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In search of a perfect satirical essay example, we can offer you much more than samples. The tool on its own proposes several advantages. We will offer you some of them to get it started. 

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Good Satire Paper Examples

What makes any, especially our, satirical paper example so good? We always approach such works with precision and accuracy. However, there are other elements that make us stand out from the crowd of other samples.

  • Written by dedicated students 

Our examples are written by students who got good grades for their tasks. 

  • Academic style

Each article adheres to the norms of academic writing, including style and format.

  • Originality

Our writers come up with excellent topics. They are not repeated or copied from other sources. 

At the end of the day, each article serves as an excellent source of motivation and inspiration. One can also look closely into their structure to save it for yourself. Therefore, we do it better, more professionally and academically. See for yourself!

Best Satirical Essays Examples

The best satirical essays example is right at your fingertips. We have a vast selection of topics, fields, and subjects. Writers who created them specialize in those fields. So the quality is top-notch. Here are several suggestions for you. 

  • Satirical essay on social issues

Social issues are often tricky to write about. However, irony and humor are excellent when talking about them.

  • On texting

Here one can comment on how much people text. It is a real issue. Nevertheless, adding privacy to the discussion is a good idea.

  • Satire essay on high school

Our writers here advise everyone to discuss social cliques and possible common issues all teenagers experience. 

  • Social media

Social media has become a huge part of our lives. There are different ways that one can talk about it including humor.

  • Dress code

Have you ever dreamed about making fun of your dress code? One can do it now with academic purposes in mind. Congrats!

  • Obesity

It is obvious that obesity is not something anyone would love about. But humor helps to overcome challenges and discuss topics that are current and relevant.

Funny Satire Essay Examples

The best examples of satire will be funny. It is an overall purpose of irony and sarcasm to use humor and discuss somber topics. It is okay if you want to deal with an issue using humor. However, make sure that any good examples of satire:

  • Makes it clear that it is ironic.
  • Balances irony with concrete evidence.
  • Doesn’t aim to humiliate people.
  • It should be both entertaining and informative.

Making it clear to your readers that you’re using irony is a key step toward your success. Otherwise, they might be offended by your claims or humorous approach to the topic. Be careful where one can or cannot use humor. Even though we are convinced that such articles can be written on any topic, do research first. Satire essay examples don’t suit everyone, and don’t be offended if not every person gets your main point. We also suggest our users check narrative essay examples from our library. They will help and inspire you telling a story. 

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Brilliant Satire Essay Examples for Students

Here we offer a satire essay example pdf. How can you access and find them? It is an excellent question, and we have also prepared a small guide that one can use right before you start the writing process of your essay. 

  • Look through the subject you were given.
  • Access this platform and find several samples of articles.
  • Try searching for those who are similar to one’s subject.
  • Analyze them for structure, ironical elements, and overall tone.
  • Such article samples are always excellent in helping you get inspiration and some practice.

We also ask you not to submit them as your own work. They do belong to a service and are given to you as a reference. So use them as inspiration or practical samples, but not your own work. 

What Is a Satire Essay

We totally forgot to give you a satirical essay definition. We should have started with this one, shouldn’t we? In any case, here’s a definition that will help you figure out what you want to write here.

Definition: This type of essay uses a common or a point discussed issue, including politics for business, and adds ironic elements to it. A precisely humorous tone makes search articles stand out in a crowd. Readers always love humor. So you’ll have more chances that others will read your stuff if it’s not only informative or controversial but satirical and fun at the same time. 

Here one can use humor, sarcastic remarks, hyperbole, and anything else to exaggerate your point and make it more fun. Still, remember to balance humor and not add too excessively. There is a silver lining here.

Satire Essay Outline Example

We have also prepared a little satirical essay outline for you. It will be better if you have it somewhere nearby while studying our samples. You’ll see that our writers follow this structure and it is precisely what makes our article clear and easy to read. 

However, one can also see that the structure in many other assets is out. It is rather regular and consists of five paragraphs. Still, many things will depend on the requirements of your professor and the subject on its own. With that said, consider the structure below and make appropriate changes if needed.

Example of satire outline


  • Hook (quote, question, data)
  • Background
  • Thesis statement

Body paragraphs

  • Introductory statement
  • Main point
  • Evidence


  • Rephrased thesis
  • Synthesis of the main point
  • Closing statement

We hope this helps with a start. Once more, each article is individual and unique. So fun things will work for you and your requirements. However, there are some standards and this outline falls perfectly into the said standards. 

Satire Essay Introduction Examples

We will start with a satire essay introduction. What is one of the first things that readers see but one of the last ones you actually start writing? As a matter of fact, we advise you to proceed in the following way:

  • Conduct research
  • Select topic
  • Create thesis
  • Make an outline and insert the thesis into it
  • Complete make body
  • Start the introduction and later the conclusion. 

Introduction in the conclusion works best if you already know what point you’re making. Besides, they’re quite similar and it makes sense to write them together. We hope that this outline will work for you. But practice and see what helps you in writing. Good luck and check out the sample!

Example of a satire essay introduction

Ancient representation of women in the Athenian society was majorly defined by men and this greatly influenced how women were portrayed in the society. Women were defined by their roles in the community which included family life, ritual performance and societal common values. Majorly, the position of women in Athenian society was centered on male domination whereby a girl was under her father’s authority all throughout childhood and under her husband’s authority once she got married. A woman was to remain under the subordination of a man and she was supposed to work and be submissive without complaining (Foley). This paper aims to focus on how women were depicted in ancient times and will take a close look on how comedy in ancient times promoted misogynistic tendencies. To better portray this, the paper will collect sections from Aristophanes’ plays Lysistrata and Ecclesiazusae because these plays provide a clear representation of how a prominent comical figure, Aristophanes portrayed women. It is important to note that any representation of women in the play is a true depiction of how men interpreted the role of women in real life during ancient Athens.

Satire Body Paragraph Examples

Satire paragraph examples are next in line. Apart from giving you a sample, we want to add more details about writing paragraphs. A good main body paragraph will:

  • Start with an introductory statement.
  • Include its main point, linking it back to one's thesis.
  • Offer as much evidence as possible without being over very.
  • Be consistent with the humorous and sarcastic tone of other parts.
  • Have a concluding statement that will partially and slowly lead into future paragraphs.

Here one definitely cannot forget that you were writing in a humorous and sarcastic tone. Consistency is what will make your paper not only memorable but not offensive to people reading it. They will see that your humor is intentional just like in our sample below. 

Satirical paragraph example

In the two plays Lysistrata, and Assembly Women, the heroines make use of female stereotypes because they are able to act and behave like men. They try to rescue the society because they claim that men have not been able to live according to their roles as men. They have not been looked upon by the other people in the society because they have failed to achieve what they want. The playwrights make use of sex as a strategy to outwit the men in the whole aspect. 

Satire Essay Conclusion Example

We’ve got one more thing to cover and that is one’s satire essay conclusion. It is the last chance to make an impression on your readers. So use it wisely. We have prepared not only samples but several things one can definitely remember when writing a conclusion:

  • Write it at the same time when you complete the introduction.
  • The first statement of one’s conclusion is simply a rephrased thesis.
  • Then you must summarize your main points and findings.
  • Don’t forget to mention why your research matters.
  • Conclude with something memorable (it can be recommendations, a question, offers for future research, or your plans).
  • As the conclusion is similar to the introduction, we recommend completing it after the main body.

The only thing left is to check all the samples we can offer. One can always use our platform to learn even more than you already have. You’re free to browse, literally, free.

Example of satirical essay conclusion

In conclusion, it can be argued that the Plays Lysistrata and Women Assembly by Aristophanes were not entirely in favor of the women but rather to a great extent they were against the women. Aristophanes used humor to bring out Athenian women in a negative light while cautiously concealing that fact by making it appear as if he was gunning for them. More so, it is clear that not even comedy could help end the stereotype against women in ancient times, in fact comedy was used as a tool to perpetrate this vice as opposed to empowering the women.

How to Write a Satire Essay

Now all you have to do is write a satire essay! What? It’s not like it’s a huge deal or anything. OK yeah, we got it, it is complicated, but not with us. To make the process even easier for you we have one more satire sentence example and a step-by-step guide.

  1. Familiarize how to write a satire essay. Here one can definitely use our platform for samples regarding structure and theory. However, be prepared before you start writing. Sadly, theory and structure are important even if you are an excellent writer who can improvise. 
  2. Choose the right topic to write about. Topics should be relevant, interesting, and intriguing for you. The quality of your paper will be lower if you’re not interested in the topic yourself. So one can look lower for topic inspirations or search samples for inspiration.
  3. Get to the point. And there is a place for humor here and there is a place for evidence. Balance those things and don’t try to be wordy. If you see yourself using too many words, you might have not done enough research. 
  4. Know your audience. Know what types of people can be offended or entertained by your article. These types of papers do not shoot all audience members. So know your audience before you select a topic and start reading. 
  5. Now it’s time to write. Write! It is often the case that students have all the research, but they are afraid to write. True, you’re staring at the blank page of paper and you know that it will take lots of time for writing. But starting is the most important bit one can do. 

If you do not have any idea what to do with your title page, try our title page creator. You will be surprised with the result!

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Tips for Writing a Satire Essay

Writing a satire essay will be hard, especially if you have no tips and tricks up your sleeves. Luckily for you and us, we’ve prepared some tips that one can use to impress your readers and professors. So before you check satirical writing examples, look through these tips.

  1. Select a topic you’re personally interested in. This will increase the quality of your paper. 
  2. Analyze your audience and make sure that the tone suits their needs and preferences. 
  3. Be consistent with your tone. If you lose the humorous approach anywhere, a sarcastic tone might seem misplaced making your audience offended. 
  4. Select a controversial topic that might race eyebrows. But the more interesting your topic is, the more readers will want to see it. 
  5. Go with a subject or topic that still has some place for research. Two popular topics have already been studied enough and will not be intriguing.

Bonus: Check satire writing examples together with reflective essay examples

Easy Satire Essay Topics

We have selected several satire topics for high school students.  It might be hard to select good satire topics to write about. However, we’ve got you covered even here.

Look through these topics for satire we offer.

  1. A step-by-step guide to creating a successful cult.
  2. Are politicians born to lie?
  3. Ways to escape calling people.
  4. What do FBI agents look like in real life away from the TV?
  5. How to gain followers instead of real friends?
  6. Global warming is just a fake.
  7. Why one can save time and stop recycling (not like it's worth it).
  8. Do you like brands that use child labor?
  9. Deforestation just helps our cities grow.
  10. Comfort vs. environmental threats.

Read also:

Use the following topics or change them up. Try keeping the tone closer to sarcastic so the readers know what to expect right away.


FAQ About Free Satire Essays

1. Are your satire essay examples free?

Yes! All satire examples you find here are totally free. We think that we need to repeat that at least twice. Everything one can find here is free of charge. We do not require credit cards, billing information, payments, or charges. As a result, you have plenty of available knowledge that you’re not charged for. What a beauty, are we right?

2. How to start a satire essay?

The best satire essays always start with a hook. It can be anything from a famous quote, an intriguing statement, a rhetorical question, or even data. Depending on what you intend or what your audience likes, hooks can be very different. However, if we were talking about the actual process of starting an essay, thesis and research are mostly common steps. So do your research before you start writing anything!

3. Can I submit one of the short satire essays examples you provide?

No. Any short example of a satire essay you will find here belongs to our service. This means that all papers are provided for references only. One can use them as inspiration, reference of structure, or copy their town. However, one cannot submit one of them to your professor or teacher.

4. What is a good satire essay topic?

Satirical essay topics must sound sarcastic from the get-go. You have to let your readers know that you are writing a humorous piece, on a serious matter. Good ones will talk about politics, social issues, or events relevant to today’s world. Just make sure that your topic was not thoroughly studied and there is still some room for research and improvement. Other than that, you might want your topic to be personally interesting to you. This will improve the quality of your work.


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