28 May 2022


Student Motivation and Performance

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How student motivation can enhance performance; 

Motivation is an influence that drives one to do something. Motivation is a crucial element since it pushes one to be responsible and able to take charge of their life. 

Student motivation through the development of suitable course designs that the student can easily relate ( Ames, 1992) . This is evident in a case where students are given success stories about the people they would like to be in life. This can impact the student positively thus enabling the student put in more effort. 

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Motivation can be a prerequisite of student engagement. For instance, because of a long-term goal for qualifications, students can be motivated to engage in good courses that will help them attain the desired credentials ( Ames, 1992)

Through motivation, a student can have the drive to better perform in their studies for the rewards of a better and comfortable life in the future. Physical rewards are also a driving force that drives students to better performance. 

How intrinsic and extrinsic motivations differ; 

Motivation can either be internal (intrinsic) or external (extrinsic). Intrinsic motivation refers to the force from within that leads one to achieve a goal because of personal desire or satisfaction such as participating in a competition, involved in a game among others. This leads to persistent behavior towards a goal when external motivators are not available based upon the circumstances. 

Extrinsic motivation is the driving from external forces that triggers one in achieving a goal such as money, prizes, trophies, medals, discounts, good grades among others. Some people are totally satisfied with external rewards rather than developing personal goals. 

Factors affecting motivation; 

Environment: A caring, comfortable and supportive aura has a positive impact towards motivation of an individual. The conducive environment provides a serene atmosphere for one to achieve their goals. A hostile environment can be a setback to motivation towards an individual ( Schunk et al, 2012) . For instance, a conducive home environment for a student will produce a highly motivated student since everything is catered for unlike a student who sleeps hungry and stressed out, this student will require a good school motivation to make them perform. 

Rewards: The future anticipation of rewards from a task done or after the achievement of a goal gives one the motivation since they are looking forward to the reward. For instance studying hard in school to get good credentials which will accord a career in future ( Brophy, 2013)

Personal factors: These can include self-determination and self-acceptance. A person that believes in themselves is better motivated than one who is not. Motivation is dependent on the opinion that one has to themselves. This is evident in the case of sports where one believes in themselves to play the game and help the team win the match ( Cave & Dohoney, 2009)

Description of three developmentally appropriate strategies used to help motivate students in class; 

By giving definite feedback, rather than overall comments towards a student. Teachers should present rules and directions in an informational manner rather than in a controlling way. 

Acknowledgment of what students say and do. Do let the students know that you have noticed what they have done by giving positive attention like through comments and even being near and observing and helping them appropriately ( Cave & Dohoney, 2009)

Encourage and offer assistance to students and demonstrate correct ways of doing a task so that the next time they will be eager to do it even better. Give them hints and clues to help them work on the edge of their competence 

How teacher motivation affects student motivation; 

Motivating a teacher through incentives like giving prizes for the best-performed subject will help change the attitude and be driven towards motivating the students in the achievement of excellent results which will in turn accord the teacher of a prize ( Schunk et al, 2012)

Teachers’ motivation helps them translate the educational philosophy and objective into skills and knowledge and transfer them efficiently to students. This is evident in the case teachers are provided with better teaching facilities, salaries paid timely and regularly and being sponsored to attend conferences that improve their skills. 


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