Best Exploratory Essays: Full Guide & Writing Tips

Among students, exploratory essay examples are seen as saving rafts. Scholars have a distinct view of such a written assignment type – boring. Considered to be a substitute for proper research, exploratory papers don’t get love and appraisal. If this task was assigned – scholars must complete it. A low-quality piece badly affects the overall grade or even jeopardizes the research. So, look through different examples of exploratory essays we suggest to help with your writing!

Raise Your Grades Quickly With Our Exploratory Essay Examples

Download a free exploratory essay example pdf and improve writing skills! Coming up with argumentative, evaluative scholarly pieces of such type can’t be easy. Even after a long research process, squeezing important data into a small text is tedious.

Most of the time, investigative papers are standalone work. It’s small research with argumentation. Students study a given topic in detail and present results in a coherent, laconic way. Compliance with university regulations and formatting rules, a structure must be maintained throughout.

Following a sample is far easier. Download exploratory essay examples for free to learn reasonable, consistent writing. Explore them and study every detail to get meaningful narration tricks. Copy them directly or use them as inspiration. Create unique scholarly pieces from scratch!

Great Exploratory Papers

To find out why every student must use exploratory paper example, listing benefits is needed. Here are some features of such samples scholars can benefit from.

  • Superior quality

Every sample was written with diligence, attention to detail, and the goal of getting high scores. Careful proofreading eliminated spelling errors and grammar mistakes.

  • Solid structure

Strong outline is seen behind every word and sentence. As a result, smooth transitions, consistent narration, and uniform data presentation throughout the whole paper.

  • Credible sources

No data was forged or randomly generated during writing. Every fact used is backed up by credible data sources, checked, and trustworthy. 

  • Strong argumentation

Well-crafted arguments were prepared to correctly represent a thinking process. Each one showcases certain points in vibrant colors with an evaluative, critical look.

Free Exploratory Essay Samples

Now it’s clear why every exploratory essay sample pdf works like clockwork. What can a student learn from such a sample of exploratory essay?

  • Develops flexibility

In every sample it’s clearly visible how the author's thoughts progressed. Learning this process helps better navigate through personal thoughts and ideas.

  • Improves argumentation

Well-thought-out arguments are hiding behind every fact. Each word has proof, solid literature data, and expert opinions. Arguments are always relevant and on-point.

  • Teaches data-foraging

Information mining is a useful skill for every person. Scientific research, restaurant selection – the ability to find necessary data fast is always useful.

  • Shows guideline following

Each scholarly piece must follow predetermined guidelines. Provided samples were written in compliance with all of them. Each scholar now can see how to do it.

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Exploratory Essay Examples Made Easy

In any exploratory essay example it’s clearly visible how different such a task is from other argumentative papers. Students of every educational level are struggling with regular articles. When teachers drop yet another unknown task, students get sad. They start looking for an example of exploratory essay to ease their work. Such samples are perfect for getting an overall gist.

Conducting small research, highlighting important milestones during the process, and presenting thoughts – is a hard task even for experienced students. Mastering these skills requires time and effort. Scholars don’t have both. Tens of assignments to complete every day, career findings, figuring themselves out. How to find time for mastering writing? Following samples is an easier, faster, and more convenient way of finishing the task.

What Is an Exploratory Essay: Definition

The general exploratory writing definition looks like this: considering a subject or an issue, exploring solutions, and guiding readers through the author’s findings and research process. To define exploratory essay writing easier – show how you’re thinking and why.

The majority of people can’t figure out even what they’re thinking. Students are tasked not only with researching a subject, but also with showcasing personal thoughts with arguments. It sounds difficult enough. But it gets harder when it comes to regulation following. Every text of this type must be written in compliance with standards following rules. The easiest way to do it while spending only a fraction of time is by following existing pieces. On this website, scholars can find hundreds of free, legit, creative, and well-researched samples of investigative papers.

Exploratory Essay Outline Example

An outline for exploratory essay is as important as it is for any other written assignment. Without a concrete structure, any text falls apart. Arguments look unconvincing, thoughts fly out of order. Smooth transitions are not an option, reasoning is broken.

A standard yet effective exploratory essay outline looks like this:


  • Presenting the subject
  • Thesis statement

First body paragraph

  • Mentioning the argument
  • Proofs, reasoning
  • Shift in thinking

Other body paragraphs

  • Mentioning the argument
  • Proofs, reasoning
  • Shift in thinking


  • Restating thesis
  • Study summary
  • Final thoughts

Structure above can be changed depending on personal preferences. it’s recommended to use it as a reference or follow it directly. Creating such an outline allows writers to more coherently, consistently, and fluently express thoughts, show arguments, and reasons. Never ignore this part, it’s a backbone to the whole piece.

Exploratory Essay Introduction Examples

In an exploratory essay introduction plays a vital role for interesting readers, introducing them to the problematics. The good intro starts with stating the subject directly, followed by background data. Such information reflects the importance of a topic and its connection to the lives of people. Next, is the thesis statement. It will be discussed later on.

To make things easier, check out our death penalty essay introduction or an example below. Look how sentences are phrased, worded, and transitioned. Try to replicate them closely, with a small pinch of improvisation. Don’t just copy-paste. Spend some time rephrasing, repurposing words, and figuring out appropriate ways to convey a message.

Example of exploratory essay introduction

Facebook has over 1 billion daily users globally. The more people use Facebook, the more they become comfortable, and hence the more they disclose private information without taking into account the consequences. According to Tucker (550), 25% of Facebook users are not aware of privacy settings, and 40% shared their dates of birth online. Therefore, it is not shocking that the social sites have become the primary target where those who seek to exploit the willingness of people to share private information turn to retrieve vital data. Often, employers use information from these sites when hiring potential employees, the advertisers acquire facts to target prospective customers, and criminals use information posted on these sites to steal the user's identity (Tucker 547). The privacy issue is a complicated matter since it encompasses the willingness of individuals to share their private information and their ability to understand and use the tools that have been provided by social sites to guard their key features.

Exploratory Essay Thesis Statement

To correctly complete this uneasy part follow exploratory essay thesis examples. Without such an important sentence, any article is incomplete. In this statement, state briefly the general message of the whole paper. Hint at final results, expected changes, and raised questions. By making thesis statements informative, writers involve readers, and gain attention. By reading only this sentence people decide whether they’re reading forward or closing the file.

To get a full understanding, study thesis statement of exploratory essay samples closely. Look at phrasing, structuring, and words used. Examine how much data is shown and how much is left beyond the frame. Try implementing gathered knowledge to create a custom statement yourself. Continue writing until the final thesis won’t be perfect not only in your eyes but in the audiences’ eyes. Look at our domestic violence thesis statement before writing yours.

Exploratory Body Paragraph Essay Example

Exploratory essay body paragraphs is by far the largest section. In each paragraph explain the research process stage, data gathered. Include personal opinion on it, showing shifting from the previous one. Here’s what to include:

  • A short intro of this exact research part.
  • How is it important?
  • What data was uncovered?
  • Personal findings, opinions.

To know more, look at the samples below. Check how the structure is seen through words, how arguments and sources get presented. Pay attention to citations, formatting, and writing style. Then, use gathered data to create unique academic pieces, in compliance with all regulations.

Exploratory paragraph examples

Facebook has not been able to manage the user’s data well. At first, they restricted the user’s private information to friends and those in their network. Over the years, they have adjusted the settings to be extra permissive. They have also changed how individuals classify their information many times, occasionally causing confusion among its users. The changes have been intended to distribute and make money out of their social graphs, given that Facebook is a massive database of personal associations that cover everything from the place we live, the people we trust and what we like. Therefore, the privacy of how Facebook uses my information, including selling critical personal data to willing buyers is no longer private, concerns me a lot. Facebook has helped dozens of people who had lost touch with one another to reconnect. Their work is magnificent. It is our duty to secure our accounts online to the level to which we are comfortable. 

Exploratory Essay Conclusion Example

Exploratory essay conclusion is the place to restate the thesis statement, repeat the problem once again. Outline causes of not solving this issue and give some suggestions on possible solutions. This last part must give a satisfactory, yet informative ending. Summarize previously mentioned data in a condensed way, without being overweight with information.

Read Of Mice and Men conclusion or an example below to see how a summary must look like. Samples were written by students, so expect the most accurate and relevant tips. Examine writing style and compare mentioned information with overall data volume. Create a custom, unique academic writing piece easily, without stressing too much!

Example of an exploratory essay conclusion

Private information is precious. Nowever, users have to go through a grueling experience in order to remove their details while deactivating their account. Based on the above information, I do not agree on how companies collect and use our information. In fact, it is evident that the majority do not understand the kind of information they are recording and accumulating. Therefore, I feel that companies are invading our privacy. However, some people agree that the steps social companies have taken to ensure the confidentiality and security of user’s data are sufficient. Consequently, more research should be done on this issue.

How to Write an Exploratory Essay

To convert theoretical knowledge of how to write exploratory essay into practical one, follow the step-by-step guide below. It includes the first few steps, so crucial for high-quality articles.

  1. Pick a topic. Start by selecting a topic you genuinely like. Interesting subject positively affects the mood, inspires additional research, helps to go the extra mile. Topics are usually given by teachers, but as for custom ones. Any good mentor will congratulate you for additional effort and provide the necessary support.
  2. Conduct research. Detailed, in-depth, thorough study must be conducted. Read multiple sources and compare opinions and data. Highlight important information with color to cite later. Build a foundation with solid, credible research materials. Add additional layers of facts, statistics, and opinions if necessary. Try covering all areas connected to a given subject. Consider the importance of minor details.
  3. Find a good sample. Completing even the most infuriating task is easier when templates are available. For time-saving and quality improvement, search for exploratory essays examples on this site. Download some of them and study closely for a better understanding of work ahead. Repeat after samples at first, until feeling comfortable.
  4. Make an outline. Build a structure for an academic paper. The outline helps to maintain coherent narration and smooth transitions from one paragraph to another. It improves readability, bonds parts together. Ignoring it means leaving the written piece boneless, like a Jell-O. Such types of articles never get good grades, per se.

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Brilliant Tips for Writing an Exploratory Essay

Writing an exploratory essay can become significantly easy with implementation of small tips. Such tricks are universal for any topic, any paper size. Try adding some of them. See how dramatically writing experience and effectiveness change! Here are 5 best tips for a beginner writer.

  1. Show the subject in detail. Readers must know whether the topic is real, its meaning, and its connection to everyone. Show importance of it, problem source, possible solutions or effects. Make readers care, be interested, and invested.
  2. Use exploratory writing examples. Exploratory essay writing without copying samples is time-consuming. Save time by studying excellent papers for narration tricks and argumentation techniques. Look how thoughts are shown, apply a similar approach.
  3. Keep narration clean and consistent. Maintain coherency and steady pace of narration. At any point, attention must be kept high. Try structuring custom pieces in such a way that readers will consume data with ease, without pauses. Narrative essay examples in our library can come in handy.
  4. Present thoughts naturally. Keep thoughts clean and present them chronologically in order. Author's personal ideas must be shown, explained, analyzed, and supported by arguments. Look at various sample texts to see how it’s done. Our personal essay examples for college will help with expressing yourself.
  5. Show evolution. Throughout the whole paper evolution and development must be seen. State one idea at the beginning and show progression to a final one. Use provided samples to your advantage.

Good Exploratory Essay Topics for All Students

Good topics for exploratory essays can make written tasks much more interesting. If selecting a custom topic is possible, choose something relevant to everyone but captivating for you. Here’s a short list of exploratory essay topics for high-school and college students:

  • Organic food and its influence on agricultural industry.
  • Rise of public transportation in major cities.
  • Connection between overpopulation and technologies.
  • Smartphones and decreased education quality.
  • How social media influences mental state of teenagers.
  • Tendencies in road accidents, self-driving cars.
  • Pause in deep-space exploration.
  • Similarities between caffeine and drug addiction.
  • Influence of Obama Care on nation’s wallets.
  • Increasing rate of child obesity.

Not every proposed subject is as unique as expected. Feel free to use any one of them or mix them together. Students are willing to choose a point of view for exploration and argumentation. If none of these topics are suitable, check ones from text examples too.


FAQ About Exploratory Essays

1. How to start an exploratory essay?

A good way to start an exploratory essay is by introducing readers to the subject. Show how important it is to tackle such a problem and how it influences the lives of people. It’s needed to create interest and engagement. Next – state personal views on it in a clean, respectable way.

2. Are your exploratory essay examples free?

Despite the popular misconception that good examples of exploratory essays are costly, ours are free. Any student, professor, or teacher can download them as pdf files any time of day or night. No registration is required, no hidden payments, or newsletter subscription. Every last word you see is available free of charge, forever.

3. How long should an exploratory essay be?

Every educational institution has unique requirements regarding exploratory essay size. Usually, teachers announce it beforehand or issue a regulation sheet to inform students about size, topics, and raised questions. Study available materials more carefully to find out. If no data is provided, make a personal piece similar in size to the presented samples.

4. What is a good exploratory essay topic?

A list of good exploratory paper topics is given above. A great topic is the one student is passionate about or concerned about. Selecting a topic starts with looking inside one's mind to find out what bothers it. After such a subject is found, the research and writing process becomes more interesting and buttery-smooth.


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