12 Aug 2022


Research on Fast Food Consumption: The Pros and Cons

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The Investigation 

In my life outside school, I have wanted to investigate the reasons for the high consumption of fast food despite reports that it is unhealthy and a cause of obesity. 

Research Question 

What contributes to high levels of fast food consumption despite reports that it is unhealthy and causes obesity? 

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The kind of information I had to gather in order to answer the research question 

I had to gather information on the current levels of fast food consumption. I gathered information on the various factor influencing the consumption of fast food. Information on consumers’ attitude towards fast foods was important to answer the question. I collected statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the number of Americans consuming fast food. Results from nutrition surveys on fast food consumption were informative to answer the question. 

Sources used to gather the information 

The CDC (2018) report on fast food consumption among U.S adults 

This source was important to highlight the population of U.S adults who consume fast food. Information published in the report is credible because the CDC is a reputable corporate author. Besides information from the report is current. The CNN published the report on October 3, 2018. The recent publication date renders the data relevant and applicable to inform this study. 

A study by Askari Majabadi et al. (2016) 

In the study, Askari Majabadi et al. (2016) outline diverse factors that affect the choice of fast food among adolescents. The study is important to outline the various reasons for high levels of fast food consumption. 

A study by Seo, Lee, and Nam (2011). 

This study is important to understand fast food consumption among middle school students. Particularly, it highlights behavioral intention as a key motivation among middle school students to consume fast food. 


Based on the CDC report, there is an estimate of 84.8 million U.S adults who consume fast food, daily (CNN, 2018). The study by identified factors that promote fast food consumption including attractiveness of fast food, ease of access and convenience, high level of energy, and effects of habitual consumption. Seo, Lee, and Nam (2011) attribute the trend of fast food consumption to behavioral intention. These were the answers to the investigation. 


Askari Majabadi, H., Solhi, M., Montazeri, A., Shojaeizadeh, D., Nejat, S., Khalajabadi Farahani, F., & Djazayeri, A. (2016). Factors Influencing Fast-Food Consumption Among Adolescents in Tehran: A Qualitative Study. Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal, 18 (3), e23890. doi:10.5812/ircmj.23890 

CNN. (2018). CDC report: 84.8 million U.S. adults consume fast food every day and other startling findings . Retrieved from https://www.wptv.com/lifestyle/fast-food-consumption-cdc-report 

Seo, H. S., Lee, S. K., & Nam, S. (2011). Factors Influencing Fast Food Consumption Behaviors of Middle-School Students in Seoul: An Application of Theory Of Planned Behaviors. Nutrition Research and Practice, 5 (2), 169-78. 

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