28 May 2022


Reflect on human services advocacy

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Human service advocacy focuses mainly on engaging as many people as possible to provide their wants. This involves the use of legislative means to provide practical solutions to children, abused women, and drug addicts and find solutions of the aged in their medical homes. The advocates' primary interest is to ensure the underprivileged in the society to be treated equally as the privileged. In a nutshell, the social service advocates empower the underpowered persons in the population (Pusic, E).

The social service advocacy requires the lawyers to work with and for the people to understand their issues and therefore best protect their interest. Social service advocates become successful when they first identify the issues at hand and setting goals. They must look at all the sides of the issues at hand to have a wholesome understanding of the issues. The legislatures who understand the social services advocacy should and must always be brought on board. After that, the lobbies must ensure a good working relation between them and the local governing body at their locality. Application of these few tactics would provide very useful social service advocacy at any part of the world (Collins, J. A. 2008).

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People with disabilities, the old in the nursing homes, patients in the rehab center and the women are among the individuals in the society who are in dire need of the social service advocacy. The advocates who choose to be their voices should first identify with their situation in order to understand the case they are presenting to the legislative sector of the country. Some of the bodies mandated to carry the social services advocacy agenda include; community child care advocacy, national disability advocacy program, VoiceAbility among others (Sugarman, S. D. 2003).


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Sugarman, S. D. (2003). Personal Injury and Social Policy: Institutional and Ideological Alternatives. 

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