Expository Essay Examples for All Academic Purposes

Are you in need of great expository essays examples? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have dozens of free samples of expository essays. These can serve as an inspiration for you. They will help you understand what should and shouldn’t be in your own paper. Check them out and see for yourself!

Excellent Expository Writing Examples for Students

Examples of expository essay writing will help students better grasp the idea that they're describing. A great essay is a way for students to improve their communication abilities and comprehend how the world works. One can use facts or statistical data, as well as anecdotal or other logical proof to back their argument. The main key is to remember that what you write for this type of paper must be objective, factual, and without judgment. Look at definition essay examples, they will show how to present clear facts.

We have lots of amazing expository writing samples that will show you how the writing is done. Check them out!

Creative Expository Essay Samples to Inspire You Today

If you're in need of a great sample of expository essay, you're in the right place. Expository essays are not meant to be cute, they're meant to provide the result of issue analysis and provide information and evidence to back up your arguments. This essay type is a great opportunity to examine ideas critically and describe the process. Sample essays can be used as a basis for your own writing and begin writing straight away.

Our samples can boost your creativity in writing like no other. Look them up if you hit that writer’s block and your inspiration needs a little bit of rebooting.

Free Expository Paper Examples 

Check our free expository paper example that will help you write your essay! These papers explain a topic deeper rather than a mere analysis or attempt to convince the reader. And our website will provide you with the help that you need to complete your essay.

This kind of essay provides evidence that isn't based on personal opinions. Our expository paper samples can be used to aid you in writing your article. Each example of expository paper can be useful in improving your writing skills by showing the fundamental characteristics of this paper type. They can also help you create your own concepts. Check our samples out and see for yourself! They are completely free and don’t require you to register a new account.

Short Expository Essay Examples

In academic writing, there are many short expository essay writing examples. They are papers that focus on the event or circumstance. Our sample collection can help you write better essays. These examples will help you understand what makes an effective essay. You will understand how to compose it effectively. They will enable you to create a paper of outstanding quality that will be a hit with your professors.

We believe that short essays are superior. They contain only necessary information without any sidetracking. You are always free to look through them and see how better they are in comparison with other papers.

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Examples of Expository Essay Writing for All Students 

It can be useful to see good examples of an expository essay for students. They can show what you should and shouldn’t do in your own essay. You will see how to structure it correctly. After all, these essays are writings that provide a detailed examination of a subject. This requires an extensive amount of analysis and research. Therefore it's important to seek out reliable sources while looking for information on a subject. We are the source that will show you how it’s done.

Here you can find an example of an expository essay that is tailored specifically for you and your academic level. Check it out right now!

Expository Essay Examples for Middle School Students

Many middle schoolers use expository essay samples for middle school to get ideas while their writing. An example is a fantastic method for students to understand how to structure their writing. And it is the best way to write it. For determining the type of expository essays, you should look at which types of references are utilized. This will assist you to write a piece that is successful.

We offer you the best examples of expository writing for middle school. They contain everything your teacher might say is important you include in your paper. And maybe you will find some interesting topics in them to write about? Who knows.

Expository Essay Examples for High School

It can be difficult to score high marks on essays. And our expository essay samples for high school will prove that it is as easy as can be. With the correct support and a number of ideas, students will learn how they can write impressive essays. It is possible to find an example of these essays for high school on the internet to help you begin creating your own. That is what we’re here for.

Our website contains lots of different essays for high school levels. All you have to do is click on the academic level you need. Scroll through our collection before you find what you were looking for in the first place. Perfect essay samples are real, and we’re here to prove it.

Expository Essay Examples for College

If you're looking for some expository essay examples for college students, you have come to the right place. We are offering you lots of samples on different topics. You will find great examples. They use proof in support of each principal point in addition to citing trustworthy sources of information.

This kind of work is an excellent way to show your abilities to research. Our samples show you how each argument must be included in the text, what counterarguments can be made. Check them out, you will be impressed!

How to Write an Expository Essay Step by Step

Here are some helpful suggestions to help you draft your first text, regardless of whether you're writing an expository essay for school or college. This type of essay is an informational piece of writing. It includes three paragraphs. The essay answers a query and provides readers with some ideas. It's easy to find information. But it's crucial to consider every source before making the final choice.

This short guide will give you the gist of how your essay must be written. Pay attention, and your piece will turn out amazing!

1. Choose a Good Expository Essay Topic

There are a variety of examples of expository essay topics. Choose one that interests your readers and can provide an excellent basis for your writing. Remember that good expository essay topics should be concise, and clear. To ensure that your topic is unique and fresh, you must look at credible sources to gather facts. It is also essential to ensure that your subject is appropriate to your intended audience. Don't just pick the first thought that pops up to mind. Be sure to study the subject in depth. Examples of classification essay will help you to write and discuss various subjects and combine them into categories.

Select a subject you're passionate about. It should be one that you have the ability to study. Choose a topic on your own. Or pick one from expository essay topic examples found on the Internet. 

  • If you're looking to talk about bullying at schools, you can pick an essay that explains how to prevent it. (Find an essay about bullying in our library and use it as an example.)
  • If you're interested in online dating, you may want to examine the consequences of online conversations.
  • If you're planning to discuss AIDS, it is possible to write an expository essay about the problem and how to avoid it.
  • If you’re writing about an issue that is affecting those in your neighborhood, you can explore the impact of AIDS upon the people in that community.

2. Analyze Expository Essay Example 

A good way to write this kind of essay is to analyze an example of expository essay. What topic does it expand on? What are the key points? How is it structured? After all, a well-structured article will enable you to achieve your final objective of convincing your reader.

We have many topics for you to find and analyze. Browsing through them is completely free of charge. It doesn’t require you to register a new account. And lots of topics will enable you to find a study area that you’re interested in. So, you can continue the study or possibly find something else to write about. 

3. Compose an Expository Essay Thesis Statement 

A thesis statement for expository essay is a preview of the entire paper. It must focus on a particular aspect of the topic and concentrate upon the major elements of the issue. It is intended to serve as an example for the main points of your paper. This kind of statement can't be debated and therefore must not be argumentative. 

In writing an argumentative thesis, it is imperative to ensure that the statement has something to do with the theme and argument of the essay. You shouldn’t use lengthy, unclear words that could confuse readers. The thesis statement should be short and simple yet strong enough to persuade the reader about the validity of your arguments. Also, support it with logic and facts.

Thesis statement example for expository essay

Even though swimming is contraindicated for some people because of hypothermia, it is the best sport for a healthy body because it increases muscle strength and helps improve heart work.

4. Create an Expository Essay Outline 

An expository writing outline is necessary before you begin writing. It can help you organize your thoughts, keep them together and keep track of the entire process. (Study process essay examples and see how to write everything right from the beginning to the end.) Start making notes on ideas before writing your essay. Try to brainstorm numerous ideas as much as you are able to.

After you've decided what topic to write about, create an outline for expository essay. It will assist you to decide how to compose your essay. It must include a subject sentence, details as well as a concluding. When you've completed the outline, make sure to check it for errors or irrelevant details. Also, it should be properly structured and have a clear layout. Your main topic will be the main central point of the outline. The time has come to write your essay.

Expository Essay Outline Example

The format of an expository essay outline template is similar to other types of essays. A typical outline could comprise up to three paragraphs. The outline can be split into chapters then. Include subheadings which are short phrases that summarize key points in your paper. Finally, ensure that you adhere to the guidelines set out in the outline of your work.

Take a look at this sample of an expository essay outline.

Outline Template

Introduction paragraph

  • Hook. Write a sentence that will grab your reader’s attention.
  • Add details. This will expand or support your hook.
  • Thesis statement.

Body paragraph #1

  • Topic sentence.
  • Supporting detail 1 for this topic sentence.
  • Supporting detail 2 for this topic sentence.

Body paragraph #2

  • Topic sentence.
  • Supporting detail 1 for this topic sentence.
  • Supporting detail 2 for this topic sentence.
  • Summarize everything.

Body paragraph #3

  • Repeat the previous process.

Conclusion paragraph

  • Restate your thesis. Do not repeat it word for word.
  • Summarize your key points.
  • Connect them with your general topic.

5. Write an Expository Essay

It is time for you to write an expository essay! Writing such kind of work you must remain focused. Remember that you must keep the focus on the thesis. Avoid new concepts and allow yourself plenty of time for the task. 

When you've finished writing your essay, edit it carefully. Remove redundancies and weak paragraphs. If anything, replace them with more convincing arguments. You can also leave your draft to rest for several days. Look at it with fresh eyes later. Or possibly, ask a colleague or your editor who is familiar with this kind of writing for help if you aren't an expert in this field. They'll offer suggestions and assist you in writing high-quality work.

Good luck!

Expository Essay Structure

The expository writing structure remains the following. 

  • It begins by introducing the topic, which attracts attention from readers before moving on towards a thesis statement. 
  • The body examines the subject in depth. It generally consists of between three and five paragraphs but you can always make it longer.
  • In the conclusion, you reiterate your thesis and wrap it up in a coherent fashion.

More about expository essays structure you can find below.

Expository Essay Introduction Example

You can use one of our expository essay introduction examples and learn how you can grab the reader's interest. Such essays must include examples, transition words, and other phrases as well as rhetorical devices. Concentrate on a few important points. Use the transitions in order to go between them. Be sure that you reiterate your thesis as well as the supporting arguments with a fresh approach. In the end, you should mention how your readers can continue studying the topic.

How long the article determines the length of the body. It could be a single paragraph or more. The introduction should be brief and succinct. Check out our expository essay introduction paragraph examples. See how a good introduction must look like. Each of our expository introduction examples is written by professionals. So, you won’t miss your mark with them!

Expository essay introduction example 

According to Zacher & Matthews (p. 108), liberal international theory had its roots in the 17th century, when politicians and philosophers became fed up with the old systems that did not guarantee human freedom. However, the liberal international theory was fully developed in the 20th century. Human progress and cooperation are the central themes in liberal international theory, but there are different strands of liberal theory: republican, interdependence, cognitive, sociological, and institutional. The different strands of liberalism can be understood by both the concepts of structure and agency; while states try to forge cooperation with other states, the progressive nature of people in those states will make liberalism a reality. 

Expository Essay Thesis Statement Examples

A strong expository essay thesis statement is essential if you must create a great essay. It should be a reflection of the primary purpose for your essay, precise and not too general. The thesis statement must provide a clear argument and be backed with logic and facts. Try our easy-to-use thesis statement generator and see how everything works.

A good thesis statement should relate to the paper's subject. Information should be relevant and pertinent to readers' needs. The text should not contain large words, as they can be confusing for the reader. It should also be persuasive. You can find a good expository essay thesis statement example in the paragraph above.

Expository Essay Body 

Expository paragraph structure is quite simple. It consists of a few paragraphs that discuss your topic in further length. While an expository essay is longer than a standard essay, the body section could be shorter than the first one. It is important that you follow all requirements included with every assignment. You can browse through any of our expository paragraph samples. See how your body part can be written.

Paragraph length will vary depending on what subject they're discussing. Each of them should contain a topic sentence along with supporting sentences. Concluding sentence should be a transitional one between paragraphs. An article must be able to draw a clear conclusion. It should be easy to read.

Expository essay paragraph example

Republican liberalism is founded on the notion that liberal democracies never go to war with each other (Zacher & Matthews 122).  Instead, the democracies create a zone of peace and cooperation through myriads of agreements. Alternatively, interdependence liberalism argues that increased interdependence between nations decreases the chances of war. Interdependence liberalism proposes that economic and political independence between states increases avenues of collaboration, such that welfare will become the primary concern of the nations rather than military force.  

Expository Essay Conclusion Example

Conclusion for expository essay must summarize major points of your paper. It should not include additional information but must reiterate key aspects that were mentioned in your work. Make this paragraph short and clear. Use only the most important information.

Your conclusion should have the same depth and insight as well as other body paragraphs. It should be a rounded-off and thrilling section of a paper. Conclusion should make a reader feel satisfied or perhaps even enthralled. Check out our paper samples. See how good expository essay conclusion examples can be made. You can always use them as an inspiration for your own paper.

Expository writing conclusion example 

In conclusion, liberalism theory created the foundation of today’s international relation. In today’s society, the level of cooperation between states is at its peak, they cooperate on political, economic and social level. The different strands of liberalism theory are examples of practical ways in which states can cooperate. Democratic states are more likely to cooperate because they are guided by the same principles, and the other strands can be used to forge cooperation on economic and social levels.

Expository Essay Writing Tips

What are the expository writing tips we can offer? Look below and find out!

  • Proofread

It's important to make sure your content is completely error-free. Your credibility can be damaged by mistakes in grammar and spelling. Have a friend or a trusted editor check your paper before submitting it.

  • Make a strong thesis statement

This can make sure your work’s basis is flawless.

  • Create an outline

This will help you with organizing your information and allow you to make your argument in a concise manner. It is the most crucial element of an academic paper.

  • Present your ideas in an effective manner

Effective content should contain interesting and relevant information. If you're not sure of what topic to write about you may get inspiration from books and other publications. 

  • Use an active voice

The main aspect to keep in mind is avoiding using your passive voice. Instead, make use of active voice whenever writing.

  • Use a third-person perspective

Use a third person while writing. Because your readers will read a text in 3rd person, this is an ideal approach. 

  • Use phrases to transition between paragraphs

This will make your paper more concise.

  • Use clear language 

Ensure readers understand your content. Beware of jargon when writing your content. Avoid jargon used as it can make your reader confused.

  • Use proper terminology 

This will help convey ideas. If not, it will be difficult for readers to comprehend your message.

  • Research prior to writing your expository essays

Research you conduct is an integral part of any paper.


FAQ About Examples of Expository Essays

1. What is an expository essay?

An expository essay is a piece of academic writing where students investigate and expound on an idea, provide evidence, and suggest different arguments concerning the research subject in a clear and concise manner.

2. How long is an expository essay?

When talking about the length of an expository essay, we prefer it as short as possible. This can assure that paper will be written in a precise manner, without sidetracking. However, the standard length of this type of paper is around 800 words. This is because they are often assigned as a writing section of an exam.

3. Can I use your expository writing examples?

No, you can’t use our examples of expository writing. Since other students have donated these essays, they are not unique. But we can write similar essays specially for you!

4. Are your expository essay samples free?

Yes, our samples of expository essays are completely free of charge. You also shouldn’t register if you must check them out and browse them to your heart’s content.


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