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How to Deal With Anxiety

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Anxiety is the feeling of unease or an emotion which is characterized by nervous behaviors like rumination and somatic complaints. Anxiety is part of the natural reaction of the body to stress and therefore is helpful at times since it makes someone to be more alert and ready for an action. Anxiety can be noticed since it can be in the form of raised heartbeats, increased sensitivity, and sweating (Plehn & Peterson, 2014) . Anxiety can revolve around work, health, money, family life and also different issues which may demand a person’s attention. The discussion below covers the causes of anxiety and how it can be prevented. 

Anxiety can be either caused by the physical condition, mental condition, drug effects or combination. Some people experiencing anxiety conditions might have a genetic predisposition towards anxiety. Having a close relative that is experiencing a mental condition or anxiety there is a high possibility of developing anxiety. Personal factors is also another main cause of anxiety, some personality traits are likely to have anxiety. In this case, if a child is easily flustered, perfectionists, or lack control he has a likelihood of developing anxiety during adolescence or even when they are adults. Also, ongoing stressful events can cause anxiety this may include work stress, family or relationship problems, and also death or loss of a loved one. Physical health problem can also cause someone to experience anxiety. Some chronic conditions associated with anxiety experiences include diabetes, hypertension and asthma. 

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There are several exercises and actions which can be used to prevent anxiety. Relaxation technique is one remedy for the treatment of anxiety. Relaxation activities are used for relaxing the mind and the physical signs of anxiety. These activities may include deep breathing exercises, yoga, resting in dark and long bath. A support network is also another way of preventing anxiety, a person experiencing anxiety should talk with an individual who is supportive such as a friend or a family member. Also, learning to manage stress can help in limiting potential triggers (Jurin & Biglbauer, 2018) . Exercising regularly and physical exertion can improve the self-image of an individual and help in realizing chemicals in the brain which triggers positive feelings and thus reducing the effect of experiencing anxiety. 

Anxiety can also be prevented by use of medication. If anxiety has a physical cause like an imbalance in the brain or cause blood pressure medicine can be prescribed so as to treat the underlying condition. Other drugs used in the prevention of mental and physical symptoms include benzodiazepines, tricyclic, and antidepressants. Anti-depressants are used in the treatment of anxiety (Jurin & Biglbauer, 2018) . Other ways of preventing anxiety include maintaining a healthy diet, keeping a regular sleep pattern, reducing the consumption of caffeine, tea and chocolate, and also avoiding alcohol. 

In conclusion, excessive anxiety is mainly caused by the stress than an individual experience of day-to-day living. An individual is likely to have anxiety since it’s a response to the outside forces and thus anxious feelings can emerge from an individual who tells themselves that the worst might happen. It is important that an individual experiencing anxiety often to seek intervention from a physician. The physician will perform some physical examination and also laboratory tests which will give better information on the main cause of anxiety. 


Jurin, T., & Biglbauer, S. (2018). Anxiety sensitivity as a predictor of panic disorder symptoms: a prospective 3-year study.  Anxiety, Stress, & Coping 31 (4), 365-374. doi:10.1080/10615806.2018.1453745 

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