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The Importance of Developing Strong Vocabulary

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Vocabulary is essential to reading comprehension. Readers must know the meaning of new words to understand the content they are reading. With a strong vocabulary, one has a strong ability to understand also. As children continue to learn more about reading advanced texts, they should learn the meaning of new words, which are not basics of their oral vocabulary. 

Developing new vocabulary is essential for every learner. According to various surveys conducted by researchers on vocabulary learning, it is evident that there are various methods of knowing a new word. The form-meaning connection does not give an accurate picture of the kinds of vocabulary knowledge that we learn ( Zhang & Annual, 2008) . On the other hand, reading-vocabulary connection means that when we have good knowledge about a word, we can access a minimum of nine components of word knowledge. 

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Developing a strong vocabulary is essential for any child. With a robust vocabulary, the student improves listening, communication, speaking, writing, and reading comprehension. It is essential to any learner's success because of three main reasons. One of these reasons is increased school achievement. Secondly, the vocabulary size that a child has depicts how he or she shall be in the future while reading ( Masrai, 2019) . Reading comprehension mainly includes a child's ability to know words promptly and effectively and establish a strong recognition of new words, some process phrases, and sentences to assist in comprehensions ( Masrai, 2019) . Besides, reading comprehension helps children to be able to participate in various strategic processes and their related cognitive skills. They also help them in the interpretation and evaluations of messages that match the reader's needs and targets. 

Vocabulary has an integral function in the reading process and contributes much towards what a reader comprehends. A reader cannot understand a reading without knowing what the words used in the text mean. The process of learning the meaning of many words is ordinarily indirect. Some students learn these meanings through everyday experiences with either written or oral languages. 

One of the skills of reading comprehension is the cover to cover reading. It is a three-level series that brings together extensive reading with vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. It involves reading of classics, passages, magazines, and newspapers to give a practical approach of combining extensive and intensive reading seamlessly. These processes enhance the learner's knowledge of different words. It is comprehending a text written in either a book or a magazine enhances vocabulary knowledge, among many other variables. Equipping the child with adequate vocabulary knowledge levels allows them to cope well with the demands of language ( Masrai, 2019) . Therefore, teachers should ensure students develop strong vocabularies at a young age by exposing them to reading comprehension. 

Vocabulary development also helps students with disabilities to enhance their learning skills and reduce learning difficulties. It also aids in strengthening and establish a robust background knowledge for use when connecting texts and increasing reading comprehension and fluency when studying. It can enhance the skills of an individual in writing and building knowledge ( Weiser, 2013) . Its application in content areas is highly recommended. 

When people develop their vocabulary, they familiarize themselves with the definition of words, and they develop a broader knowledge in general. The individual creates a vast pool of concepts, ideas, and facts drawn to support the argumenta that he or she makes. Having a strong vocabulary enables an Individual to engage well in critical thinking abstracts. Therefore, reading compressions depends much on the richness of the reader’s vocabulary. Any reader should focus on was of enriching his or her vocabulary. 


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