Cause and Effect Essay Examples Writing Guide

Improve your writing skills as well as deepen thinking with our examples of cause and effect essays of any subject and style. With no help or specific information, any student new to the task is more likely to fail, get a bad grade. To fix that, follow cause and effect writing examples on our website. So, your grades will always be A+!

Turn Cause and Effect Essays Examples Into a Learning Experience

When a teacher asks to write this particular type of paper, every pupil unintentionally starts looking for free examples of cause and effect essays in pdf. Such argumentative tasks were always a pain for the majority of students. Fortunately, we have various argumentative essay examples to look through. So, critical thinking is a skill that you need to develop first.

Events and consequences are one of the most popular sorts of assignments among mentors yet hated among pupils. Luckily, on our website, you can find tons of cause and effect essays examples pdf. They are available for download absolutely for free. Browse through them, inspire yourself, and write the best paper ever written!

Cause and Effect Essay Examples for Middle School

Example of cause and effect essay in abovementioned institution has almost sacred meaning for scholars. Despite all good intentions behind such tasks, pupils still require help and guidance. Not every teacher wants to explain everything. So, getting a good example of a highly graded text is important.

In such assignments, pupils are asked to analyze, think critically, and express thoughts persuasively. It is where persuasive essay examples pdf will come in handy. Cause and effect essay topics for middle school are usually straightforward and basic. They require no additional research. Looking for reasons, filtering ones that matter, brainstorming the outcomes – that’s what these papers are all about. On this website, you can find many samples of cause and effect essays for middle school pupils. Use them to power up imagination and creativity!

Cause and Effect Essay Examples for 6th Grade

Warning to all sixth graders, looking for “cause and effect examples sentences”! Your search is over! Here, we are teaching, mentoring. If you have had struggles with writing and completing such assignments, we are about to change that.

The hardest part of such text is usually the core sentences themselves. Describing events and results seems to be nearly impossible for younger pupils. Using examples of cause and effect sentences, you will be able to master words as well as find new ways to express thoughts, ideas. Use them to teach yourself, to elevate skills, abilities, talents.

We did our best to make cause and effect example sentences representative and easy to replicate. So even if you decide to copy them, you’d get original work. 

Cause and Effect Essay Examples for High School

If you are in high school, would you like to see an appropriate cause and effect essay example? We have got you covered! 

Cause and effect essays for high school are some of the most notorious tasks to get. Subjects got harder, deeper, more complex. More knowledge is required from you, additional research and severe time losses are added as a bonus.

It comes naturally for you not to like causations and aftermath papers. If it’s too hard – make it easier by downloading cause and effect essays examples pdf. Spend time on them, analyze every example to find new ideas for yourself. Text structure, arguments, evidence list – you must master it to successfully finish a given task.

Cause and Effect Essay Examples for College

Finding nice examples of cause and effect essays for college scholars has always been difficult. Registration, spam in mail, subscriptions – real emergency brake that separates pupils from knowledge. You won’t see any of that here.

Writing an article for a high score is nearly impossible without cause and effect college essay examples. A+ grade requires utmost quality and argumentation, combined with clear division into sensible parts.

The way you place thoughts on paper is also crucial. Structure, readability, repetitions – focus on that. To get a general understanding, read our cause and effect paragraph examples for college. Each argument must be indisputable and undeniable, each cause – confirmed. Spend time on research and finding controversial ideas to avoid.

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What Is a Cause and Effect Essay: Definition

It should be clear as day what is a cause and effect essay. You look for reasons, analyze them, think of possible results. Definition of your causes is a cornerstone of a good paper. The way you define roots is unique for each student, but some things are common and advised.

Try to make your definition short yet detailed. Add facts if needed, crunch some numbers. After your definition, there should be no doubts that those are the real reasons. Never leave any doubts in readers' minds! Again, follow our guides represented by definition cause and effect essay examples.

Cause and Effect Essay Structure Example

The one thing you can’t skip is spending time on developing cause and effect essay structure. It is a rock-solid foundation of a competent text. No work that aims at high grades can stay without it. There are two main ways to approach cause and effect essay structure: chain and blocks. Let’s look at them more closely.

  • Block Structure

Very common, easy to understand attitude – list of reasons first, catalog of outcomes after. Check out cause and effect essay block structure example to know more!

  • Chain Structure

Look at any cause and effect essay chain structure example to see the difference. Each reason followed by individual results makes it far harder for a reader to get confused.

Browse problem and solution examples on our platform. This kind of essay has the same structure.

Cause and Effect Essay Outline Example

If you ignore creating a detailed cause and effect outline your text will fall apart. Such backbone for an article keeps thoughts organized, their expression consistent, article consumption – easier. We advise you to check out cause and effect outline examples before you start writing to get clear comprehension of structuring.

Cause and Effect Essay Introduction Example

Creating an article should always start with reading and dissecting cause and effect introduction paragraph examples. Confident and clear start is needed to interest an audience, to make it care. Spending time on writing a compelling introduction is an inescapable part of a process, especially if you are targeting A+.

In your initiation, try highlighting what your article will explore, whether it is a situation or event. Focus force on adding the importance of looking for outcomes. Try to include a thesis statement, more on that later. For details look at an example shown below. 

Example of cause and effect essay introduction

Alzheimer's disease is a type of dementia, which stands as the most common one. Alzheimer’s disease is simply a collection of various disorders that make people to begin gradual development of problems with their memory, behaviors and the patterns in thoughts. Its effects on the victims are very huge and, at worst, include impairment of a person to function appropriately in daily activities. Therefore, Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative disorder caused by a collection of various problems of the human brain, which normally has adverse impact on its normal functioning and gradually permanently impairs it over time.

Cause and Effect Essay Thesis Statement Examples

No intro is complete without a thesis statement. If you look at thesis statement for cause and effect essay example, you’ll see that it presents the main reason (or result) beforehand.  Before reading a whole text, a person must get the gist. It is your duty to inform him from the start about consequences or roots.

Mentioning this information at the start helps increase involvement and interest, without compromising the sense and usefulness of an article. You can find multiple cause and effect thesis statement examples on our site absolutely for free. Use them to make papers better!

Cause and Effect Body Paragraphs Examples

The biggest part of paper is reserved for cause and effect paragraph. In any approach of your choice, there will be two types of sentences – explaining reasons and presenting results. Reasons must be shown in detail, each result has to be indisputable truth. For a more  deep and detailed presentation, follow guidelines seen in the example shown below.

  • Body Paragraphs (Causes)

Writing a cause and effect paragraph should be started with description of what author believes to be the main cause of events that follow. Give hints to relations between reasons and effects.

  • Body Paragraphs (Effects)

Finish off cause and effect paragraphs with listing outcomes. Start with big, noticeable results, and move to smaller ones. Keep your sentences free of water and useless information.

Cause and effect examples of a body paragraph

The main cause of Alzheimer's disease is death of brain cells. Alzheimer's is a neurodegenerative disorder. The implication of this statement is that it is caused by a progressive process of death of the brain cells over a period of time. With the death of the brain cells, the total size of it shrinks. The brain tissue remains with very few cells and connections leading to the impairment in the functioning of a given person (Ballatore, Virginia & Trojanowski 664). This death of the brain cells is visible in the form of the plaques and tangles that are shown by an autopsy. Usually, the plagues are located in the middle of the dying cells within the human brain while tangles are in its neurons. 

Cause and Effect Essay Conclusion Examples

To create a memorable and believable finale, follow the conclusion for cause and effect essay example, written below. Reiteration is the key in conclusion. Thesis statement must be morphed to serve as a logical summary of a paper. Highlight and repeat main reasons, causes, results, real-life precedents. If any questions were asked but not answered – answer them. A reader should close your text with no doubts, totally convinced.

You can always reuse and repurpose an example, tailor it to your liking. If any questions appear, read it again. Every sample was written specifically to make learning easier.

Example of cause and effect essay conclusion

The major cause of Alzheimer's disease is the death of the brain nerve cells and its main effect is the failure of the daily functions of the human body. It must be noted that the brain is responsible for the control of virtually all activities of the body. Therefore, its impairment leads to paralysis of all the body functions. A person’s behavior changes significantly after the development of this disease. People with Alzheimer's disease must be put under a very intensive care program. 

How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay Sample

Before you start – download any cause and effect essay sample pdf. Study essay examples carefully, find points of interest, main arguments, etc. Look for purpose of each sentence, meaning, ideas behind the words. Only after you finish doing it, start working on your text. Here are a few steps to complete before typing something.

  1. Select a topic. If allowed, choose a subject that interests or affects you. The more invested you are in that topic, the more complex and deep your arguments will be. Browse through our cause and effect essay samples if you’re short on ideas, or scroll below to choose from a pre-made list. 
  2. Create the thesis statement. To write a short yet informative thesis, study our sample of cause and effect essays. Look for word construction, sentence structure, examples, mentioned cases. In your statement, present the main reason or outcome without mentioning significant details. Hook readers with it, interest them. If you still have doubts about doing it yourself, use our thesis generator for research paper.
  3. Plan the outline. Creating an outline takes time, so analyze cause and effect sample to save time. Outline is usually visible to the naked eye. Division of a paragraph on sensible sentences, showcasing reasons and outcomes. Think of the effect a well-crafted outline has on articles. It makes them uniform, solid, united. 
  4. Research it. Never write anything before you are 100% sure of it. Such assignments require you to think creatively, critically, outside the box. Do research first, read people's opinions, consult with experts. Without a rock-solid foundation of knowledge together with facts, your article is worth nothing.
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Examples of Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Here you can find a cause and effect essay example topics list. Selecting an interesting and relevant subject is always a struggle. We did our best at finding interesting cause and effect essay example topics for college students, pupils, scholars. Not every sample is original, but each one deserves attention. Discuss one of them or make one up – it’s your choice.

  • Increasing number of college dropouts
  • Effect of police brutality on crime
  • Obesity among teens
  • Poverty and homeless people
  • Implementation of death sentence
  • Global warming
  • Crysis of authority
  • High divorce rate
  • Drugs and smoking among kids
  • Traffic collapse, rush hours

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Cause and Effect Essay Writing Tips

To successfully generate an article, you need more than just examples of cause and effect essay. You need insights, secrets, tips, and tricks. Working hacks that allow cutting corners and saving time without quality loss. We have that too!  Follow these ten tips for creating great articles and impress your mentors!

  • More brainstorming

Brainstorm topic ideas, details, text structure. Make absolutely sure you are on the right track.

  • Use someone's brains

Just in case, read cause and effect examples free for inspiration.

  • Arrange thoughts

Try to put them in order, create a structure and outline, it helps a lot.

  • Follow one direction

Never step away from your arguments, hold your ground.

  • First draft rule

Your first version will be awful, use it as a draft, practice.

  • Steal ideas

Always harvest ideas from examples for cause and effect essays.

  • Think critically

Don’t get carried away into fantasies, keep it realistic, stay on point.

  • Proofread it

Check your work for spelling errors, typos, grammar mistakes.

  • Keep it original

No writing a cause and effect essay examples copies. Be original in wording.

  • Rinse and repeat

Repeat these actions until you reach a perfect result.


FAQ About Cause and Effect Essays Examples

1. Are your cause and effect essay examples free?

Yes, all examples of cause and effect essay are free. We are not charging any money, require no registration or credit card information. We believe that knowledge should be free. So, we are happy to supply you with it free of charge forever. Use it anytime, anywhere, from any device.

2. What is the purpose of the cause and effect essay?

The main purpose of a cause and effect essay is to think critically and creatively while discussing reasons and possible outcomes. Students learn to look deeper into things, find the origins of events, analyze aftermath and results. This leads to activation of gray brain cells, thus faster thinking.

3. How to start a cause and effect paper examples?

All examples of cause and effect paper can be found either on this page or in a corresponding tab on top. Every item is available for pdf download without registration. Start writing by studying a few samples, finding similarities, patterns. Design an outline and structure. Only after that start typing.

4. What are words for cause and effect?

As seen in cause and effect example essays, there are multiple synonyms for it. Reasons and aftermath, events and outcomes, origin and results. Thesaurus will give you tens of similar words, use them when needed, to ensure the absence of repetitions. Mix words in any way required to create a unique article.


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