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17 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Police Brutality: Cases of Police Brutality

The police are one of the most respected forces in many countries globally, where it is expected to ensure people are safe and secure. It is mandated to take care of every member of society despite their social or...

Words: 368

Pages: 1

Views: 213

17 Sep 2023

Police Brutality and Abuse in the Dominican Republic

Police Brutality and Abuse in the Dominican Republic Introduction In the contemporary world, there have been increased cases of police brutality and massive killing of the citizens that have been reported in...

Words: 1993

Pages: 6

Views: 395

17 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Is Police Brutality as Bad as it Appears in the Media?

Introduction Throughout history, media has affected the public’s understanding of certain events and issues. The media can be used to create a specific frame and can be used to alter people’s opinions and beliefs....

Words: 1197

Pages: 4

Views: 196

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Recent Events of "Police Brutality"

Recent Events of "Police Brutality" Introduction What is the issue and why is it ethically important? “Philando was asked for his license and registration. He stated “I am licensed to carry a weapon” as he was...

Words: 2485

Pages: 7

Views: 383

16 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

The Challenges of Police Brutality and Maintaining Public Trust

Abstract Police brutality remains a challenge in the United States (U.S). Consequently, law enforcement administrators face widespread problems in their quest to maintain public trust. Successful policing is...

Words: 2307

Pages: 8

Views: 151

16 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Police Brutality against People of Color in America

Executive Summary The essay discusses police brutality against people of color, the blue wall of silence, and how to dismantle the institutional injustice. Although black people account for only 13% of the US...

Words: 2827

Pages: 10

Views: 362

15 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Police Brutality toward Minorities in American Society

Introduction Proper policing strategies and behaviors facilitate the safety and sanity existing in many societies. The statement implies that in a society where there is fairness in the policing services the...

Words: 1747

Pages: 6

Views: 212

15 Sep 2023

An Analysis of Police Brutality

On Memorial Day 2020, a black man Derrick Chauvin was killed while being taken into police custody. His death led to an eruption of demonstrations across America and abroad that condemned police brutality and called...

Words: 2053

Pages: 7

Views: 90

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15 Sep 2023

How to outline the speech on police brutality

I. History of Police Brutality A. Jim Crow laws in the South . B. Police Brutality during Civil rights movements ( Nelson, 2001). 1\. Racial segregation. 2\. Police participation in Lynching African-Americans (...

Words: 118

Pages: 1

Views: 223

15 Sep 2023

Racial Profiling and Police Brutality in the United States

In recent years, incidents of police brutality against racial minorities have gained an increasing amount of media attention. Studies suggest that racial profiling can have a significant effect on police activities...

Words: 470

Pages: 2

Views: 153


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What Is a Police Brutality Essay: Definition

Before we start, we must first determine the police brutality definition. What can be put into a paper on this topic? It can be anything from an investigation into an incident to a discussion of the issue. Students struggle when it comes to this subject due to the fact that these issues are common. This kind of essay can be a fantastic way to discuss this thoroughly. You could discuss all aspects of the matter and analyze its effects on society.

Definition of police brutality is the excessive use of force by law enforcement officers against an individual or people. Using this kind of force against someone means not following verbal instructions. Any force used by police against lower-ranking groups is not uncommon in our history. These groups include gays, drug dealers, etc. This violence is the result of the use of excessive force by law enforcement officers when pursuing criminals.

Police Brutality Essay Examples

If you're writing a piece on this topic, you may find it helpful to look at examples of police brutality essay. They will help you develop your topic. Find reliable sources for data as well as identify effective writing techniques. Additionally, use these papers to create an outline for your own paper. These samples will help you create your thesis and outline. You will find more details regarding such essays using our police brutality examples in the sections below.

This topic is directly connected to the recruitment process. Lack of training, insufficient resources, and ineffective management procedures all contribute to the problem. The issue isn't caused by aggressive officers or those with mental health problems. Additionally, these essays are also required to highlight the significance of police training. It is important to mention the recruitment process in the community as well.

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If you want to check out more information on samples for this essay type, feel free to do so here.

Police Brutality Argumentative Essay in PDF

To write argumentative essays on police brutality, you need to have deep knowledge regarding this topic. It requires extensive research on every department and the estimates of the authority that controls its representatives. In your argumentative essay about police brutality, analyze this problem's primary cause. It includes negative effects and steps that should be taken to stop the wrongdoing. Give suggestions that can be used to prevent this wrongdoing by law enforcement officers.

You must have a careful police brutality argumentative essay outline. A thesis must be clearly stated as well as the argument's roadmap laid out. Remember to include thoughts, arguments, and evidence in your paper. Relevant information from various sources should be included there too.

StudyBounty offers writing an argumentative essay example on this particular topic. If you need one, feel free and download it in pdf format. This way, you’ll be able to check it out both online and offline.

Police Brutality Persuasive Essay

When you’re writing a persuasive essay on police brutality, remember to gather as much information regarding this subject as you can. Your paper must explain the reasons why this problem is important. Discuss different solutions you think will work best. Also, you can use satire to highlight the absurdity of such actions. 

Creating a great police brutality persuasive essay outline is a good way to start. Make sure your body paragraphs have multiple arguments for your opinion. Pick the three strongest factors from each. It is also important to mention opposing points, as they serve multiple functions. It indicates that you've completed your research, and are able to prove your claims. 

Referring to persuasive writing examples on this topic is always a good idea. StudyBounty’s template library has everything you want and more!

Police Brutality Informative Essay

The college police brutality essay examines policemen' actions and their consequences. It focuses on their use of physical, mental, or emotional violence against people. It is an academic piece that can help to prevent these actions.

This type of paper can explore a range of aspects of this issue. It could include: 

  • Recorded instances of power abuse by policemen.
  • Causes why this phenomenon occurs.
  • One individual's viewpoint regarding the subject. 

You can find many informative essay examples about this topic on our website.

Police Brutality Essay Outline

While writing your paper, remember to have a logical outline on police brutality. Collect all arguments to back each of your claims.

The outline for police brutality essays typically includes three major parts. It is possible to add more details to this outline during your research process. Basically, any outline should have the following structure.


It should state your main idea. You can use catchy words in order to create a compelling introduction.

Body paragraph

An effective paper should include a good deal of data. There are statistics as well as stories that back up your argument. You may use credible online sources. It will help with gaining a better understanding of how you can structure your essay.


It should summarize everything you have written throughout your essay. Remember that readers pay more attention to the first and last paragraphs.

Police Brutality Essay Introduction

The introduction of police brutality paper has the same goal as other types of essays. You must catch your reader's attention. Explain why the topic interests you. You can state that this issue is a hot topic due to its association with stereotypes and racism. Examine all reasons and consequences of this particular issue in society. You can also look at famous cases regarding such actions in recent times. Describe any portrayal of such crimes in an essay on art and literature. Using a provocative question, statistics, or some fascinating fact will help develop your argument. Then, you must introduce your thesis statement. 

If you need a more specific sample for a better understanding, we’ve got your back.

Police brutality introduction example

Police brutality refers to the abuse of authority by the unwarranted infliction of excessive force by the personnel involved in law enforcement in line with their performance of the official duties. It also is associated with the abuses exerted by correctional personnel in different penal facilities at the municipal, state and federal levels such as military prisons. It is applied in the context of causing harm physically and also involves psychological harm that could be caused by the use of intimidation tactics that are beyond the officially sanctioned scope of police procedures. Initially, police brutality was allowed through the actions carried out under the implicit approval of the local system through different eras such as the Civil Rights Movement. Currently, individuals engaging in police brutality may do so through the tacit approval of their superiors, or they may do so as reprobate officers. In both cases, the perpetrators of police brutality may act under the color of law or by engaging in subsequent cover-ups of their illegal activities.

Police Brutality Essay Thesis Statement

It is not easy to write a good thesis statement for police brutality essay. This is now a hot topic among students who are more intrigued by it.

Your thesis statement about police brutality should be written at the beginning of your essay. Support it with proof. Your thesis needs to be supported in the body of your essay. For example, examine laws that restrict this violence towards people of color within your country’s populations. If you write about this topic, include a description of violence by law enforcement officers. Describe ways in which these laws are implemented.

Find an example of thesis statement on police brutality that we’ve prepared for you below.

Apart from the police violence, African Americans are also more likely to experience anxiety, depression as well as post-traumatic stress following an incident with police officers.

Bonus: Keep in mind that you can use our claim maker anytime to make your thesis statement with ease.

Police Brutality Essay Body Paragraph

The 5 paragraph essay on police brutality should focus on specific instances where police officers have been well brutal. Your paper must highlight criminal incidents. It should demonstrate the significance of these officers in tackling the racial discrimination issue.

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Gather facts about this issue at hand. You can read both academic and non-scholarly publications. Conduct interviews with law enforcement officers to record their personal experiences. 

Two first body paragraphs contain evidence to support the argument. The third police brutality paragraph should discuss opposing viewpoints beginning with the most ardent. This is beneficial for multiple reasons. For example, demonstrating the amount of evidence increases credibility for a writer. It helps readers understand any argument. The body of your paper should contain facts and opinions. In addition to factual information, it is important to include statistical data. Use additional data sources that prove your point of opinion. 

If you need a body paragraphs example, take a look at this one.

Several factors have been attributed to the causes of police brutality. Such factors include the courts lacking to see the systemic patterns that have been developing over time in police brutality. Institutionalized systems of police training have also been cited as factors that encourage police brutality. It has also been associated with the police culture and management and a criminal justice system that seems to discourage prosecutors from being in vigorous pursuit of police officers caught up in misconduct. The political system has also been seen as a contributing factor to police brutality and racism in that it appears to respond more easily to the police officers than to the residents of the inner cities and to the people belonging to minority communities. A political culture that seems to fear crime while valuing tough policing more than it values due process for all its citizens, especially those from the minority communities, is promoted in America (Weitzer, 2012).

Police Brutality Essay Conclusion

A conclusion for police brutality essay should summarize the major arguments you've made in your essay. Your paper should end with a brief summary of the thesis and recommendations. It is the final paragraph that must be as strong and compelling as your body paragraphs. You should tie it up to your main idea and restate your thesis statement. Don’t rewrite it word-by-word. Remember not to include any new information or examples in your ending paragraph.

Below you can find a great sample to help you with such essay writing.

Example of conclusion to essay on police brutality

Civilian review boards are another proposed solution that could decrease police brutality and racism. These include ensuring that the police officers are doing their jobs well and also increase the relationship between the police and the public. They also have received criticism that is based on the fact that the civilian review boards can be staffed with police officers that weaken the effectiveness of the boards. Also, some boards lack the authority needed to order investigations into the police departments and at times they lack the necessary funding to render them as effective tools.  Substantial social change is a paramount aspect of the efforts that seek to exercise control over the police deviance. 

List of Police Brutality Essay Topics

There are many police brutality topics for essays that you can use for your paper. These officers use their influence to hurt other people whether they are committing assault, racism profiling, or murder. This behavior can have negative consequences for society. This kind of essay could examine these problems in-depth. Bring to the forefront all effects they can have on society. 

Take a look at these essay topics on police brutality we listed below:

  1. An unethical model & unprofessional police behavior.
  2. Human rights abuses and racism.
  3. An analysis of the publicized incidents of police brutality in mass media.
  4. Police brutality versus extreme measures.
  5. The infringement of natural human rights as police brutality in the United States.
  6. Are police taking advantage of people by using brutality?
  7. A violence incidents history in the New York police department.
  8. A victim's recollection of an experience with police brutality.
  9. Police brutality and peaceful protesting: An incompatible mixture that led to Kent State shooting in 1970.
  10. State violence in the United States as harassment.

FAQ About Essays on Police Brutality

1. Are your police brutality essay examples free?

Yes, you can view our police brutality essay for free! You don’t have to pay anything or register a new account. Moreover, you can download our samples in pdf format and view them both online and offline.

2. How to stop a police brutality essay?

There are many ways to end police brutality essay. The best way is to restate your thesis statement and link your conclusion back to your topic. Summarize your key points and findings. Make sure that your essay is memorable by creating a great ending paragraph.

3. What are the best police brutality essay titles?

You can find many good titles for police brutality essays in our article above. But in case you want more options, take a look at these titles:

  1. The cruelty of police brutality.
  2. Root causes and solutions to the problem of police brutality in America.
  3. LAPD officers accused of police brutality.
4. Can I submit one of your police brutality paper example?

No, you can not submit any example of police brutality paper that we have in our template library. This will be considered plagiarism, and won’t be received well by your professors.


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