Death Penalty Essays: Ultimate Guide to Writing With Examples

Are you looking for essays on the death penalty? We know it might be a weird research request. Make sure that the FBI doesn’t see it! Jokes aside, we have lots of essays about the death penalty that students will definitely enjoy. They were donated to us by other students. Thus, they fit the academic level and were already graded. Such samples are also creative and simply interesting to read. Want to give it a try? Don't hesitate as they are free and unlimited!

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The Death Penalty Should Not Be Constitutionally Regulated

The U.S is the only developed country that has refused to abolish the death penalty. Rather, it has tried to reform and justify state death penalty practices using federal constitutional law. The top-down legal...

Words: 1616

Pages: 6

Views: 86

16 Sep 2023

Death Penalty: Everything You Need to Know

Introduction The formal execution of criminals has all along been used by many societies since the beginning of historical times. Before the introduction of capital punishment in many current societies, the...

Words: 1426

Pages: 5

Views: 84

16 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Corrections: Sentencing, Imprisonment and Alternatives and the Death Penalty

The criminal justice system plays a significant role in ensuring that offenders receive commensurate punishments that match their offences. Criminal justice players, including law enforcement officers, courts, and...

Words: 2350

Pages: 8

Views: 382

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16 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

New Policy on the Death Penalty for Minors

In Roper v. Simmons, what was basis of the U.S. Supreme Courts’ opinion? From both the fourteenth and the eighth amendment of the United States constitution, the accused needs to be between fifteen and eighteen...

Words: 774

Pages: 3

Views: 441

16 Sep 2023

The Death Penalty Position: For or Against?

The death penalty as a means for punishing capital offenders has continuously elicited mixed views regarding its ethical implications. Supporters of the death penalty feel that it is the best way to get rid of...

Words: 668

Pages: 2

Views: 100

16 Sep 2023

Death Penalty | Definition of Death Penalty

Death penalty or capital punishment remains a controversial debate for both proponents and opponents. Recent statistics demonstrate that support for death penalty continues to decline and the United States remains...

Words: 1225

Pages: 4

Views: 89

16 Sep 2023

The Death Penalty: Pros and Cons

What was the speaker's/narrator's point of view about the topic? I viewed the documentary “Death Penalty Most Excruciating Documentary.” The film provides a glance into the conditions of the United States’...

Words: 298

Pages: 1

Views: 132

The Supreme Court and the Death Penalty for Minors

Introduction Standards provide the basis for evaluating and rationalizing events and arguments. The Supreme Court has the sole responsibility for determining constitutional matters. Part of this responsibility...

Words: 1316

Pages: 5

Views: 169

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16 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

The Aims of the Death Penalty

From a legal perspective, punishment is the deliberate infliction of suffering to an actual or supposed offender by a person of authority, such as a judge for a transgression. The intent of such an act is not to...

Words: 1089

Pages: 4

Views: 173

16 Sep 2023

The Death Penalty: Everything You Need to Know

The death penalty is among the issues that divides opinion. There are those who feel that it is an appropriate form of punishment that should be meted out on those who commit grave crimes. On the other hand is a camp...

Words: 366

Pages: 1

Views: 109


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Death Penalty Papers You Are Sure to Like

We have papers on the death penalty that all students will like. You are not only getting the paper but the overall experience, theory, and even some excellent death penalty titles for papers. You will find that all samples are:

  • Free
  • Available in pdf
  • Do not require registration
  • Offer limitless downloads and searches.

What a treat! Download, read, and enjoy as much as you want. There are also several things one might need to know about this article. 

If you decide on this type of a topic, be mindful of your claims. Even for professionals, it can get tricky. There are lots of people who have strong opinions on this subject. So students must remain professional and academic when finalizing their writing. Besides, considering several perspectives will only give you an extra advantage.

Death Penalty Essays for a Grade

Free essays on the death penalty are known for their excellent qualities. We have mentioned prior that they were donated to us by students. Therefore, they were written by those who understand your struggle. Any essay for death penalty will be:

  • Academic: it fits academic standards and formats.
  • Creative: all topics take unique perspectives on the subject and never fail to impress.
  • Simple: you don't have to go for complex articles if you don't want to.
  • Precise in tone: getting academic tone and voice right is one of the greatest challenges.
  • Inspiring: see that other students can succeed and do it yourself!

As you can see, you have lots of options and excellent advantages available right here and now.

What Is a Death Penalty Essay

Before we go anywhere else, let us focus a bit more on a death penalty essay definition. What even is this topic and article about?

Essentially, it is a paper that discusses capital punishment and provides argumentation for or against said execution. Normally, the minimum length of any academic paper, including this one, is 5 paragraphs.

  • Introduction (10%)
  • Main body consists of 3 paragraphs (80%)
  • Conclusion (10%)

Therefore, it is a simple academic article that talks about chosen subjects. However, it is always important to keep in mind that the said subject deals heavily with law, ethics, forensics, and other complicated matters. Therefore, it will require thorough preparation and research on the student's part.

Nevertheless, many will be glad to hear that there is plenty of research available online. Thus, it will not be challenging to find the perfect source applicable to your article. You can find evidence supporting every position. Still, what is your personal opinion on this matter?

Great Death Penalty Essay Examples for All Students

Any example of death penalty essay will be perfect for inspiration and reference. However, students also must realize that they are not limited to the perspectives that they can take. Here are just several of them to get you started.

  • Ethical: What do humanitarians say about capital punishment?
  • Lawful: How does the law react to it?
  • Moral: How humane is it to punish someone like this?
  • Psychological: What does the punished individual experience?
  • Medical: Is this punishment painless?
  • Economic: Is it cost-effective or on the contrary?

Students should definitely consider each side of the subject to get the best results. The more you think about it — the better your discussion might get.

Death Penalty Argumentative Essays in PDF

Let us talk about short argumentative essays examples about the death penalty. Here we will focus on argumentative essays on the death penalty. What is an argumentative paper?

It is an article that presents an argument on a controversial topic and provides evidence to prove it. In this case, our topic is definitely very touchy and controversial. Students will find strong opinions on this subject. We recommend browsing more than one argumentative essay example in our library. Thus, it is crucial that students thoroughly prove their claims and avoid offending other points of view.

Argumentative essay for the death penalty can take several stands on this problem. For instance, the student can argue that they find that capital punishment should be banned in all states in the USA. To build their argument, they can mention that it would be an ethically, lawfully, and morally current decision. Proofs are still needed though!

Death Penalty Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essays on the death penalty are one of the articles students can write on this topic. The main point of this article and the death penalty persuasive essay outline is to convince the readers that your point is correct.

For instance, you have an audience that believes that capital punishment is the only way for victims' families to get justice for their loved ones. However, you believe that such execution cannot be justified under any circumstances. You think it's unethical, inhumane, and simply wrong.

It is obvious that your audience will not simply believe your words. Therefore, when students present their arguments, they must be proved with evidence. Persuasion can work with evidence, compelling language, and proper structure. Look at our persuasive essay examples to get some ideas. But a persuasive article is definitely a way to go with this paper. 

Death Penalty Essay Outline

Do you need to write an outline for death penalty essay? We might have a sample that will work perfectly for you. An outline is a crucial step, closely linked with quality rates and overall excellence of students' works. 

We also advise students to include cited sources in their outlines. It will help when they need to write the whole article later on.

Death penalty argumentative essay outline


  • 27 states still have capital punishment.
  • This form of punishment was used for several centuries now.
  • Still, it should be abolished because no one has the right to decide who lives and who dies.

Main body: at least 3 paragraphs.

  • First point: ethical wrongness of execution.
  • Second point: a humanitarian perspective on the issue.
  • Third point: consider the opposing perspective — think about victims' families and how they might view this dilemma.


  • With that said, execution should be left in the past.
  • Recommend moving on with this law abolishment in the remaining states.

Bonus: We have a top-notch assignment calculator at your disposal. Plan everything and save your time.

Death Penalty Essay Introduction

Introduction for death penalty essay is the first thing your readers see when looking at your paper. Therefore, make sure that it is memorable and catches readers’ attention. This can be achieved by:

  • Using a hook.
  • Giving quick background on your topic and preparing readers for your main content.
  • Concluding with a clear thesis statement.

The death penalty essay introduction should take approximately 10% of the overall word count. In a 500 words paper, it is 50 words of introduction. 

We have another piece of advice. Write an introduction after finishing your outline and drafting your main body. By that point, you will have a clear idea of what you want to write and highlight in the introduction. This will make it look sharp and clear. 

Example of death penalty argumentative essay introduction

The capital punishment is the most controversial issue taking the ethical and legal perceptive into account. In this accord, the subject has spiked heated debates on whether condemning hardened criminals to their demise is a legitimate course of action. The proponents of this endeavor propagate the perception that it is an instrumental legislation that would tremendously reduce the increasing crime rates within a country’s borders. Conversely, its opponents regard the law as a barbaric imposition that would infuse chaotic repercussions on the morality of the society. Ultimately, capital punishment is a farfetched and inefficient judicial promulgation that has negligible effects on the crime rates. Instead, it deteriorates the sanity of life.

Death Penalty Essay Thesis Statement

We also wanted to pause more on a death penalty argumentative essay thesis. Students can argue whatever they want here. We chose to focus on the abolishment of capital punishment. Nevertheless, a good thesis statement about death penalty should have some criteria.

  • It should be short and clear.
  • Directly state an essay’s main argument there.
  • Divide it into points for the main body paragraphs. 
  • It should be the last statement of your introductory paragraph.

As long as the student's argument is clear — your thesis is successful. We also would advise keeping it near when writing. It helps with staying on track.

Thesis statement for death penalty argumentative essay

Capital punishment was proven to be painless and cost-effective. However, it should be abolished due to ethical considerations, violation of human rights, and failure to deliver a sense of justice to the victims' families. 

Death Penalty Essay Body Paragraph

Paragraph for death penalty essay is just as important as the actual introduction. It is a perfect place to use all evidence you have already collected and finally work on your article. Remember that you are proving a point here. Therefore, balance proofs and evidence with your own ideas and words. Your best paragraphs will:

  • Focus on one point of one's argument.
  • Offer at least one piece of evidence for each point.
  • Have at least three sentences and three lines.
  • Don’t forget to cite outside sources.

As it is hard to keep these things in mind, we advise you to check our samples here. They follow all these points. Besides, tone and voice should be proper as well.

Last but not least, when writing main body paragraphs, do not forget to have a thesis in front of you. This will not only ensure focus on your research but make your style of writing more clear and up to point. 

Death penalty paragraph example

According to Oregonian for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, the legal system is not entirely free from erroneous verdicts and conviction of the innocent based on falsified evidence. In this accord, the aspect of innocence and the death penalty has been the prime argument against capital punishment. In a case whereby the evidence was doctored to frame the accused for the crime, he or she did not commit, a verdict to penalize the suspect by condemning them to death by capital punishment, cannot be averted. In this accord, the efficiency and the credibility of the judicial system would tremendously deteriorate if the capital punishment is legalized as an acceptable legal endeavour. Ultimately, this could result in a slippery slope, whereby, crimes that would have been otherwise punished using other sentences, are manipulated to meet the threshold for capital punishment.

Death Penalty Essay Conclusion

We will wrap our outline with a conclusion paragraph for death penalty essay. Students will notice that it is very similar to an introduction. It does start with a thesis that talks about the same premise, yet uses different words. Moreover, students should definitely give a quick summary of their paper just to remind their readers of your main point.

Death penalty conclusion paragraph must leave a proper impression on your reader. If a hook grabs attention, your closing statement makes readers think about your argument even after closing your paper. As it is a very touchy case, we recommend you go with an emotional response on this one. Remind the readers that even the convicted are human, and they should get a chance to repay for their crimes.

Example of conclusion about death penalty

In conclusion, the capital punishment is counterproductive and diminishes the possibility to rectify a verdict made on scrupulous evidence. In this accord, backing the argument to abolish this barbaric and unethical practice that deteriorates the rights to life, alongside straining the state’s finances, would be pivotal in fostering national development in all platforms of the economy.

Pros and Cons of Death Penalty Essays

Essays on the death penalty pro and cons are rather popular. That is if we consider this topic to be popular. Nevertheless, there are dozens of questions and dilemmas concerning capital punishment. Therefore, it is interesting to see how people view it and what can even be considered a "pro" in this situation.

Remember: it is a controversial topic. Therefore, do thorough research and provide evidence prior to making a claim. Our compare and contrast essay examples can help you with this task.

Pros on death penalty essay and cons can be found below.



  • Many think that it can be the only form of justice for severe offenses.
  • This procedure comes with ethical dilemmas.
  • Victims' families might see it fit as the only justice route possible.
  • Does anyone deserve to die for their crimes? Or is prison punishment enough as it is?
  • This procedure is believed to be painless.
  • How and who can decide someone else's fate? Can the judge, the jury, or anyone be responsible for such a choice — to take someone's life?
  • It is cost-effective and frees space freedom.
  • Those deciding on capital punishment will have to live with this decision.
  • It prevents criminals from continuing their spree.
  • One more life was taken in the process. If the criminal was punished for killing, aren't there enough people lost already?

Death Penalty Essay Titles & Topics

Do you need some good titles for essays about the death penalty? There is no need to look anywhere else. We not only have samples but topics and inspirations too. So, without further ado, we present you with more than just one best title for essay about death penalty. Make sure you check them out.

Good titles for death penalty essays:

  1. Views on execution in social media.
  2. Witnessing execution - psychological effects. (Consult: essay about psychology.)
  3. Can justice be achieved through execution?
  4. Families of victims: What are their thoughts on execution?
  5. Can deadly punishment be justified in the modern world?
  6. The history behind capital punishment.
  7. Capital punishment as a violation of human rights.
  8. Forensic perspective on execution.
  9. Utilitarian ethics and their point of view on capital punishment.
  10. Should the United States abolish execution once and for all?

Consider these topics or combine them with your own ideas. We also advise students to think about the ethical side of capital punishment.

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FAQ About Death Penalty Essays

1. Are your death penalty essay examples free?

Yes! All free essay on death penalty available on this website are totally free with no charge. They were donated to us by other students and made available for anyone who needs them. Therefore, you don't need to pay, register or fill in any forms. The use is also limitless. Finally, you can access our website using any device as all articles are given in pdf format.

2. What are the best death penalty topics for essays?

We have several suggestions about death penalty essay topics. Remember that they must be narrow and interesting. Students normally don't have dozens of pages to fit everything in. So, being mindful of the topic and word count is a must. Here are several ideas:

  1. Capital punishment outside of the United States. 
  2. Is capital punishment cost-effective? 
  3. Execution: inhumane or painless?
3. What are the main benefits of the death penalty essay?

The death penalty essay often includes several benefits. First and foremost, many view capital punishments to be cost-effective and a good way to avoid overfilling the person. Moreover, execution is believed to be painless and ethical. However, it is up to you to decide whether these advantages are truly worth it.

4. What are the advantages of the death penalty essay?

Essays on death penalty can discuss several advantages of such a method. For instance, families of the victims often see justice in this execution. Others state that it is the only way to stop criminals from continuing their criminal sprees. These advantages are reasons why capital punishment is still practiced in many states.


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