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Self-Assessment: The Complete Guide

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Social work is work that deals with the general wellbeing of individuals and communities and improving the standard of their lives. Since it is a demanding job that deals with working with people, it requires one to have high professional requirements and personal skills. 

By the end of this course, I would like to have excellent personal skills and professional skills. Here is a list of personal skills that I would desire. These include Active listening, Social Perceptiveness, Self-Awareness, Organization, Coordination, Empathy, Persuasion, Understanding of the human mind, critical thinking skills and verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Empathy is identifying oneself in another person’s problems and putting oneself in their shoes. It makes it easier to help others solve their problems. Active listening creates trust thus the affected party opens up. Persuasion is required in convincing others and making them take a line of action that will help them. I will require Self-awareness to monitor my performance, taking into consideration other people’s feedback and improving. Coordination is required in bringing together parties e.g. a mental patient with a psychiatrist. Excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skills help in giving information with clarity and understanding sign language when dealing with those who have impairments. Critical thinking skills in giving sound advice to the clients. I would also like to be Social Perceptive to be able to understand a client regarding their culture. 

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Professional goals that I aim to achieve after studying a social work course include studying Social Work up to a Masters level. Further, it will help me gain comprehensive knowledge of all the fundamentals required to practice social work. After studying, I would like to get a job as a social worker. I would also like to gain work promotion on the same after working for some years. Also, it will help me to gain more power to implement issues that deal with Social Work. It takes hard work and perseverance to gain a promotion but will stop at nothing at getting an executive position. I would also like to increase the productivity of my work by increasing the quality and quantity of services offered to my clients. I will also focus on developing better relationships with my clients to know how best I will be helping them. I will also take a course on psychology to be able to connect better with my clients. I will actively post issues dealing with social work on social media to connect better with tech savvy clients. I will also advance community rights and economic fairness. I will offer information on issues affecting people and the solutions. 

My professional skills will be reflected in an agency learning agreement in the light of every professional skill followed by a learning activity to implement the skill. For instance, in applying Advancement of community rights and economic justice, the learning activity is researching about the forms of economic injustice in a community. 


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