Free Exemplification Essays: Step-By-Step Guide

Proving a point argumentatively can get tricky, so check out some examples of exemplification papers first. Such writing tasks haunt students throughout high school and college at least. Prior examination of exemplification essay examples yields more competent text. It helps with more complex structure, better wording, argumentation techniques, and quotation samples. Look at the provided samples below for fast improvement of personal writing skills!

Boost Your Grades With Our Exemplification Essay Examples!

We are offering you hundreds of exemplification essay examples pdf. Every student or teacher can download or read them online absolutely for free. Study provided samples to know effective ways of proving a point. Learn how to convince readers, present examples, cite sources, and build logical narration. The more samples you study – the more useful knowledge you get.

It is true, these writing tasks are common for students in various institutions. They teach data mining and argumentation as well as develop gray brain cells. You can hate such assignments but you can’t skip them. Completing a task is the only option for scholars. It is always better to get a good grade for work, right? To improve scores and skills, study free exemplification essay examples closely!

Helpful Exemplification Essay Samples

How can these samples of an exemplification essay assist scholars? We’ve made a list of major improvements you get from using these examples. Check them out!

  • Improved searching skills

Looking for useful tricks in sample texts is another type of search. Combined with extensive data-foraging it results in the ability to find any information fast.

  • Citation experience

Citing sources is a crucial skill for every student in the uni. Learning how it’s done prior can substantially simplify writing tasks in the future.

  • New words

Each sample features subject-specific vocabulary and advanced wording. Extract useful words for later use in personal scholarly pieces.

  •  Pacing learning

Narration tempo is extremely important. Narrative writing examples in our database can help you with it. Every exemplification essay sample is great at maintaining a consistent narration pace.

Useful Exemplification Essays

Now it’s time to find out how each example of an exemplification essay on this website is superior. Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits.

  • Solid structure

Every piece was written following a concrete outline. Effective structuring allows for maintaining steady narration and good readability throughout. Check out how it’s done!

  • Credible sources

Proposed exemplification essays examples are backed up with trustworthy sources. Each source is listed so you can see where the data came from.

  • Convincing argumentation

Facts were carefully selected to prove the point in the most effective way. Look at sentences used to do it. Study them to make unique pieces from scratch.

  • Linguistic accuracy

Thorough proofreading and grammar checking was performed to ensure complete academic accuracy. Every spelling or grammar mistake was eliminated.

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Exemplification Essay Examples for All Students

Exemplification essay examples for college students are an ultimate weapon against such tedious tasks. For successful completion of this assignment, scholars must be competent in every direction. Strong cognitive skills, argumentation techniques, citations, and logical narration are just a few things to master. To make valid assertions fast, prior experience is needed.

Every stage of paper creation just says “problems” to inexperienced writers. All that research, selecting an approach, and looking for appropriate examples is not fun. Ease pain by following pre-existing samples of illustration articles. Use our argumentative essay examples to inspire yourself and find new ways of proving the point. Look how skilled authors convince readers, how arguments are structured, and how ideas get shaped. It is a complicated task, but with sample texts, it gets much easier.

What Is an Exemplification Essay

According to the exemplification essay definition, it is providing multiple examples to support a thesis statement. To do so, simply agreeing is not enough. Students are asked to conduct in-depth research, extracting valid points. Next, arrange them in such a way that statement is justified. Writing a creative, argumentative, solid exemplification paper is not an easy task. But make it easy following sample texts!

There is no particular standard for paper size. Such information is usually provided by teachers, so study given materials first. Education institutions also have guidelines and rules regarding written tasks. Look for them at your university or college website. The closer you are to graduation, the longer these articles have to be. Level of complexity increases every year. 

Exemplification Essay Outline Example

Before starting typing, it is necessary to create an exemplification essay outline. Structuring the text allows to place arguments strategically and build connections between paragraphs. Acting as a backbone, the outline unites the article parts together into a coherent paper. Here is an outline template you can use when writing your own essay. 

Example of exemplification essay outline


  • Thesis statement
  • Additional data

First body paragraph

  • Example intro
  • Highlighting an example
  • Stating its importance

Other body sections

  • Example intro
  • Highlighting an example
  • Stating its importance


  • Restating thesis
  • Reiterating the main idea
  • Proof of sufficiency

Despite being generic, this sample is a good basis for developing custom outlines. You can use our Manifest Destiny essay outline as a template to create a unique, topic-specific structure for your scholarly piece. Change it, shape it any way you need. Don’t ignore outline creation especially if you’re aiming for high grades!

Exemplification Essay Introduction Example

For highly graded exemplification essay introduction paragraph is crucial. A beginning must be strong, direct readers' thoughts. Try stating the main thesis firmly. Focus on the importance of it. Add a thesis statement that shows the defended thesis.

By intro, you must hook readers and make them care. It is crucial to show them how important and relevant an entire problem is, or why this idea must be supported. Without such a captivating start readers will not read further than the first paragraph. Add a quote, remotely connected to the main topic to brighten the mood. 

Example of exemplification essay introduction

Cell phone emergence can be related to the development of cellular communication devices around 1947. This development was undertaken by Bell laboratories and the devices were exclusively used in police cars.  Dr. Martin Cooper is recorded as the first person to make a real cell phone. He successfully assembled a functional cellphone and made a call from a New York street corner in 1973. His prototype cell phone weighed two and a half pounds. It was around 10 inches long and had a battery that lasted 20 minutes. This remarkable development changed the way humans communicate and do businesses. 

Exemplification Essay Thesis Statement

Thesis statement for exemplification essay is what usually frightens students. Despite being a small sentence, it encapsulates everything. This thesis must express the core idea, present defended statements without giving any concrete data. It’s the most important part of an introduction. Without it, any intro falls apart and renders useless. A thesis statement is obligatory for success.

Students hate writing these statements. It is never clear what to include or what to mention. In every essay such a sentence is present. The purpose does not change, only its content. Every thesis statement represents the main idea. But what about illustrative writing? To find that out, check out exemplification essay thesis examples in our samples. 

Each sample showcases a different approach to such statements. Choose the one you like most and copy it. Extract sentence construction, wording, and narration tactics. Use that data to create a custom, unique thesis. No statement – no high marks. 

Our thesis generator will come in handy if you have never done it before.

Exemplification Body Paragraph Examples

By far the biggest section of such texts, an exemplification paragraph or paragraphs, must be structured properly. As seen from the outline above, each body section works as a separate paper. It has an introduction to the provided example and a detailed description of it. Next, summarize the importance of this example and how it changes perception.

For deeper understanding and new tricks, use exemplification paragraph samples. Those files are bearing effective narration tactics and approaches to argumentation. Also, sentence construction and wording can be taken. Follow samples as templates to write original, highly supportive, convincing body paragraphs.

Exemplification paragraph examples

Today, nearly 95 percent of the world population use cellphones for communication and handling much of their business-related activities.  Cellphones are now being used to make calls, text messages, create and send BBM messages, emails and even to send and receive direction. Additionally cellphones are used for surfing the internet, purchasing items and listening to music.  Therefore, we can say cellphones have revolutionized the way people live, interact, and do communications. 

Exemplification Essay Conclusion Example

Exemplification essay conclusion is structured the same way the other summaries are. There are restating thesis statements and repeating problematics. An author has to make it satisfactory, so the reading process will be convincing. Major examples can be indirectly mentioned to remind the supporting data.

No need to repeat the whole paper from the start. Just show the main points of interest. Make sure to define how successful provided examples were at supporting. If not – say that data is incomplete or unchecked. This approach will provide an additional layer to your research, resulting in more positive feedback.

Look through our racism essay conclusion before writing this part. An example of exemplification essay conclusion can be also found below. Donated by students, these samples were awarded the highest scores.  Read them to find out what the conclusion should look like.

Exemplification essay conclusion example

The emergence of cellphones has revolutionized many aspects of people’s lives and the way they communicate. The gadgets have helped to have more efficient and convenient communications; this has helped to improve interaction and build better relationships. The mobile devices, additionally improved communication by making it possible to find directions, send and receive SMS.  Moreover, people can use it to make calls, do mobile banking and send email. It has saved on the cost of communication and brought people together despite the geographical differences. 

How to Write an Exemplification Essay

To write an exemplification essay easily, some steps must be made before starting typing. Implementing these steps in your writing algorithm substantially improves final quality.

  1. Pick an exemplification essay topic. Start by choosing a genuinely interesting subject. Writing about something you care about greatly improves the quality of research and argumentation. Such exemplification topics generate motivation. It is widely known that motivation is the best quality enhancer!
  2. Conduct research. Read various sources, gather important information, and highlight data to quote. The more you read, the more detailed and convincing the article will turn out. Use reliable, relevant sources. Check information for being correct, proofread it.
  3. Find a good sample. Starting writing without an exemplification example is suicide. To write a confident, competent scholarly piece you need to write a ton of bad pieces. Gather sentences, words, and convincing tactics from provided samples to elevate personal skills.
  4. Make an outline. No need to design a text structure from scratch, just use an already existing one. Modify any outline sample to fit your needs. Absence of structure results in vague, unstable narration.
  5. Write. Start typing only after completing the previous four steps. Make a few drafts if needed. Never ignore this step if you want a coherent, consistent paper.
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Grading Criteria for an Exemplification Paper

To comprehend the writing process, even more, it’s needed to look at the grading criteria for exemplification paper. By getting acquainted with grading students get a deeper understanding of important aspects. If you know what teachers look at, you can tailor those aspects specifically.

Each written text is analytically looked at. We recommend taking into consideration any analytical paper example. The ability to present evidence and tie everything together is checked. Below you can see some criteria, taken into account during the grading process. Try checking every mentioned parameter for achieving maximum quality, readability, or argumentation. Check how proposed text samples comply with these requirements. Use them to further enhance custom articles.


Statements must be easy-to-understand, clearly formulated. Avoid separation of statements from the whole paper. It must be a link between every example you provide and serve as a basis for proving.

Quality of sources 

Check whether all sources you cite are credible. Sources must be trustworthy, backed up by research or a loud institute name. Look for data in subject-specific magazines, on Google Scholar, or similar platforms.

Quantity of material 

Give as many proofs as needed, not more, not less. Do not overload the text with many sources, leave room for thoughts. Always look at covering all subject aspects, don’t repeat the same arguments.

Logical organization

Maintain coherent narration and logical connection between samples. Each following example must continue ideas of the previous one. Avoid rapid jumps from one proof direction to another.


Try making a seamless shift between sections, without subject change. Try arranging paragraphs logically and connecting them carefully. Each section must be a logical continuation of thoughts from earlier sections.

Attention to detail

Check whether examples are detailed enough to prove a point. If statistical data is used, show numbers. Cite information without changing it, in full. Arguments must cover every aspect of the subject.


Proofread papers to ensure academic correctness. Eliminate spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and faulty wording. Examine the structure and its visibility. Make the final paper perfect, easily readable, coherent, and consistent throughout.

Usage of words

Use advanced vocabulary and subject-specific linguistic material. Arrange language sophistication based on a target audience. Avoid repetitions and unclear sentences. Insert new words and needed terminology. Keep it diverse yet easily comprehensible.

Tips for Writing an Exemplification Essay

As mentioned before, exemplification writing is hard for newbies. To make it easier, some basics must be learned, some tricks should be implemented. Following tips and tricks are aimed at simplifying exemplification in writing, and writing in general. Enjoy!

  1. Choose an interesting topic. If selecting a custom subject is allowed, pick the one you’re interested in. It increases an author’s investment. Also, deepens the research, allowing for more solid argumentation.
  2. Only respectable sources. Each fact or number must be extracted from relevant publications. Examine whether the data is credible and true. Look in multiple places to provide the most convincing information.
  3. Obligatory proofreading. Never submit scholarly pieces without checking them for mistakes. Find and eliminate spelling errors and flaws in narration, and fact-check again. Look how compliant with regulations the piece is.
  4. Create many drafts. Writing multiple text versions is useful for polishing the argumentation. The first version is always hasty and unbalanced. Rewrite everything as many times as needed to achieve perfection.
  5. Prove it to yourself first. If an author is skeptical, every argument and example will look skeptical. Convince yourself in a thesis statement first. It greatly improves justification approach and example quality.

As you see, such essays are more targeted at argumentation and testing justification skills. Pay attention to the credibility of provided examples.

Good Exemplification Essays Topics

To those struggling with ideas, we’ve made a list of good topics for exemplification essays. The idea of proving a point with examples leaves a vast range for thinking and new topics. Any statement can be proven or justified. Use imagination or these exemplification essay topics examples:

  • Feminism has lost its initial message.
  • Social media is negatively affecting teens.
  • Sugar is dangerous for body health.
  • Climate change is a normal process.
  • Religion is losing its weight.
  • Subscriptions are the future.
  • NFT and cryptocurrency are scams.
  • Communism was bad for people.
  • The First World War has changed the military.
  • Guns in America must be banned.

Read also:

These statements are interesting to discuss, require some research, and are understandable. Some of them seem controversial, so feel free to change them how you like. There is a lot of data to research and multiple opinions to address. Create unique, interesting academic texts on offered or custom topics.


FAQ About Exemplification Essays

1. How to start an exemplification essay?

Start an exemplification essay by stating the topic directly. Introduce readers to the main subject’s importance. Make them care and invested. Hook attention with a thesis statement, written in such a way that it is relevant to everyone. Then, give information covering the current situation and public opinion about the subject.

2. Are your exemplification essay examples free?

Every exemplification essay example is available free of charge. No payments, subscriptions, even registration. Just download a file and it’s yours. The policy is not going to change anytime soon, so existing files and those added in the future will remain free. Study it, dissect for parts, and write unique scholarly papers!

3. Can I submit one of the exemplification essay examples you provide?

All examples of exemplification essay were donated by students. They were previously submitted and graded. Teachers now use plagiarism checkers, so your gamble will be uncovered instantly. Rewriting a text from the ground up takes more time than creating it the first time. Use samples as inspiration, source of words, sentences, and narration ideas.

4. How many paragraphs should an exemplification essay have?

As seen from the exemplification essay outline – there are three at least. Introduction, body, and conclusion. It is better to divide the body into multiple separate paragraphs. Each paragraph must cover one example. Discuss it in detail. Look at provided sample articles to find out the average number. Then, copy it.


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