Argumentative Essay Examples: Full Guide With Tips

Stuck with your writing assignment and searching for helpful examples of argumentative essays? No worries, you’re at the right place! We’re glad to help our readers struggling with their studies. You’ll find some helpful tips. We prepared step-by-step instructions to help with your writing. Also, any argument essay sample is available here for free!

Good Argumentative Essay Examples

Let’s begin with an example of a good argumentative essay to help you out. You’ll find several real students’ works below. They are divided into separate categories for our readers’ convenience.  Feel free to browse through them. Select a category that matches your subject best and read available examples. You can borrow some ideas from them or copy their style. Just don’t copy their content when you write your own work.

All examples of good argumentative essays available here are free to download in pdf. So, let’s go and check them!

Free Argumentative Essay Examples

We’ve collected several argumentative essay examples pdf for our readers. It is the best solution for students who struggle with deadlines. All of them are absolutely free to browse, read and use as reference material.

Our intention was to pick various essay types and topics. So, examples of an argumentative essay will be helpful for everyone. This type of academic writing is one of the most popular student assignments. That is why there are many students all over the globe who might be interested in an academic argument essay example. This kind of task is meant to teach logical thinking, usage of solid argumentation, and a critical approach to the opponent’s argumentation as well.

Easy Argumentative Essay Samples

Searching for a good argumentative essay sample pdf? First of all, decide about your topic unless your professor has assigned one for you.

If you’re not sure what to write about, pick something from our samples of argumentative essays available below. Nowadays, there are many subjects to speak about. For example:

  • Homeschooling vs usual school attendance
  • High taxes vs low taxes
  • Freedom vs safety, and so on.

Please select a sample argument essay below that matches your favorite topic best. Check out how it defends one or another side. If you wish you can choose to defend the opposite point of view by reverting to the argumentation in that text.

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Argumentative Paper Examples for All Students

In order to help you find argumentative papers example for any general subject you’re interested in, we’ve collected sample argument papers covering various popular subjects. This kind of paper is often assigned to students of various majors in most US and UK schools. Therefore, you’re quite likely to receive one of the topics we’ve covered here. 

Pay close attention to the structure and style of these texts. You can reuse some of them when writing. Our samples are only available here for references and for inspiration. Keep in mind that you can copy it, neither fully nor partially.

In the following sections, you’ll find more than one helpful in writing an argumentative paper sample. They are sorted by their level: 

  • Middle school
  • High school
  • University.
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Academic Argumentative Essay Examples

If you need a specific example of argument essay for a certain school level or grade, it’s time to check out the following sections. In case you’ve got stuck at the beginning or in the middle of your work, examine a sample of an argumentative essay on a related subject. It might help resume your progress. In these sections, you’ll find some writing tips for each level.

  1. Middle school
  2. High school
  3. College

Please feel free to browse and use them as inspiration, no charge at all!

Argumentative Essay Examples for Middle School

Here you’ll find argumentative essay examples middle school pdf that talk about some basic problems. Of course, most middle-schoolers aren’t prepared for debating complicated issues such as politics or history. However, there are plenty of topics they can easily write about. These examples of argumentative essays for middle school use such basic topics as family life, relations with friends, studies vs leisure time, and so on.

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We have prepared some extra sample argumentative essays middle school for different grades. You can find them sorted by grade below. Please select a topic that matches your own assignment best. See if you can borrow anything helpful from that text.

5th Grade Argumentative Essay Examples

As explained above, these argumentative essay examples for 5th grade represent the easiest topics. They generally revolve around things children of that age are well familiar with, namely:

  • Food (particularly, sweets vs vegetables)
  • Studies (interesting vs boring subjects etc)
  • Indoor vs outdoor activities, and others.

The sample for 5-graders is available on our website – you can read or download it. Check and re-use its argumentation style when writing your own original work.

6th Grade Argumentative Essay Examples

Looking for helpful argumentative essay examples for 6th grade? We’ve prepared one for you, just scroll down a bit to access it. Feel free and learn from this text (as reference) in case this topic suits you well. If you plan to write about something else, consider selecting from other typical 6-grader subjects.

  • Household chores.
  • Having pets.
  • Why schools should / shouldn’t require uniforms.
  • Why having extracurricular activities is good (or not).

7th Grade Argumentative Essay Examples

If you are interested in 7th grade paper examples, we have them for you. Scroll down – you can read or download them in pdf. In case this particular topic is not what you are searching for, just use this text for inspiration or borrow some ideas.

Other general subjects for 7-graders may include:

  • Discussing heroes from popular books or movies, defending or opposing their actions.
  • Why video games are good/bad for children.
  • Why we should / shouldn’t interact with wild nature, etc.

8th Grade Argumentative Essay Examples

Need some argumentative essay examples for 8th grade? You are at the right place! Feel free to read or download them. If a topic matches your assignment, you can learn from its structure or its argumentation for your own work. Remember, borrowing ideas from another text is fine unless you copy it.

If you plan writing something else, consider choosing from other typical subjects for 8-graders, such as:

  • Why gym class is/isn’t necessary for all students.
  • Why we should/shouldn’t learn foreign languages.
  • Technical progress vs saving Mother Nature.

Short Argumentative Essay Examples for High School

We’ve collected a few argumentative essay examples for high school pdf available. Writing such essays requires more skill and knowledge, as expectations for high-schoolers are higher. You can debate about historical or cultural figures and events, books & movies, interactions within society, and so on. Conduct some research. As you can see in a sample argumentative essay for high school, it is necessary to use scientific sources as references. Besides, it typically employs a more complicated system of argumentation, such as using opponents’ counter-arguments to find some logical flaws in their claims.

You can use any high school argumentative essay example as your inspiration. Just borrow some ideas from it for your own essay on a topic you’ve selected.

Argumentative Essay Examples for College

Now, here are several college argumentative essay examples for you. Before writing your work, use an argumentative essay example for college. Keep in mind that such works are focused on more complicated problems. As a college student, you may even defend some really controversial positions for demonstrating your argumentation skills.

If these argumentative essay college examples don’t represent the topics you are interested in, choose from the following general subjects.

  • Why our election system needs to be reformed.
  • Why our taxes should be lower/higher.
  • We need complete freedom of speech on the Internet.
  • Schools need to focus more/less on Classic literature, etc.

Don’t forget to back up your point with solid references. It is especially important to use them for college-level essays.

What Is an Argumentative Essay: Definition

The definition of argumentative essay is as follows. This is a scholarly paper addressing certain debatable questions. This kind of essay is similar to persuasive writing. That's why we recommend looking through various persuasive essays examples in our library. You will see how an author is supposed to take a position in this debate and present valid arguments for supporting it. It may also involve disproving the opposing point of view by finding flaws in possible arguments that may be used, or have been used, by its defenders.

Such argument papers are an important element of standard education systems in many countries. They teach students to analyze their positions, build solid argumentation and operate with logic and facts instead of emotions or personal opinions.

Argumentative Essay Structure

The general structure of an argumentative essay includes an introduction, main body, and conclusion, like other essay types. However, there are specific ways to shape your argument essay structure when it comes to building an effective one.

There are 3 main types of building your argumentation.


Introduce your claim by providing supporting arguments. Take into account the opposing point of view together with its arguments. In the end, show that your arguments are stronger or that the opposing position has certain flaws.


This system foresees using 6 elements to build your argumentation system:

Your main claim

  • Grounds: Facts and evidence
  • Warrant: Logic and reasoning based upon the Grounds
  • Backing: Additional information supporting the Warrant
  • Rebuttal: Reviewing the counter-arguments
  • Qualifier: How certain you can be about the Claim.


This structure for an argumentative essay foresees reviewing the opposing position together with its counter-arguments after making your claim. Next, provide your arguments. Suggest certain middle grounds that will lead to mutual understanding.

Argumentative Essay Outline Example

An important step is to write an outline. For its writing an argument essay outline example is available below. Spend time reviewing it carefully. It will be much easier to make general corrections at this early stage.  

The following steps are recommended for composing a good outline for an argumentative essay.

  1. Start with an introduction. Shape your thesis statement and add several phrases to explain the problem’s context.
  2. List at least three main arguments supporting your position without using any complete sentence at this stage. Mention the argumentation of the opposing side and add 1-2 phrases to refute it. Refer to available evidence.
  3. Summarize the results and conclude your outline. Come up with some ideas to make a lasting impression on your readers.

Argumentative Essay Introduction Examples

Need an argument essay introduction example? We’ve got you covered. Besides having a good introduction for an argumentative essay examples, we suggest some tips on how to compose it.

  1. Provide your thesis statement, full and clear, in one sentence only. Your audience should know what it is about from the very start.
  2. Give some brief explanations of why this problem is relevant and/or why you’ve chosen it. Context matters so give it to your readers right after they learn about your claim.
  3. Keep it brief as the introduction shouldn’t make up more than 25% of your essay. Ideally, it should be just one paragraph.

You’ll find how these practices get implemented in the example below.

Example of argumentative essay introduction

The debate regarding capital punishment has been unending. However, many activists voice their concerns on the importance of safeguarding the human rights of all individuals. They assert that the act of serving death penalties is in contrast to human rights and is cruel since inmates are not given a second chance in life. Others who are for capital punishment argue that it is a more humane act compared to tying someone in prison with a life imprisonment sentence. Some prisoners are beyond reform, hence earning the Spartan punishment.

Thesis Statement for an Argumentative Essay Examples

Writing an argumentative thesis statement might be tricky as you’d want to make it sound captivating for your audience. But no worries! We created this useful thesis statement generator for your convenience.

Here is an argumentative essay thesis statement example we’ve prepared for you.

In addition to improving your health, cutting added sugar in your diet to 0% will make you happier in the long run.

This thesis doesn’t focus on the obvious advantages this diet brings for weight, heart, etc. Instead, you address a popular response to such claims: that giving up on sweets is difficult and might even make people depressed. Another great trick is starting with an opposite claim and refuting it within the same sentence. 

We all know sweets make us happier, but cutting them to 0% would actually improve your mental health.

You’ll find examples of thesis statements for argumentative essays on our website.

Argumentative Essay Body Paragraph Examples

Let’s proceed with body paragraph examples for argumentative essay provided below. This part must contain all the information which is necessary for explaining to your audience why your position is stronger than that of your opponent. This includes:

  • All your argumentation. Provide at least 3 major arguments supporting your position.
  • It is useful to address an opposing point of view for highlighting its weaknesses.
  • Provide valid data or evidence both for your arguments and for your counter-arguments. They should refute the opposing position. See how it is done in the argument paragraph sample.

Our available examples are completely free to use. Read or download them in pdf.

Argumentative essay body paragraph examples

Most families who have suffered a loss associated with murder, express that even if research showed executing a felon does not deter others from killing; they would still opt for the capital punishment to be served. They believe that letting a criminal live another day, after taking another person’s life, is unjust for the victim who lost their life, and cruel to the family and society, since they lost a loved one and a productive member of society. Hence, they believe a death verdict cannot be unjust to a criminal, as it is the only way for fairness and justice to prevail (Melusky and Pestro, 2011).

Criminologists such as William Bowers are against capital punishment, as he ruled out that the penalty worked as a deterrence to reduce crime. He claimed that answering murder, with more killing results to the society being emotionally brutalized with so much death that it acts as a driving force for more people to commit a crime. To him, this is because people in society get so used to the loss of life, that they do not care whether they lose their life because of committing a capital crime. 

Argumentative Essay Conclusion Examples

How do you write a good conclusion of an argumentative essay? First of all, this part should summarize the results of your argumentation usage. Remember, it should be concise. Provide only major assumptions to keep it shorter. Don’t use any reference material at this stage. All your references and citations need to be provided in the main body. Look at good conclusion for argumentative essay examples to have a better understanding.

Another important thing is your tone. Try to be quite confident when summarizing your argumentation and refutations to better convince readers. Try also to leave your audience some food for thought. This would help create a lasting impression after reading your essay. Use our example and make your task easier.

Conclusion argumentative essay example

​​In conclusion, death penalty serves a purpose to punish those who have done serious crimes. Even if sentencing a murderer to execution, it helps to offer revenge to the family who lost a loved one rather than closure. It will provide less agony of thinking of someone who took an innocent life spending the rest of their life living. Capital punishment gives a peace of mind to society, as they know the murderer will never harm another human life.

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay Example

Here is a brief step-by-step guide for writing an argumentative essay that would impress your readers and earn you a good score.

  1. Do some research before selecting your general subject. Unless you’ve been assigned one, better pick an area you are well familiar with.
  2. Brainstorm some ideas for your specific topic. It should be interesting, address well-known problems, and sound inviting to your audience. 
  3. Write your thesis statement. It also should sound very interesting. As we’ve suggested above, you can add an unexpected twist there.
  4. Create an outline for your essay. Make it brief but be sure to include all the main points. Once done, review it carefully. Look out for logical gaps, missing information, incorrect assumptions, or other potential weaknesses. It will be much easier to correct such issues before composing the full-text version.
  5. After your outline is finished, proceed with writing the complete essay. Don’t forget to include all necessary facts and evidence to support your claim or refute the opposing one. Proper references usage is especially important for this kind of essay writing.
  6. Try to keep the proportion: 25% of volume for the introduction, 25% for the conclusion, and the remaining 50% for the main body. Avoid being too wordy whenever possible.
  7. Find time to review the completed version once again. There is always a certain risk that some issues have been left unnoticed. If possible, ask other people to review your essay. A fresh glance could find something to correct.

And do not forget to check out the examples of argumentative writing. They are always available on our website.

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5 Types of Argument Claims

There are different ways to make an effective claim in an argumentative essay. Here are the main elements you can use either for backing your claim or debunking the opposing one.

It is not necessary to use all of them. You might need different claim types depending on your topic.

  • Fact

Something that has been witnessed, established as such, and proven to be true once and for all. No one has to provide proof for facts. However, you should be careful when distinguishing facts from opinions or hypotheses.

  • Definition

A clear and complete definition of a problem is a great step toward solving it. The same applies to building argumentation in a discussion. Define the issue you are debating about. It might help a lot to convince your readers. But make sure to provide correct definitions, supported with valid references. Using our definition essay examples can help with this task.

  • Value

You can explain what makes a problem important from a certain point of view. What does it bring to certain groups of people? Furthermore, you can use this information to convince people why your solution is better for these groups. However, you would need solid statistical evidence about these groups in order to make such a claim.

  • Cause and effect

Provide a logical explanation of the causes of the problem in question and the effects of your solution. Research and evaluate the effects of alternative solutions. Compare these effects to convince people that yours should be preferred. Check our collection of cause and effect essay examples to do everything right.

  • Policy

You can choose to be methodical and develop step-by-step guides for solving the problem. Having a detailed action plan is a great competitive advantage for your position. However, you’ll need to convince your audience that your plan is logical and realistic. Be sure to operate with facts and data when doing that!

Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay

Let’s summarize the knowledge about argument writing you’ve found in this article. Here are 10 basic tips on writing a good argumentative essay.

  1. Choose real, challenging problems to better show off your argument skills.
  2. Make sure you know enough about your topic. Always conduct research before writing an argument essay.
  3. Operate with facts and logic instead of emotions and ungrounded options.
  4. Start with an outline and review it carefully once ready.
  5. Keep your essay concise. Follow recommended practices for its general structure (e.g. 5 paragraph one) and for the argumentation system you use.
  6. Avoid risky assumptions and logical flaws. Your opponents would be happy to find such things in your essay!
  7. Don’t forget to address the opposing point of view. This adds credibility to your assumptions.
  8. Back your claim with valid data. Don’t forget about proper references. It is crucial for your arguments’ credibility.
  9. Make your conclusion sound interesting. Add some ‘hooks’ to leave a lasting impression from reading your essay.
  10. Last but not least when it comes to writing argumentative essays – try to practice your argumentation with someone else if you have time before the submission. This can help you find some hidden gaps or logical flaws. At least review it the next day after completing the text.

FAQ About Argument Essay Examples

1. Are your argument essay examples free?

Sure! All examples of argument essays that can be found here are completely free to browse, download and use for inspiration. The same applies to all other content you can access on our website. Just don’t forget that you’ll need to submit 100% original work for your assignment.

2. How to start an argumentative essay?

The best way to start an argumentative essay is to make a strong, challenging, and probably even controversial thesis statement (1 sentence). That would make a nice ‘hook’ for your audience and help you better display your argument skills. Just make sure you’ll be able to support your claim with enough evidence.

3. What is the purpose of an argumentative essay?

The main purpose of an argumentative essay is to display your debate skills in addition to your writing skills. Picking an interesting and challenging topic will let you prove your abilities to defend a ‘not so easy’ position by proper usage of facts, evidence, and logic, as well as doing research.

4. How to write a 5 paragraph argumentative essay?

Use our argumentative essay paragraph example. There, you will see the right structure – One paragraph for the introduction, containing your thesis statement. Three for the main body part – each paragraph containing a major argument. And one for the conclusion.


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