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Skills Gap in the Workforce in Manufacturing Firms

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The lack of interest shown by the young people in the manufacturing industry may be due to the misinterpretation of what is involved in the production scenario, and the job is like. Many young students are not aware of the technological transformation that has been experienced in the manufacturing sector in latest years and the skilled labor needed in the manufacturing procedures. The manufacturers have to play a greater role in encouraging and changing the wrong, outdated perception the students have in the manufacturing sector (Dynamics, 2016). Through advertisements, the manufacturers can relay facts that the industry is fully proficient with the modern technologies and manufacturing is an exciting and a fast developing industry with a lot of opportunities for career progress.

Literature Review

The younger generation has not been serious in taking chances of employment in the manufacturing sector. Their guardian and the society as a whole have not encouraged nor supported them in attending technical classes to be taught the skills. The new generation has been carried away by the promise of repute and riches which is only attained after the college or university education. The real stigma of work in the manufacturing and other skilled professions has been extended to the current generation, but the views seem to be overtaken by events (Oxenbridge, & Evesson, 2012). Manufacturing cannot be said to be a dirty job anymore, but it is quite the opposite as there exist real chances to educate the young generation on the advanced innovation and technology.

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Through the modern innovation and technology, young people can involve in the environment of manufacturing and play a significant role in driving the fast-growing industry forward. In fact, the manufacturing sector is currently undergoing a manufacturing resurgence due to the increase in the number of companies looking to get into production industry. Due to this, there is an urgent and rising need exists in the industry. The number of job vacancies has continued to grow, but the battles of old ideas alongside a current skilled labor force that is radically aging out (Campbell, 2014). According to the survey done in the manufacturing industry, for every four job positions that the professionals retire from, the industry can produce only a single replacement. 

The new generation is known for seeking to apply creativity and innovation in all areas of life, mostly in workplaces where they have a feeling they can make a difference in the way things are done. Their growing and current perception encourage their work and that of workmates and at the long end is reflected in the organization's future progress. The new generation believes in changing their community and the entire world for better as it is observed in the continuous economic struggle, but the young unemployment remains hopeful about what they can do to resolve the situation. The new generation may have difficulties in integrating into a workforce with a dominance of mature workers, but as a group, they are known to work as well as play well among themselves. Through their amplified sense of society and peer to peer connection, they can be used to update workplace cultures (Campbell, 2014). Through group partnerships, the new generation accepts the opportunity to work with Boomers and be shown the required knowledge from those who are on the verge of retirement. When the expectations are met, the new generation can adapt well, making on the work training less costly and more proficient.

Research Question

In the manufacturing sector, the current workforce has much open skill jobs compared to the millions of jobless young individuals who face the unemployment frequency that is twice over the country rate to fill those positions. So as to attract a new generation of workers, the manufacturing industry has to promote the appeal for innovation, modern technology, and an industrial culture that is strong and disprove the negative thoughts of unclean surroundings to attract the younger generation of employees (Campbell, 2014). If there is the lack of strategies to increase the number of the new generation on the job within the manufacturing industry, there would be the loss of valuable and important opportunity of improving the workplaces and building new ways of thinking and inventions.


Through the misunderstanding that is found in the information given to the manufacturing industry, the young generation may miss the fact that the manufacturing jobs are highly refined and specific kind of work. Additionally, production career often has immediate chances, work security and persistent growth. It is essential that the new generation perspective on the industry is changed by refurbishing industry and cultures in the companies as well as the manner the job opportunities are presented. New generation is in agreement that a robust, unified, focused team on workplace values and opportunities for remarkable work are essential (Dynamics, 2016). The need to prioritize culture and the desire to work in a setting that encourages innovation would make the new generation fit in the manufacturing jobs. 

Lessons can be learned from other industries on how they attract the millennial employees. The generation has grown up with computers and internet technology. Innovations like the 3D printing, nanotechnology, and robotics can convince the new generation that manufacturing is a place to find the advanced technologies. The Boeing airline company was fast to adopt the 3D printing technology, producing more than 20,000 printed 3D parts for ten different armies and commercial airlines (Dynamics, 2016). In food production, nanotechnology is expected to be the next big entity as the Nanoparticles deliver a rapid hit of taste, permitting manufacturers to decrease their use of fat and salt. Many new generation individuals are not aware of this progress, and they have never thought of manufacturing career thus have not examined the study, teaching, and practical skills desired and braced by the industry.


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