Proposal Essays: Examples, Outline & Topics

Unsure where to start? Check our free proposal essay examples for inspiration and reference. Our writers crafted the best possible articles out there. We're not bragging, but they are relevant, creative, and absolutely academic. They are also available here for free. So if you're struggling to write your own paper… Take it as a sign to look through proposal essay topics and our top-notch database!

What Is a Proposal Essay: Definition

Let us start with the basic definition of a proposal essay and its main purpose. We can define it as an article that offers the readers any idea and uses evidence to prove it. Here are some questions you can consider when writing:

  • What are you offering?
  • Why should anyone care?
  • Is that a really pressing and relevant issue?
  • What evidence does one possess to prove the effectiveness of your offer?
  • Was this issue studied before?
  • Can it be applied in practice?

One should not answer those questions directly. However, they will help you in brainstorming some ideas prior to actual writing.

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Examples of Proposal Essay Topics & Ideas

We have several relevant proposal essay ideas that you definitely will like. They are current, academic, and still have a place for further research. So check them out!

Topics for a proposal essay:

  1. Ways to improve immigration policies after the Trump administration.
  2. Global warming: What can an average person do?
  3. Eclectic cars as a solution to pollution.
  4. How to improve pedestrian infrastructure in Los Angeles?
  5. How to reduce gambling addiction?
  6. Solutions to education for children with special needs.
  7. Managers can improve internal communication within a company.
  8. Freedom of speech on TV.
  9. Water pollution: How can people help? (Before writing this topic, read our water pollution essay example.)
  10. Erase effect of a pandemic on asylum seekers.

We hope that these ideas will get you going. You can start with them or put your own spin on each topic. Good luck!

Sample Proposal Essay Examples in PDF

Are you still looking for a proposal essay example? Good thing that we've got them right here. Apart from seeing original and creative products you also get several other advantages. For example:

  • Accessibility

You can use this website using any device. A user-friendly interface ensures ease of use.

  • Free papers

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  • Easy format

We always use PDF so you can view paper using a laptop, computer, or phone. It's more than easy and comfortable. 

Proposal Essays for High School Students

Proposal essays examples differ depending on an academic level. We usually distinguish between the ones for high school and college. They follow a similar structure but have varied complexity and topic. When it comes to high school, you can expect:

  • 5-paragraph structure.
  • Less complex language.
  • Topics might be given by your teacher.
  • Themes can be varied, including business.
  • Don't forget about the introduction, main body as well as conclusion.

Try looking for an academic level that suits your needs. If you're in high school, don't rush trying to write on a college level. You'll get there!

Examples of Proposal Essays for College Students

Search for an example of a proposal essay on a college level too. You will notice that it's a bit more difficult than high-school ones. So here are several things that make your college paper on a higher level:

  • Higher academic standards.
  • More complex language.
  • Longer word count.
  • Doing research and selecting a topic on your own.
  • Writing mostly about business.
  • Using more evidence and practical examples.
  • Adhering to formatting guidelines.
  • Introduction, main body, and conclusion remain the same but longer and more complicated.

Not many things change. However, be prepared that 5 paragraphs will not be enough this time. Introduction can even be a whole page long.

Find a Sample Proposal Essay on Any Topic

Searching for a proposal essay sample pdf, you will find many topics here. We try not to stop on one theme or subject. We provide papers on literature, history, social studies, health, issues involving government (essay on government), and many others. Even though we cannot discuss all of them, below you will find some honorable and most popular mentions.

  • Policy proposal essay examples

Law students will recognize this one. It is interesting and painful at the same time. However, creating a policy or improving one on our own takes a lot of work. We do have many examples that you can use as a reference.

  • Community service project proposal essay examples

We have lots of students who ask about this subject. Community service is a vast and dynamic field that requires thorough research. You will have lots of fun studying it and seeing other papers created by our writers.

  • Business 

Business is among the most popular themes we have here. These papers definitely belong among business majors. So we're sure that you will find a good fit right here!

Example of Proposal Essay Outline

A proposal essay outline is key to your success. You can see it as a nice start towards writing. Moreover, students usually fill it in with their own thesis, evidence, and statements to utilize in the actual paper. 

Below you can find a sample of a proposal essay outline.


  • Hook
  • Background
  • Thesis statement

Body (3 paragraphs usually)

  • Main point
  • Introductory statement
  • Evidence
  • Concluding statement


  • Rephrased thesis
  • Summary 
  • Importance of topic
  • Closing statement (recommendations, plans for future research)

Even if you have a paper longer than five paragraphs, the structure will be similar. Paragraphs and word count will be increased. But don't let this fact discourage you from using this outline and putting one's own twist on it.

Proposal Essay Introduction Example

How to write a proposal essay introduction? A one million dollar question. It is much easier than you actually think. Promise to remember something before we start: leave introduction for last. Start with an outline, continue with the thesis, then the main body, and only after that students should start with the introduction and conclusion.

Some tips:

  • Always start with a hook to intrigue the readers. It can be a question, data, or quote.
  • Offer some background information on your topic.
  • Finish with one's thesis statement.

Writing an introduction after the main body will help you make it clear. However, you should have an already finished thesis in front of you. At all times!

How to write an introduction for a proposal essay example

Just like a viral disease, plastic has engulfed the entire world to become dependent on all their products. The availability of plastic products due to their low production costs is beyond imagination. With the production of plastic bags ranging between 4 to 5 trillion, their disposal and recycling have been challenging. With the small production comes low prices leading to the overdependence on them compared to other durable shopping bags. The fight against plastic bags as a whole has been huge since 2002 due to their environmental pollution (Green & DeMeo, 2012). There have been multiple studies indicating that the environmental harm caused by the plastic bags if not mitigated will lead to the extinction of various marine animals, birds, and also cause agricultural havoc due to soil pollution. These issues have led to several states and countries imposing bans on plastic bags whereas others have opted to impose heavy taxes to discourage the masses from using plastic grocery store bags. The complexity of the issue is due to the studies undertaken by both the advocates and those against the bans. The extent of dependence and preference of plastic grocery story bags by the public further complicates the issue hence it is important to factor in all these factors to determine the best strategy to use. 

Proposal Essay Thesis

How to write a thesis statement for a proposal essay? This is a question many people ask because it is one of the most important parts of any article. What is a thesis and why does it matter?

  • Thesis for proposal essay is one sentence where you can summarize your main argument.
  • Include the main point in there.
  • Don't include evidence or reveal too much.
  • Put it as the last sentence of your introduction.
  • Have it near you at all times.
  • In this case, state what one can offer and how one will do it.

All papers are rather similar, especially when it comes to the thesis. So use your experience, check out the sample and start writing!

Proposal essay thesis example

The aim of this proposal is to suggest a mitigating strategy that would be efficient and supported by all parties. The paper presents the dangers of using plastic bags since no price increase or ban will change their habits or preference of plastic grocery store bags due to the convenience of the plastic bags. The understanding will ensure that the public is willing to change for the sake of preserving the environment. The governments should also increase taxes on the plastic bags to fund subsidies of the alternative bags while also considering the carbon produced when creating the alternative bags.

Proposal Essay Plan of Action

Plan of action is a huge part of this paper. Here is where students can go into details about what they offer and how to achieve it. You can answer these questions before seeing the sample:

  • What's an issue and how is one planning to solve it?
  • How will you deal with one's offer?
  • What will you do for an audience to understand one's solution?
  • Why do you think that this solution is much better than others offered now?
  • Does one have enough evidence to prove its efficiency?

Answering those questions is a big step toward success. Try to use academic language and explain details to your readers. Always think that your audience doesn't know much about the topic. Show as much evidence as one can. Good luck!

Proposal Essay Justification

Reading this paper, the readers will ask "Will it work?" It is the main question you must answer as a writer. 

  • Will it actually work?
  • Can you prove it?
  • Can it be applied in practice?
  • Did anyone attempt to apply this offer in the field?

No one will trust simple words, even if you are credible. Therefore, you should offer readers as much evidence as possible. It is where our persuasive writing examples will come in handy. Use data, numbers, quotes, and research. However, don't forget to actually cite it to avoid plagiarism. 

Expected Outcomes

When it comes to issue proposal essay examples, expected outcomes are crucial too. Like previous times, we have some questions that will give you an idea of where to start.

  • What happens if you succeed with an offer?
  • What does one expect?
  • Is there anything that can go wrong?
  • In what field can it work?
  • How will one know that it worked?

Essentially, here one is discussing all possible outcomes of the offer and how effective it can be. Your proposal essay should be informative enough so readers will not have any questions. Studying informative essay examples will help you with this step.

Examples of proposal essay outcomes

Following the debate for and against the ban, I believe that it is impossible to eradicate the use of plastic bags entirely. The studies proving huge success in the reduction of plastic bags do not provide any country or state where there are no plastic bags used. This is due to the affordability or the economic strength of the users of the plastic bags. If a person can easily part with the extra 10 cents or 20 cents instead of having to carry the reusable bag everywhere they go, the person will always use the plastic bag no matter the increased costs. A complete ban would also lead to the closure of the firms which have higher economic costs compared to monitoring or lowering the production of the plastic bags. I believe that educating the public on the need to limit their dependency on plastic bags and offering a better solution is the answer to the use of plastic bags.

Proposal Essay Preparation & Resources

Any example proposal essay writing includes a section or a least a couple of sentences discussing preparation and resources. Just like always, you should consider the following questions:

  • What should be done to start the process?
  • Are there any constraints or obstacles?
  • Do you need financial support?
  • If so, how much?
  • Where will one look for resources and help?
  • Do you have an outlet of resources in mind?
  • How even possible is this venture?

You are not likely to be asked to prove a financial profile. However, everything depends on the subject, requirements, and complexity.

Examples of a proposal essay preparation section

The issues of environmental conservation and economic benefits are the main points used by both the proponents and critics. According to proponents of the ban, it is evident that plastic grocery bags have accumulated in the seas, and oceans were threatening marine life.The critics, on the other hand, tend to defer with these claims by arguing that the alternatives provided or proposed are more harmful to the environment due to the higher quantities of greenhouse gas produced and the health concerns as they are habited by pathogens. The plastic bag companies are also among the largest contributors of revenue in the country thus the ban will lead to their closure which will cause an economic disadvantage for both the country and the unemployed workers following their closure. These issues make it difficult to determine the best possible solution to the plastic bags problem and the problem resulting from approving the alternatives (McPhate, 2016). Due to the shortcomings resulting from continued plastic bags use and the predicted problems of the alternative reusable and disposable biodegradable bags, the paper makes several recommendations that would help provide a lasting solution.  

Proposal Essay Conclusion Example

Proposal essay conclusion is the last part to be completed. We have it in each sample. However, this time in the conclusion any student needs to answer whether the offer is worth the resources and how will you continue working on it.

Here is how you should approach the right conclusion.

  • Rephrase your thesis. The idea should be the same, yet change the wording.
  • Summarize and connect your key points. Did you manage to develop one's offer? Will you get enough resources?
  • Leave a final impression. This can include recommendations or future developments. One can also mention how other people can use one's offer.

Example proposal essay conclusion

As economics proves, every increase in price leads to a decrease in cost, the taxes are critical in ensuring the educated masses learn the economic losses they are encountering to cause the devastating environmental pollution. The government should also undertake research to determine the eco-friendliest alternative for the plastic bags as it is evident the current options increase air pollution and global warming but failure to do so will only be a move from one evil to the next. As more states and cities impose the bans, it is better to determine better ways to dispose or recycle the plastic bags. The alternative for heavier plastic bags that are reusable, will not solve the littering or resolving the problem of inadequate disposal. The debate on plastic bags ban may seem straightforward, but as illustrated above, the government needs to fund or undertake more research on the topic to determine the best step to take. I, therefore, propose continuous tax and education to discourage the public from using the plastic bags, but before a better alternative is determined, complete banning of plastic grocery bags will cause more harm than good. 

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How to Write a Proposal Essay Examples

Writing a proposal essay involves several steps. We offer them below as a checklist.

  • Do prior research.
  • Select a relevant topic that still has some elements that were not studied before.
  • Consult with our website for inspiration.
  • Create an outline.
  • Prepare a thesis and have it in front of you at all times.
  • Start collecting evidence and adding it to the outline later.
  • Write main body following our samples and previous sections.
  • Cite all resources and quotes one used.
  • Complete an introduction after the main body.
  • Finish with conclusion.
  • Very important step: proofread and edit. Don't be afraid to delete unneeded information. Be ruthless.
  • You're all done!

All these steps should be observed when writing a proposal essay example. You can search for more on this website and see how professional writers deal with complex academic papers. It's always good to have a reference and inspiration when you're writing. It will help with following academic standards and structure.

Besides, remember what we said about proofreading. Edit everything and anything that doesn't fit or serves no purpose. It is the only way to get clean paper.

How to Start a Proposal Essay Example

Start a proposal essay! Are you still unsure how? We have quite a few suggestions.

  • Plan every step beforehand. That is where our scheduling calculator comes in handy.
  • Business topics are always relevant for this paper.
  • Looking into samples will give you inspiration and material for reference.
  • Search for ignored or overlooked themes.
  • Selecting something that resonates with you is an excellent idea.

In other words: look for inspiration anywhere you can find it. Of course, come back here when researching for it.

One more thing: one's introduction should always start with a hook. Form it using:

  • Question
  • Data
  • Number
  • Quote. 

It is up to a student to decide what they want to see in their article. Just make sure the first statement is appealing to one's target audience. 

Proposal Essay Format

Looking for the right proposal essay format you can use? What is the difference? Each format has unique requirements. They are widely available on our website. So pick the one you need. Requirements will be usually available in your instructions, or the professor will give you needed information. Below you'll also find brief facts about the most popular formats.

  • APA (used more for hard science) 
  • MLA (preferred by humanitarian subjects) 
  • Chicago (also liked by humanitarian disciplines, but you’ll recognize it for footnotes)

Everything depends on the discipline. If you're unsure, the best way is to ask your teacher or professor. They will surely have an answer and appreciate one's attention to detail.


FAQ About Proposal Essays

1. Are these proposal essay examples free?

Yes! All our proposal essay examples are here for free. We're not asking for anything:

  • No credit card.
  • No personal info.
  • No charges.
  • No hidden fees or payments.

Just enjoy everything for free. We want your academic career to skyrocket as soon as possible! Moreover, they all are given in pdf format. Very easy to use and read.


2. Can I submit a proposal example essay?

No. All examples of proposal essays are given as references. They are not here to be submitted as they do belong to our service. Look for motivation, copy their tone, come up with similar subjects, or study their structure. But, please, they should not be distributed any further than this platform.

3. What are some good proposal essay topics?

There are many good topics for proposal essays, especially on this website. Maybe you will like some of them.

  1. Dealing with issues of remote education.
  2. Decreasing criminal rates in New York City.
  3. Mitigating the effects of floods in Orlando.
  4. How can anyone improve their credit score?
  5. Building a new tunnel in Florida, decreasing traffic.
4. Can you write a unique paper based on a proposal essay sample?

Yes! We not only have any desirable sample proposal essay, but we can write you a custom one. We have professionally trained writers who specialize in academic papers. They can take your instructions, comments, or files and turn them into articles tailored to customers’  needs. If one is struggling with academic writing, come to us. Fill out the order form or contact our support agent to know more!


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