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Style of Carl T. Rowan writing

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The narrator (Carl T. Rowan) talks about Miss Bessie, a high school teacher who played a very influential role in not only his life, but the lives of many underprivileged black kids of that time. She was not only an English teacher, but also taught history, and civics as well as a plethora of other life skills that Rowan would soon come to appreciate in his future. She was a pillar of the community and in a society where black people were doomed to poverty with history repeating itself generation after generation, she influenced her students in such a positive manner that the monotonous streak was broken. Through her influence, many of her students went on to become dentists, doctors, public school teachers, college professors and in the case of Rowan, the narrator, a Journalist and a well renowned author. Despite not having the right support system at home, Miss Bessie always found reading material for Rowan and made him believe that he could one day hold a torch to renowned writers such as Alexander Pope and Shakespeare. To get approval from such an influential person in his life made Rowan quite excited and proud of himself, and this must have been the case for many of her students who mourned her death in 1980. 

This text was very well written and quite interesting. The level of detail that Rowan used was impeccable and it actually helped on to visualize Miss Bessie especially because of the attention to detail about her weight and character. The best part of this text was when Rowan finally saw Miss Bessie as a regular person when he went to visit her in the retirement home and they drunk together. In his eyes, he saw her as an equal .It showed that despite how hard she pushed her students, she was still human and enjoyed the things that other people enjoyed. Additionally, his transition from the past all the way to the future told a story of how throughout his life, Rowan did everything as a result of the influence of Miss Bessie and it played out well. Rowan wrote quite a great text and his application of dialogue further helped me to learn about her character and personality more. 

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The education system needs more teachers like Miss Bessie who will play a very crucial part in the lives of many students and act as positive role models. 

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