The Great Depression Essays: Everything You Need to Know

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John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman views of Great Depression

The Great Depression was the world’s worst economic downturn that lasted for more than a period of ten years. It was a low time because it followed the rapid economic expansion that had been witnessed between 1920...

Words: 802

Pages: 3

Views: 252

The New Politics of the Great Depression

“ Scottsboro Boys” Legal Case The “Scottsboro Boys” describes the case of nine black men who were falsely accused of defiling two women who were white. The accused were to face execution while the youngest of them...

Words: 520

Pages: 2

Views: 155

Hoover administration and volunteerism during the Great Depression

Voluntarism refers to a theory in philosophy that indicates that the will power of individuals overrides their emotions or reason in decision making. People opt to do things that they prefer doing without any form of...

Words: 317

Pages: 1

Views: 113

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The Great Depression: Causes, Consequences, and Lessons Learned

The Great Depression was not caused by a single factor; rather, it was caused by a conglomerate of policies, systems, and measures across the years, particularly from 1929 to 1933. The bubble first burst in 1929,...

Words: 298

Pages: 1

Views: 233

The Economic Impacts of the Great Depression

The Great Depression of 1929 is one of the memorable moments in US history. It was a period marked by increased unemployment and poverty rates. One of the factors that led to the Great Depression was reduced consumer...

Words: 2152

Pages: 8

Views: 171

16 Sep 2023

The Great Depression and Microeconomics

The Great Depression and Microeconomics The Microeconomics of Depression Unemployment journal describes the events during the great depression in the 1930s. In the journal, there is a description of how the great...

Words: 389

Pages: 1

Views: 194

Presidents: The Great Depression in America

Part 1 Q1. President Hoover faced the following economic challenges: Deteriorating stock market Food Crisis High unemployment rate Inadequate financial reserves in all sectors Deflation During...

Words: 421

Pages: 1

Views: 126

The Great Depression European

Introduction The great depression was a devastating phenomenon in the North America and Europe at large that took place between the period of 1929 and 1939. The depression mostly affected the industrialized...

Words: 653

Pages: 1

Views: 119

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America’s Political Realignment after the Great Depression

The late 1920s was an era that saw great party realignment in the United States of America. Most Black voters switched from their traditional Republican Party to their newly sworn allegiance to the Democratic...

Words: 1487

Pages: 4

Views: 276

Impact of the Great Depression

A global economic downturn that lasted for ten years was the dominant characteristic of the Great Depression. This situation occasioned the most severe and most prolonged economic, social, and political crisis...

Words: 2095

Pages: 7

Views: 242


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What Is The Great Depression Essay

We will start with a simple definition of essay on the Great Depression. What is this secretive and interesting article and what do you need to write in it?

Quite frankly, everything will depend on the type of paper you’re writing. Your paper can be argumentative, persuasive, definition, narrative, and so many more different options. Nevertheless, it is pretty clear that you need to talk about this world crisis. It is known for being one of the major economic almost apocalyptic crises in our world. It is also associated with period between World War I and World War II. At that time, no one expected the US market to collapse. However, when it did, it caused a number of problems. They are associated with increased prices and a lack of employment.

College Essay About The Great Depression Examples

The Great Depression summary essay involves economy and politics, you will certainly enjoy topics and samples that we offer here. There are also a couple of things you should know about every academic article. Here are some of these things before we start anything else:

  • Make sure you follow a specific structure for your type of article.
  • All students must use academic language that is rather strict.
  • Evidence in this case is key. So, use as much proof as possible to highlight your main points.
  • Add statistics and dates saying how many years this crisis lasted and what were its consequences.
  • Focus on one or several countries to narrow your topic.
  • Check our free, unlimited samples donated by other students

The Great Depression Argumentative Essay Examples

Even though there are many different types of articles you can choose from, we would recommend writing the Great Depression argumentative essay samples. It is a highly intriguing and informative topic. You have a lot of space to develop your own argument. There are also several perspectives you can take on it. 

For example, you can definitely argue that American stock market and its rapid fall was the main reason for this economic crisis you were discussing. Browse more than one essay about economics. Or you can also link World War I with the following issue.

In other words, you can basically develop any argument you’d like. Your main goal is to use proof, scholarly sources, statistics, dates, and evidence in order to actually develop an argument.

The Great Depression Essay Outline

We also want to analyze each part of this article. Let’s start with the Great Depression paper outline. Then, we will move towards an introduction, main body, and conclusion. So, check out this sample below.

Outline of the Great Depression essay 


  • Give statistics showcasing this crisis's consequences.
  • Enumerate basic dates — when it started and when it ended.
  • Argue that precisely the fall of United States stock market was main reason for this economical collapse.

Main body

  • Discuss World War I and its possible influence on global economy.
  • Develop an argument about American stock market.
  • What were impossible consequences of that global crisis? How did they slowly integrate into World War II?


  • Paraphrase your thesis statement about the US stock market.
  • Summarize main points.
  • Mention whether the same situation can happen in the 21st century.

The Great Depression Essay Introduction

Now let’s speak about every part of an article separately. Of course, we will start with an introduction about the Great Depression essay. We always compare this part to a book cover or a clothing item that a person wears.

It must be both intriguing, eye-catching, yet informative to understand all basics of this person, book, or article. It is a challenging thing to balance. That is why we recommend waiting for an introduction after you have an outline and main body paragraphs. It will be easier for you.

When it comes to this topic, in your introduction you can definitely talk more about this crisis mentioned and reasons why it happened. You can also state that it was a global economic crisis. It happened in the 20th century after World War I. 

Don’t forget that any introduction consists of a hook, background, and thesis statement.

The Great Depression Essay Thesis Statement

We cannot avoid talking about a thesis statement for the Great Depression essay. After all, it is one of the most important parts of any article. Using a catching metaphor is a picture-perfect advertisement of your work.

It should be intriguing and informative. Make a thesis short as it is your last statement of an introduction paragraph. That is why it is so hard to write a good thesis statement. Nevertheless, once you write this sentence, you can always keep it to yourself. It will inspire you and help you stay on track with your assignment. 


This severe worldwide crisis was caused by the fall of the United States stock market as well as insufficient funding due to World War I. 

From this sentence, it is clear that we will be discussing all possible reasons behind this crisis.

The Great Depression Essay Body Paragraph 

Main body is basically a foundation of your 5 paragraph essay on the Great Depression. In a normal article, the main body takes up to 80% of the overall word count. At the same time, introduction and conclusion take 10% each. Therefore, if you have an article 2 pages long, it is likely that your main body will be around 400 words.

We also advise you to divide it at least into three separate paragraphs. Be mindful that each paragraph will discuss its topic or point connected with your main argument and your thesis statement.

Moreover, there are a couple of things you might want to include in your introduction. For example:

  • Basic dates when this crisis occurred (September 1929-1939)
  • Scholarly articles
  • Research
  • Academic books
  • Essential evidence
  • Wars that destroyed not only cities but capitals and investments
  • Low wages
  • Bank rates
  • Growth of prices
  • Gold fever.

But it will not be an issue because it is a very popular topic. And there is multiple evidence you can use. 

The Great Depression Essay Conclusion

Last but not least is our favorite conclusion of the Great Depression essay. Why is it our favorite part of any article? It is a perfect question. You will also enjoy writing a conclusion for this paper because it is pretty similar to an introduction. If you have a thesis, introduction, main body, an outline, so your conclusion will be a piece of cake.

Any successful conclusion usually restates your thesis statement. It summarizes main points of your article and leaves some recommendations. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Any student should also define their recommendations or a final statement. This can be anything as long as your audience has a good final impression of your article. In this case, you can definitely remind people that a crisis can happen any day. Therefore, it is very important to be financially educated and control your income.

How to Write The Great Depression Papers

By now you are almost an expert when it comes to writing this paper on the Great Depression. However, we do have a couple of points we want to address before we let you go. Below you can find a quick guide that will allow you to write a perfect article on your own:

  • Check samples

Before doing anything else, check samples and examples. They will give you a basic idea about academic writing, style, tone, and even structure. They actually work, trust us! Browse such examples as the Industrial Revolution essay and the Cold War essay.

  • Choose the Great Depression essay topics

Your topic should be interesting, yet narrow. Remember that you don’t have dozens of pages. If you only have a small word count, focus on one country or one consequence of this crisis. 

  • Outline 

Outlining is key to getting a perfectly structured academic article. Therefore, don’t skip this step and include evidence in your outline. 

  • Write and edit

Your last step is always to take time, sit down, and start writing. After you have finished at least a draft version, don’t forget to revise and edit. It will elevate your work quality.


FAQ About The Great Depression Essays

1. How do you write a thesis statement for the Great Depression?

All successful essays on the Great Depression have a good thesis statement. This is the last sentence of your introduction. It should be informative, interesting, and definitely memorable. Therefore, try to include your main argument and several points you will be developing in the main body paragraphs. Also, try to make it one sentence and not two or three.

2. Are your The Great Depression essays free?

Yes! All examples that you can find here about the Great Depression essay for free are totally free. You can use them without limits or credit cards. So read, download, and chair as many articles as you’d like. But, please, don’t submit them as your own. You can always order an original article right here on this website.

3. Should I focus on exactly what caused the Great Depression essay?

Yes, an essay about the Great Depression will definitely focus on the reasons behind this crisis. One of the reasons that you can discuss concerns the fall of the stock market in the United States. Another reason is definitely World War I and the massive loss suffered by countries that took part in it. But there are a couple of more reasons that you can definitely discuss. Everything will depend on your perspective and argument.

4. How long should The Great Depression essay be?

There is no fixed word count when it comes to this essay on the Great Depression in English. We usually say that two pages or 550 words are enough. This way, you have just enough space for an introduction, three main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. It is also a well-balanced word count. But you should always ask your professor or educator about their desired word count.


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