Problem and Solution Essay Examples for College

A real blessing for each pupil from college faced an infuriating writing task – examples of problem and solution essay. From the initial look, a simple and straightforward assignment. But right from the beginning, you know that you won’t complete it with no problem solution essay example. That’s just what we are proposing – text samples for an increase in writing skills.

Problem and Solution Essay Examples for All Academic Levels

No matter where you study, problem and solution examples will come in handy any time. Scholars and pupils all over the planet are suffering from the same types of assignments. So, you are not the only one. With a strong desire to make the lives of students easier, we have compiled a pack of examples of problems and solutions essays. 

Every subject, every teaching level, from school to university. Everyone can find inspiration and ideas here. Get help in task completion and get a well-deserved high score. All of them can be found in a corresponding tab of our site.

Problem Solution Essay Example for Middle School

Don’t worry, dear middle-schoolers! We have got problem and solution essays examples tailored for your liking! In this education stage, such assignments are very common, despite being simple. For a mentor, such tasks are a perfect option to teach pupils creative thinking, activate their gray cells.

Problem solution essay topics for middle school are usually much easier than for other institutions, featuring less required complexity. However, without problem solution essay examples middle school assignments can be undoable. Now everyone can finish the task, especially with a high score. Describing an issue, coming up with a fix, thinking of at least one argument supporting your fix – tedious task. Our texts are here to make it somewhat easier, at least in wording and structuring.

Problem Solution Essay Example for High School

Let’s increase the difficulty for a second. What about secondary school problem solving essay examples? We have them too. High schools increase the difficulty of everything that students have done before. So, such essays are not any different. Geniuses who generate problem solution essay topics for high schools are real villains. Some subjects are just too much or too niche for pupils to think of a fix for them.

With our problem solution essay examples high school pupils are able not just to understand the gist of such writing assignments, but master their writing skills. Cleverly crafted samples are always there, waiting for someone to utilize them. Inspiration and new ideas – that’s what we try giving, alongside structural knowledge together with an outline.

Problem Solution Essay Example for College

Despite the fact that in college problems and solutions examples can be less useful, numerous students do require them. It does not surprise us, since in college the level of difficulty is much higher than in high school. Tasks become more developed and complicated, texts – more complex and deep.

Without problem solution essay examples college students quite often can’t complete the task. The level of frustration a student gets, performing such home tasks is crushing. All those problem solution essay topics for college students, situations that have no chance of being real, bizarre explanations for them. We know all that, so do our best to help. Read our samples, and you may find just what you were looking for to successfully design your task.

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What Is a Problem and Solution Essay: Definition

It would be much smarter asking “what is a problem and solution essay for you?” But we are here to give knowledge, not discuss anything. Well, it is in its name – find a suitable fix for a problem. The issue can be literally anything – a flat tire, melted ice cream, lost puppy. You, our thinker, must find an appropriate clarification and prove that it is the one to go with.

Definition of your dilemma should occupy one first paragraph at most, present peculiarities and complications. Check out our definition problem and solution essay examples for better understanding.

Problem and Solution Essay Structure Example

Problem solution essay structure is simple. It does not require you to be a rocket scientist to understand it. Surely, you can build your task in your own way, unlike any other student. However, not every teacher can appreciate originality. Sometimes it is better to stick with a working plan to avoid unnecessary rewriting.

For those of you looking for a structure of problem solution essay example, here are two different approaches. Both of which have proven to be reliably working and getting good grades.

  • Block Structure

Check out any of our problem and solution essay block structure example to see the confirmation of the upcoming words. Here, you list all your issues first and propose fixes in the end. 

  • Chain Structure

Just as the problem and solution essay chain structure example advises, clever writers present each issue individually, with a direct fix following it. Issue – that’s how it’s done.

Check cause and effect essay examples in our library. This kind of essay has the same approaches.

Problem and Solution Essay Outline Example

Use our problem solution essay outline example to improve your text. An outline is the true backbone of any successful paper. Each writer should start with an outline as without it text will fall apart like a wall without cement. Check any problem solving essay outline example to know more.

Every writing task has its requirements. If you know how many words your essay should have, you can check how many pages you should write. Use our words to pages tool and get an instant result.

Problem and Solution Essay Introduction Example

With no firm beginning your essay is worth nothing. So look at some problem and solution introduction paragraph examples beforehand. In this section, you have to involve your reader, lure them in, force them to care. Introduce the trouble in such a way that it can reach everyone. Maybe add a personal touch, some shocking numbers, and facts – anything.

The more captivating your start is, the more attentive the reader is gonna be. Feel free to inspire yourself with this example of problem and solution essay introduction that we offer.

Problem and Solution Essay Introduction Sample

Acts of crime like terrorism remain to be the major social problem in the world. Terrorism has to be considered as a social problem because it is an unwanted vice and affects a huge number of people within the society. Terrorists are tormenting the world and newsrooms across the world are full of terrorism reports, which continue to jeopardize the social welfare of people in the world. Terrorism continues to threaten the social welfare of citizens in nations across the world. With the atmosphere of fear that is caused by terrorism, it is evident that this is one of the major social problems that needs to be solved

Problem and Solution Essay Thesis Statement Examples

Problem solution essay thesis is one of the most important sentences ever. It proposes fixes for your exact issue. Don’t worry, your text won’t end after your thesis. No concrete details, just the juice, concentrated idea for final solving.

Your thesis should affect the reader in such a way that he will start reading more attentively. If your idea is basic, try phrasing it differently. Use more bizarre words and complicated definitions. Problem solution thesis statement is short summary before the actual conclusion. Just present a general idea to your reader.

Problem and Solution Essay Main Body Example

Problem and solution short paragraph examples are available for free on our website. These short body paragraphs are the cores of your text, its main course. In such sections, you provide information regarding an issue’s depth and solving options. Discussion, facts, numerical data – all of that is here. Use our expository essays examples to understand how factual information should be presented.

There should be at least two separate paragraphs. For each type listed below, you can find an example of problem and solution paragraph. Those samples will give you understanding, phrasing ideas, ways to express your thoughts. Read more to know more!

  • Problem or the Cause

Just as our problem solution paragraph examples suggest, start with mentioning your issue. Then, add more details regarding it. Don’t forget to give a real-life example to back yourself up.

  • Solution to the First Problem

Just follow problem-solution short paragraph examples to effectively represent an explanation for your issue. As in the sample, state your fix, provide details, secure it with multiple successful real-life precedents.

Body Paragraph Example

As mentioned earlier, it is vital to understand the complexity of a social problem in order to tackle it well. In order to tackle terrorism in the world, its stages of development and other vital aspects of it such as the causes must be understood properly before being addressed (Franks, 2009). The best way to tackle terrorism across the world is to use the theory of symbolic interactionism, which enables one to understand the various stages of a social problem. The perspective of symbolic interactionism is a development of the social reality of people. According to this perspective, a social problem can be meaningfully addressed if people try to present it in the most realistic way. The theory of symbolic interactionism considers at particular meaning alongside the group implication while keeping a focus on the human action, but not the large-scale social structures. It tries to establish the relationship between human beings and societal problems. 

Problem and Solution Essay Conclusion Example

We also provide a conclusion for problem and solution essay example below, in case you were wondering. A conclusion should finalize your work, summarizing all your ideas, thoughts. It usually looks like a small recap of the whole text. Repeating an issue, stating solving ideas, presenting examples if necessary or possible.

You, as a writer, should put an emphasis once again, giving additional weight to the dilemma. Try to add value to your fix by giving precedents of a successful resolution of an issue. Below, you can find an example of problem and solution essay conclusion.

Problem and Solution Essay Conclusion Sample 

There are some legal measures and laws that have been implemented in order to tackle the issue of terrorism across the world. However, these laws and policies have not worked because of the sophisticated means of attack, which are normally controlled by these terrorists. However, the laws, as well as policies on control on possession of guns and nuclear energy production in some countries, will help reduce acts of terrorism. All these efforts meant to counter terrorism have to be integrated with the symbolic interactionism perspective of social problems in order to ion order to come up with the lasting solutions to the existing challenge across the world.

How to Write a Problem and Solution Essay?

Each problem solution paper is unique. However, it is helpful to follow existing rails. We will give you here a general algorithm, following which will make it easier for you to showcase your point.

  1. Choose the Problem-Solution Essay Topic. Look through our problem solution paper examples or read further to find the best topic for you. If none of our suggestions are good enough for you, design believable complications yourself, make them up.
  2. Think about an Easy to Implement Solution. Your proposed solving of an issue should be easy to wrap a mind around. Don’t go too deep, just present an idea that can help. Some tweaking will be done later when your idea will or will not be implemented.
  3. Create a Problem Solution Essay Outline. Follow any problem solution papers examples to see how text is structured. Follow those patterns to build your own outline. Then – just follow your outline thoroughly, to create a truly amazing essay.
  4. Paint a Final Picture. As you can see in our example of problem and solution paper, it is needed to show the overall picture in the end. A consumer should see the changes that may occur and how those changes fix an issue.
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Examples of Problem and Solution Essay Topics

If you still can not come up with any ideas, we have made a good problem and solution essay example topics list for you. Look at our small selection of topics which are popular among students, being easy to write. We’d even describe topics for problem solution essays examples as directions of thinking.

  • Privacy on the internet.
  • Beauty, body shaming.
  • Violence in schools, bullying.
  • Fraud on social media. (Use our social media essay as an example.)
  • Waste reducing, recycling.
  • Unemployment issue, poverty.
  • Quarrels in healthy relationships.
  • Education quality in your country or state.
  • Acceptance of immigrants.
  • Deforestation, resource overconsumption.

Problem and Solution Essay Writing Tips

All the following tips can be seen implemented in sample problem solution essays on our website. Each problem and solution essay example is unique, it can’t be used as your own pdf work. All texts are copyright protected, okay? Don’t look for “problem solution essay sample pdf”, write your own! We are sure that with our advice you can manage writing short papers.

We managed to come up with some tips, bits of advice, to help you out. Writing such papers is not easy, it is always nice to have some general ideas in mind. Here are some advices that can be useful:

  1. Make your reader interested.
  2. Describe complications in details.
  3. Make it relatable.
  4. Propose an effective yet easy fix if possible.
  5. Don’t burden your reader with technical details.
  6. Write a clear description of your solving.
  7. Insert examples from real life.
  8. Add statistics, facts.
  9. No jokes, please.
  10. Convince your viewers.

FAQ About Problem Solution Essay Examples

1. Are your problem and solution essay examples free?

Yes, we offer problem solution essay examples free of charge. Such needed knowledge shouldn’t be privileged. Each scholar deserves the same amount of knowledge, so we decided to share this information with you freely. We are not asking for registration, subscription, or credit card data. Everything is free, till the last word.

2. What is the purpose of the problem and solution essay?

The purpose of a problem solution essay is to design an effective fix for an issue. In such assignments, pupils are asked to present an issue in a captivating, engaging way, and showcase possible fixes with proofs of effectiveness or examples. To think outside boundaries, basically.

3. How to start a problem and solution essay?

Check our problem solution examples to select an approach to your start. Try beginning lightly, slowly introducing the dilemma. Present all negatives, emphasize the urgency of finding fixes. Then, in your thesis statement propose some fixes, but without any details. This should be enough to interest your reader.

4. What are basic elements of problem and solution essays?

One closer look at examples of problem solution essay will give you the comprehension of basic chapters. Those components are an introduction with a thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion. In the main paragraphs, the creator presents an issue with a fix in more detail, with successful precedents. Conclusion speaks for itself.


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