Persuasive Essay Examples & Samples to Help With Writing

Finding a valuable persuasive essay example is not an easy task. But we are sure that you can understand all principles of convincing writing much better through learning from other works. Let's find out how to be argumentative and persuade others to support your position! StudyBounty offers the best persuasive writing examples that can be helpful for different fields of studies or aims.

Best Persuasive Essays Examples

How to make academic writing a piece of cake for anyone? You may have myriad questions on how to start your paper, what paragraphs to include or how to finalize everything. Start learning from examples of а persuasive essay we offer. 

Find out how any example of a persuasive essay can help you with this task.

  • It will guide you to a better topic.
  • You will learn about the specific structure and required sections.
  • You will be inspired by others' effective argumentations.

Reading other papers on the same topic will show you some weaknesses or problems in your argumentation structure. Our advice is to start writing from reading!

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Good Persuasive Essay Examples PDF

A good example of persuasive essay is always based on the best rhetorical practices. Quite often, this type of paper is also called an argumentative essay. For a better understanding, look at argumentative essay examples. This assignments' goal is to convince readers to stand in your position. It can be made with a solid argumentation base. In other words, this paper demonstrates your ability to persuade others to sway their position. 

It is a complicated task, as you can see. But for achieving this goal, you can use examples of persuasive essay we offer! Learn how to make your arguments clear and robust. This is the fundamental thing for persuasion! 

Persuasive Speech Essay Examples

When we speak about clear arguments, we consider not only writing submissions but also public speeches. The persuasive speech essay sample we have in the StudyBounty database also can be an excellent start for structuring your argumentation. Learn how to use rhetoric speech figures to sound confident and influential. Find our rhetorical analysis essay example and see how others did it. In other words, learn from the best speechwriters how to become an excellent narrator. You can choose various topics, structures, or argumentations but there is something that will make your speech cogent. This is the idea you are going to share with auditors. 

Persuasive Essay Writing Examples on Any Topic

Probably, you have already asked yourself if a persuasive writing essay example from our database can fit your specific topic or fields of study? Do you need texting and driving persuasive essays? Or compelling persuasive essays on immigration? Or do you need to convince the readers to support your political position? Believe us, we have all possible topic examples in our system, including animal testing, sports, bullying and so on. We have articles on all possible topics and study areas. Check our samples and ensure that we will help you with the paper. 

Read also: 

Moreover, we work for different types of students. The essay for 8th grade is different from the essay for senior students. Even if it is a persuasion for the same topic. Let's look at the most complicated and wanted essays on our website! 

Find a Sample Persuasive Essay for Any Level

Good news is that we have a persuasive essay sample for each student's level. Usually, you can find too complicated or introductory text that does not fit your assignment. But we have persuasive writing samples for middle school, high school, and college students. Moreover, we also added samples for university students. It does not matter if you are an 8th-grade student or working for a master's degree – everyone will find an example for efficient writing. 

It is essential to know that all papers for different student levels can differ in argumentation, but they still have the same structure. Find an essay that will work for you!

Persuasive Essays Examples for Middle School

We collected the best middle school persuasive essay samples. As you may know, this assignment is quite popular in middle school. Students need to learn the basics of argumentation and train to be logical and inspiring in explaining their position. Also, they learn to understand an audience and do their own research for better argumentation. Here you can find the best persuasive essay examples for all students' levels. 

5th Grade Persuasive Writing Examples

Here we collect good persuasive essay examples 5th grade pdf documents. We know how difficult it can be to write your first text and try to find the correct arguments, inspire people, and convince them to support your position. 5th-grade students do not need to implement complicated argumentation, but they need to define their position. The topic for this text must be approved by your teacher. Also, there can be specific requirements from your school. But most essays will have the same structure!

Look at our 5th grade persuasive essays we have for you! Learn from others how to make your text easy and understandable. 

6th Grade Persuasive Essay Examples

Remember how you explain your position to friends, family, or classmates? Writing this kind of task is the same. You need to define the main idea. And after that, try to convince readers to be on your side. Be specific, but try to use simple sentences. This task is beneficial for developing rhetoric skills. Try to look at other examples to understand what essay is acceptable for 6th grade.

Check persuasive essay examples 6th grade pdf we have for you!

7th Grade Persuasive Essay Example

We have a set of persuasive writing examples 7th grade students can use for preparing for assignments. Remember that you can not use those texts. But you can learn what arguments and structures are used. Also, it can inspire you on topic research. It is a real art to be proficient in persuasion. That is why pay extra attention to this type of paper! 

8th Grade Persuasive Essay Examples

Be clear, informative, and try to build logical connections between your arguments. 8th grade can use more complicated topics. But remember that it is still a school assignment, and your task is to demonstrate the ability to stand on your point. It is better to pick a topic you are passionate about. In this case, it will be easier to find a valuable argument. Find our best 8th grade persuasive essay sample and write your own.

Persuasive Essay Examples for High School Students

High school assignments require another level of argumentation and paper quality. We know how students struggle with writing this type of essay. The ability to build a strong argumentation will be your future base for any academic writing task. Look at a sample of persuasive essay for high school. We are 100% sure that you will find valuable tips and ideas! 

Above are some persuasive writing examples of such papers we have for you!

Examples of Persuasive Essays for College

You are a college student, and you got an assignment to argue your position on some topic. We have a great collection of college persuasive essay examples that can be a start point for your own writings. How to build your paper? How to be a good storyteller? Writing such type of text is not rocket science, but there are still many techniques for text improvement.

It is not as difficult as you may think! Our persuasive essays examples college students can apply to their specific tasks. Read more for understanding the basic principles of creating such text.

Where can you find a practical example? There are free persuasive essay samples for college. 

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What Is a Persuasive Essay: Definition

Let's start with a persuasive essay definition. It is a type of writing that appeals to readers and influences their sway to a specific point of view. Argue your position with facts and emotional constructions. In an argumentative essay, you need to be objective and point out different opinions on the same thing. But this kind of writing should underline only one point of view – something you want your auditory to believe. It can be both academic and personal. This task’s aim is to demonstrate your influence skills.

Sample of a Persuasive Essay Structure

After you decide on the topic you will work with, start creating a persuasive essay structure. It will help you have a clear overview of the arguments and data you need to research. You can list all points you need to add and synchronize them for an outline. In other words, this is your writing plan. 

Let's look at persuasive essay outline example to be more clear about your goals.

  • Introduction

Hook sentence. Your position. Three or more arguments you will develop while writing. 

  • Paragraph 1, 2, 3

Go to your statements and outline specific arguments. Use details and valuable data for each argumentation. Do not forget about transition sentences between paragraphs.

  • Conclusion

Summarize all your arguments. Make a final statement and remind readers of your position. In case you need our help with this paragraph, try our conclusion generator.

Persuasive Essay Introduction Paragraph Example

You have already heard a million times that the best introduction starts with a hook sentence. But how to make it? How to intrigue readers? We would recommend starting with reading persuasive essay introduction examples we offer for students. 

Also, there are a few tips for a good intro:

  • Start with unobvious things
  • Be clear with your writing statements
  • Do not overwhelm this first paragraph with unnecessary information.

Your introduction is the most essential part of text. If it is well done, you will have readers. The whole paper depends on this block's quality. 

Persuasive essay introduction example

According to the latest report by the World Bank, about 75% of the total world’s population access cell phones on a daily basis and they use them to communicate with other people via phone call, text, interaction on social media, and mail. I believe cell phones have brought about the negative social impact on our society, especially in how we go about social relationships including families and marriages. Over reliance on cell phones for communication in both official and non-formal settings have significantly eroded face-to-safe or physical social interaction in modern society despite increased connectivity associated with it.

Persuasive Essay Thesis Statement Examples

What makes your essay suitable? Probably you can mention many things but remember about solid thesis statements. The thesis statement for persuasive essay is key to successful study. Good statements represent your position on a discussed topic and summarize the persuasion paper argumentation. 

What we advise you in case of creating an advanced statement.

  • Be specific. Too general phrases do not work.
  • Point your opinion. It is better if this topic is personal.
  • Answer "How" and "Why" questions. It will make your statement clear and professional. 
  • Use evidence to support your thesis statements. 

But our advice is to look at how other writers create their points of argumentation. Check our website to find thesis statement examples for persuasive essays.

Persuasive Essay Main Body

Most likely, you will spend most of your time working with a persuasive essay body. But before writing, ensure that you research for both sides of your standpoint. The whole text will be based on how proficient you connect your arguments with thesis statements.

We have a brief checklist for good body parts.

  • Write three paragraphs of the body.
  • Use only relevant facts.
  • Every section should have a small summary.
  • Use transition sentences.
  • All your arguments should be logically connected to each other.
  • Try to use simple construction.
  • Ensure that your text is readable.
  • Check examples we offer to you.

Persuasive essay body paragraph example

First, cell phone use is increasingly killing face-to-face interaction and relationships (Drago, 2015). Currently, many people spend more time with their cell phones than they spend with other people such as friends and families. According to findings by various studies, cell phones are destroying real-life interaction because people concentrate more on mobile phone conversation, texting, and instant messaging (Drago, 2015). Young people are constantly carrying their cell phone in their hands and they are always ready to text and call even when walking in busy streets. Consequently, they have fewer chances of conversing with other people they meet who dominate their daily lives and offer important services to them. At the same time, cell phone use is increasingly limiting social gatherings where people used to share important issues that affect their lives. Through mobile phones, people are now able to finish their social communication over phones. Smartphones have even made communication easier for people to comfortably sit at home without caring about social gatherings. Hence, people are more attached to their phones than conversing and meeting other individuals.  

Persuasive Essay Conclusion Example

Persuasive essay conclusion examples can differ in size but have the same idea. It is a summary and the remainder of your main thoughts, the final point of your argumentation. In fact, your readers should be already convinced of your position. 

Nevertheless, do not repeat everything. It should be a summary but not a retelling of all previous paragraphs. Be creative. Finish your text with an open question. Also, you can underline why your arguments are essential for the topic.

Conclusion paragraph for persuasive essay example

In conclusion, cell phones as a form of communication are not reliable, and cannot lead to meaningful, long-term relationships as compared to face-to-face or physical interactions. Furthermore, cell phones are a major contributor to a breakdown in the social fabric and the many social problems being experienced in society, families, and marriages. Hence, people should control how they use their cell phones in order not to destroy old relationships and marriages. Mobile phones should mainly be used to convey important messages and information, especially among married individuals who have already dedicated their social life to other people.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay Example

You may wonder how to write persuasive essay that will be efficient for your topic research? The truth is that it is a real art. But at the same time, you can learn how to make it good. We will outline all steps to writing a persuasive essay in the following paragraphs. Also, we will discuss the most essential advice on choosing the best topic and structuring your thoughts. Follow our recommendations, and become a better student!

1. Consider Good Persuasive Essay Topics Examples

Are you looking at a blank white paper and not knowing how to start writing? We know this feeling. Let's look at example of persuasive essays topics we created for you! But let's start with the most significant step – considering a good case for your paper. 

Good topics for persuasive essays.

  • Why should school lunches be free for everyone?
  • Should marijuana be legal in all states?
  • How recycling can save the planet.
  • Gay marriage makes the world better.
  • Why abortion is a woman's right.
  • Gun control in the US – what we make wrong.
  • How does technology stop human development?
  • Environment changes and global warming: Why it matters.
  • Why should everyone consider organ donation?

2. Do Research Using Example of Persuasive Writing

It is not enough to pick a good topic. The next step is research on the same essays. Start with reading persuasive writing example to ensure that you have unique data and argumentation sections. Look at new research on the topic. Learn from the latest statistics. At this stage, the goal is to collect as much information about the topic as possible. Be ready to debate the case and be aware of arguments from both sides. 

3. Create a Thesis for Persuasive Essay

As we mentioned before, good persuasive essay thesis examples will stand on your idea and position. A thesis usually outlines the idea that people can have different functions. How to create a good thesis?

  • Be specific.
  • Start with your opinion and reasons why you choose it.
  • It should not be too short or too long. The optimal length of a sentence is 30 – 40 words. 
  • Do not choose an obvious statement. It should be something not everybody can agree with. 
  • It should be at the essay beginning. 

Look at a good thesis statement example of persuasive essay.

4. Draft a Persuasive Essay Outline

What can you learn from sample persuasive essay outlines? First of all, how to be organized during the writing process. An overview is a plan you will have for structuring your argumentation. It also helps move through the writing flow. 

What argument should be first? How to improve the introduction section? How to conclude the paper? Everything you need is to start with a clear plan. And then, you will see how easy your writing is. 

5. Write a Persuasive Essay

Writing a good persuasive essay is not a task for a few hours. You have a topic. You have a solid discussion statement and make readers agree with it. You have a clear and accurate outline. What is next? Start writing! The power of a good essay is argumentation. Look at both sides of any fact. Use counterarguments and show the weaknesses of other positions. Remember that the goal is refuting the thesis, not just telling exciting facts. 

How to Start a Persuasive Essay Examples

How to start off a persuasive essay? Many writers and students have a psychological block for starting writing. We know about it! Our advice is simple. Start with small things! For example, you can start with a first hook sentence. This is your attention grabber. It should make readers stop and think about your statement. Let's look at real examples!

Persuasive essay hook examples

  1. There are a lot of species in the world that even our children will never see. And the reason is global warming.
  2. The best decision I have made was to apply for a PhD, and the worst decision was… also apply for a PhD. And I am going to tell you why you should do the same!

Persuasive Essay Format

The last thing you may wonder is how to format a persuasive essay. There are some general formatting rules:

  • Font must be easy to read. It can be Times New Romans or Arial.
  • 1.5 or double space.
  • The number of words is between 500 – 2000 words.

Usually, the academic writing style depends on the discipline and country you are studying. At the same time, many formatting issues depend on writing style. StudyBounty offers free samples in APA, MLA, or Chicago style. 

Tips for Writing a Persuasive Essay

For better writing, you need to practice a lot. You will see that every text became more and more improved. 

There is a summary of tips on writing a persuasive essay.

  • Research your audience.
  • Research both sides of arguments, not only those that support your position.
  • Choose a topic that you are passionate about.
  • Start with a hook.
  • Make a clear statement.
  • Ensure proper transition between logical sections. 
  • Proofread! Ideally, if you have another day for proofreading the text. 
  • Learn from examples. Find the one that fits your topic and idea.
  • Focus on solid argumentation. 

FAQ About Persuasive Writing Essay Examples

1. What is the purpose of a persuasive essay?

The main purpose of a persuasive essay is to demonstrate that you can convince, inspire or persuade someone to stand with your position. It also tests your ability to create logical argumentation on your point of view. 

2. Are your examples of persuasive essays free?

Be sure that all persuasive essay examples you can find on our website are free. There is no registration or limitation. You can use it as many times as you need. Moreover, it will be accessible in the future.

3. Are these persuasive writing examples unique?

Most ​​examples of persuasive writing are donated by other students who no longer need those essays. That is why plagiarism checkers can detect the overlap in the texts. But these are examples that you can use for learning or inspiration. At the same time, we offer professional help with unique essay writing!

4. How to find a 5 paragraph persuasive essay example?

Each example of a persuasive essay on our website is categorized by topic, essay type, and subject. It makes it easy to find what you need in our database. You can use the search on the site and type the topic you are looking for. Try it! It is easy and free!


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