Analytical Writing Samples for Academic Purposes

What do we mean by saying that you can find an analysis writing example? Let us imagine a quick situation:

  • You were tasked to complete a similar article 
  • You partially know the structure
  • But how to start writing?
  • How do these articles look?

Here is where our analytical writing examples come into play. Any student can access them in our database. Just a few clicks and you’ve got tons of samples right at your fingertips. No more worries about perfecting the article all on your own. 

Analysis Essay Examples for High School

We know what it’s like to search for an example of an analysis essay and find only the basics or theory. We’ve been there before. When you’re in high school, samples are exactly what you need.

The majority of people learn from examples. It is not enough to have something explained. When you have analysis writing examples right in front of you — it takes several minutes to know exactly where to start with your own.

  • Find an article you like
  • See how it’s written
  • Take a closer look at its structure
  • Start your own! 

Free Analytical Essay Samples for College

We’ve also got an analysis essay sample for college students. Why would you need it if you’re in college?

  • You need to start working on your article as fast as possible.
  • One has no time to invent the wheel on their own.
  • One needs a perfect score on this article.
  • One is simply intrigued by how other people write.

By looking at analyzing essay samples, you’re not cheating. Students learn much better when they have analysis writing samples at their disposal. It makes one’s job much easier. Moreover, you might also find these articles to be inspiring enough to get right into your homework and avoid procrastination. What are you waiting for? 

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Analysis Essays Samples to Score Well in Academics

Surprisingly enough, sample analysis essays are very effective. By now you’re probably wondering why anyone would need that. However, when you start googling “sample analytical essay” you’ve got a couple of reasons for that:

  • Learn the overall structure.
  • Compare to other works.
  • Seek inspiration (we’ll discuss this later).
  • Find intriguing topics.
  • Use theory and compare it with the real deal.
  • Refer to an analytical essay example sample as study material.
  • Some teachers even offer their students to use samples directly.

Therefore, it’s not a question of whether you need these sources. Everything comes down to how many articles you want to read. We’ve got dozens or even hundreds of them available. Just check them out! 

Analytical Summary Essay Example

Here one can find an analysis summary essay example. The majority of students search for them to connect what they see in practice with theory. True, you can learn everything from theory. However, isn’t it better when you do have something to go off?

Here you’ll find whole articles as well as parts of them, even summaries. Depending on what part has you puzzled, one can check it here.

  • Check several variants.
  • Search for those that connect with your subject.
  • Look for intriguing elements that could work for you.
  • Academic writing is not a mystery — practice makes perfect.

Examples of Analytical Essays for Inspiration 

Some students also look for examples of an analysis essay because they’re stuck. Check this database if you:

  • Are looking for an example of an analysis paper for inspiration
  • Need a quick distraction
  • Lost your motivation
  • Want to see examples for the same subject
  • Want something interesting to read.

In other words: go here if you’re stuck. You never know what might bring inspiration and motivate you to move further. Our guess is that these analytical essays examples totally will do that. We also recommend our users study more than one argumentative essay example at StudyBounty. So, you can cope with all arguments in your work.  

Frerecommende Analysis Paper Example

Have we mentioned that all analytical paper examples found here are totally free? Yes, they are.

  • No need to get a credit card ready
  • We don’t need your billing information to access examples of analysis paper
  • So just research!

You can access any analysis paper example here for free. We also don’t have a limit as to how many you want to read. Stay on this platform as long as you need and like. Don’t forget to take a break every once in a while.

How to Write a Good Analysis Essay Examples

How to write an analytical essay? That’s a good question we’ve got there. Even though we’ve got all the samples for you, having some theory will never hurt you. 

For your convenience, we have also created not only a database of analytical essays samples but also a quick guide. By reading the info below you will know how to find a good topic, start an introduction or proofread. We cover all the required steps. So keep on reading to have a perfect score for your article! 

1. Look Through Topics for Analysis Essay 

Where can you start when it comes to analysis essay samples? There are several good steps one can take that will get you excellent results.

You can always start off by searching analytical essay topics for college students.

  • Access our database.
  • Think about subjects you’re interested in.
  • Look through the available article.
  • All analysis essay example topics have unique themes and subjects.
  • See whether any of them fits your class or assignment.
  • Open the desired article.
  • Read through it to see whether you like its direction.
  • You can combine several topics together.
  • You can also take one topic and develop it on your own.

It is much better and quicker than using Google. We’ve got all here so no need to look further.

2. Analyze Essay Samples to Write an Effective Paper

You should read through the articles and start analyzing essay examples for other reasons as well. Even though it’s true that practice makes perfect, referring to samples is an excellent path for success. 

  • Analyze availability articles to improve academic skills.
  • One can learn vocabulary.
  • It’s the best way to remember the required structure.
  • Samples of analytical papers allow one to see what makes an article truly effective.
  • One can also copy a proper style while using an analysis papers sample.

Many writers use samples to mimic style or tone. The same can be easily done with academic writing. It eases one’s work and saves time for coffee breaks. Isn’t it a perfect way to reduce your workload?

3. Create an Analytical Essay Outline

Using this database you also can create an analysis paper outline. Answer these questions:

  • What makes this article effective?
  • Is there a specific structure?
  • Where is the thesis sentence located?
  • Is this a structure you recognize from classes or theory?
  • Can one use this outline from an analytical essay outline example?
  • Why does the author use this structure?

Everything you note down for an outline for an analysis essay. The outline can combine a simple structure with evidence or even partial sentences. It’s a good practice and something one can definitely use when writing your future materials. 

Why would you need an outline? The article structure is one of the things that can make it effective. So check out what exactly improves academic writing!

4. Organize the Body of Your Analysis Paper 

After you’ve got an outline of your analysis paper, one can proceed with the body. A normal article mostly has 5 paragraphs. Two of them include the introduction and conclusion, while the other 3 are body paragraphs. What things can one include in such paragraphs?

  • Main arguments
  • The explanation for the thesis statement
  • Proof connected with the argument
  • Citation, data, or quotations.

If you have numbers, data, or anything informative — they will go into your body paragraphs. They are the most informative parts of any article. Get more information on how to write an informative essay, it will help with this part writing. But don’t believe us — see for yourself using the database that is located right here! 

5. Populate Your Analytical Essay With Evidence

We have already mentioned that analysis essays require evidence. Here are several things you need to know about using evidence:

  • Evidence is the key part of such an article.
  • It mostly goes to body paragraphs.
  • Check out sample analysis papers to see it work in practice.
  • One will also notice that evidence needs to be cited.
  • Our samples can also show you how to do that as well.

From every single point of academic writing, this database is excellent. It can be your universal answer to all questions you currently have. But once more: seeing is believing. So see for yourself before trusting us.

6. Summarize Your Analysis Essay

Now the only thing that is left for you is to create an analytical summary essay. For many students, writing concise and comprehensive summaries is their kryptonite. Trust us in saying that it might be complicated or at least challenging to fit all those pages of work into a small abstract. But that’s why we are here, practicing to make it with much more ease.

It will not be surprising for you but our database is not only good for improving your rating, completing outlines, or analyzing structures. One can actually use it to summarize an example of an analytical essay. It’s also important to know that you will not always be required to summarize anything. But it is still a good practice in case you do need to do that in your future.

Structure of an Analytical Essay

It's almost the final point we want to make here and it concerns analytical essay sample structure. You might be surprised but it's not that much different from any other article. So, the analytical essay structure is the following: 

  • Includes 5 paragraphs
  • Follows academic writing standards
  • Has little to no variation in its structure.

But here is a basic analysis essay example structure: 


It's the first paragraph where one can introduce their topic. 

Main Body

This part includes all the evidence and data you have collected for your arguments. 


A final point you’re making and restatement of your thesis.

That's how you complete the process!

Analytical Essay Introduction Example

We have mentioned before that one can use this website to access and learn how to write different parts like analysis paper introduction example. But what even is an introduction in this article:

  • It must contain a hook to intrigue your readers.
  • It should be fairly simple with no information overload.
  • This part also contains some basic information preparing the readers for the rest of the written piece.
  • By looking at our example, you’ll also see that it ends with a thesis. But the thesis statement will be discussed a bit later. 

Be sure to check how to write an introduction for an analysis essay example below!

Analysis essay introduction example

An academic journal is a publication published periodically in which writings related to a particular field are published; it contains a detailed report, an experiment or original research. Essays or articles in academic journals are permanent and transparent for presentation, scrutiny, and discussion of research. They are usually aimed at a particular audience and are written by professional writers having a solid  expertise in the subject. This essay is meant to analyze how written works vary in terms of different audiences and contexts.

Analytical Essay Thesis Statement

Just like always, the thesis for analytical essay is one of the most important parts of any article. It might not contain evidence or citations. However, it does include major points and the most important argument of one’s work.

Remember that your analytical essay thesis statement examples must be concise and clear. Every single paragraph after the introduction will try to prove what you claimed in your thesis.

Marvel cinematic universe is one of the most successful franchises because of its fan following, constant movie schedule, and impressive profit.

But we’ve got many good examples of thesis statements for analytical essays in our database!

Main Body of an Analysis Paper Sample

When you complete your analytical paper sample outline, you will also notice that body paragraphs take a long time to finish. They need:

  • A comprehensive structure
  • Prove your thesis statement
  • Have a tone fitting for your target audience
  • Propose proof and evidence to explain your point
  • The balance between wordy and short.

Because you have a lot of things to balance, using samples it’s a very good strategy. You will see how our professionals successfully create body paragraphs and will be able to copy not only their style but a general structure. Thus, see the analysis paper samples below and let us support your academic life!

Analytical Paragraph Example

You might also need examples of analytical paragraph. There is still a difference between normal articles and this one. That is why you need to check this database and make sure your body goes as planned. Don’t forget that body paragraphs include:

  • Introductory statement
  • Main sentences that utilize analytical language, citations, and evidence
  • Concluding sentence that partially leads to the next paragraph.

Analysis paragraph example

Most articles or essays in academic journals are always written by scholars or experts in the field. The authors' credentials and affiliations are always provided in the article. An academic article may be written by one or many authors and are usually signed by the authors. Journalistic articles surprisingly are usually unsigned by the complainants. The authors are professional writers like journalists who may or may not have expertise in the field being written, and naming them is optional. 

Analytical Essay Conclusion Examples

The conclusion for analytical essay might not differ greatly from normal articles, but we still have it at your disposal. It’s always a good thing to keep in mind that the introduction is quite similar to the conclusion. That is also something you will notice when looking at our examples.

  • The first sentence will restate or rephrase the thesis.
  • Then your conclusion for analysis essay will summarize major points of the paper.
  • The final statement is always a recommendation or a plan for future research.

It’s not that bad, trust us. Just spend several minutes looking through this database and you will surely succeed. Keep in mind that you can always use our conclusion generator as many times as you wish.

Analysis essay conclusion example

In conclusion, academic articles are more credible because the information being communicated is based on facts and figures that have been researched on. Meanwhile, journal articles are based on secondary data. The purpose of the academic journals is to facilitate scholarly communication from the professional writer to researchers, professors, and students who are the audience with data-based evidence, facts and figures. Journalistic journals are a good source of information to the general public because of using a simple choice of words though they don't provide original information from researches or experiments.

Tips for Writing an Analysis Essay 

Even though we’ve got all the examples of analytical writing, we couldn’t leave you without helpful tips:

  1. Look at the analytical writing examples before starting your own work.
  2. Look for inspiring titles that coincide with your subject.
  3. Make sure your topic has some blanks that you one fill with your research.
  4. Start by gathering evidence.
  5. After research, create an outline to follow.
  6. The outline should include the thesis, at least a draft version.
  7. Finish your body paragraphs first and then start the introduction.
  8. Proofread using editing tools or those machines that find plagiarism.
  9. Take time revising and editing.
  10. Take a little break and then go back to analytical writing samples to see whether there is something you have missed.
It’s time to jumpstart your paper!

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Analytical Essay Topics

We also have some topics for analysis essays examples that he might find inspiring. So we selected a couple of topics for an analytical essay sample that is relevant and current for today:


  • What would have happened if Alexander Hamilton became the US president?
  • What is the current relationship between France and the US? 
  • Pick and analyze any historical event that affects more than the world. 

Read also: 


  • Is there a relationship between childhood traumas and adult complexes?
  • What are the possible complications of OCD?
  • What are the common triggers for PTSD for veterans?
Read also: Eating Disorder Essay: Guide for College Students

Pop culture

  • An analysis of DC and Marvel universes, including their marketing strategy and fan bases.
  • Young adult fiction and in place in modern pop culture.
Read also: А+ To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Examples

FAQ About Analytical Essay Example

1. What is an analytical essay?

You can understand what an article is by comparing our analytical papers example. But if you want some theory, we can do that as well. It is obvious that this type of article analyzes a topic. This topic can be connected with any subject you like. In any case, you must analyze a problem or event while offering enough evidence to prove your point.

2. Are your analysis essay samples free?

Yes! You can analyze essay samples for free. We’ve talked about that before. However, we do not require your personal information, your credit card, or billing information anywhere. The only thing you have to do is access the database and search for whatever you need. There are no hidden fees or anything that deals with payments or money. It is completely free and accessible!

3. How to write an analytical paper?

If you want to write an analytical paper, You can start here, with our database. We’ve got dozens upon dozens of samples right at your fingertips. You can compare them with what you have, analyze their structure, or copy their style. But in other words, it is a wonderful way to start writing.

4. Can I use your analysis essay examples in my college?

No. Every example of analysis essays is compiled here for educational purposes, in pdf format. With that said, they are only samples prepared by our writers. But they are unique and belong to our service. Any copying of such material is a violation of property rights. You can read them and do whatever you like, apart from distributing them further.


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