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Do you need a profile essay example that one can actually trust? We don't have one or two but dozens of them. They follow all the academic requirements while remaining creative and unique. Sounds like something that might interest you? Look through our examples of profile essays to elevate your academic game and forget about not knowing where to start your articles.

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Great Profile Paper Examples

Our profile papers examples are known for several things. They are not only free or quick to find. They have great qualities that we want to highlight before we get to definitions or theory. 

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All articles follow strict academic standards, and we recheck them for that. Therefore, don't be afraid to use them as inspiration or reference.

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Free Profile Essays Samples

Are you now wondering where we can get a sample of profile essays that you later read? You will be impressed by our answer. We actually have several sources of such articles.

  • Students

Some of the samples were donated by other students who have completed their articles before. Even though we proofread and edit them, they are already excellent in their own way. So we are thankful that there are lots of students who are willing to help. 

  • Writers

Some of these samples were written by our writers. It is a rare case, but we do ask them to complete search works from time to time. They also prepare theoretical parts and outlines to make your experience even better.

Considering the people who wrote these papers, we’re not surprised that they are good or even excellent. They balance professionalism, a creative approach toward a topic, and references.

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Profile Essay Examples for Effective Learning

A profile essay example for college will give you a general look at such an essay, but we want to offer you more theory. We will start with a short guide on how anyone can approach their academic paper, specifically this one. Discover some tips before writing.

  • Think about a person, object, or event you would like to talk about.
  • Make sure that your topic is of personal interest to you.
  • Do your research before the actual writing.
  • Don’t skip outlines as they will help you a lot in structuring your paper.
  • Make sure you don’t have a bias in your paper by getting straight to the facts and balancing emotions with evidence.
  • Select a tone that will be both academic and enjoyable to read.
  • Write!

What Is a Profile Essay

We can’t believe that we forgot about the profile essay definition. We should have probably started with the definition before getting other parts done. But we will make it up to you.

Definition: Profile essay is a paper that tells its readers about a selected event, place, object, or person. People here are preferred and are considered to be the most popular topic. But you can choose anything of interest as long as you cover its biography.

This paper is also known for its unique style. It might be academic, but it does tell a story in a clear, concise, descriptive, and interesting manner. It is where our descriptive essay examples will be useful. So, see more references to nail the tone! Besides, choosing something you are personally interested in will help you make a much better article. 

Profile Essay Outline Example

Below we have our profile outline that will fit any purpose. Don't forget that here one can use evidence and citations. However, don't use the full sentence. It is not an article, but an outline that works as reference material. 

Outline for profile essay example


  • Hook
  • Background
  • Thesis statement: Note in your outline what makes this event special, and why this person matters.

Main body

  • Paragraph 1: Talk about their appearance or when/where that event took place. Thus, start with the basics.
  • Paragraph 2: Discuss a highlight of their life or choose a turning point in history. This should make one of the main points of one's article.
  • Paragraph 3: What is important about the event or a person? Have they done something remarkable? Did they help anyone? Are they famous for something?


  • Restated thesis
  • Small summary of their biography
  • Importance of the event or person
  • Strong closing statement

Use the outline as a map to guide one's way! 

Profile Essay Introduction Examples

We will start with a profile essay introduction. In theory, this part of any article is very similar to what you have already written for academic classes. However, here you definitely should talk more about a person or event you’re studying.

You don’t have to recite their full biography or talk about everything at once. Say why you have selected this person or event, why were they important, and finish with your thesis.

This paragraph should give the readers enough information to be excited. However, it should not be enough as they need to continue reading.

You get bonus points if you start with a hook. It can be either a quote, a question, or an interesting fact. Take our slavery essay introduction as an example.

Example of profile essay introduction

One of the greatest people in US history is Abraham Lincoln who was the 16th president of the USA. Born in 1809, he lived for 56 years before his life was painfully ended through assassination. He was the only person who led the US through the Civil War and he still managed to maintain the union of Americans. He is also remembered as the president who destroyed the slave trade, which was one of the conflicting issues threatening the cohesion of Americans. Therefore, I visited The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum to get more information about Lincoln. I got access to intriguing materials and interviewed two of the museum attendants who are familiar with the life path of the former president. Unexpectedly, I gathered interesting information about Lincoln that has never been documented in popular literature. 

Thesis Statement for Profile Essay Example

Profile essay thesis examples serve the same purpose as in any other article or academic paper. They summarize the main points of the paper and definitely mention a person, event, or object you will be talking about. Take a look at the example below. 

Thesis for a profile essay example

Stan Lee has made his mark as one of the most successful comic book creators and his memory will live in fans' hearts and Marvel projects constantly coming out. 

Reading this thesis, readers will definitely know what you want to tell about. Our main subject is obviously Stan Lee and his career as a comic book creator. Other things will be definitely revealed in the main body. 

Profile Body Paragraph Examples

Usually, a profile essay paragraph offers the same structure as in any other paper. Normally, we have a five-paragraph structure that consists of an introduction, three main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The introduction and conclusion are made mostly for the readers. There you must leave an impression. 

When it comes to body paragraphs, they mostly serve as a place to give evidence and convince your readers that whatever you’re saying is correct. One can think about the following questions when writing one: 

  • What is unique about this person or place?
  • How do they look and what do they do?
  • What is their story? What makes them who they are?
  • Can you tell the readers about one of the most remarkable events or actions in their life?
  • Was there any event or item that turned their lives upside down?
  • Why does this place, object, or person matter to you personally? Why did you choose them and not anybody else?

In other words, it is up to you what you want to tell and how you want your readers to perceive your story. Just make sure that it lacks bias and offers concrete evidence. 

Example of profile essay body paragraph

Unknown to many people, Lincoln was an accomplished wrestler when he was a young. During his wrestling life, he was only defeated once in the 300 wrestling matches that he participated in. Consequently, according to the museum attendants and the artifacts in the museum, his skills and experience earned him an outstanding American honor of in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. Wrestling is always associated with a lot of aggression and no one would have expected Lincoln to have a kind heart. He was nice to everybody and stood for equality, including human rights, freedom, and privileges, which explains how he fought for the destruction of slavery and freedom of the people ( Editors 2).

Profile Essay Conclusion Example

Now we’re finally getting to a profile essay conclusion. We definitely advise you to write your conclusion after an introduction and definitely after the main body. Start with your main paragraphs first, continue with the introduction and finish with conclusions.

First and foremost, one should restate your thesis statement. Passing is similar to an academic paper introduction. Later, one can talk about why you have selected this person and what was the main goal of your paper. In other words, why should anyone care about this person or event?

The conclusion is also your last chance to live an impression. So make a strong closing statement that will be remembered by your readers. One can always check our samples to know how it’s done. 

Example of profile essay conclusion 

In conclusion, though Lincoln was the US president, he came from a humble background and was modest enough to do menial jobs that were not expected of a man of his status. He was an ordinary man before and after becoming the 16th president of the US. Going to the battlefield with the soldiers during the Civil War proves that Lincoln was determined to ensure that the Union won and the Americans remained united. Therefore, Lincoln was a powerful man who was ready to sacrifice his power and status for the sake of ordinary Americans. 

How to Write a Profile Essay

Now it’s definitely your perfect time to write a profile essay! Before we let you go, we also have a quick guide on how one can use this website and create a perfect article on your own. Check it out below!

  1. Read successful profile essays examples. It’s always easier to write if you have a good sample in front of you. So even before you choose a topic or do your research, see other papers available here. They will not only inspire you but help a lot in planning out one’s own paper.
  2. Select your subject. One can write one’s paper on a person, a place, personality, personal, about places. Basically, any topic will do fine. It doesn’t really matter what you choose as long as you can do proper research or you’re excited to write about it. We all advise you to write about something you know pretty well. We believe any reflection essay example from our library will inspire you with some ideas.
  3. Understand the style and tone of writing. We offer you samples to see how students use tone and voice to make their papers stand out. It’s not enough to simply use academic style here. One’s article should be clear, compelling, and interesting to read. Therefore, language must be balanced between literary and academic. 
  4. Write your profile essay. Looks like one can start writing. Don’t forget to use an outline and correct structure. One can scroll up to recheck it once more. However, definitely use it because it’ll help you in making a much clearer paper. Check our example of a profile essay while you’re at it. 
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Profile Essay Writing Tips

Even though we have lots of profile writing examples, we definitely want to offer you some tips. They might be obvious, but it is important to keep them in mind when completing one’s own work. Besides, they have been tested on practical cases, and they definitely work.

  • It is crucial to take time and plan everything. At the same time, it is the most difficult task for everybody. That's why we created our assignment calculator to help you with this step.
  • When writing a good profile essay examples, our writers and students always start with an outline. There one can put your thesis statement and required evidence.
  • Writing a profile essay on a place doesn’t necessarily have to be a strict geographical description of that place. It is not a report. There one can fantasize and add some personal touches. 
  • Writing a profile essay on a person doesn’t mean that you will only talk about celebrities or famous people. Yes, one can choose a celebrity. But many students prefer to talk about their parents, friends, or family members. 
  • Use personal touches that will make your articles stand out. Even though it is an academic rating, it doesn’t have to be dry and full of raw data. Find ways to make it yours and connect the topic with oneself. 
  • Proofread and edit. Many students miss this part. But it is as important as the actual writing and researching. So make sure you go back and edit your paper. It will take it to the next level. 

Here you go! 

Good Profile Essay Topics for College

Topics for profile essay can actually be fun and interesting. In the majority of cases, students have a lot of freedom here.

Topics to write a profile essay on:

  1. Alexander Hamilton: His life and tragedies.
  2. Abbey Road: What’s the story there?
  3. Why do people like Adele? 
  4. Billie Eilish: Complicated past of a young star.
  5. What do you remember about your childhood?
  6. Describe a moment in your life that defines you as who you are now. 
  7. Talk about a person you’re most thankful for and why. 
  8. What is one object that one cannot live without?
  9. If you could travel in time, what place and time would you choose? 
  10. Best place to visit in New York City that no one talks about. 

Read also:


We hope that these topics will inspire you to write one’s very own article. One can use them or add your own twists. However, we hope that you understand the basics.


FAQ About Best Profile Essays

1. Are your profile essay examples free?

Yes! Any example of a profile essay you find here is totally free. We don’t need you to fill in any forms or leave your credit card information. There is also no registration required. Just search for samples that interest you and use them as references. Once again, they are all totally free! 

2. Can I submit one of the profile essay examples you provide?

No. Our profile essays examples are given to students as references. With that said, they can be used as inspiration or reference material. One can copy their tone, select a similar subject or definitely see how they are structured. However, they cannot be submitted to universities, colleges, or schools. They do belong to this website and cannot be distributed further.

3. How long should a profile essay be?

The majority of our examples of a profile essay are five paragraphs long. It is a standard structure and can be met in almost all articles and papers. Now, it doesn’t mean that you will only stick to this structure in length. Depending on your level and requirements from your professor, you might see longer or shorter papers. You should definitely check everything twice with your professor before starting to write. With that said, five paragraphs is a staple.

4. What is a good profile essay topic?

There are many things to write a profile essay on. Mostly we say that one can start with these general directions: object, place, event, or person. From there, one can go anywhere you’d like. Your teacher or professor might give you some ideas. But usually, there is no limit or necessary boundaries where one can stop. Although we do advise you to select something you are comfortable writing about. Choosing a family member or a place you visited is a good starting point.


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