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Veterinary Computer Software

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The following software, Al Galaxy and Al Genesis, AVImark and Infinity are widely used in the management of Veterinary clinics and hospitals. This paper will detail each of the software. 

Al Galaxy and Al Genesis

This is a veterinary management system that can be set up on the clinics local server or on a web server. It has more than 200 clinics using it for their day to day management of finances, medical records, patient data, communications management; multiple integrations with ancillary services; medical records fully integrated with inventory, pharmacy, communications, email, invoicing and estimates; client referral tracking; optional boarding module; personalized referral letters and client handouts; interactive digital imaging utility with DICOM capability; integrated credit card processing; accounts receivable and billing; appointment scheduler; business reporting and inventory ordering.

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Al Galaxy and Al Genesis is developed by Animal Intelligence Software Inc., a software company that deals with practice management software for all types of veterinary practices. They also custom build health/medical record system as preferred by the institution. Technical support for issues related to the management software can be communicated through phone or email whereby the company has a 24 hour call center and staff ready to handle the client requests. The company also gives a 45 day money back guarantee in case of a failure in the system or not meeting the required standards of the institution using it. Installation of the server and other hardware is not provided. The institution has to have a hardware infrastructure in place in order for the software to be of viable importance to the management services in the organization. However the software can be installed on a web server or on the institutions server as requested by the client. Updates to the software are automatic all the user does is to be connected to the internet. However the user will first be prompted to install the updates or ignore them and continue using the un-updated version. The software has a cloud version where all the above features are integrated and can be accessed from a laptop, iPad or mobile phone.


AVImark is a veterinary management system in used by more than 10,000 clinics in their day to day operations. Its features include financial reporting; electronic medical records; reminders and marketing communication tools; information search; integration with more than 50 vendor partners.

AVImark is developed by AVImark Company, a part of the Henry Scheln Animal Health family of companies. Technical issues with the software can be solved by getting in touch with the company by either emailing them, calling them or having an online live chat with a staff in the company. The company does not offer any contingency plan due to a failure in the software or not meeting the expectations of its clients. However technical issues can be solved by a technician from the company at a cost.

Installation of hardware is not provided, an institution needs to acquire its own hardware but instructions on how to configure the server and install the software are given either through a phone call, webinar or video call. Updates to the software are automatic as long as the user is connected to the internet although the user has to agree on whether to install the updates or not. The system is able to import medical results from the lab and display them whenever they are needed by a user in the system.


Infinity is also a veterinary management system, developed by ImproMed for management of the clinics activities. Its features are; Accounts receivable; boarding; health certificates; client communications; DICOM; appointment scheduler; image viewer; take-home instructions; travel sheets. Infinity veterinary management software is developed by ImproMed Company which is also a part of the Henry Scheln Animal Health family of companies. The company provides technical support to its clients through phone calls and emails. The company does not offer any contingency plan in case of a failure in the system or system recovery. Technical hitches are however diagnosed on site at a cost by technicians from the company. Hardware is not provided by the company, however server setup and software installation can be done by the company at a fee.

Infinity is a dynamic system and can import lab results to be viewed by other users.

It also can be run locally in the institutions computer system or online on mobile devices like laptops or smart phones. Updates for the software have to be requested and new versions are posted on the company’s website impromed.com.

Pros and Cons

Al Galaxy and Al Genesis and Infinity have cloud versions of their software thus enabling the end users to access the system over their mobile devices unlike AVImark.

Al Galaxy and Al Genesis has a 45 day money back guarantee in case of system failure or recovery unlike the other two software.

AVImark offers free online and onsite training unlike the other two which charge for their onsite training.

AVImark has a large number of clients using the system thus showing how efficient it is and superior over the others.


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