Outstanding College Essays: A Writing Guide & Examples to Get Started

How to find good college essay examples? This is something every student wants to determine. We know that academic writing can be difficult. But start with researching college essay examples pdf documents we already have! And you will find how easy it can be to create your own essay! StudyBounty collected the best papers from different disciplines and topics.

Best College Essay Examples Database for Students

A random sample of someone writing is not the same as successful college essay examples we offer. Before you start working with your own text, ensure that the chosen sample text has a high quality. Why is it important? First of all, a good text sample will guide you through specific structures or requirements for your essay type. Also, only good content can bring you new ideas for your topic. 

Check our free example of a college essay in our database. Download a pdf from StudyBounty and use it as a sample for your assignments. It is helpful if you need to write a personal statement for your application. Find college essay examples about yourself here! Try it!

Free College Application Essays Examples That Worked

How to ensure that the personal statement you wrote for the application will work? The best way to check examples of college application essays from students who became successful in such applications. In our database, students can find any sample of the best college application essay from students of Harvard, Yell, Penn, Stanford, and other top universities in the US. 

Also remember that there are no similar stories, and your application should be written based on your experience. If you know how to write a reflective essay, this task should be easier for you. And writing a college application essay can be much easier if you see successful examples. If it worked for someone before, it could also work for you! Make your application less stressful with SudyBounty. 

Best College Application Essays Examples for Your Academic Needs

Check a sample of college admission essays we have for you! In most cases, such text should illustrate your previous academic experience, interests, and plans. Another tricky task is writing an application for a Master's or PhD program. It is complicated. But we know how to help you! 

Writing a college admission essay has a few steps. Define why you need this education and what previous experience helped you realize this need. It may also be a question – Why are you applying to a specific school? How did you choose it? What does make you believe it will fit your expectations? Be creative and thoughtful. 

If you need specific college application essay examples about yourself, check our website first. We have the best personal statement from students in various majors! 

Get Help From The Top College Essays Samples

Samples of college essays can help to become a better student! Wondering how? It is easy to explain! Each type of academic writing has its specific goal and structure. It is guided by the academic writing style. If you do not have any educational experience, it will be hard to understand all possible requirements. And the best way to get it – look at the college essay samples pdf we have in our database. 

What else do you need to consider? Good college essays samples about yourself are always personal. Still, it also should illustrate your interest in your topic or research field. It is a story about you, but this story proves that you need this place in the University more than others. 

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Great College Essay Examples for Students by StudyBounty

Simple college essay examples can guide you through admissions and help you to enter a prestigious university. Also, it can help with scholarships or start your research as a PhD student. There are no secrets to writing this type of paper. Be concentrated on your goal and try to include only necessary information. 

We have short college essay examples for any field of study. Learn tips and tricks on writing well from texts we prepared for students. Writing a personal essay (look at example of personal essay) that explains your interests and outlines your ability to get a degree is complicated. But it does not mean it should be long. The best articles are about 250-600 words. Not too much? 

What Is a College Essay: Definition

Let's start our guide on writing good samples from college application essay definition. This is the essay you need to submit with your test scores and other documents to the college. Is it essential to have a solid personal statement? We would say that this is the most crucial part of your application, as it shows your soft and hard skills to the admission committee. They make a decision on your future study based on this essay. 

The application essay is your introduction to University. It is usually not so long, about 250-600 words. But it should be informative and underline your best future student characteristics. It should fit the school prompt and define why this place should take you. This is your pitch. 

Perfect College Essays Outline Examples

To become a successful applicant, future students need to have an outline for a college essay first. What does it mean? Brainstorm and create a plan or structure for your writing. It is usually the same for all universities. But just in case, check the admission requirements for your major. Sometimes they have specific sections about such types of essays.

Let's look at an example of a college essay outline. 


Start with a hook sentence. Grab the attention of readers and define your statements. 

Paragraph 1

The first statement on topic + evidence. 

Paragraph 2

Another statement and evidence.

Paragraph 3

The last statement and evidence. 


Summarize your position and discussed statements. Make a connection with an introduction. Rehash body points. 

Writing a good college essay outline will take time and effort. But this is something to focus on if you want to graduate from an outstanding university. 

College Essay Introduction Sample

How to start a college application essay introduction? After ideas brainstorming and creating a clear outline, begin writing an intro. Readers should be interested to read the whole text. It should be something memorable and valuable for your explanation of plans and future studies. Point to the learned experience or personal emotions that guide you to the decision to submit your application. The first step is to define why you are writing this text. What is your professional goal? It will be easier to write if you have a clear vision of the whole text. 

Discover what a successful introduction should include:

  • grabber intro sentences 
  • statements for discussion in the essay
  • personal connections and emotions.

Introduction to college essay examples

There is a simple cross over between skill and knowledge; life. The incorporation of skills to knowledge produces life, and while knowledge is important, it is the skills that people often seek. The practical application of any scientific or social theory results in life. However, since life is a perception, the outlook of which is determined by an individual, it so follows that every individual has their different ways in which they apply knowledge in order to generate the life they perceive. I perceive life as success; academic, spiritual, social. It is this perception that informed my choice of Brigham Young University - Idaho. I believe that through BYU, I will be able to gain the tools I need, not only to gain academic knowledge, but also to be able to apply this knowledge to gain spiritual growth, and apply the spiritual knowledge and academic knowledge in achieving a successful life.

College Essay Body Paragraph Examples

For a college essay body, you need to be clear with the order of statements and facts you want to include in your text. After writing your introduction, connect it with the main body and provide a clear explanation of the chosen topic. Remember about transition sentences. 

For instance, your introduction was about your emotions when you first visited Harvard University. Make a transition: 

For the rest of my school life, I knew that it would be a day when I would enter Harvard as a student and start working on changing the educational system at the School of Education.

Then your body will reflect on how you will change the system and what you want to change. 

Example of college essay body paragraph

The choice of the career path was not difficult. I have had an on and off relationship with electronics since I was a young child. They frustrated me when they did not work, it angered me that they would not run on pure energy sources, it puzzled me, it provoked me, and finally it electrocuted me; perhaps the closest contact I had had with electricity and, definitely, the most resolve inducing. Over the next few years, I opened up every electronic device I could find. The fascination was more by how the combination of over ten thousand tiny diodes and wires produced a picture. Of course I later understood how light is transmitted, but the fascination most probably stemmed from my life in church.

College Essay Conclusion Examples

You are already done with body writing, but do not neglect a conclusion for college essay. You need to underline your position and tie together all the defined statements and evidence you mentioned before. If the introduction goal was to grab attention, then a conclusion goal makes your reader think. It can be your insights, your open questions, or significant findings. After reading this part, the committee must want to know you better. If you still have some doubts, try our easy-to-use conclusion generator. You will be impressed with how it works.

Look at the introduction you have written, and ensure that it is relevant to what you will say at the end. Summarize, but do not repeat facts and evidence. Be creative and establish your position on why you are suitable for this place. 

Example of college essay conclusion

It is my intention and hope that I gain the necessary knowledge, apply these skills, and produce a successful life. To me, BYU Idaho is the place that will enable me to gain the necessary skills needed to transform knowledge to life. It is because of the institution’s great Electrical Engineering Program, its foundations on the church which offers a spiritually safe environment, and its focus on career and family development that I believe Brigham Young University of Idaho is the only place I should be.

How to Write a Good College Essay

Writing submission work is not rocket science, but following common steps to writing a college essay is better. We helped thousands of students to enter universities. We collected the best step-by-step guide for anyone interested in your personal statement.

  1. Set aside enough time. For creative college essay examples, you need to have enough time. If you think that 200 words do not require weeks of writing, you are wrong. First, decide on your statements, research the University, and create a clear outline. After that, you will have a few drafts before submitting the final paper. It usually takes 3-6 weeks for a good proposal. 
  2. Familiarize yourself with the culture of the school. University needs to know why you choose a specific school and how it will help you build your career. Make your own research on the chosen school, its mission statement, news, and research they work with. It will help you to make a strong paper. 
  3. Read and re-read your essay prompt. Read the prompt 2-3 times before you start writing a paper. Be sure that you know how to answer each question and that your idea is relevant to this specific institution. Start with defining how you will answer each question. 
  4. Create an outline or some rough notes. You can not start working with a text if you don't have a future paper sketch. Try to define what you will demonstrate in the essay. What is your main idea? That creates an outline with an introduction, main body, and conclusion. It will be some sort of roadmap for future text. 

Also, check examples such as overcoming obstacles college essay examples, and college essay about anxiety that worked from our database. 

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Tips for Writing a College Essay

We hope you are already on the right path with preparing for your admission. Here are some ​​tips for college essay writing that will make this process easier. 

  1. Start writing a good college essay by learning from our examples. Look how other successful students create their papers. 
  2. Don't plagiarize. The essay you submit should be unique, based on your personal experience and fillings. 
  3. Fit the word limit. Longer text will not work for you.
  4. Plan time accordingly. You need weeks, not a few hours. Be sure that you have time for some drafts.
  5. Proofread. Fix all grammar, spelling, and logical mistakes it may have. 
  6. Start with a draft. Your first essay will be rewritten several times, and it's ok. 
  7. Use specific examples. It will illustrate that your essay reflects your own feelings and thoughts. 

It is typical college essay writing tips that can sound familiar. But students should not neglect it. 

Good College Essay Topics That Stand Out

It is not an easy task to find the best college essay topics that will work for your specific case. But we will try. Remember that your topic will depend on a field of study and can be defined by the University. But if there are no requirements, we will offer good topics for college essays. 

College essay topics examples:

  • How can your children change your life?
  • What doctor do you want to be?
  • What lesson did you take from school?
  • Who influenced your career decision?
  • How I see my future after graduation.
  • How have my life goals were changed in the last few years?
  • Experience that makes me become a teacher.
  • Why we need to change education.
  • How will I change the world with my degree?
  • What can everyone do for better life quality?
  • The place I want to spend my life.
  • What I am afraid of in college.

FAQ About College Essays

1. How to start a college essay?

The best way to start a college essay is through research. Sounds easy, but the most complicated part is researching and planning your text. Prove that you are a perfect student for this place, and it will help with achieving your professional goals.

2. How long should a college essay be?

In general, college essay length is about 250-600 words. But check all requirements for papers in a specific university or school. It should not be too long, but it should illustrate your interests, research plans, and readiness to be a good student. Look at our samples for checking the length in your major!

3. Are your college essay examples free?

Yes! We offer free college essays to help with your writing. We have a vast database with samples from students who entered the best US universities. There is no registration or collecting of personal data on our website. Just try it! Find personal statements that will inspire you!

4. What are good college essays about?

Creative college essay topics always depend on your personal experience and the field of your future study. Try to find something that will be related to your fillings. Good text is always unique. This is your story but is highly connected to your future career and education. Check our samples to find fresh ideas.


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