14 Apr 2022


Observations about Effective Speakers

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Martin Luther King was an eloquent speaker who through certain qualities managed to wow the crowd every time. For one he was fluent in the English language; he could play with words and make even the most boring of topics seem like a fictional novel. Secondly Luther put a lot of research into his speeches before finally delivering them. He once said, “We cannot be satisfied as long as a Negro in Mississippi cannot” (American Rhetoric, 2001). Also King made exemplary use of repetition throughout his speeches. In “I Have a Dream” he repeats the phrase I have a dream to reveal his hope for America’s imminent change. Finally he had the audience in mind in that he knew when to pause and when to alter his tone so as to arouse the feelings of the audience.

Winston Churchill made a great impact in history. Winston a man of action but at times his words spoke louder. He brought hope and motivation to both the allied powers when Germans were chucking victories battle after battle. He declared, “If the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, "This was their finest hour.”(Jonathan, 2013) when the allies were terribly losing. His words served as inspiration for many soldiers and citizens during the course of the Great War making him a respectable leader. Thus it was the blend of his speeches that helped change the outcome of the war with respect to the allies. 

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Terrorism has become a real world issue of late. As such many people and organizations have risen to shun and chide it. They include the likes of Barrack Obama, Pope Francis and International Institute for Counter-terrorism ICT. Terrorism is a vile offence that needs be stopped sooner than later. The ICT is an organization that aims to put counter-terrorism measures on paper. Their agenda is to provide expertise in terrorism, counter-terrorism, threat vulnerability, national security and defense policy (International Institute for Counter-terrorism 2016). They have made great strides in delivering counter-terrorism updates to the public. Personally I detest terrorism and those who advocate it and as such I feel the work of ICT is positive in that they open the eyed of the mass through education.


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