Jackie Robinson Essays: Definition, Structure, Topics

Are you looking for an essay on Jackie Robinson but having no luck? We happen to offer multiple free examples just for you to enjoy. They were previously donated to us by other students. We are sure they possess good quality and follow all the academic standards. Read this guide and know even more.

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Jackie Robinson: The Life and Legacy of the Baseball Legend

Robinson is a historical figure who broke down racial boundaries in sports and created opportunities for black people in America. After his sports career, he continued to fight for equal rights for blacks which made...

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What Is a Jackie Robinson Essay

Let’s start with a definition of essay on Jackie Robinson before getting into more complicated topics. You should know that this article deals with racial discrimination. It is about a person who was not afraid of breaking the barrier between African-Americans and Caucasians. It is not a secret that the south and north held prejudice against African-Americans. It was a part of imperialism that didn’t break even after slavery was banned. Many were surprised — an African-American baseball player entered major league baseball. This person was the first to speak out against prejudice in sports. The player was also helping others grow further. In other words, your article will deal mainly with essential issues, including racism.

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Jackie Robinson Essay Examples 

If you write this Jackie Robinson one page essay, do some research first. Our platform gives you some hints to successfully writing Jackie Robinson informative essay on your own.

  • Research material, including the player’s biography and how he influenced the views of African-American people.
  • You can also analyze whether he had any impact on sports.
  • Later, students can also learn more about prejudice regarding athletes, civil rights, and politics.
  • Consider that your word count is a limit.
  • Outline first as it will help you to understand how much space and evidence you have.

Overall, don’t forget to include peer-reviewed sources, essays on sports, and academic articles. They will add credibility, which is crucial for your paper.

Jackie Robinson Scholarship Essay

As we mentioned before, we offer Jackie Robinson scholarship essay examples. It means that students can use all Jackie Robinson scholarship essays that you find here for reference. Why should you check out samples before writing your paper?

  • Structure

Academic writing is not the easiest part of education. Having examples in front of you will make it easier to structure your paper. 

  • Language

Tone and voice are yet other crucial parts of any assignment. Samples will do you good at understanding what language students can use and what things should be avoided. 

  • Format

Many formats are available for you: APA, MLA, and Chicago. Because it is not easy keeping up, students can definitely use examples as a format reference. 

Besides, they are good written, academic, and accessible. So, what’s not to love?

Jackie Robinson Essay Outline

Next thing on our list is an example of Jackie Robinson paper outline. We always advise our users to start researching and writing precisely with an outline. It is helpful and efficient. 


  • Use quotations from the famous baseball player.
  • Talk more about his origin and what he’s done.
  • Thesis: The famous baseball player performed a crucial part in stopping precious behavior, elevating African American standing in sports, and developing civil rights. 

Main body

  • Discuss prejudice against African-Americans.
  • Analyze African-Americans role in popular sports, including baseball.
  • Talk more about civil rights movements.


  • Restate your thesis.
  • Summarize main points regarding prejudice, sports, and civil rights.
  • Conclude with recommendations.

In case you do not know what to do with your title page, we have a cover page generator at your disposal.

Jackie Robinson Essay Introduction

We will analyze each part of an outline, starting with an introduction paragraph about Jackie Robinson. It is arguably one of the most critical parts of any article. It is also the first thing your readers will see when they open an article. It is like the cover of a book. Even though we are taught not to judge the book by its cover, we all do it. That is why it is so essential to craft a good introduction.

Any successful introductory paragraph will have three elements. It includes a hook, background, and thesis statement. We have already offered you an example of a thesis. Let’s focus more on a hook. Considering that we were talking about a famous person, we recommend using quotations. 

Jackie Robinson essay introduction example 

Jackie Robinson is one of the few people who overcame racial barriers and segregation to become a prolific baseball player, a sport that was associated with the whites.  He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers and helped the team to win major trophies. Despite his success, he still faced discrimination and received death threats because of his race. As an African American, Robinson advocated for equal treatment for all and desegregation. While he accepted the Branch Rickey’s (Brooklyn Dodgers manager) firm instructions not to respond to racial slurs and insults, he thought the manner and the pace in which the issues of racial segregation in the sports were being addressed were ineffective. He used his status to urge political figures and other influential people in the society to take a bold step towards addressing segregation. He took the advantage of the civil right movement, including working with Marin Luther King and appearing in life TV interviews to condemn racial segregation. The following discussion focuses on the contributions of Jackie Robinson in enhancing desegregation in the United States, particularly between the 1950s and 1970s.

Jackie Robinson Essay Body Paragraph

If you’re writing a five paragraph essay on Jackie Robinson, your main body will include three paragraphs. Considering this information, you also have two sections for introduction and conclusion. Additionally, the main body usually takes up to 80% of the overall work. It is not as complicated to write main body paragraphs as an introduction or conclusion if you already have an outline. These are some of the elements any successful main body should have:

  • Introductory statement.
  • Evidence from trustworthy, peer-reviewed, and academic sources.
  • Explanation of the aforementioned evidence.
  • Concluding statement and transition to the next paragraph.

Do you have all of the enumerated elements? Congratulations, you now have the perfect main body for your article.

Jackie Robinson essay body paragraph example 

One of the main questions is why and when people have to take a stand on a given social issue. Jackie Robinson was one of the most patient men in his quest for justice for all. Having been instructed to ignore the racial insults and continue performing, he found that there was insignificant change as far as the inclusion of African Americans in sports was concerned. Like Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Robinson believed in the use of nonviolent means in fostering change. However, when he realized that racial desegregation in sports was still a major issue, he decided to break his emotional and political silence. His decision was motivated by what he believed.  He saw humankind as one, with no difference despite the skin color. In fact, he had already proven that in sports, when he became more successful than most of the whites. 

Jackie Robinson Essay Conclusion

The last thing we must discuss is a good conclusion sentence for Jackie Robinson. It is almost as important as your introduction. It will help you summarize your main points and remind readers of them. When it comes to a conclusion, we recommend writing it after the main body and introduction. You will also be happy to hear that conclusion is relatively close to opening. So, writing both of them at the same time is a great advantage.

All successful conclusions will have a number of elements. First and foremost, students should restate their thesis statement and summarize the main points. Lastly, any conclusion also ends with recommendations or any last advice you want your readers to know. In this case, students can definitely remind people that racial discrimination is still a relevant topic worthy of discussion.

Jackie Robinson essay conclusion example

In conclusion, Robinson took his firm stand on the matters of desegregation when it was clear that the indirect means were ineffective. He took direct initiatives, which he thought would be able to convince the political class and the whites about the need to respect the lives of the African Americans. He advocated for the inclusion of African Americans in sports, as well as in all the social institutions. His firm stand on matters of racial equality came at a price, which included the threat to his life. Robinson demonstrated that persistence, self-discipline, and personal beliefs were important during the civil rights movements.

How to Write a Jackie Robinson Essay

Have you chosen one of the essay titles about Jackie Robinson? Now we would like to provide the necessary tricks to write an article. Students can find a step-by-step guide to a successful report below.

  1. Check out examples. As we mentioned before, researching models will give you a basis for an excellent article. Check out various examples of autobiography.
  2. Come up with topics. They should be appropriate for your class and narrow for your word count. We know it is hard. But having good essay topics for Jackie Robinson is vital.
  3. Research and outline. Many skip outlining, but it is an essential step. Also, don’t forget to do proper research as you’re still writing an academic piece. 
  4. Write. Simply sit down and start writing. It is the only way to succeed. 
  5. Proofread and edit. After so many hours of writing, it might be hard to proofread and edit. But it is the best way to avoid embarrassing errors and issues.

FAQ About Jackie Robinson Essays

1. What is a good thesis statement for Jackie Robinson essay?

All successful essays about Jackie Robinson will have good thesis statements. It means that your thesis will discuss the main points of your paper and help the readers navigate the report. Here is our example: 
The African-American baseball player elevated the role of African-Americans in popular sports, decreased racial prejudice, and played a crucial role in civil rights movements. 
Your thesis will depend on the actual topic.

2. How to write the best Jackie Robinson essay?

Writing an A-grade short Jackie Robinson essay in English is not hard. You should definitely start with examples that students can find on this website. After you do that, don’t forget to research and outline. These are crucial steps that will improve the overall structure of your article. Other than that, sit down, write, and edit. The hardest part is finding the willpower to do it.

3. How to start an introduction of Jackie Robinson essay?

All successful Jackie Robinson essay samples start with the so-called hook. This sentence is meant to intrigue the readers and give them more information about your article. Some prefer using statistics for their hooks. In this case, we advise using quotes from the actual baseball player. It will be much more enjoyable.

4. Can I submit your Jackie Robinson essay?

No. All essays on Jackie Robinson that you see here are samples and examples. It means that they were previously written by other students. They are not here to be submitted. We recommend writing your own paper as we know it will be brilliant. Using your ideas is so much more fun and effective. Good luck, and use this guide to learn more!


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