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How and why should you use examples of a definition essay? We're glad that you've asked. We have a list that has been waiting to be shown to someone. 

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Best Definition Essay Samples to Download

Here you will find the best sample definition essays. The cream of the academic world is collected right here, using this tool. Have you ever wondered where we get those papers?

They are donated by other students. There are so many good things we can say about them. Besides, you also get advantages from the fact that students are the ones donating. Why?

Discover answers to this question here:

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  • They follow academic standards. 
  • They are all creative and unique.
  • One can also see that making a good paper is possible.

More and more reasons to actually use our tool for good purposes. Just try it out and see! 

Extended Definition Essays for All Academic Purposes

There are many reasons why one should use extended definition essay examples pdf. First and foremost, it is not a regular paper. So it has its own peculiarities and differences you might want to see in practical samples. However, there are more reasons why one should certainly check out our extended definition paper examples.

  • They are perfect for inspiration. In case you don’t know where to start, you can always come here.
  • Writers here use perfect academic tone and voice. So, it is perfect for referencing. 
  • As all examples are donated by other students, they will tell you once and for all that it is more than possible to write such a paper. 
  • Check out how they also use format. 

Definition Paper Examples to Ensure Your Academic Success

Definition papers examples will also allow you to get higher grades. If you have a practical sample right in front of you, analyze its structure and get the feel of the paper. Yes, certain people can write using simple theory. Getting a sample or even several before the actual writing will do you a lot of good. For instance:

  • Improve your grade
  • Ensure a high quality of your paper
  • Impress the readers
  • Help in following academic standards
  • Provide interesting ideas and topics
  • Showcase a theoretical structure on a practical sample.

In other words, there is no real reason why one should not use our tool to your advantage.

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Definition Essay Examples That Actually Worked

Examples of extended definition essays that you see here are actually tested by unreal people. Let us rephrase that. All samples and articles are written by students, and they were donated to our service. This also means that their authors have already received excellent marks. Get yourself a sample that:

  • Already worked
  • Was graded high
  • Was liked by the professor.

One should also know that this type of paper only seems simple. The hardest part for you is to actually choose a good topic. Defining a notion or an object is the simplest part. If you find an interesting subject, do your research and follow the proper tone, you won’t have any issues with writing. 

Start with a hero definition essay or friendship definition essay to see what we are speaking about.

Definition Essay Examples for College

We always try to focus more on college students. We know that you guys don’t have extra time to figure out how to do each part of the paper. Besides, we are sure that you have thousands of deadlines and papers. That is why we offer you topics, examples, structures, and everything you might need to succeed in your academic life. Before writing, make sure that you:

  • Select a topic that can be discussed in at least five paragraphs.
  • Choose a subject you’re personally interested in or that fits your major.
  • Follow academic tone, voice, and format.
  • Avoid bias and always use evidence to prove your claims.

If you do the following things, writing will come easy. However, below one can also find some of these popular paper topics. 

Family Definition Essay

Family definition essay examples are usually among the ones students write the most. That is why we are offering a sample definition essay on family. 

Imagine that you have just entered your new class fresh out of high school. There is a good chance that once you get to papers, this one will be the first you will write. Therefore, remember the following things:

  • Avoid speaking from your experience. It is an academic paper that requires evidence and proof of your claims.
  • Consider that not every person lived in a similar household. That is why one should be respectful of other opinions.
  • All the explanations you give must be connected to evidence. You cannot simply claim anything because you know it’s true. 
  • If you want to add something from your experience, which you technically can do, still connect it to your academic goals. 

Before writing your essay, look through our family definition essay for some kind of inspiration.

Happiness Definition Essay

Happiness definition essay examples answer our all-time favorite question – What is happiness? To be honest, we also don’t know a specific answer. It varies from person to person and everyone will have different opinions. That is why for this paper one can combine your personal opinion with what is said in the academic world. 

Definition essays on happiness can take several perspectives on this matter. One can view happiness from a philosophical, historical, or psychological perspective. Each and every subject or sphere will have a different understanding of this word and concept. One can go even with linguistics on the subject. 

However, make sure that you have enough material. Oftentimes, those subjects that seem the simplest of them all, will be the hardest. 

Success Definition Essay

A definition essay on success is a close third favorite of all professors. In college, you will be asked what you want to do in the future and what do people mean when they talk about success? It is a good time to think about it yourself and also have an excellent paper. 

Success definition essay examples often divide success into different categories.

  • Personal
  • Professional

Therefore, think for yourself whether you want to focus on one or combine them together. When it comes to personal success, people usually mention family, personal growth, or their individual goals connected with mental health instability. Browse our personal essays examples and get some new ideas. Professional success is easier to define as it is connected with a career. One can feel free to use personal and professional success or focus on one. 

Love Definition Essay

Definition essay on love might sound romantic. However, even here you will see that it’s not easy to understand what love truly is. One can also talk about different perspectives and reviews on this notion. 

Love definition essay examples can be easily classified according to their views on love and perspectives.

  • Love as emotion
  • Love is a chemical reaction
  • Love is nonexistent
  • Love to friends vs family

Here one can choose any direction or even invent your own. Whatever you want to do with it, don’t forget that everything should also be academic. So, every choice should be proved with evidence thoroughly. If there is no evidence or proof, we cannot consider this paper to be academic. In other words, it is not college level.

What Is a Definition Essay: Definition

Definition essay sounds rather easy. It is a style of paper in which you have to explain a notion and provide academic evidence. 

For example, one can be asked what anger is. Therefore, here you’re explaining what is a human emotion choosing different perspectives. One can explain it from the perspective of a chemist, psychologist, or linguist.

It is always possible to combine different explanations into one. It doesn’t really matter as long as your paper is coherent and understandable for readers.

As for its length, we usually consider a 5 -paragraph structure to be a staple. It’s always good to ask your professor whether they have the same amount of words and pages in mind. But in case you don’t know what is a general length or word count, five paragraphs is a standard. So, go with it. 

Definition Essay Structure

The structure of a definition essay is very close to other papers. Find a basic structure below you have probably seen before. Still, keep in mind that you usually use five paragraphs for this paper.


  • Hook
  • Background
  • Thesis statement (quick explanation)

Body paragraphs

  • Introductory sentence
  • First point
  • Evidence
  • Explanation
  • Concluding or transitional sentence


  • Thesis using different words
  • Summary of one's main point
  • Importance of topic
  • Closing statement (Is there any recommendation or future you see here?)

Follow this structure! You will also notice that our samples do the same.

P.S. One can open our structure and samples at the same time for comparison.

Definition Essays Outline Example

We couldn’t let you go without an outline for definition essay. The basics will remain the same. If you have written papers before, it’s a piece of cake. Still, an outline of a definition essay will certainly help you to start.

Example of definition paper outline



  • Start with a hook to engage one’s reader
  • Background information on your topic
  • Thesis statement (mention all points that will be discussed in body paragraphs)

Body Paragraphs (1-3)

  • Paragraph 1 (supporting evidence proving your point + topic sentence)
  • Paragraph 2 (repeat the same as above)
  • Paragraph 3 (repeat the same as above)


  • Rephrase a thesis statement
  • Conclude all our points leaving a final impression 

It is certainly very similar to any other paper. The focus should be made on evidence and references. One should also consider that length can be different. However, the structure and outline will remain the same.

As for the outline, it shouldn’t contain full sentences. You are free to include evidence and thesis statements. But keep it brief and sweet. If you have a certain word count, it is possible to calculate how many pages your essay should have. Use our words per page tool and get instant result.

Definition Essay Introduction Example

Let us start with an introduction for definition essay. You probably saw it as a part of an outline that we left before. However, we certainly advise you to consider the following points.

  • Write an introduction after finishing the research and body paragraphs.
  • Start with a hook: data, quote, question, or anything that grabs attention.
  • Explain one’s main purpose and reason for choosing this topic.
  • Don’t be too detailed.
  • A thesis will be one’s main place to leave the actual explanation of one’s notion.

Here you have it! A perfect introduction is a few steps away. But we leave the sample below. So check it out! 

P.S. Introduction is 10% of your actual paper, while the body will take 80%. 

Definition essay introduction paragraph examples

Anorexic is a clinical term that is mostly linked with emaciated female adolescents with poor body image. The society, especially in the western countries, uses anorexic to refer to adolescents and young adults who are cautious of their body weight thus denying their body adequate caloric intake or they may sometimes purge by vomiting whenever they eat. In most definitions, the term is used to refer to people who are suffering from an emotional disorder that is pigeonholed by an obsessive yearning to lose weight by rejecting to eat. Society has often seen anorexics as people with emotional problems who need to be fed to be fine. The term is often used to denote models, young female adolescents and adults. People who are anorexic are expected to be thin and emaciated. 

Thesis Statement for Definition Essay

The next thing on our mind is definition essay thesis examples. A thesis is the most important part of any paper. It is the way to let your readers know what you will be talking about. 

It also dictates what your paper will look like. Therefore, everybody should always have it with them. We recommend starting with your thesis statement. It will be the best start for your outline or any sort of writing. This sentence must also contain your main argument and smaller points. To make it easier, each point can later be described in separate body paragraphs. 

Please, check all the samples we have to offer and a small thesis one can find below.

Definition essay thesis statement example

This paper will define the term `anorexic`, describe the community where the term is contested and explain what is at stake by redefining the term. In conclusion, the paper will anticipate and respond to possible objections to the redefinition. 

Definition Essay Body Paragraph Examples

Definition paragraph examples for college are very important too. These paragraphs are used to propose evidence and proof of your claim. Normally, we would say that academic papers must have at least five paragraphs. Among those five paragraphs, three of them are body paragraphs. 

The main body of any paper is usually 80% of your whole work. At the same time, any introduction and conclusion are each 10%. It is not complicated math. However, your gut feeling is usually not enough to write a perfect article. So follow this structure. 

Even though the introduction is the first part of any paper, we advise you to start with body paragraphs. Do your research first, create thesis statements and then proceed with body paragraphs. By the way, check samples that are found below! 

Definition paragraph examples

Anorexic is a term that can clinically be defined as an eating disorder categorized by weight loss or irregular weight gain in growing children. In addition, people who suffer from the condition are characterized by difficulty in preserving an appropriate body weight for height, age and stature. In most individuals, the term is linked to distorted body image. People who are said to be anorexic are very cautious of the type of foods they eat and the amount of calories they take in. Anorexic patients may also indulge in vigorous exercises to further lose their weight. The term is a clinical term but it is also used colloquially to refer to an extremely emaciated young person. For example, an extremely slender model or high school girl is often referred to as anorexic.  

Conclusion for Definition Essay

A conclusion definition essay is one of the last things we want to discuss with you. Keep in mind that one should certainly write a conclusion after you finish the introduction. By that point, you will have all information available and will know exactly what to write for your conclusion.

We have mentioned this before, but the conclusion usually takes 10% of your whole work. If we say that your paper is 1000 words, the conclusion will be 100 words.

Here’s a structure of conclusion one can certainly trust.

  • Restated thesis
  • Summary
  • Closing statement 

Many are unsure how to proceed with closing statements. With that said, they are very free in terms of content. One can leave recommendations, something that will make your readers think about your paper or possibilities for future research. These things one can certainly notice in our samples. 

Example of definition essay conclusion 

Anorexic is a term frequently used to refer to patients suffering from both anorexia and anorexia nervosa. However, the term should not be defined to describe a person suffering from anorexia nervosa. Anorexic should only be used to refer to a person suffering from anorexia. A person suffering from anorexia nervosa does not necessarily suffer from low appetite. In most cases, they have their appetite intact; they just deny themselves basic meals so that they can lose their weight. Therefore, since anorexia is a term that refers to loss of weight, only patients suffering from anorexia should be said to be anorexic. Anorexia nervosa patients are just dieting and their regimens are what should be altered not necessarily their appetites. 

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How to Write a Definition Essay

Before we also get to several definition essay ideas, we prepared a short guide for you. Do you wonder how one approaches paper writing? That is why we have a guide for you. Check it out! 

  1. Read successful examples of an extended definition essay. Don’t make fun of us for advertising this handy tool. You’ll certainly be glad once you read all the samples here. Besides, they are not only fun, creative, and academic but effective when it comes to writing. 
  2. Select your subject. Usually, professors at least give you an idea about your subject. In case they didn’t, one can look down to see several writing topics or get back to our sample. However, we do recommend you to write about something you like or know personally.  
  3. Understand the style and tone of writing. That is why we always say checking out samples helps you. One can mimic academic tone invoices easily. This paper must be both interesting to read and highly academic. Following these requirements is hard but certainly worth it. 
  4. Write your paper. Sit down and write! It’s not computer science at this point. Many students don’t like starting because they see a blank page in front of them. But once you get the process going, it will be much easier. 

Hint: If you are going to write a definition essay, look through some expository writing examples in our library. You will see different ways how to reveal your topic.

Tips for Academic Writing a Definition Essay

Writing a definition essay is easy when you have important untested tips with you. Of course, we have made a selection of some of them that one can certainly use to make your life easier, especially for definition writing examples.

Writing an extended definition essay is easier if one: 

  1. Checks samples first.
  2. Does proper research.
  3. Leaves introduction for after body paragraphs.
  4. Selects a topic they’re personally interested in.
  5. Ensures that the chosen subject, even if easy, allows enough room to offer different perspectives and interesting information.
  6. Doesn’t offend anyone even if they offer a controversial perspective on the chosen subject.
  7. Uses an outline before starting to write.
  8. Takes a closer look into a structure that we have offered before.
  9. Writes 10% introduction, 80% body paragraphs and 10% conclusion.
  10. Follows academic writing standards.

Extended Definition Essays Topics for College Students

Are you looking for some good topics for definition essays? We don’t only offer samples. So, here are some good definition essay topics examples and definition papers topics that one can use. 

  1. What is a job interview? 
  2. Explain the meaning of a novel.
  3. What is an electric car and its advantages?
  4. How would you define peace?
  5. Explain immigration.
  6. How would you explain singing to someone who hasn’t heard it?
  7. What is sympathy?
  8. How would one describe flying?
  9. What is trauma?
  10. Different understanding of hatred.

Don’t forget: Use these ideas or be inspired by them. Put your own spin on a topic and make it your own.


FAQ About Definition Essays

1. What is the purpose of a definition essay?

The purpose of a definition essay is very obvious from its actual name. It is to explain a notion or an object you have chosen. This term can be anything from family, love, success, or any other notion that may be explained in different ways. Your main goal here is to utilize several perspectives and combine them in a coherent paper. One can focus on one point of view or combine them all together.

2. How to start a definition essay?

Once you have some ideas for definition essays, start writing. Usually, papers start with a hook. This hook can be one of the following things:

  • Data
  • Quote
  • Question
  • Anything intriguing as long as it’s not a lie.

And you will be all set. Just make an impression and go from there.

3. What is the chief characteristic of the definition essay?

One should consider the following characteristics of definition essay:

  • Clarity
  • Usage of terms
  • Mentioning of sensory characteristics (if applicable)
  • A thorough description of a chosen term.

As long as your readers understand what notion you’re writing about, you are succeeded. Imagine that you’re explaining what an orange is to a person who has never seen it.

4. Are your definition essay examples free?

Yes! Any definition essay example one can find here is totally free.

  • No credit card needed
  • No payments
  • No fee or charges
  • No registration
  • No personal information 

You’re free to download as many as you wish. Use them and enjoy!


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