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Well-Written Synthesis Essays Samples

A great sample of synthesis essay must include every detail that is often spoken about in guides. This usually starts with a solid thesis statement supporting the topic. This topic should be strong and include references and examples. A well-written synthesis sample in pdf format must be logical and organized.

And obviously, students will find tons of great samples of synthesis essays on our website.

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Best Synthesis Essay Examples

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Synthesis Essays Examples to Impress and Get A+

Before you write your own paper, it’s a good idea to look at a college synthesis essay example. It will allow you to get an idea of what you need to compose and how you can do it. For an understanding of the structure of such essays composed by others, study different works online. As a result, you will be able to write a flawless essay that will impress your teacher. And we offer you lots and lots of papers for reference.

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Argumentative Synthesis Essay Example

There are several ways to approach writing an argumentative synthesis essay. 

  • A controversial subject is likely to have a strong emotional impact and ample evidence. 
  • Look for any arguments that can support the thesis, or that you disagree with. 
  • Use an outline to plan and organize your argumentative synthesis essay. Your outline must include evidence and sub-arguments.
  • Each paragraph must prove the thesis. Add transitions between paragraphs.
  • Keep track of all key elements including sources within the parentheses. 

Your argumentative synthesis essay should leave the audience with something to think about. Then they will be more inclined to continue research in this area. Look at our argumentative essay examples to get some inspiration.

Explanatory Synthesis Essay Examples

Explanatory synthesis essay is another type of synthesis essay. It is used to explain similarities and differences between two texts that cover the same subject area. The main rule is to write this type of paper objectively and stay neutral talking about a topic.

Other rules may include:

  • Choose a topic that is easy to understand, has a lot of proof, but also one that's controversial and emotional.
  • Your explanatory synthesis essay should begin with an analysis of the source. To create new directions, analyze the text of the source and understand its meaning. 
  • Create an outline to plan your task and plan your arguments. An outline should include supporting arguments, evidence, and particular points.
  • Remember that the body of the paragraph should not comprise more than one sentence.

Read how to write an explanatory essay. It is a good idea to look up an explanatory synthesis example online. We have tons of these. You are welcome to browse through them to your heart’s content!

Literature Review Synthesis Essay Examples

Use any literature review synthesis example to make your own paper exceptional! For this type of paper, examine the sources you picked before you started writing. It is important to begin the process of synthesis by categorizing all information in an organized grid or table. Then, compare results and determine areas where more research is required. This will allow you to get a better comprehension of what you're looking at. This way you will write your essay in the right way. 

General rules of writing a literature review synthesis paper are as follows:

  • Choose a topic that holds a lot of possibility of attracting attention. It should include a staggering fact or shocking statistics as well as a compelling reference. 
  • Include some facts and background in your paper in order to keep readers engaged.
  • Body paragraph has no rigid structure which means you're free to think outside the box and develop your own unique ideas. 
  • Create a conclusion that proves the validity of your argument.

What Is a Synthesis Essay: Definition

Let’s define synthesis essay before we delve deeper into the topic! Synthesis essays are analytical essays (look at an analytical essay example in our library) that blend and examine three sources of information. They also contain arguments to justify a position. In order to write this essay, it is necessary to research your sources, formulate your argument. 

Such essays are different from other types of essays. They are typically lengthy. Be sure to add a hook to your opening. The thesis statement must be strong because it is basically the main argument of such an essay. You should support it with the most sources you can. In the first paragraph of your essay, counter the thesis you have stated. It shows you are able to think alternatively and draw your own conclusions.

Synthesis Essay Structure

Structure of a synthesis essay requires reading more than one source and synthesizing their ideas and points of view. Although they might be able to reach the same conclusion or have various approaches. These sources could have different views. They could also address similar aspects of the problem or issue. It is important to identify similarities and distinctions between the two sources. Then, use them to support your main notion. 

There are many different ways in which you can structure this kind of paper. Take a look at the following list.

  • Climactic order

Save best for last when writing your essay! With this order, you arrange ideas, details, or arguments from least to most important. The last point will be the most forceful and powerful of all.

  • Chronological order

Do your sources cover a large time period? Maybe, you found patterns in researchers' discussion over time? Then this order will be useful because it structures your points chronologically. Although, remember that you can’t use it with argumentative synthesis papers.

  • Logical order

If your points are based on one another, you should use logical order. It can help readers understand the previous point before they get to the next. But like chronological order, you can’t use it with argumentative synthesis papers.

  • Anticlimactic order

This type of order is opposite of a climactic order. You must organize your points from the strongest to the weakest. This way your first argument will be most memorable before moving on to other arguments.

  • Problem/solution order

As it’s quite clear from the name, this type of organization establishes a problem and then offers a solution or a few to it. We have various problem and solution examples for a better understanding.

  • Comparison and contrast order

Your comparison here can be done either by summarizing each source and discussing their similarities and differences or by explaining each similarity and difference block by block.

Synthesis Essay Outline Examples

Creating an outline for a synthesis essay is a great idea before you start writing. This way, you will organize your thoughts better and quicker, as well as have a general idea about what you must write. Take a look at our outline of a synthesis essay example.

Synthesis essay outline template


  • Hook: Make your introduction catching for the readers
  • Topical background: Explain your subject here
  • Definitions
  • Thesis statement

Body paragraph #1

  • Topic sentence
  • Supporting evidence #1
  • Your opinion on the evidence
  • Supporting evidence #2
  • Your opinion on the evidence

Body paragraph #2

  • Topic sentence
  • Supporting evidence #1
  • Your opinion on the evidence
  • Supporting evidence #2.
  • Your opinion on the evidence


  • Restate your thesis statement
  • Sum up your evidence
  • Write a concluding statement

Synthesis Essay Introduction Examples

You can always check out our synthesis introduction example if you don’t know how to start your paper. A good introduction should grab the reader's attention and encourage them to continue reading.

Basically, an introductory paragraph should include:

  • Hook sentence

A great hook sentence might be a shocking fact or statistic. A great citation will also suffice. 

  • Background information

It should contain an expertly crafted overview of the area of study. Use appropriate references. 

  • Sources

You will usually need three or more sources.

  • Topic statement

The sentence should introduce primary arguments on the subject. Remember that the essay you write is based upon the thesis statement.

Introduction for synthesis essay example

According to the latest report by the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, the number of hungry people in the world had reached one billion and it continued to rise. More than 90% of hungry people globally come from developing countries (Clapp & Cohen, 2009). At the same time, 13.9% of the world’s population is chronically malnourished. As a result, a significant number of people in developing countries face hunger and are malnourished. Ironically, a substantial number of people in developed countries are obese. According to the World Health Organization, 1.6 billion people globally are obese and the majority is from developed countries, especially America and Europe. Therefore, the global food crisis is one of the striking paradoxes that the world is facing today. The paradox in the global food crisis can partly be explained by the argument of Karl Marx and Friedrick Engels in one of the most controversial literature known as Communist Manifesto. The current global food crisis is one of the ways in which the global inequality is manifested because it is linked to economic, geopolitical, and environmental dimensions.

Thesis Statement for Synthesis Essay

Before you write a thesis, consult synthesis essay thesis statement examples. This is the core of the essay. So, it must be perfect. Your thesis must also be:

  • Persuasive
  • Argumentative 
  • Clear
  • Concise. 

The thesis statement for such an essay must clearly state your position on the topic and support it with evidence. Here you can state a position regarding the subject and argue. Defend and refute that assertion. Make your thesis statement unique. Don’t pose it as a question or write a brief summary with no coherent assertions.

Take a look at one of the thesis statement examples for synthesis essays.

Thesis statement example

Whereas individuals can respond differently to the same piece, listening to a favorite music band is good for your mental health given that music reduces stress.

Synthesis Essay Body Paragraph Example

Among all the synthesis paragraph examples, the body paragraph is by far the most important part of the write-up on synthesis. It's the portion of the essay where you present your research. It's flexible and promotes creative thinking. As with other essays, you'll need to incorporate a topic statement that introduces your main argument about the topic. Include your opinion and main point in an essay.

The paragraph's body is the central notion or argument of your essay. Here, you should utilize reliable proof to prove a thesis statement and discuss the most important points you have made. Be sure to give examples and explanations that come from the sources. Also, it is important to ensure that the sources are organized with logicality. 

Example of body paragraph for synthesis essay

There are a number of factors that are associated with the global food crisis. However, one of the major causes is the stiff competition for cereals from both developed and emerging economies such as China. Emerging countries like China, due to an increasing middle class, have adopted Western style of diet, which involves the consumption of a large quantity of meat (Clapp & Cohen, 2009). Consequently, a substantial amount of cereals are now diverted from humans to feed livestock that produce meat for the growing middle class globally. The competition for cereal has been enhanced by the expansion of the biofuel industry, which has also led to diversion of cereals from human beings to cars and other automobiles. According to the IMF, corn ethanol production in the US alone accounts for 50% of the world’s corn demand, which led to an increase in corn prices globally (Clapp & Cohen, 2009). As a result, cereal prices has been increasing and it is now out of reach of many poor people in the world. Cereals are no longer produced to feed humans but they are used to feed animals and to power automobiles. 

Synthesis Essay Conclusion Examples

A great synthesis conclusion example will assist you in writing the perfect ending to your paper. The main rule for writing a spotless conclusion is to restate your thesis statement. Just do not write it word for word. Sum everything up and share your findings. This way, you will make sure that your audience can be interested in looking into your subject area further. Try our conclusion generator and see how a paragraph can be concluded.

The concluding paragraph should provide an overview of themes and also provide recommendations for future studies. After all, this is not the end of your paper but it is a crucial component that explains your findings.

Conclusion for a synthesis essay example

Therefore, based on the argument of Marx and Engels in the Communist Manifesto, has led to overproduction that only capitalists alone benefit from, but not the poor in the society. Capitalism has led to the irrational production of products such as biofuel and mass production of meat that meet the demand of a few middle class while millions of people are left to starve. Based on the views of the two scholars, capitalism has created abundance in the production. However, as long as the capitalist system is allowed to continue, the world is likely to experience a situation where the overproduction of commodities such as biofuel and ethanol goes along with a shortage of basic foodstuff that is consumed by the majority. Hence, according to Marx and Engels, capitalism is no longer able to feed humanity and it is the time for proletarians to assume their responsibility and overthrow the exploitative system, capitalism. Marx and Engels would have maintained that it is through world communist revolution that society is able to create enough food to feed the entire global population.

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How to Write a Synthesis Essay

When you get down to creating a paper but have a problem with the process, remember to follow the steps to writing a synthesis essay. It is a simple enough process that can keep your mind on track and help you when you stumble.

What should you do to write an essay?

  1. Choose the right topic. Here, you should decide what you want to put in your paper. Make your topic engaging and interesting not only for you but for your audience. Incorporate your topic into a thesis statement using an example of synthesis there.
  2. Use credible sources. Your essay should consist of a review of sources that you use for writing. Always check your sources’ credibility. After you've read each of them, write a comment. Write down what the source means to you and how it backs up your thesis.
  3. Create an outline. An outline can be helpful in writing this kind of essay. It should be 1 to 3 sentences long and cover a variety of topics. You can use our topical synthesis sentence example to better understand how it must be written. Well-organized outline will help keep you on the right track and avoid meandering. It can also be used to structure paragraphs.
  4. Cite sources correctly. Text should be properly formatted with the correct reference and be consistent with one of the many formatting styles. We usually recommend using MLA or APA, but you must also consult your professor’s requirements.
  5. Proofread your essay. Do it before sending your task. Make sure that your paper is not contaminated by inconsistencies. Check citations of an essay and its logic. Ask family members or friends to look over it. It is recommended to postpone proofreading and editing until the next day. Its reason is that you're likely to be exhausted when you write this kind of essay. So, your attention will be slack.

Consider our The Things They Carried synthesis essay or Civil Disobedience synthesis essay to see how others dealt with this kind of essay.

Tips for Writing a Synthesis Essay

There are many tips for creating synthesis in academic writing. Make sure that you follow these ideas to ensure the high quality of your synthesis essay.

  • Determine your position. When you have a clear stance it will help you stay focused on your topic and avoid repeating yourself.
  • Avoid personal pronouns when writing a synthesis essay. 
  • Include reliable proof to support your argument. Utilize examples to demonstrate thoughts in actual situations. 
  • Be careful not to copy others' ideas. Use plagiarism checkers if you are unsure about your papers.
  • Utilize proper citations. You can choose from different formatting styles and stick to one of them.
  • Use any synthesis writing example to improve your own paper’s quality.
  • Take notes. While reading documents, take notes on important points and highlight the most important ideas you see in every document. This will form base of your paper.

Good Synthesis Essay Topics

All good topics for a synthesis essay are ones that force readers to think about a topic with greater depth. Avoid topics that are easy to defend. Instead, you should use a subject as a springboard to discuss and debate. 

Although some subjects are intrinsically intriguing and don't require any changes. Other topics can be changed. It is important to think of possible subjects before creating one’s composition. Write down questions and make a list of them. When you've completed your initial research make sure you use two sources in your research. One must adhere to the purpose of such an article to establish significant connections between various parts of one’s work.

The best synthesis essay topics should be engaging. It should be interesting for both readers and writers. Take a look at these easy synthesis essay topics example we selected for you.

  1. Ways to address depression.
  2. How studying abroad can better prepare you for your chosen career?
  3. Definition of magic in the age of technology.
  4. How do views of body positivity affect obese people?
  5. How has history changed our views on wars?
  6. Is evil made or born?
  7. How has an acceptance of gender fluidness impacted modern society?
  8. How can artificial intelligence creation be threatening to humanity?
  9. How can substance abuse impact your health?
  10. Types of human relationships.

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FAQ About Synthesis Essays

1. How to start a synthesis essay?

You should start your informative synthesis essay with a hook that will grab your audience’s attention. Then include background information on your topic, and provide definitions for your subject matter. Write your topic sentence which will be the backbone of your whole paper.

2. What is a purpose of synthesis essay?

A synthesis essay purpose lies in making insightful connections between parts of a text or between two or more texts. You must explain the relationship between them and explain why those relationships are important.

3. How do you write a good synthesis paper?

When you start writing a synthesis paper, it’s a good idea to keep in mind a comprehensive step-by-step guide. Stick to instructions, and make good use of paper samples that you can find with StudyBounty.

4. Do synthesis papers have titles?

Yes, they have synthesis paper topics! This way, your reader can better understand the theme that you are writing about.


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