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Are you feeling romantic enough to write your very own English essay about Romeo and Juliet? It is a tale as old as time — a beautiful one that is. It teaches us how to love or be loved. These lessons students can easily use in academic writing as well. But getting a good example in front of view only gives further advantages. Are you ready to get an ideal sample of an essay on Romeo and Juliet? Find it here!

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16 Sep 2023

Romeo and Juliet meeting scene

Romeo and Juliet meeting scene This scene takes place in the great hall of Capulets. The servants who are working in this hall work hard to ensure everyone present tonight enjoys the night and the feast. Capulet...

Words: 560

Pages: 2

Views: 150

16 Sep 2023

Romeo and Juliet Play Analysis

This paper analyzes the performance of the play, “Romeo and Juliet.” William Shakespeare wrote the play, and it was first published in 1597. The play is about two teenagers, (Romeo and Juliet), who fall in love, but...

Words: 504

Pages: 2

Views: 153

15 Sep 2023

Critique of Modern Romeo and Juliet

Critique of Modern Romeo and Juliet According to the novels’ storyline chronology, Hakim is a boy who lives in downtown LA and goes to the public school where he spends most of his time trying to make good...

Words: 617

Pages: 3

Views: 438

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14 Sep 2023

The importance of prologue in play "Romeo and Juliet"

Introduction Household grudges are not a thing of the present times only but existed even in the days of our forefathers. The prologue to the play, “Romeo, and Juliet” describes such ‘ancient grudges' in a chorus...

Words: 581

Pages: 2

Views: 114

14 Sep 2023

Love Stories—the Psychological Perspective of Romeo and Juliet

The story of Romeo and Juliet, which William Shakespeare published in 1597, is regarded on of the most interesting classic love stories of all time. Not only is the story in Shakespeare’s play widely known, but it is...

Words: 819

Pages: 3

Views: 396

14 Sep 2023

The analysis of "Romeo and Juliet"

Question 1 Our differences do not or should not define us. We live in a world of diversity where individuals differ on racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic grounds. However, people are still able to live together...

Words: 399

Pages: 1

Views: 105


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What Is a Romeo and Juliet Essay

We think that we should start with a definition of Romeo and Juliet essay. What is this article? Definition: It is an academic paper that discusses or analyzes the characters from famous Shakespearean tragedies. We all know this tragic tale of two lovers who loved each other to death, almost literally. 

Many films, written pieces, or media used the story even today to create beautiful plots. You must wonder why after several centuries, tragedy still remains relevant. It is all because love has not changed even after hundreds of years. It is still a feeling everyone longs for as well as everyone desires. Besides, the famous tragedy teaches us many lessons. So you have lots of room to come up with intriguing topics.

Free Romeo and Juliet Essay Examples

Here you will definitely find more than one Romeo and Juliet essay example pdf. But we not only offer articles. We also value your experience as a user, professional, or student. That is why you’re also getting:

  • All samples are for free.
  • Romeo and Juliet essay 300 words and other short papers that were donated to us by other students.
  • Creative pieces that you won’t find anywhere else apart from this platform.
  • Original titles.
  • Articles that follow academic standards without being boring or too complex.
  • Papers that fit your academic level.
  • Unlimited access to everything we can offer — academic writing made simple.
  • All available papers are in pdf format that students can download or read from any device or platform.

As students can see, you have nothing to lose here. So try it out right now! 

High School Romeo and Juliet Essay Examples

We offer samples of Romeo and Juliet essay pdf for high school students. It is a perfect age to read this tragedy or grasp the essence of love, at least from a literary perspective. High school students will most definitely be expected to write papers on this topic. They can definitely come up with a variety of different ways to make it interesting. 

We have a really good strategy when it comes to writing such papers. Every time you are asked to complete an academic assignment on a very popular topic, you should try to make it your own. There are dozens of interesting perspectives students can research here. You are not only limited to character analysis or the historical importance of this tragedy. For instance, students can see whether more filmmakers still use this tragedy or try finding modern examples of this love story.

9th Grade Essay on Romeo and Juliet

Let us perhaps start with Romeo and Juliet essay topics grade 9. You might be asked to complete this article or usually offer personal thoughts on each character. Here we advise you to take one of these options.

Romeo and Juliet essay for 9th grade can:

  • Analyze characters or their motivations.
  • Offer a thorough analysis of the overall timeline.
  • Compare or contrast love standards then vs now.
  • Talk about Shakespearean style or why this tragedy remains relevant in the 21st-century.
  • Imagine what could happen if there were no death.
  • Discuss family conflict present between two major families in the tragedy or their influence on the couple.

You can select a range of topics from very simple to deep as well as academic. It is always your choice. We advise you to consult with your professor before choosing your title. 

10th Grade Essay on Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet essay for 10th grade can already be slightly more complicated than the one we have discussed in the ninth grade. Here students can definitely come up with academic examples or even personal instances to evaluate your argument. You should also remember that students can select different papers. You can go for persuasive, informative, narrative, argumentative or so many more.

The students' topics usually change depending on the type of article they choose. If you want to write a narrative article, your subject will instantly become more story-centered. However, if students choose an argumentative one, then they definitely must prove their point.

For example, students can compare how love as well as young people are perceived now vs the Shakespearean times. 

College Romeo and Juliet Essay Examples

Essays on Romeo and Juliet will try to explore this literature essay topic even deeper. Students can still analyze characters, timelines, or plots. However, using academic evidence, examples or research now is a must.

Romeo and Juliet free essay will give you several hints as to where students can start. Checking samples before writing not only inspires but motivates you to start your very own work. If you are in college or you were tasked to write about Montague as well as Capulet, make it exciting. 

  • See whether any popular shows like Riverdale have the same storyline.
  • Use philosophy or state what is a difference between love as viewed by William Shakespeare as well as philosophers.
  • Comment on the age of the main characters as they were pretty young.
  • Critique Shakespearean writing if you need.

Romeo and Juliet Argumentative Essay

As we previously mentioned, students can definitely write an argumentative essay for Romeo and Juliet. It is pretty understandable from the name what this paper usually does. Here you are presenting an argument as well as proving it to your audience. As it is a very popular tragedy, there is a vast selection of arguments to choose from.

Before you actually start writing, you should definitely check Romeo and Juliet argumentative essay example. They will give you several good ideas of where to start the research.

Still, we want to give you an example of our own argumentative essay on Romeo and Juliet. For instance, students can argue that the perception of age has greatly changed. Both main characters were really young, barely reaching their teenage years when the story took place. In the 21st-century, they would be considered just kids. Therefore, students can track how this perception has changed over the centuries. 

Romeo and Juliet Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay on Romeo and Juliet is one of our favorites. Persuasive articles always try to convince the readers that their point of view is correct. So, your first goal is to persuade the audience. It is rather close to the argumentative paper we have already discussed. 

Persuasive essay for Romeo and Juliet might persuade the audience that the same love story is impossible in this day or age. You can actively argue that love is not the same as it was before. We know it is a controversial topic but it is a simple example to get your thoughts going.

In this persuasive essay about Romeo and Juliet students can try to persuade their audience that digital love can hardly be compared to Shakespearean times. Love has changed — that is your main point here. Browse our persuasive essay examples and see how other students coped with such kind of a task.

Romeo and Juliet Essay Outline

We couldn’t let you go without an outline of Romeo and Juliet. Usually, you will be asked to write a 5 paragraph essay on Romeo and Juliet. These five paragraphs include an introduction, the main body as well as a conclusion. But we will get to each part individually a bit later.

An outline for a five-paragraph persuasive essay on Romeo and Juliet


  • State that love is a universal feeling that connects everyone or use a quote from Shakespeare.
  • Add some background about the tragedy you will be mentioning.
  • Argue that standards of love changed as now it can be short-lived, digital, or even fake.

Main body

  • Develop an argument that people fall in love or fall out of love rather quickly.
  • Mention that love online is not the same as it was before.
  • Point out that the number of arranged marriages is much greater.


  • Come back to your thesis by mentioning that standards of love have evolved.
  • Summarize the previous points we have discussed.
  • Conclude by saying that everyone chooses who to love.

Romeo and Juliet Essay Introduction

Through our guide we will mention all the parts of a good paper, starting with an introduction of Romeo and Juliet. It is among the first things that your readers actually see. Therefore, your introduction must make a difference. Imagine that you are opening an article you see for the first time. How will you decide whether you actually want to read it?

Introduction to Romeo and Juliet must attract attention by using the so-called folk. In this case, we would definitely advise you to use a famous quotation about Shakespeare. His book is filled with intriguing or recognizable quotes. So, choose a good one! Besides, students should definitely mention the tragedy they will be discussing as a background. Lastly, the thesis statement is also a must. 

Example of introduction paragraph for Romeo and Juliet essay

The famous Shakespearean play, Romeo, and Juliet, Shakespeare illustrated impulsivity of the main characters which creates the whole plot line for the play. This happened many times throughout the play, for example when Romeo and Juliet fell in love even after they knew their families were rivals, and this would cause many problems in the future. Another example is when Mercutio died; Romeo didn't think what would happen to him after he killed Tybalt. If these characters had thought through the consequences, before following up with their actions, six people would have still lived, and many others would have been happy at the end. 

Romeo and Juliet Essay Thesis Statement

Now we can get to a good thesis statement for Romeo and Juliet essay. All good thesis statements have the following things in common:

  • They are clear.
  • They succeed in summarizing your main arguments as well as points.
  • They help you navigate between things you want to discuss or need to discuss.
  • They function as your own outline.

You should definitely check our samples before writing your own thesis statement. However, we also advise it to be one sentence. Many used several statements, but one is preferred. 

Thesis statement for Romeo and Juliet essay

The famous Shakespearean tragedy does not fail to comment on the real world as it discusses eternal topics such as love, family, or death. 

Romeo and Juliet Essay Body Paragraph

Let us get to 5 paragraph Romeo and Juliet essay. All good papers will follow a five-paragraph structure, including this Romeo and Juliet 5 paragraph essay. When we talk about this classic structure, we also say that five paragraphs include an introduction, main body, as well as conclusion.

The main body of this paper will consist of three distinct paragraphs with evidence. These three paragraphs take up to 80% of your work. For instance, using your thesis, each paragraph can be divided into themes that include love, family, or death. That is why it is always excellent to have a thesis statement in front of you. This way, the main body paragraphs are always clear as well as concise. 

As you are commenting on a written piece, we also advise you to use evidence. You should not try to fit the whole tragedy into your paper. Select a couple of quotations that demonstrate your point — you will be good. 

Example of body paragraph for Romeo and Juliet essay

Romeo was heartbroken after getting disappointed by Rosaline, and he was still in love thinking about her just a few hours before he met Juliet. He still instantly fell in love with Juliet which is impulsiveness and nothing else. Later in Act 2 Romeo and Juliet find out their families are rivals but still continue to see each other. When Juliet was talking to herself on her balcony and didn't know Romeo was listening to she admitted, "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name, or, if thou wilt not, be sworn by love, and I'll no longer be a Capulet" (II.ii.36-39). Once they found out about each other's family, they should have tried to give some thought to it and should not have rushed to get married. If Romeo and Juliet had thought out or solved the problem between their families before they got married, they would have never been in a situation where they had to kill themselves. 

Romeo and Juliet Essay Conclusion Examples

Our final point concerns one’s conclusion of Romeo and Juliet. Many are surprised to learn that conclusion is actually very similar to an introduction. For instance, they both have thesis statements. Nevertheless, here are several tips students can use to write a good conclusion for Romeo and Juliet essay:

  • Don’t introduce new facts. Stick to what you have mentioned as well as summarize your paper.
  • Paraphrase your thesis statement using different words or synonyms.
  • Try to have a strong closing statement with something that will not let your readers forget about your paper.
  • Don’t write a conclusion before finishing your introduction or main body.

Romeo and Juliet essay conclusion paragraph

In conclusion, the death of the two characters is tragic but also brings new life to Verona. It is also demonstrated that Friar's role in the melodrama contains some form of ambiguity.  Despite the fact that they try to assist the lovers, both of their actions result in suffering since the message itself is nothing but good or evil since it contains the elements of both. Finally, the story also includes the theme of the meaning of gender. In fact, this is evident as the play provides a variety of versions of masculinity. Nevertheless, the protagonist's masculinity is questioned following the death of Mercutio. It is also evident that Romeo's love of Juliet effeminized him.

If you still have some doubts about writing this part of your essay, we have got you covered. Our conclusion paragraph generator is what you need!

Tips for Romeo and Juliet Writing

We have several more things to learn. They include Romeo and Juliet paper topics and tips. It is our main goal to make academic writing smooth or easy for all students. That is why we offer our users free essays for Romeo and Juliet. But first, read useful tips to improve your own writing.

Tips on how to write essays about Romeo and Juliet:

  • Start by checking samples students can find here.
  • Come up with a narrow topic that includes your personal interest as well as the tragedy in front of you.
  • Consult with your professor in terms of format as well as word count.
  • Outline your paper or citations before writing.
  • Use quotations from Shakespeare, but balance them out with your own words.
  • Never skip proofreading or editing.
  • Start writing immediately. The more you wait, the harder it will get to force yourself to do it.

Creative Romeo and Juliet Essay Titles for Students

Lastly, we also have good titles for Romeo and Juliet essays. It is not simple to come up with a good topic that will work for you or your subject. That is why we decided to come up with several good essay titles for Romeo and Juliet. You can select one of these options. You may also combine them with your own ideas or be inspired by them. Whatever you decide, we are confident that you will have an excellent paper on your hands. 

Creative titles for Romeo and Juliet essay:

  1. Is love blind? (Consult: essay about love.)
  2. What would Shakespeare say about modern couples?
  3. Would you want to live during Shakespearean times?
  4. What would you do in the place of a couple from a Shakespearean drama?
  5. Modern parallels of Montague as well as Capulet?
  6. Role of Montague as well as Capulet in Shakespearean tragedy.
  7. Lessons to be learned from Montague as well as Capulet.
  8. Analyze a film that was inspired by Montague as well as Capulet.
  9. Life without love: Answer by analyzing Montague as well as Capulet's story.
  10. Old Italian tale: Story behind Montague as well as Capulet tragedy.

Besides this topic, we have much more. Suppose you are looking for The Great Gatsby essay or To Kill a Mockingbird essay. You will find them here on our platform.


FAQ About Essays on Romeo and Juliet

1. Do you provide Romeo and Juliet essays for free?

Yes! We do offer free essays on Romeo and Juliet. We never charge you for samples students can see here. They were donated by other students. So we do not require registration, credit card information, or practically anything. You can download as many samples as you’d like. There is no charge or limit.

2. How do you write a Romeo and Juliet essay?

An essay on Romeo and Juliet is a staple in academic writing. It combines analysis of a literary piece or your own perspective. That is why before you start writing, choose a good topic. Then you must either read the tragedy one more time or do proper research. Then, prepare an outline, write your main body as well as finish everything up with an introduction or conclusion.

3. How to write about Romeo and Juliet in an essay?

A free essay for Romeo and Juliet will show you several good examples of where to start. One of the main ideas many students use concerns love. It is not only the fact that these two young people come from such different families. They were very young but found true love in this world. You can talk about desperation, the desire to sacrifice yourself for the person you love, or family conflict.

4. What are the best Romeo and Juliet essay topics?

Here students can find possible essay topics for Romeo and Juliet. Here’s an interesting one: “Warm Bodies: Apocalyptic drama or Shakespearean tragedy?” We would also recommend the following topic: “Shakespeare's love is impossible in the digital world.” As students can see, they have lots of opportunities to make their topic interesting.


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