a turn of events in what can be considered as ugly and inhuman. There arose professors,...

Words: 1392

Pages: 5

Views: 71

17 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Policing as a Public Policy Debate in 2020: Racial Disparities

Donnelly, E. (2017). The politics of racial disparity reform: Racial inequality and criminal justice policymaking in the states. _ American Journal of Criminal Justice, 42_ (1), 1-27. The main challenge...

Words: 1492

Pages: 4

Views: 347

17 Sep 2023

The Racist Experience of the Asian American

The Racist Experience of the Asian American A stereotype refers to a strongly held idea that people may have towards a particular group of people and in most cases, the idea is always wrong and does not reflect on...

Words: 2124

Pages: 7

Views: 425

17 Sep 2023

Conceptualizing Race and Racism

Race is a fictional and invented form of identity. The term ‘race’ has never had a precise meaning in the history of its use. It was first used to describe societies and peoples among the Europeans (Clair and Denis,...

Words: 241

Pages: 1

Views: 429

16 Sep 2023

Research: Racism as a Social Problem

Racism is a belief that a particular race has specific traits that distinguish it from others, especially in a way that makes the race superior. Racism can be either dominative, where one practices it intentionally;...

Words: 1506

Pages: 5

Views: 101

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Biological and Cultural Construction of Race and Racial Health Disparities

The Structural-Constructivist model is a theoretical approach that points out the racial and ethnic disparities in health. In this case, it presents dual nature of mankind’s existence where on one hand, there is the...

Words: 322

Pages: 1

Views: 66

Nurses' Attitudes and Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Pain Management of Sickle Cell Patients

Abstract The issue of disparity in the delivery of healthcare poses significant health and social concern not only in the USA but also across the globe. Research indicates that the concept of inequality grounded...

Words: 4535

Pages: 1

Views: 127


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a Racism Essay

Let's start our guide with a definition of essay on racism. This type of paper discusses discrimination against people because of race. The problem of arguing that one race has superiority over others has existed for decades. It makes a discussion on discrimination actual for any time and at any student level. We need to articulate this problem and find ways to stop it and prevent racial abuse.

Moreover, such writing requires fundamental knowledge in some disciplines. We will go through this writing process step-by-step to help students be more confident while working with such kinds of topics. 

Racism Essay for School

Working on essay about racism in schools is a widespread practice. Race discrimination is based on ungrounded beliefs that one race can be better than others based on genetic factors. These beliefs became a cause of many tragic historical moments. But it does not mean that such a problem does not exist now. It can be even more dangerous and broad in the 21st century. 

An essay on racism in schools is usually not too long. It can be a part of assignments for social science, history, art, philosophy (look at philosophy essay examples in our library), or literature classes. Also, it can be different types of writing. But before writing, look at examples of racial discrimination topic development. 

Check a sample for essay on racism we prepared for you!

College Essays About Racism

For college racism essays, students should be more proficient in the topic. There is no scientific explanation of why one race wants to show superiority. But it does not mean that you can not look at this problem from an academic perspective. There are a lot of points for research on race discrimination you can work with. 

To become a good writer you need to learn from good samples. College essays on racism are usually longer than the same paper you did for school. It also should be grounded on some theoretical perspectives. Such articles also explain the importance of diversity in each sphere of life. 

Students can find any racism essay sample we prepared for our users.

Fascinating Racism Essay Examples for You

We are 100% sure that you will have a lot of insights learning from each example of racism essays we collect on our website. Just look at how they can help with your writing.

  • Get the difference in topic development for various types of papers.
  • Learn the topic better.
  • Find creative points for discussion of race discrimination.
  • Get new facts and data you can use for your own writings. 
  • Understand the terminology.
  • Become familiar with the primary theoretical ground for your topic.

You will find a good essay about racism example for your assignment goals in our collection. To create your piece of text, start with research. Then, analyze other samples to define the type of required writing. Build an outline and start working on a paper. We will help you with each step. 

Racism Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a common type of assigned writing for high school or college. That’s why every student will find different argumentative essays on racism examples n our collection. In such a paper, you need to be an investigator and collect data on statements you define in an introduction. Such kind of writing is usually objective and less emotional. 

The main idea is to define a statement and provide evidence that supports it. For instance, your vision is to show that racial discrimination is the biggest problem in America. Then you need to show facts, research, or other reliable citations to prove it. So, look at any sample argumentative essay about racism found here and make your task easier.

Racism Persuasive Essay

Another common type of academic writing is persuasive essays. Such text aims to make your readers stand on your side. Persuasive essays on racism are usually emotional, with personal feelings and thoughts. And it makes this type of paper very effective. It's hard to believe that there is someone who has never faced race discrimination or doesn't have friends who were touched by this problem. 

Be creative! Be emotional! This is a good way to pursue and argue your position. Also, check persuasive essay examples about racism to understand how other writers persuade on this topic.

Racism Informative Essay

Racism informative essays are used to inform an audience about problems and their effects. How to start an informative essay? First, you need to define a specific point of discussion. Then, provide as much information as possible.

For example, you want to inform about Asian discrimination after the COVID-19 spread. Collect statistics data on cases, find examples in media, and outline the social aspect of this problem. You can also get some data on Asian discrimination history. All the information will make your informative essay better. As you do not need to prove something or persuade readers, the stylistic of such an article can be more neutral. Check our informative essay on racism examples for a better understanding.

Racism Essay Outline

The outline of a racism essay will depend on the writing type, your goals, and an auditory you will address. StudyBounty offers you a basic example of a racism essay outline format you can adopt for your needs.

Now let’s look at your essay about the history of race discrimination in the modern United States of America.

Introduction: identify the problem.

  • Catching sentences. For example, mention that many modern laws in the US were first created to discriminate against black people. And those laws are still working now.
  • A personal story is also an option. 

Body: collect all the facts you want to include.

  • What is anti-black violence? 
  • The history of black Americans in the US (tell, for example, how more than 12 million people were kidnapped from Africa). 
  • The actuality of this problem in the 21st century (Floyd case). 
  • Important anti-race discrimination movements and personalities. 


  • Summarize all points briefly. Make a logical connection with an introduction. 

Racism Essay Introduction

An introduction for racism essay is a chance to make your reader concerned about the topic you will discuss. Read how to make this part of your essay catching.

  • Personal stories: they are suitable for persuasive essays.
  • Surprising facts: use law collisions on race discrimination.
  • Statistics: try to find some numbers to support your position.
  • Citations: there are a lot of great works on black discrimination to cite.

Remember that your introduction should be clear with statements. Also, it's important to research first. Good essays are clear and grounded on considerable theoretical research. Check a sample from our database below. 

Introduction of racism essay example

Racism is a limiting factor, which hinders peaceful coexistence among individuals from different racial backgrounds. While it has been in existence for a considerable period, scholars have attempted to make sense of it, giving descriptions of its origin. One particular explanation is evidenced in Charles de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu's writing, "Of Laws in Relation to the Nature of the Climate", which posits that climate plays a significant role in shaping behavior or character. He argues that the behavior of individuals is representative of the climate from which they come from. For instance, individuals living in colder climates are vigorous and aggressive, compared to individuals living in warmer climates, as they are welcoming, happy, among other positive features. As such, Montesquieu uses this particular standing to promote racist perceptions of individuals from different climatic regions. Thus, the climate of a particular region dictates the character of an individual. In the Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad exposes his readers to the experiences of a British seaman, Marlow, in the Congo region. Conrad uses Marlow as the channel through which he expresses his idea of racism and what it means to him. Arguably, Conrad diverts from such a kind of thinking as Montesquieu's promoting the idea that racism is merely a creation of the human mind; that the mind has such capability as to endorse a diminished view of other civilizations in favor of one's own. 

Racism Essay Thesis Statement

The thesis statement for racism essay will define a tone of voice, type of argumentation, and writing style. This is your position, which you will prove in a paper. Discover some advice we suggest to create a good thesis statement. 

  • Choose the topic that is interesting to you.
  • Avoid offensive language.
  • Find a topic that is not researched well. You will have unique data to share. 
  • Your statements should be clear. Do not use complicated constructions. 

Let's pretend you want to create a historical text on discrimination. How to be unique? Choose a specific period or circumstances. Check one of the racism thesis statement examples.

Racial discrimination influenced a city building in the early 19 century.

Racism Essay Body Paragraph

Creating each racism essay paragraph will probably take a lot of time. Here you will develop your argumentation for the thesis statement you defined before. Start with brainstorming. You can start writing after collecting all ideas for argumentations and specified facts and resources to incorporate into your text.

  • Do not forget about transition words, such as "accordingly," "however," and others.
  • Your writings should be logical and clear. Do not use too general sentences. "Racism is bad" is not acceptable for a good essay. 
  • There is no place for unnecessary information. Include only valuable thoughts. 
  • Learn from different samples proposed on our website.

Example of racism essay body paragraph

In support of his idea, Montesquieu writes, "the temper of the mind and the passions of the heart are extremely different in different climates, the laws ought to be in relation to both the variety of those passions and to the variety of those tempers," (93). This particular way of thinking reveals that to Montesquieu, individuals have or experience different tempers and passions, which are under the influence of one's surrounding climate. In his explanation, Montesquieu states that cold air compresses the extremities of the external fibers of one's body, which leads to elasticity, thereby allowing return of blood from those extreme parts to the heart. Cold air contracts the fibers, which also causes them to increase their force. This explains why, "People are therefore more vigorous in cold climates," since "the blood moves freely towards the heart, and reciprocally the heart has more power," (94). Hence, to Montesquieu, the temperament of an individual has a direct link to their climate. This creates the impression that to Montesquieu, racism is a consequence of the different physiological effects that climate has on individuals. 

Racism Essay Conclusion

Finally, you are at the conclusion section. This is your last chance to underline your main idea, thesis statements, and the most significant argumentation. It does not mean that the conclusion for racism essay should repeat all the facts you pointed to in the text. But you should summarize it.

A good summary will be connected with an introduction. Conclusion of racism essay also can bring some insights or ask rhetorical questions. What do you want every reader to take away from the text? This is what you need to underline. It should not be too long. Include only essential things in this final section. Do not forget to check all possible samples of this popular subject.   

Racism essay conclusion examples

Assertively, evidence gathered in Conrad's Heart of Darkness presents a different conception of racism, which steers away from Montesquieu's climate theory. According to Conrad, human beings have the ability to perceive others as they wish as noted from Marlowe's portrayal of the power of the mind. He acknowledges that the mind can enable him perceive the world only how he wants to perceive it and that nothing can influence such a view. Notably, the power of the mind allows Marlow to make such an observation. Nevertheless, even with such an understanding, Marlow still falls victim to the belief that his society is better than that of the natives. Evidence of this is demonstrated in the various ways in which Marlow decides to refer to the natives calling them cannibals, who need training in order to become "improved specimen". The fact that Marlow feels that the natives need improving reveals Conrad's portrayal of racism; a phenomenon based on demonstrating differences between civilizations. Hence, one could notice that for Conrad, climate has little to do with how individuals view others from different regions. Rather, it is the idea of civilization, which shapes the perception between and among societies.

How to Write an Essay on Racism

Our step-by-step guide will outline all about racism essay writing we know. As you already found out, it is not an easy task. This is a somber and complicated topic that can be discussed from various perspectives. Let's go through each of the steps.

  • Make time

Sometimes, it is the hardest step to make time and plan everything beforehand. That's why we created this assignment calculator at your disposal.

  • Research

You can not have a good essay on racial discrimination if you don't understand its meaning. 

  • Brainstorm the topic and thesis statement

There can be various topics to work with, and you need to define the most beneficial for you. Look at a history of discrimination or xenophobia in art. Maybe you can write about influence in the school system. Or look at how it is correlated with social problems. Check our free essay about racism for inspiration. 

  • Get a plan

This is the stage of creating a good outline for your future essay. You need to plan your text as detailed as possible. 

  • Create a text

There is no way that you will introduce the topic of race discrimination in American literature and then will write about the history of racism. Your paper will have an introduction, main body, and conclusion. Use reliable sources for citations, and explain your thesis. 

  • Proofread

Have enough time to look at your writing with a fresh eye. 

Popular Racism Essay Topics Examples

Choosing suitable topics about racism for essay will make your work more successful. You can get stuck on this point and spend a lot of time thinking about the best topic. We have a set of essay topics on racism in English you can use for writing or inspiration!

Discover topics for racism essay listed below:

  1. Racism in the early history.
  2. Discrimination on race in the American army during WW I and WW II.
  3. How world literature masterpieces discriminated against racist people.
  4. Anti-black propaganda during the Big Depression time.
  5. Black live matter movements.
  6. The concept of race discrimination and why it matters. (Consult: sociology essays at StudyBounty.)
  7. How Hollywood culture determined blacks and Latinos. 
  8. What is the difference between racism and anti-Semitism?
  9. Can globalization solve a race discrimination problem?
  10. Anti-black violence in American history.
  11. Hidden race discrimination in modern filmography.
  12. Colfax massacre as the American tragedy.
  13. What to read if you want to understand the racial discrimination roots better.
  14. Why do we need to speak about race and diversity at school?

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FAQ About Racism Essays

1. How to stop a racism essay?

If you need to write on ways to stop racism essay, you can search on our website to find an example that will fit your expectations. In fact, such a paper will have the same structure as any other. Use your University database to find quality research on this topic and incorporate them into your text.

2. What are the good titles for essays about racism?

This guide collects the best racism essay titles for any type of assignment. Check the list and you will definitely find something that will work for you. Choose the title that will be specific, with underlined details, and quite clear. Look at the essay's examples. Maybe you will find a good title there.

3. Can I submit one of your paper about racism?

Unfortunately, you need to create your own paper on racism to get a good grade! All the examples were already used by students who donated them to our database. You can use them for inspiration and learn the structure or formatting. But you will need to create your own text. Moreover, our professional writing service can help with your assignments.

4. Are your racism essay examples free?

Yes, you can get any racism essays for free. It's free for anyone from any location. There is no purchase or registration for using the service. Also, we don't collect any personal data. All you need to do to search for an example of paper is visit the website.


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