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Our free descriptive writing samples will turn you into a real pro in such kinds of essays. Improve your writing skills and polish your illustrative abilities. A single glance at our examples is enough to power up your creativity and generate new ideas. Each sample was written by experts to ensure the unprecedented quality of understanding by an end user. Use these free examples of descriptive essays for your inspiration to achieve the ultimate quality of essays.

Good Descriptive Essays Examples for All Needs

We put much effort into making access to examples of descriptive essays as easy as possible. Unlike other services, we don’t shove all examples into the middle of the page. A special tab on our site was created to make your experience fluent and intuitive. Browse our huge library by topic and subject in a fast and streamlined fashion.

Choosing the perfect sample of descriptive essays has never been so easy. Just open a special tab, and look for one that suits you best. Almost every approach to such essays and writing style was taken into account and presented for your convenience! Still have some doubts? Just try and you will be surprised!

Short Descriptive Essay Example About a Place PDF

The section of descriptive essay examples about a place is one of the most visited on our site. Descriptive essays about a place are a very popular assignment from teachers to pupils, scholars, or students. Since first grade kids are asked to describe their home, a place they’ve been to during last weekend, etc. 

Almost every sample of a descriptive essay of a place starts with an introduction that gives some context. After it, the student has to illustrate this place. Provide details and optionally add some feelings about that place. Then – quick, possibly emotional summary, and you’re done! With time those description assignments become harder, more layers appear. A simple task starts looking like an onion.

Descriptive Essay Example About a Person

Second popular request from users is a descriptive essay about a person examples. Again, a very popular task for people of any age and education institution. The algorithm of such essays is somewhat similar to illustrating a certain place, with few minor differences.

As examples of descriptive writing about a person suggest, try focusing on personality and character, your feelings and memories with that person. Of course, if your task specifies elucidation of visual image, a quick brush of personal traits is enough. In that case try focusing on the nose, ears, mouth, and so on and so forth.

Generally, spending one minute to get acquainted with a descriptive essay person example is enough to complete your task in no time with zero problems!

Examples of Descriptive Essays About an Object

If you were looking for a descriptive essay example pdf – we’ve got you! Illustrating objects and material things is not our favorite type either. But you gotta push through! We have multiple descriptive essay writing samples to help you out on this! This quick tip is here for you.

While writing such work, try focusing on a practical side of things. Add facts about this exact object, history of creation, or general idea behind it. Highlight some use cases if possible. Then, showcase physical parameters, texture, colors, shape, etc. Try accommodating for covering basic human senses:

  • smell
  • sight
  • touch
  • sound
  • taste.

Covering every sense will instantly make your illustration more believable and pleasing to read.

Descriptive Narrative Essay Examples

We are also offering numerous descriptive narrative essay samples. So feel free and check them out! For those of you who haven’t opened a narrative descriptive essay example, let us clarify the difference of such type.

The word “narrative” in the name hints at the gist behind it all  – a story. You have to tell a story, not forgetting to illustrate all that has to be illustrated. Our exemplification essay examples will show you the right way how to illustrate things. Start with an exposition, then - action, climax, and resolution. Such an assignment is one of the worst ones you can get. However, its narrative part allows any writer to quickly fill up space to fit size requirements. No need to explain how our narrative and descriptive essay examples are useful, right?

Self Descriptive Essay Samples

Writing self descriptive essays about a person is the most beloved task of all teachers. Such assignment not only showcases the writing abilities and vocabulary of the student but also gives an impression of his character. Try telling honest and genuine information about yourself. In your description include appearance, character, dreams, etc. Everything that you think defines you as the person will do.

At the same time, follow the structure of the descriptive portrait essay example, if you want to cover everything. If you are new to such essays, don’t improvise too much from the start. Give yourself some time to get more comfortable with such assignments first. Look through expository writing examples, it should help as well.

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Great Example of Descriptive Writing Essay for All Students

You have access not just to one descriptive writing example on our website, but hundreds! We are not focusing on scholars or university students. Everyone will find something here.

Since every academic level has such writing assignments, we did our best at highlighting descriptive writing essay examples for multiple topics, with variable levels of difficulty and complexity. A postgraduate student, pupil, or scholar – everyone is welcome to use our examples as inspiration or even as templates. Don’t forget about originality and plagiarism! You can check it on our website, absolutely for free. Sounds like an amazing dream, right?

Examples of Descriptive Essays for High School

High schools are notorious for such tasks. So a descriptive essay example pdf is the parachute for everyone struggling with it. Tens of these texts must be written by every student almost every year. As it always is, the first time is the most difficult one. Not knowing what to do is frustrating, no way around it. 

Fortunately, you have an advantage over others. You know where to find an example of discriptive essay. While others will crunch gears trying to come up with something, you will finish the task in a matter of minutes. Just follow our samples, it’s that easy!

Descriptive Essay Writing Examples for College Students

Yes, we also have college descriptive essay examples, in case you were wondering. If we said “everyone is covered” it means college students also. How can we ignore your needs?

We all know the feeling when a college professor asks to illustrate something, and you have zero clues where to start. Descriptive essays for college students are like kryptonite for Superman. Even the smartest ones can parish and fail. Following the guide or pattern surely helps to finish this task, hated by many. If only there was an easy way to get these samples.

What Is a Descriptive Essay: Definition

In case you haven't yet formulated a descriptive writing definition – it’s in the name! The purpose of such essays is to illustrate something in detail, to highlight features and characteristics. While completing such assignments, you have to follow certain steps. 

A good idea is to start with a short introduction. Describe your connection to the topic. Next – the main part, where you illustrate features, characteristics, feelings, etc. To kick it up a notch, add a personal touch. To finish off your descriptive essay, write a short conclusion. It is a logical continuation of your introduction. Give it an enjoyable finale, and you’re done!

Descriptive Essay Outline Example

We must focus on developing our descriptive essay structure if we want good grades. Creating a complex outline is a must when it comes to descriptive papers. Such structure helps express thoughts more clearly and coherently and makes your illustrations more thorough. Surely, creating an advanced and competent outline from scratch is not that easy, problems may occur. That’s why we advise you to use our outline samples. Following our guidelines will ensure the successful completion of your task and the overall high quality of an article. All samples are available freely in a dedicated section of our website.

Example of descriptive essay outline 

  • Introduction

Understanding of what melanin is

  • Thesis statement

The importance and the roles of melanin in the human biological system. 

  • Body Paragraph I

It discusses the description of the melanin based on its color variations and the forms of its formation.

  • Body Paragraph II

This section examines how melanin is linked with the hearing system and the description of melanocytes as well as their roles in those areas. 

  • Body Paragraph III

This paragraph describes how melanin is produced and stored. It also seeks to figure out why different individuals have various skin colors from others.

  • Conclusion 

The last paragraph lays emphasis on the understanding that melanin has played a significant role in human evolution as well as revisiting some of the functions of melanin. 

Descriptive Essay Introduction Sample and How to Start It

Struggling with the start, look at our “how to start a descriptive essay introduction example”, and all questions will be gone. Look for it right beside. Read carefully, learn from it, and on short notice, you will be an expert!

Some writers say that almost the whole success of an essay depends on the beginning. It provides a foundation for vivid descriptions. You must understand how to start your text correctly, so readers won’t get confused or lost. That’s what an example is for.

How to start a descriptive essay example

Melanin can be described as a dark compound that is also referred to as the photo protective pigment. Melanin pigment core function on the skin is to absorb the ultraviolet (UV) light which originates from the sun to cover the skin from any damages. It is also essential to note that sun exposure tends to produce tan which enhances melanin pigment in the skin (Brash, 2016). However, several individuals with albinism do not have melanin pigments on their skin, and that is why they are regularly protected from the sun rays. This work will describe the importance of melanin and its role in the human biological system. 

Descriptive Essay Thesis Statement Examples

There should always be a descriptive essay thesis statement at the end. A solid yet compact summary of your illustration. It should remind the main traits without strongly focusing on anything. The general requirement is to highlight the subject of a description and its purpose.

As always, a descriptive essay thesis example can be found in a special tab on our site. Browse through hundreds of thesis examples, inspire yourself, and write the best essay thesis ever! With some time and thoughts on it, you will be able to do something terrific!

Descriptive Essay Body Paragraphs

To get the overall gist of the body part, check at least one 5 paragraph descriptive essay sample. A popular approach is to make five essay paragraphs instead of three. One is for your introduction. One more should be for conclusions. Divide the rest into three separate sections. Each paragraph should showcase a certain trait or characteristic. It is an effective and smart way of presenting. Such division allows not to get lost in illustration. It maintains a stable and well-choreographed description. An example of such an essay (English language) is given below, for your convenience and better understanding. 

Descriptive essay body paragraph example 

Despite melanin being a defensive mechanism to the skin against skin radiation, it is also believed to have certain connections with hearing. There is a specified skin cell that generates the protective skin-darkening pigment known as Melanocytes (Brash, 2016). Melanocytes can be found in the inner eye, ear as well as the membrane that protects the spinal cord and the brain.  It has been proven that melanin present in these parts is equivalent to the sum of melanin found in the skin. The reason for their presence in these areas is similar to that of skin, they are also exposed to high-energy free extremists that can cause damage to the surrounding cells and in the end reduce the hearing threshold. 

Descriptive Essay Conclusion Examples

Conclusion of a descriptive essay is an impressing finale, the end. A successful conclusion must summarize all the information given in a body part. Finishing all storylines from the introduction is necessary. So readers won’t have any questions left, regarding your emotions and feelings about an object of description.  

Try finishing up the job with a thesis statement. Showcase the main point and idea of all your paper. If you still feel that you are not able of doing it, check out an example written below. We hope that after getting acquainted with it, all your doubts will vanish.

Sample conclusion for descriptive essay

To sum it up, melanin production has played an enormous role when it comes to human evolution. It does not only dictate color pigmentation through its protective role of protecting against dangerous UV rays but also influences detrimental features such as hearing and eye-sight. Moreover, melanin production and its developmental adaptations mark a significant presence upon our biological systems to this day.  

How to Write a Descriptive Essay Examples

Writing a descriptive essay with a max score requires careful preparation. We are not talking about research, but about strategy. If you prioritize impressing your teacher and getting a good grade, follow these steps:

  1. Select a topic. As we already said, choosing an appropriate and interesting topic is the first step you need to get right. Some good topics for descriptive essays are given below, feel free to use them.
  2. Read a sample descriptive essay. As always, samples are coming to the rescue. Following an example is the easiest way to get the job done decently. But if you want even better results, you’ll have to think more and improvise.
  3. Compose a thesis statement. Thesis statement has to be in such papers, so don’t ignore or neglect it. Some of the thesis for descriptive essay examples may be useful to you, so check them out! For free and without registration, of course!
  4. Collect information. Before you really start writing, try to gather additional information. Try to refresh your memories, feelings, sensory data. Keeping your information relevant is crucial for a good illustration. Think and describe everything in detail.
  5. Create an outline for a descriptive essay. Outline in descriptive writing is like some strategy during a war – you can’t win without it. Create your own plan or use the ones that we offer as samples. No matter what, don’t start writing without an outline.
  6. Write a draft. Just let your words flow, release them onto the paper. Type some initial thoughts and ideas, and correct them later. The first version is never the last. There is always room for refinement and perfecting!
  7. Proofread. The time for correction has come! Look for errors in spelling, grammar, or style. Check your argumentation and coherency. All mistakes should be eliminated if you are aiming for the stars!

If you are busy with other tasks and still do not know what to start with, try our assignment calculator to help you plan everything steps by step.

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Descriptive Essay Format

Unfortunately, we are not able to give you a concrete and unflinching format of a descriptive essay. The format of your essay depends on your discipline. So you better ask your mentors about it. Maybe you have these words in your assignment paper: MLA, Chicago, APA? Those are just some of the most popular disciplines and formats. Finding out the format will make it significantly easier for you to find the corresponding sample in our database. We are always ready to help and give inspiration to your writing! 

Descriptive Writing Tips

We would like to provide more useful information for you to help with your essay writing. Here are some tips for really evaluating your skills in writing descriptive essays:

  1. Pick something interesting. If you are allowed to select your own topic, choose something that interests you in the first place.
  2. Advanced vocabulary. Nothing improves an article more in readers' eyes than unusual and smart words. 
  3. Make strong points. Try to write in such a way that the reader won’t have any questions at the end.
  4. Proofread it. If you are able to freshen up your memories and feelings, do it.
  5. Keep it original. Try writing more creatively than usual, it helps tremendously!

Examples of Descriptive Essay Topics & Writing Ideas

Still looking for an amazing topic for your essay? One more time we are coming to the rescue, to those of you who are short on descriptive essay ideas. As you see, every aspect of illustrative writing is covered, every question answered. Here are some best ideas for descriptive essays we have come up with:

  1. How you imagine your trip to Japan.
  2. Your first true friend.
  3. The scariest moment of your life.
  4. Best summer of your life.
  5. The last book you have read.
  6. How should a perfect human look like.
  7. Fantastic world of insects.
  8. Illustrating your house.
  9. How dogs are different from cats.
  10. One unexpected gift.

Read also: 

Surely, these descriptive essay topics college students can consider childish. Anyway, in college, you often have topics to choose from. More specific and “adult” topics and examples for them can be found in the corresponding tab on our website. Check them out, and maybe you’ll find something that suits you! Actually, we are sure, you will!


FAQ About Our Examples of Descriptive Essay

1. What is descriptive writing?

Depicting and illustrating something or someone in detail – that’s what the general definition of descriptive writing is. Often it gets treated by students just like any other writing. However, it has some unique features we have discussed earlier in the text. Scroll up to find more detailed information about such assignments.

2. What are critical elements of descriptive essays?

Not all descriptive essay elements have the same weight and importance. Sensory details and emotional points are most crucial. Specific words and difficult sentences are also important elements that substantially evaluate any essay of such kind. Less effort should be given to maintaining consistency of introduction or summary.

3. What is the purpose of a descriptive essay?

The core purpose of a descriptive essay is to illustrate something. For teachers, the purpose is to teach students to think deeply and find ways to describe feelings both emotional and sensory. If you have got such an assignment, just use our free samples as inspiration for your own text.

4. Are your descriptive essay samples free?

We are not charging anything for descriptive essay samples. We strongly believe that such knowledge should be available gratis to any student. No hidden payments, subscriptions, nothing. All samples are available in an instant with no registration or providing credit card details. Forever, till the end of time.

5. Are your examples of a descriptive essay plagiarism-free?

Each one of our descriptive essay examples is an intellectual property of StudyBounty, protected by the law. Thus, any resemblance or copying will be momentarily noticed by any plagiarism checker. Use them only as references, please. However, you can try rephrasing tools out to increase the uniqueness of your texts.

6. Can I submit an example of a descriptive essay?

No, you can’t send our descriptive essay writing example as your work, since they are our intellectual property. You are free to use them only as inspiration and reference for your own article. If you want to submit fully original texts without spending time on them, you can check out our writing service.


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