Free Сompare and Сontrast Essay Examples & Samples

Are you looking for examples of a compare and contrast essay? Maybe it is fate, magic, or a simple coincidence, but we got exactly what you want. So in case you’re searching for compare and contrast essay examples — check out this website. We will give you everything you might need for academic studies for free!

Excellent Comparison and Contrast Essay Examples 

You’re probably looking for comparison and contrast essay examples free pdf. Truly, there are lots of websites as well as online tools that offer their advice on structure as well as outline. They also have some theory here as well as there, but nothing concrete or practical. It is exactly where we can help you with your task. Here you’ll find:

  • Examples for free in pdf
  • Example of a comparison essay that doesn’t require anything from you.

We made sure that the process of getting our articles is very simple as well as quick. Therefore, you get all of them for free. We don’t need your credit card or billing information. So when you feel like you need them, just go here. So, we will help. Besides, all of them are in PDF format for your convenience. 

Great Comparison Essays Samples   

What makes our comparison and contrast essay samples so great? Why should anyone use them? It’s not only that they are free as well as easily accessible. We’ve also got some of the best writers working on them.

  • Our samples of comparison and contrast essay are written by former students who got good greats for their work.
  • Each time you access our article, one can be sure that it was done by someone who has immense experience in the field.
  • You can find more than one sample of comparison essays. It means we have various topics and all our users will find something for them.

We are sure that if you had any doubts before, you have none of them now.

Best Free Comparison and Contrast Essay Example  

We often notice searches like: “comparison and contrast essay examples free pdf.” That helps us to see what our clients, as well as users, would like to get from our platform. Therefore, we try not only to provide comparison contrast essay example but highlight several benefits of our platform. We have mentioned some of them but let’s look at the list below:

  • Free

All our comparison and contrast examples are free of charge. We will continue reminding you of that. Many people are scared of heating fees as well as billings. You won’t find them here.

  • Easy

Our professionals have created a user-friendly interface. This means that whether you are a first-time user or a returning customer, you won’t have issues navigating this website. 

  • Accessible

Every paper you access here is given in PDF format. It is the most simplistic as well as understandable format out there. So there is no need for conversion or any complicated actions to get your article. 

Outstanding Comparative Essay Example 

What other things make our comparative essay example pdf so good? We can write dozens of pages on that topic. For our writers, it would be the best possible article. But we always have tiny lists for you to get it going:

  • Structure 

When you search for an example of comparative essay, one can be sure that it follows a traditional structure. The majority of them have common five paragraphs as well as outlines that we will discuss a bit later.

  • Evidence

Our writers always use evidence as well as scholarly data to support their points. It also allows you to see how one can cite any information, that’s a good benefit of all free comparative essay examples.

  • Clarity

Some of these students prefer to copy the tone of academic writing. It’s impossible to do if you haven’t seen similar articles. That is why we are here. Read some of them to see what you have to do. 

  • Good thesis

We’ll talk about it later, but a good thesis statement is a must for any article. It can be challenging to do that. Therefore, having some samples in front of you is always great.

Similarities and Differences Essay Examples  

We also have similarities and differences essay example. There is no real need to discuss it in detail. However, every time you’re trying to compare something or contrast to items, you will face similarities as well as differences between them. That's why it is crucial to make analyses, and our analytical essay example should come in handy. A trick is to use a specific structure to make sure your reader understands your point.

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Compare and Contrast Essay Samples

We are sure every single student had to search for sample compare and contrast essays. But what you usually get is not always what you want. Of course, there are lots of theories online together with websites that offer you some tips. However, when it comes to good or even excellent samples of compare and contrast essays, we don’t think there is any competition out there. Before preparing our compare and contrast essay sample pdf we usually:

  • Look for relevant topics as well as those needing further research.
  • Analyze recent trends as well as changes in academic writing.
  • Ensure that no one used our topics before.
  • Draft an outline, then start the actual writing process.

Good Compare and Contrast Essay Examples for Students

Apart from giving you lots of free examples of compare and contrast essays, we also have several tips – common knowledge items you might need. So let’s see how anyone should start off their academic writing journey:

  • Considering that you’re comparing as well as contrasting two items, you have to choose them first.
  • Check out several free compare and contrast examples to see how it’s done.
  • One can differentiate several controversial items or select a topic proposed by your professor.
  • Our compare and contrast college essay examples usually follow trends seen in the world as well as study topics that require thorough research.
  • One should also create an outline that has all the basic differences as well as similarities of the two items.
  • The writing process starts only after thorough and prolonged research. 

Compare and Contrast Essay Examples for Middle School   

Our website was not only created for high school students or college ones because we offer lots of sample compare and contrast essay middle school. So if you’re in middle school, welcome here, we have everything you might like in our database.

Surprisingly enough, free compare and contrast essay examples middle school pdf, don’t drastically differ from those written in college.

  • You still have a basic structure of introduction, main body paragraphs as well as a conclusion.
  • One still spend time on thesis statement as well as evidence.
  • The only possible difference is the level of topics.
  • Our middle school compare and contrast essay examples select a slightly easier material as well as less complex subjects.

We’ve also prepared a quick list of selections that we offer.  

3rd Grade Compare and Contrast Essay Examples PDF

We will start off with compare and contrast essay examples for 3rd grade. Congratulations, it is the start of your academic career. So let us help you to pass it with flying colors.

Here we’ve got all the examples you might need. So in case your teacher gave you an article and you don’t know where to start, go here. We also promise to include only relevant subjects in your class.

4th Grade Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

There is no way we’ve forgotten the compare and contrast essay examples for 4th grade. Here’s where topics can get more interesting as well as complicated. But we have addressed that issue as well. 

All operators help thousands of students, from fourth grade as well. So they mimic the style as well as the complexity of this grade. You don’t have to worry about figuring out everything yourself now!

5th Grade Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

The next item on the list is compare and contrast essay examples for 5th grade. By this point, you already have several years of practice. So be ready that people will expect more of you.

Therefore, before starting to write any paper, be sure you check out material from this website. It might not seem important now, but it works. There is no other way to put it. It’ll give you an advantage the majority of your peers don’t have.  

6th Grade Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

Last but not least comes free compare and contrast essay examples for 6th grade. Your grade is very serious when it comes to academic writing. You’ll have lots of tasks from your English teachers as well as probably other classes as well.

Be ahead of your game! Do your research before anyone asks you to write something.  It might seem ineffective now, but it will definitely come in handy in the future. We’ve been here before. Therefore, one can definitely trust us, especially when it comes to academic papers.

Compare and Contrast Essay Examples for High School

Considering that we’ve talked about middle school, we obviously have high school compare and contrast essay examples. There are certain differences between middle school as well as high school papers:

  • The language will get complex.
  • Grading will be more precise or sometimes even ruthless.
  • You’ll get more assignments with each day.
  • The topics will also be more interesting but definitely complicated.
  • Let us say that in middle school you compare apples with oranges. Well, now you will work with historical, biological, or psychological topics.
  • Would you recommend starting with literature though?

Thus, check our compare and contrast paragraph examples for high school to know more!

Free Compare and Contrast Essay Examples for College Students

Naturally, we have any possible sample compare and contrast essay for college. With all honesty we have, one can search for any subject or you will probably find it here. We made sure that you have access to everything that will make your academic life easier.

  • In college, one can be prepared that articles, as well as papers, will not get easier.
  • In the majority of cases, you will also choose your own topic.
  • Make sure you check comparison and contrast essay example college  for inspiration as well.

As one can see, we have created hundreds of examples of college compare and contrast essays for a reason. So use them to your advantage as well as upgrade your academic game!

Compare and Contrast Essay: Definition

By now you obviously know that we have all the samples but what is a compare and contrast essay? What is its purpose? Here is a simple definition of compare and contrast:

  • It is a paper that usually has five paragraphs.
  • The main purpose of such an article is still to differentiate two or more items.
  • After selecting your desired objects or events, one can do research.
  • Your research will show where objects coincide or where they differ.
  • Therefore, it is an article that compares two separate listings to see where they might perform better than their counterparts.

You should also consider that one can compare not only real objects. One should choose people, events, services, or basically anything worth comparing.

Compare and Contrast Essay Structure

The structure of a compare and contrast essay is just as important as the language itself. Here one should remember that you are still differentiating two items. However, maybe you have more than two. So, we recommend our users to check examples of classification essay. They will see how it is possible to categorize everything right.

The comparison essay structure usually comes in two forms. We will discuss both of them. Our first one is called the point-by-point method. Here you introduce one point, which is your difference, as well as talk about two items. In another one called the block method, you discuss each item separately. Only then compare them. 

But we made a quick comparison for you below:

  • Point-By-Point Method 

So here’s a compare and contrast essay point-by-point structure example:

Point refers to the difference, while subject refers to an item you were comparing. 

Introduction with the thesis (what items are compared as well as their difference) 

Point 1

Subject 1

Subject 2

Point 2

Subject 1

Subject 2

Point 3

Subject 1

Subject 2

Of course, one can use another method.  

  • Block Method

Here is a second compare and contrast essay block structure example. Interestingly enough, their introduction, as well as the conclusion, do not differ.


Subject 1 — Point 1

Subject 1 — Point 2

Subject 1 — Point 3


Subject 2 — Point 1

Subject 2 — Point 2

Subject 2 — Point 3


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Compare and Contrast Essay Outline Examples

Since we started discussing structure, it is only fair that we also talk about outline for a compare and contrast essay. Here we will focus on the point-by-point method. But in reality, the comparison and contrast essay outline example is very simple as well as straightforward. We also recommend you not only save an outline for a compare and contrast essay but always start your writing process with creating your own outline. 


  • Hook
  • Background
  • Thesis statement

Body one-three

  • First point
  1. First piece of evidence
  2. Second piece of evidence
  • Second point
  1. First piece of evidence
  2. Second piece of evidence


  • Summary
  • Importance of topic
  • Closing statement   

Compare and Contrast Essay Introduction Examples

You don’t have to look for the whole article because one can settle for a compare and contrast introduction paragraph example. An introduction is often one of the most complicated parts. Some people always have a fear of blank pages.

But we have some recommendations for writing an introduction paragraph for compare and contrast essay example:

  • Write body paragraphs first, then start the introduction.
  • Create it on the same day with your conclusion because they will be similar.
  • Avoid including too much information or evidence in general. You’ll have lots of time for that in body paragraphs.
  • Focus more on your thesis than any other part.

Comparative essay introduction example 

Private hospitals are hospitals that are owned by individuals while public hospitals are the property of the government. This paper proposes to compare and contrast the above types of hospitals regarding; authority/ownership, cost, quality of services, affordability, size, facilities, time of waiting, cleanliness, surety of treatment,  beds, structures and number of works. Briefly, this paper aims at examining similarities and the significance differences between the two. 

Good Thesis Statements for a Compare and Contrast Essay 

Many people struggle to write a compare and contrast essay thesis statement. It can already be challenging even if you’re writing about one item. But since you have to differentiate between several of them, it will get even more challenging with time. That is why we have our compare and contrast thesis statement samples. See how our professionals do it as well as notice if they follow these simple rules:

  • A thesis is the last statement of your introduction.
  • It proposes your main argument to the readers.
  • The thesis statement for comparison essay offers basic differences between the two items.
  • It doesn’t include evidence or false claims.

Oh no, it might take you some time to figure out your style of thesis writing. However, with us, it will still be much easier.     

Compare and Contrast Body Paragraph Examples

We also have stuff on writing a compare and contrast paragraph example. We recommend starting your body paragraphs right after research. So they usually go before the introduction as well as the conclusion when it comes to the actual process of crafting your paper. Normal articles have around three body paragraphs. It’s usually enough for proposing all the differences you need.

We are sure that our comparison and contrast paragraph examples for college will do good in explaining what we mean. One should also go back to the outline we proposed earlier. There is little to no variation when it comes to structural elements. So any example of a compare and contrast paragraph you like will work just fine.  

Compare and contrast essay body sample

To begin with the similarities, both private and public hospitals offer medical services to the public. It means one can choose to attend a public hospital or a private hospital. Both public and private employ qualified personnel be it doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, pharmacists and assisting staff.  They all treat different types of illnesses. The pre-mentioned means that any disease addressed in a private hospital is treated in a public hospital as well. They both offer outpatient and inpatient services. They both have to be licensed to operate by the national health department to perform, though some quacks find their way into the private sector. They both are capable of handling the emergency case. Both need funds to operate, to acquire equipment and overall hospital maintenance. However, the differences in the two sectors are significant.

Free Compare and Contrast Essay Conclusion Examples

The last thing we definitely want to discuss is a compare and contrast essay conclusion. We obviously recommend writing conclusions after one has finished with your body paragraphs. However, the conclusion is definitely the last stop. One should complete it after you already have your thesis statement as well as an introduction.

The conclusion paragraph for a compare and contrast essay examples is very similar to those you have probably crafted before.

  • The first sentence is a restatement of the thesis.
  • The following sentences summarize your paper.
  • Your last sentence gives recommendations or offers possibilities for future research. 

That’s how you write a perfect conclusion for a compare and contrast essay! 

Compare and contrast essay conclusion sample

Conclusively, the differences in the public and private hospitals outweigh the similarities. According to the differences discussed, it is clear that as much as private hospitals make a profit, they provide quality medical service to their clients. On the other hand due to a large number of patients and the fact that government hospitals have to wait for funding from the government; these two factors have led to poor quality of services in this sector. These differences force individuals to use their assets to acquire quality service in the private hospital. The difference also leaves the majority of people who cannot totally afford private facilities in the hands of destiny. It is better quality in the private facilities than the quantity in the public services.

How to Start a Compare and Contrast Essay Example

Be sure you also check compare and contrast sentences examples. The majority of such statements usually have specific words that are used only for this article. They can include:

  • In contrast
  • On one hand, on the other hand
  • The main difference is
  • If to compare.

There are lots of them that you will notice throughout your research. Just keep your eye on them to save it for the time when you will need to do it to yourself. That’s why we offer to compare and contrast sentence examples. Look at Beowulf compare and contrast essay and use it as a sample for your work.

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Writing a compare and contrast essay has several stops that are partially close to any other paper or article you have encountered. Here are several basic steps that will help you in starting your academic piece:

  1. Brainstorm ideas. Compare and contrast essay writing Is all about brainstorming. You never know what things might need to be differentiated until you do research. So it’s always good to come back to your class materials, do your research online as well as select several ideas. 
  2. Select a topic. While selecting a topic, one can search for inspiration through our compare and contrast writing examples. We’ve got dozens of interesting subjects. So, some of them can inspire you for sure. But select a topic that was not thoroughly researched yet.
  3. Develop a thesis statement. Think about your argument first. Your thesis statement can later be used for an outline. However, it’s important that you don’t forget what’s the main purpose of your work. 
  4. Draft an outline. Once other steps are completed, go ahead as well as craft an outline. It may contain your thesis statement, all the necessary points, or evidence for future reference. 
  5. Write! This one may sound simple, but it’s not that easy. Remember that a blank page is not scary. So you have to start the process eventually. Why not do it now?

Still not sure how your title page should look? Use our top-notch title page creator and enjoy the result!

Compare and Contrast Essay Writing Tips

We’ve got some tips to help you with writing compare and contrast essay. So here they are:

  1. Approach comparison essay writing like you would any other paper.
  2. Start with planning, writing is secondary.
  3. Make sure you select a topic that still has some room for research.
  4. Choose a correct structure.
  5. Select several examples to help you in writing.
  6. Select a topic that is of personal interest to you.
  7. Balance your own written words with citations as well as evidence.
  8. Edit once you’re finished.
  9. Don’t skip proofreading.
  10. Give your article to friends or family to see whether they understand your main point.

FAQ About Compare and Contrast Paper Example

1. Are you looking for compare contrast essay examples for free?

You will find an example of compare and contrast essay here. It’s not even the best part. The best part is that they are all free. That’s right! We don’t need your credit card, payments, or billing information. The only thing you have to do is use our database to get all the samples.

2. What is the purpose of compare and contrast?

The purpose of compare and contrast essay is to differentiate two or more events, objects, items, or anything you would like to compare together. Usually, those articles are required for school or college students. However, the main purpose remains the same as well as you are still selecting differences as well as similarities between your selected objects.

3. What are some good compare and contrast essay topics?

One should look through our topics for a compare and contrast essay. But here are several examples:

  • ASL vs BSL.
  • Compare and contrast high schools in the US as well as Europe.
  • Main similarities and differences between World War I as well as World War II.
  • Organic food vs junk food.
  • Working remotely vs full-time job at the office.
4. How do you write a 5 paragraph compare and contrast essay?

Compare and contrast writing usually offers you five paragraphs. The first paragraph is an introduction that literally introduces the readers to your topic as well as proposes a thesis. Next, you have three body paragraphs that talk about the differences as well as similarities of your items. The final paragraph is a conclusion that restates the thesis as well as offers some recommendations. This is how you write five paragraphs.

5. Can I submit one of the sample compare and contrast essays you provide?

Each article you find here is only an example of a compare and contrast essay. They were created by our writers to help students. However, they do belong to our service and one cannot submit them to your school or college. Using them for such purposes will be in violation of property rights.

6. Do you have a compare and contrast research paper example?

We’ve got every possible example of a compare and contrast research paper out there. We would be surprised to see if you try to find something that wasn’t there. Therefore, use our database and we are sure you’ll find everything you need right now.


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