Evaluation Essays: Writing Guide With Examples

Looking for an analysis and evaluation essay example? StudyBounty offers you lots of examples of evaluation essays for your every taste and need. Spend a little time browsing through them. You will definitely find a perfect sample that suits your study area. It can help in writing a great future paper!

What Is an Evaluation Essay: Definition

Before we start, let’s figure out the evaluative writing definition. It is an essay designed to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a person, idea, or subject. This essay should be based on a particular topic and a particular perspective. It is usually upon the most recent news or incident.

An evaluation essay is usually assigned for university or college papers. It should be written in an entertaining manner. The subject matter should be interesting to readers: consider books, movies, or both. No matter what genre it can be, this type of essay needs to give a fair and impartial analysis of the topic. If writers prove the subject they’re writing about is of high quality, they'll probably award it a high score.

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Examples of Evaluation Essay Topics 

There are a variety of different kinds of good evaluation essay topics for you to write about. You can choose to compose on any subject, whether it is funny or serious. The most popular option for evaluative essay topics is to write about performance. It could be evaluated in terms of music, local organization, or a bad film. It is possible to pick an area that is interesting to you and has relevance to the life you lead. The evaluation essay topic examples below are great to use as a guide when choosing the theme.

  • Evaluation of impact

Impact of humanity on natural biomes development, celebrities’ impact on beauty standards, impact of counseling services on students’ mental health. (We have a mental illness essay to take into consideration.)

  • Assessment of performances

Assessment of any film, play, sporting event, concert, fashion show, advertising campaign, etc. (Look at Hamlet essay or Othello essay)

  • Text analysis

Assessment of any textbook, article, literature series, guest lecture, podcast, etc.

  • Product evaluation 

Assessment of technological devices, books, albums, clothing or luxury items, etc. 

  • Service feedback 

Assessment of hotel, bed and breakfast, restaurant, etc.

  • Experience assessment

Assessment of your personal experience (then vs now).

Free Evaluation Essay Examples for Students

If you’re a student looking for a perfect example of evaluation essay, you’ve come to the right place! We have samples of this kind of paper for every academic level. All you have to do is filter according to your needs, and you’re golden! 

Our written evaluation examples are submitted by real-life students. This ensures that a paper you’re looking at was created by someone of your age and experience. Check them out! You’ll be able to compare the difference between papers for school and for college. Then, write your own correctly.

We wish you the best of luck!

Evaluative Essay Example for Inspiration

It is quite possible that you’re looking for a sample evaluative essay when hitting writer’s block. By viewing a template, it’s easier to figure out what your own paper should look like, what arguments to provide and how to evaluate your chosen subject.

This is why we offer evaluative essay examples for every student! Find hundreds of samples of these essays with StudyBounty. To ensure you don't make mistakes in your work, make sure you follow the format of a sample essay you chose. Analyze the template and compare it with yours. Debate a little on a topic. Whether one should write about something similar or maybe a completely opposite idea.

Choices are truly limitless!

Find an Evaluation Essay Example PDF on Any Matter

Find an example of an evaluation essay in PDF format on any subject with StudyBounty. This will enable you to browse through our samples offline as well as online. You can download them whenever you feel like it. Just remember that submitting something that was previously posted on the Internet is a bad idea because of plagiarism.

Among our paper templates, you can find:

  • Art evaluation example essay

Art is a tremendous subject to try and evaluate, especially considering a variety of viewpoints. Find lots of samples of art essay with StudyBounty. Decide for yourself if you want to expand on the chosen topic further.

  • Book evaluation essay example

Literature is a thing that had everyone’s attention for hundreds of years. This alone will make your choice of a paper a win. Our samples can guide you through whatever you feel like writing.

Below find many other options of our PDF samples. Choose a template for any course!

Movie Evaluation Essays Examples 

With us, it is possible to choose any movie evaluation essay example! Here, you can review the film you like, describe what it is like. Help readers decide whether it is worth the time to research.

Hot tip: Don’t write a paper the way you usually write film review essays. You are allowed to use any writing style you prefer as long as it is engaging and expresses your own thoughts on the film. Your essay should be easy to read and understand. There are some nuances in the formatting and grammar of the movie evaluation paper. It is crucial to ensure that it is done correctly. 

This is why we provide everybody with the best evaluation essay on a movie example. Choose whenever you like and see how a proper paper of this kind should be written.

Article Evaluation Example

An article assessment can aid you in determining whether an article's content is worthwhile reading. An article evaluation essay example is helpful for those asking how to write this type of paper. And overall, a sample of an article's assessment could be an excellent starting point for writing.

In your paper, include reasons why you chose to read the article you’re evaluating. Explain what impact it had on your life and if there are any ongoing discussions on the topic. Bring up to readers the concerns or questions that are addressed in an article, as well as challenges the writer encountered when creating the piece.

The template for articles assessment can help organize thoughts. It helps to decide what to write about. It can also help you get an idea of how to structure an article. Check it out now!

Restaurant Evaluation Essays Samples

Whatever the topic you’re writing about, we definitely have a restaurant evaluation essay sample to help get started. First, decide what you want to write about. For example, you can evaluate a number of eateries. If you're interested in the difference between the franchise or chain, choose to compare McDonald's or Gallagher's Steak House. Or how a Red Lobster restaurant's food quality is more delicious than that of KFC's. 

In the same scenario, you could assess the quality of the Italian cuisine at an Italian restaurant or at a pizza delivery service. Compare the quality of fast food and food items from various venues. To do it, study our compare and contrast example.

Our pdf restaurant evaluation essay examples can guide you once you choose a topic. Download them now and see for yourself!

Examples of Website Evaluation Essay

A sample website evaluation essay can be helpful when determining the authenticity and reliability of sites. It is in-depth research of the website that includes the arguments. Explain whether the website meets the criteria for a good one. Our PDF examples can be used as a guideline for writing your own paper. Before stating your arguments, browse our argumentative essay examples

Hot tip: Before using any information online, ensure that you check the credentials of its author. And although your evaluation can be subjective, it should give a comprehensive description of the website's style contents, and contribution. Writing about the Twin Cities, MN, it is up to you to determine what aspects are crucial for viewers to comprehend.

And if you’re unsure how your paper should look, choose one of our PDF samples. They will definitely come in handy for everybody!

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How to Write an Evaluation Essay Examples

Do you want to know how to write an evaluative essay? It isn’t a hard process at all. It begins with selecting the subject to write about and ends with thorough formatting and editing. Your work should be packed with your own opinions and arguments that support them. So, readers can appreciate your efforts. These paragraphs below will be a perfect guide on writing a great paper. Check them out! 

1. Look Through Evaluation Essay Topic Ideas

The Internet is packed with many good topics for evaluation essays. You can always pick one that interests you the most and explores your chosen subject in depth. Choose something that you are knowledgeable about. You should write a concise description of the subject and its effects. If you’re writing about a film, explain its characters and their impact on you.

Another way to choose the right topic is by looking at other works. It can be extremely effective. You can decide whether you’re going to expand on the theme or write about something entirely different. Getting inspired is also a great side effect after browsing through different examples of evaluation essay topics.

Check out our samples and determine whether the topics we have seem appealing to you.

2. Determine Criteria for Evaluation Essay

After you've chosen your topic, think about the evaluation essay criteria that you’ll use. Each paragraph should focus on one particular criterion. Your goal is to analyze them and present evidence that supports your judgments. 

If you are looking for a fine evaluation essay criteria example you can use in your own paper, here are some ideas:

  • If you’re writing about movies, your criteria will be its plot, chemistry between actors, different tropes and usage of humor, characters, etc.
  • If you’re evaluating a restaurant, the criteria you’re looking for are service and food quality, the overall atmosphere, price and value, taste, etc.
  • If it's the website you’re writing about, the criteria can be its content, writing style, design and visuals, navigation, etc.

When you determine your criteria, use our samples to learn how to evaluate in an essay and make your paper flawless.

3. Think Up Evaluation Argument Example 

One of the primary aspects of doing this kind of writing is thinking up an evaluation argument essay example. You can write about anything. However, you must focus on one object. 

Before you can make an argument that is convincing you must define your goals. You must explain the reasons you think your opinion can be valid to others. Be aware that arguments are not produced in a vacuum. Typically, they must have some real-life evidence. 

Remember, whether your paper is subjective, the argument you make must be fair and not skewed. If you’re unsure about your work, feel free to browse through our templates. Find an argument of evaluation essay example that fits your topic perfectly. While you can’t use it word for word, you can have a completely different take on it and still count it as a win!

4. Create an Evaluation Essay Outline

After you defined a topic, determine criteria with arguments. Then, move on to drafting your evaluation paper outline.  It is a writing strategy for a whole paper. It can help you organize your thoughts and show how your work’s structure will look. We have a Homelessness essay outline to use as an example.

A five-paragraph model is a basic format for such an essay. Each paragraph should focus on a specific point. It is a great idea to keep utilizing various detailed examples to show your thoughts during the writing process. Mark where you will have your arguments together with clear and precise reasonings. Can you use humor or draw comparisons to different subjects? Remember to do it in your paper later.

5. Write and Format Your Evaluation Paper 

At this point you know how to write an evaluation paper. Now you need to actually start writing it. Start with a topic sentence where you can give an introduction to your subject. Then, write body paragraphs based on evaluation criteria. Be sure to express your personal opinion and explain the reasons behind this opinion. If you are unsure about expressing your opinion, study our personal essay examples. Do not forget to include evidence! 

Include your closing statement in your paper’s final part. Sum everything up and make an assertion that proves you have written a perfect essay. Remember that it’s a good idea to link everything with your topic sentence.

When you’re finished with writing, turn your attention to formatting. Keep an evaluation essay format exactly as your requirements tell you. A simple mistake can cost you points. So it’s a good idea to refer to a sample paper. You can always use one of ours to guide you.

Evaluation Essay Outline Example 

A paper outline will allow you to define the most important elements of your essay. But an evaluation essay outline template will show you how you can structure it. The outline of this work should include the details which support your opinion and pertinent information you’ll use to evaluate the item concept, service, or idea. 

When you've completed your outline, check your writing to make sure of the accuracy of your work. You can always leave your first outline draft to rest for a few days. Then come back to add or remove details.

Typically, your outline should consist of:

Introduction: A place where you should include a thesis statement.

Body paragraphs: They consist of different criteria and arguments.

Conclusion: It is necessary to sum everything up here.

Evaluation Essay Outline Template


  • Hook: You should grab your reader’s attention here – use a quote, humor, etc.
  • Thesis statement: This is your essay’s main idea, so make it clear and precise.
  • Criteria list: You will expand on them in your body paragraphs.

Body paragraph #1

  • Topic sentence #1
  • Criterion #1 and its evaluation

Body paragraph #2

  • Topic sentence #2
  • Criterion #2 and its evaluation


  • A phrase to sum everything up
  • Thesis restatement

Evaluation Essay Introduction Example

The introduction is by far the most important part of any paper. Knowing how to write an introduction for an evaluation essay is crucial. It should explain why you're writing the essay in a clear and succinct way. So, readers can understand what you are trying to convey.

A good introduction for this kind of essay must include an explanation of the subject as well as the criteria used to evaluate it. For example:

  • If you're writing a critique of a restaurant, include its name and possibly location.
  • If you are evaluating a vehicle, be sure to include its name, model, and year of manufacture. 

An introduction should be clear and engaging. If you’re unsure about the way it should look, check out the Global warming introduction or an example we provided below.

Evaluation essay introduction sample

In the global market, there is stiff competition. The need to penetrate in the market and reach the right target audience needs an appealing and professional advertisement. Red Bull has successfully established its brand in the energy drink market throughout the world. Through the research that has been carried out, it has discovered that there is exponential growth actually in the global sports and energy drink market. Red Bull has a target to be successful and extend the success to the market that it has not reached throughout the world. To attain the course of covering the market efficiently, Red Bull has a sound marketing strategy that aims at adapting the already established brand

Evaluative Thesis Example 

Alongside the introduction, your work should have a thesis statement for evaluation essay. It must briefly present the issue, offer an outline of the subject and your own arguments. Strong thesis statements should provide an equally strong foundation for all other parts of the paper. Looking up different evaluative thesis examples that are relevant to your paper can be a good thing. This way, you will have a general idea about your own thesis statement and what it must include.

An effective thesis statement is crucial in writing such an essay. Below you can find a great evaluation essay thesis example. It demonstrates how you should present your thesis.

Evaluation Essay Main Body + Examples

Within an evaluative paragraph of your paper, the body of your essay is the most important part. Introduce your evaluation criteria there. List some examples and formulate your opinion.

This is a place where you analyze the subject matter in great detail and make your arguments. It is important to back your assertion with facts, so don’t forget about that. Adding quotes from reliable sources might also help. But remember that this type of paper must show your own thoughts about your chosen subject.

An essay's main body should include a clear thesis statement. It must be examined and explained. Take a look at an example we prepared in case you need a visual template for our instructions.

Evaluation paragraph example 

The viewpoint behind the Red Bull brand is never to give up, and it is shown in their history, which keeps on doing more through reaching out in new ways to promote the brand. The promotion and advertisement of the brand are mainly done through sports teams and generating magazines. Sports teams and athletes wear clothes branded with the Red Bull slogans on them. As Dietrich Mateschitz said "it is called the adventure games, outdoor sports, and extreme sports," the new innovative approach to marketing in the media covers the Red Bull advertisement through sports that the brand sponsors (Gschwandtner). Red Bull has entered into the community by being available in clubs and organizing social activities that help the community. The company hosts sports events in a strategy to market the Red Bull beverage.

Evaluation Essay Conclusion Example

You must know how to write a conclusion for an evaluation essay. Summarize the main aspects and provide your own final judgment on the subject. Have your readers make a decision in response to what you've written. 

The conclusion of your essay should provide a final review of the paper. Inform your audience that you've thoroughly examined the subject, scrutinized the information, and came to certain results. Make sure that you did restate your thesis here but don’t copy it word for word. Paraphrase. Use your imagination. And review your conclusion a few times before settling on a final version. If you still have some problems, try our conclusion paragraph generator.

Check out an example that can help you better understand the above said.

Example of evaluation essay conclusion

The Red Bull core market has possibly matured, but there is the need for the company to broaden its market and appeal to the young and much older generations while retaining its demand amongst 14-34 years old. Red Bull remains the most popular drink amongst young people, but the company needs to reach out to more clients. The observation is that the Red Bull brand has to perform well due to the lack of range of products, thus focusing on a single brand which is proficient and results in a huge market.   

Approaches to Evaluation Structure

To structure evaluation essay, there are different ways to do it. We listed some of them.

  • Compare-contrast 

Here you should compare your subject to the most famous in that area. Don’t do a full-scale comparison, but use it to make a lead-off to your own opinion.

  • Causal analysis

Show the impact that your subject has on the audience.

  • Chronological order

Here you explain everything that happened in chronological order of events. This is useful for restaurant or performance reviews. Browse our narrative essay examples and see how to describe everything chronologically.

  • Expectations unfulfilled

This is considered to be the easiest approach. Describe what you did anticipate from your subject. Whether your expectations proved better or worse afterward.

  • Analysis by criteria

Here you order your criteria after you explained everything there was about your subject.

  • Define genre and compare

In this type, you first explain the genre and what is expected of it, all cliches. Then describe your subject matter and if it defied “typical” things or proved them right.

  • Frame

Here you can break the fourth wall and jump in and out of the “action” of evaluation back to the description of your subject. 

Tips on Writing an Evaluation Essay

There are many things we can say about writing an evaluation essay. But for your convenience, we narrowed that down to a few tips. Check them out below:

  • Determine key criteria that will be used in the evaluation. It will help you determine the most effective method to assess it. 
  • Collect proof to back up your assertions. This ensures that your readers aren't able to question your claim.
  • Know the object's purpose and explain reasons why it is important to them. This is helpful when organizing your thoughts and brainstorming ideas. 
  • Avoid discussing details that aren't important as they can distract your readers. Focus instead on the main aspects of your subject.
  • Your introduction must not be repeated, so make sure you don't duplicate it word-for-word. So, those people who read your work will think they're being influenced by your opinion. 
  • Be careful not to sound uninformed or judgmental. Use objective criteria for evaluating your subject. Draw out positive and negative aspects. So, readers will be more inclined to take their time to check out your subject for themselves.

FAQ About Evaluation Paper Examples

1. How to start an evaluation essay?

It is easy to start an evaluation essay. First, you must introduce your subject and explain why you chose to write about it. Next, establish your criteria. This way, your reader will find it easier to navigate through your body paragraph. Lastly, formulate your thesis and include your overall judgment in it. Great examples of an introduction paragraph you can find in our article above!

2. Are your evaluation essay examples free?

Yes, our examples of an evaluation essay are completely free! You can browse through them to your heart’s content because we don’t have a trial run. Everything is free of charge and available to you at once. You also won’t have to register a new account in order to check out our templates.

3. Are these sample evaluation essays unique?

No, our evaluation essay samples are not unique as they were written by students. You can use them for a better understanding or some kind of inspiration for your own work.

4. Can I use an evaluation essay sample?

No, because each evaluation paper sample is already posted on the Internet. Submitting them will mean that they are 100% plagiarized. And this is very heavily frowned upon in every educational institution.


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