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There are almost no students who enjoy writing essays on Beowulf. Modern students take no interest in an ancient English Anglo-Saxon poems. As it includes analyzing characters, discussing life and death, and exploring the author's writing style. This writing process for students becomes slow and tedious. Free paper examples can make it significantly easier and less time-consuming.

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19 Sep 2023

The analysis of chapter 23 of poem "Beowulf"

Running Head: BEOWULF 1 Beowulf Chapter 23: Fight with Grendel’s Mother The contexts that mark the beginning of Beowulf’s second fight have him courageous and unafraid of death. Beowulf has his armour on and...

Words: 659

Pages: 2

Views: 168

17 Sep 2023

King Hrothgar’s warning and advice to Beowulf

Hrothgar warns Beowulf against falling into the traps of pride because of his current successes. Hrothgar was talking during a feast after receiving the head of Grendel and the news of the death of Grendel’s mother....

Words: 527

Pages: 2

Views: 92

16 Sep 2023

The Role of Treasure in Beowulf

Within the culture, engagement with the material commodities often implies the shallowness and the quest for wealth that is generally regarded as not being compatible or also not easy to have reconciliation with...

Words: 519

Pages: 2

Views: 435

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The World Through Beowulf and Cu Chulainn

The World Through Beowulf and Cu Chulainn The role of literature in advancing myths cannot be overemphasized. In pursuit of this, various authors have extensively explored two prominent medieval superheroes. These...

Words: 1066

Pages: 4

Views: 450

14 Sep 2023

The Rule of St. Benedict and Beowulf

The Rule of St. Benedict and Beowulf In the 5th Century CE, the mighty Roman Empire that had controlled the earth for so long crumbled. At that time, two worlds so far apart lost the virtual border that separated...

Words: 1185

Pages: 4

Views: 139


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What Is a Beowulf Essay

The definition of essay on Beowulf changes depending on the topic or overall direction. It can be a descriptive piece, argumentative, analytic, or even critical. Wide range of possible interpretations and available topics result in an even wider diversity of definitions.

Each author can choose his own meaning of such a written assignment. Articles covering this poem can differ greatly when it comes to their size and content. It can be an essay in 200 or in 2000 words. Size is always regulated by the student's educational institution. If no appropriate data was given, use proposed paper samples as templates. Follow their structure and size to comply with regulations.

Beowulf Essay Examples for Choosing Best

Our site proposes countless paper examples for all occasions. They include the Beowulf character analysis essay, symbolism essay, narrative essay, or summary essay. Assortment of possibilities is endless. All samples you see were written by students and donated to us.

Such origin allows us to be fully sure of absolute compliance with regulations and ultimate quality of each presented example. Do you need a Beowulf descriptive essay? Or a Beowulf persuasive essay? A look from the perspective of a Grendel? We’ve got them all.

By studying these samples each student can substantially improve personal writing skills without spending too much time on it. Learn new narration, description, and argumentation techniques by simply reading pre-existing papers. It’s an easy, fast, and affordable way of perfecting “wordsmanship”.

Beowulf Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay on Beowulf requires conducting research. Read the poem to find the necessary evidence. Argument-targeted pieces propose describing one or multiple aspects of this literature creation in detail. Students must demonstrate superb critical and evaluative thinking on par with strong narrative skills.

Such papers rely on supportive data taken straight from the poem. Beowulf argumentative essay topics usually encourage young authors to do additional reading and thinking. To competently cover such topics each aspect of the poem must be thought over, analyzed, and dissected to pieces. Not from a literary angle but from embedded thoughts and ideas.

To get a better understanding, read a proposed sample on this website. Creative pieces present a creative approach to tackling this task. Use them as guidance and source of fresh ideas.

Beowulf Literary Analysis Essay

Creating a competent literary analysis essay on Beowulf requires significant knowledge of 700-1000 AD ancient English literature. No modern student possesses such knowledge or necessary skills to conduct a detailed analysis. All that can be done by examining and exploring narration, language, and hidden ideas.

Numerous research papers were written by experts analyzing each detail and word. All you have to do is combine available data into one coherent article. Conduct research, study materials, and design the narration. Any rhetorical essay example from our library will help you with this task.

If this is too hard, then just copy one of the available paper examples. Other students have already done all the work for you. Just repurpose and reuse elements of their articles until you have a unique piece. Try analyzing what you’re rewriting and understanding how authors came to such conclusions.

Beowulf Compare and Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay on Beowulf suggests making analogies between various characters and discussing similarities and differences. Such pieces are difficult since they require both strong writing and description skills, as well as a deep understanding of the main heroes and villains of this tale.

Students are asked to study particular aspects and then compare them without sparing any detail. This task tests students’ analytical abilities and cognitive skills. These notorious assignments are extremely hard to nail on the first try. To increase chances — study our compare and contrast essay examples.

Examine possible methods used by other students to complete this task. Learn new techniques and tactics that help disguise “ignorance” as knowledge and proficiency. Create unique works by simply copying already successful, high-scoring papers.

Beowulf Essay Outline

Essay outline for Beowulf pieces is essential. Just like any other written piece, such essay has a goal. It is to convey a message effectively and present information in a clean way. This can’t be done without a prior design of narration. Author must plan specific places for each element, every smallest idea or citation. All articles must be carefully orchestrated to provide the desired effect on readers. Check out a sample below. 

Example of Beowulf essay outline


  • Main topic — Nobility of Beowulf
  • Birth, childhood, early years
  • Meeting the first Dane
  • Thesis statement

Body paragraph

  • Helping Hrothgar
  • Faith to his king
  • Loyalty until death
  • How does each aspect depict loyalty and nobility of Beowulf?


  • Brave, strong character
  • Repeating body (shortened)
  • Restating thesis statement
  • Beowulf was indeed noble

Beowulf Essay Introduction

No matter the topic, an introduction paragraph for Beowulf essay provides all the necessary information regarding the poem and main character. Start by giving a short summary of its main plot, brief depiction of protagonists, etc. Next, depending on the article's subject, specify the main idea you’re going to cover.

Leave space for a thesis statement. It is a crucial part of each intro. A good introduction is not complete without a thesis. More on that aspect later.

Keep the first paragraphs light-toned and short. Don’t overwhelm readers with details or actions. In the intro, you must grab the reader's attention, engage them in reading, and make them interested. Each sentence must serve this purpose. Look how it’s done in this free sample below.

Introduction for Beowulf essay

Loyalty can be described as the act of being faithful to one's duties and obligations or a passionate feeling to support someone or something. From the poem, Beowulf loyalty is a primary theme, which is a driving force towards a behavior. The commitment of various characters has been seen to influence how they act and respond to different situations, hence, the conclusion that loyalty is a driving force towards characters' behavior throughout the poem.  Below is a discussion of how loyalty has shaped the behaviors of different characters in various situations.

Beowulf Essay Thesis Statement

Are you short on Beowulf thesis statement ideas? Check out our free samples below. Donated by students they demonstrate creative ways of giving the overall article’s direction without showing too much. Thesis statement is needed to make readers acquainted with the paper's main goal. This element helps understand whether the article is worth reading.

Try combining information with attention-hooking. Make sure you hint at directions and give enough motivation to read forward. Writing a creative thesis takes time and effort on par with superb writing skills. Mimic that by copying a pdf sample of Beowulf essay thesis from below. 

Beowulf Essay Body Paragraph

The most popular form is a 5 paragraph essay about Beowulf. Rarely 4 paragraph division is used. Beowulf 5 paragraph essay allows for an accurate presentation of all necessary information in three dedicated body paragraphs. Reserving three sections for body paragraphs results in better narrative pacing and enhanced visual look. It improves readability as well as increases the definition of each argument.

The 5 paragraph essay on Beowulf concentrates on all reasoning, proofs, and data in its central section. Authors must carefully design these elements beforehand during an outline-planning stage.

Depending on size regulations, keep it brief or detailed. Try squeezing as much useful data as possible without overwhelming readers with it. Maintain consistency and coherency of narration. make sure each argument gets equal coverage.

Beowulf essay body paragraph example

Loyalty has significantly developed Beowulf's journey to his career as a King in multiple instances. Firstly, when he offers his help to Danes, his move can be viewed from different dimensions, firstly is for him to gain popularity and as well as gaining honor.  Later, the reader learns that his loyalty to Hrothgar guided Beowulf's actions. From the poem it is indicated that Beowulf had come to Hrothgar to pay for his family debt; hence, his loyalty to the family and King Hrothgar facilitates his behavior (Niles). It is clear that Hrothgar sheltered Beowulf's father (Ecgtheow) from being killed after he killed a leader of another tribe and the tribesmen were after his blood.  In a flashback Hrothgar recalls that "Ecgtheow acknowledged me with oaths of allegiance" (Niles 472), this is an illustration of loyalty which Beowulf worked hard to maintain through his several battles.

Beowulf Essay Conclusion

Conclusion of Beowulf essay serves the same purpose as other summaries do. It effectively condenses all previously mentioned data into a few short yet informative sentences. This conclusive paragraph is a smaller version of an entire article. It presents the topic and gives arguments.

By its structure, it’s similar to an introduction. It even occupies roughly the same space. Keep it short, informative, and without deviations. Maintain consistent narration throughout. Try giving a satisfactory finale that answers all questions asked.

This part is what leaves a lasting impression on teachers. You must make it right if you are aiming for high scores. Study a proposed example below. Explore its elements, main traits, and effective tricks used. Implement those tricks in custom-written pieces.

Conclusion for Beowulf essay

Lastly, loyalty is seen to influence behavior when Beowulf vows to protect his land by killing the dragon, and he indicates that ‘I risked my life often when I was young. Now am old, but as a king of the people I shall pursue this fight for the glory of winning…'' (Niles 2341) Despite his old age, Beowulf is still loyal to his people, and he is ready to defend them. Lastly, during Beowulf's war with the dragon, he was accompanied by eleven soldiers who were to offer him support when it was necessary, but when it was time to assist him only one solder (Wiglaf) stood by him and offered him help until they killed the dragon but King Beowulf died. Wiglaf indicated that "I shall stand by you" (Niles 2668) and his act of helping the king was an act facilitated by his loyalty to the king which led to him being crowned the king after Beowulf's death.

Good Beowulf Essay Topics

Creative essay topics for Beowulf articles are listed below. Try selecting such subjects/titles that you’re personally invested in. If authors are interested in what they’re writing about, the end result is much better. Argumentation becomes more complex, description is more vivid, and analysis is more detailed. Interesting Beowulf essay titles effectively elevate each aspect of a scholarly piece. Here are some creative titles for Beowulf essay:

  1. Grendel’s viewpoint on Beowulf’s actions.
  2. How would this poem be perceived by modern society?
  3. Describe the single greatest strength of the main character.
  4. Early British literature — compare hero role models.
  5. How prominent was a women’s story in this poem?
  6. How did this poem push the boundaries of ancient English literature?
  7. Discuss the effect of dragon-fight on such battles' modern interpretation 
  8. Heroism together with terror of Beowulf — discuss which one is greater.
  9. Explore nobility attributes of the main hero’s behavior.
  10. Impact of this poem on literature as well as our perception of heroes.

Check out other articles from our database before writing yours. Look at the Metamorphosis essays, Of Mice and Men essay, or The Yellow Wallpaper essay and get some inspiration.


FAQ About Beowulf Essays

1. Do you provide free essays on Beowulf?

Website gives an opportunity to download a Beowulf essay for free. Any student gets access to hundreds of good-quality paper samples. With such a powerful tool everyone can get A+ with no fuss. All you have to do is use samples as templates and an inspiration source.

2. Why Beowulf is a hero essay?

Some essays about Beowulf task students with discovering whether the main character was a hero. Young authors must carefully read the poem paying attention to the main character’s actions. Then, analyze them in detail. Read some existing works to get fresh thoughts and arguments. Build a credible line of convincing to prove a point effectively.

3. What makes Beowulf an epic essay?

Some free Beowulf essays on this site cover an epic factor of this literary piece. Students can choose a modern perspective on things or try applying an ancient angle. Was it epic back in the day? Was it because of a dragon? Try discussing story elements that prove this idea.

4. What can I write about in Beowulf essay?

There are countless Beowulf essay prompts on the web. Above you can see at least a dozen creative topics. If none of them suit your needs, look at paper samples. Write about anything that catches your mind. For example, a heroic overlook, perception of women in ancient England, etc. Anything goes if you are passionate about it!


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