Water Pollution Essay Examples & Writing Guide

Drafting a competent water pollution essay for students has always been a troublesome assignment. Similar chores require pushing yourself, engaging every single gray cell into action. With no assistance or guidance, the tedious scribing process becomes almost impossible to finish. Find numerous professionally-written samples of these texts for a fast improvement of skills. Find out all the necessary information you have questions about. Do it fast and easy together with us.

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Air and Water Pollution: Bakersfield, CA

One of the most polluted cities in the United States is Bakersfield, California. The 142-square miles city is located near the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley and the Central Valley region with a population of...

Words: 573

Pages: 2

Views: 130

The Effect of Water Pollution on People's Health

Water pollution occurs when unwanted materials find their way into the water bodies. These materials change the quality of water often making it unsafe for human and animal use. Water is a crucial natural resource...

Words: 1387

Pages: 6

Views: 189

16 Sep 2023


FLINT WATER POLLUTION CRISIS ACTION PLAN. In a period that spanned almost twelve months, the residents in the little rural area of Flint filled up jugs with some ill-smelling water and presented this to the...

Words: 538

Pages: 2

Views: 197

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Freshwater Resources and Water Pollution

Introduction In the recent years, there has been a broad set of both national and international water issues raising concerns among leaders. This is due to the increased understanding of the connections between...

Words: 2476

Pages: 9

Views: 131

16 Sep 2023

Water Pollution: Causes, Effects, and Solutions

The primary purpose of this research paper is to explore water pollution as one of the major environmental issues that are affecting the world as a whole. Specifically, the paper is aimed at discussing the causes,...

Words: 5053

Pages: 10

Views: 274

16 Sep 2023

Water Pollution and its Environmental Impact

Abstract The research paper has evaluated water pollution and its impact on the environment. Quality drinking water is essential to the wellbeing and health of humans, plants, and animals. Water is contaminated...

Words: 1595

Pages: 6

Views: 98

Water Pollution Regulations

The case, E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. v. Train, held that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has the power to ratify regulations that impose limits on pollution while providing existing plants with a permit...

Words: 293

Pages: 1

Views: 244

15 Sep 2023

Water Pollution: Causes, Effects and Issue in the US

Overview Water pollution can be described as the contamination of water bodies. Such contamination makes water unsafe for human use and mostly occurs in water sources like lake, rivers, oceans, aquifers, and...

Words: 1009

Pages: 3

Views: 138

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Water Pollution: Causes, Effects, and Solutions

Obtain a water quality report from your local municipality within the last two years and discuss what you found in the report? Regarding water from Wayside Estates water system and Iredell Water Corporation,...

Words: 710

Pages: 2

Views: 103

15 Sep 2023

Water Pollution: Everything You Need to Know

The major environmental problem in Madison Tennessee is water pollution. In a nutshell, water pollution is the introduction of pollutants into water bodies such as rivers and lakes without prior treatment to remove...

Words: 1448

Pages: 5

Views: 208


Assignment types
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What Is a Water Pollution Essay

The definition of essay on water pollution has always been subjected to changes. Its shape shifts depending on the topic and chosen attitude. These academic pieces can simultaneously be informative, argumentative, or persuasive. Generally speaking, such an endeavor proposes a detailed overview of this notorious environmental issue.

Scholarly items on water contamination rely on developed scribing and argumentation. Article sizes vary from 100 words to thousands of phrases. The most frequent volume for such ventures is around 150 words. This limitation extensively uses all skills a student has. With proposed text samples, everybody can easily compose a well-versed essay.

Water Pollution Essay Examples for All Students!

Even if you’re tasked with a water pollution essay 1000 words — we’ve got you covered. Hundreds of creative examples are freely available. Without registration or any payments. Each paper was created and donated by a student. It ensures objectively high characteristics, such as:

  • Solid reasoning

Every shown water pollution essay in English 150 words offers perfectly fitted arguments. Precisely designed, they result in a visible effect on readers.

  • Regulation-proof

Items we offer can withstand even the most diligent check-up. We guarantee total compliance with all possible rules. It leads to easily repeatable yet scholastically correct materials.

  • Creative composition

All samples demonstrate novice techniques and tactics when it comes to structuring. Each water pollution essay 200 words is a complete piece. Everyone is polished until academic perfection.

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Essay on Water Pollution for High School Students

Scrivening a water pollution essay for high school students is rarely smooth sailing. Numerous problems arise at every stage of composing. They include data mining, argument organization, structuring, and writing itself. All steps can become troublesome if done without effort.

For a successful task completion, authors must go through certain steps, starting with investigation. Meticulous subject studying is essential to an essay of any genre. Used facts must come from trustworthy sources and be checked thoroughly. Reasoning must be performed with the utilization of effective techniques and tricks. Everything is aimed at improving an impact on the audience. Careful consideration must go into each aspect of scribing.

Water Pollution Essays for College

As a specific paper type, a persuasive essay on water pollution for college disciples has a few quirks. Such items have a clear goal they pursue. Usually, it’s convincing readers of a specific idea. These texts are notoriously needy for thinking and evaluating. They require immense skill and well-developed cognitive abilities.

Students must conduct research, gather data, organize and present it concisely. Persuasive texts must provide strong didactic info. They should also affect the audience. Sentence construction must help in conveying one idea throughout the entire article. Use our free samples of water pollution essay in pdf to create unique, creative scholarly pieces yourself!

Water Pollution Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay on pollution greatly depends on the student's investigative capabilities. Such articles require performing in-depth studies, reading various sources, and separating credible data from unbelievable ones. Writers must analyze huge amounts of facts. They need to arrange them in an efficient way. The articles should be packed with data yet easily readable.

All those features can be achieved only by people with highly advanced scribing abilities. Yet, to write a good argumentative essay about pollution, you need only a few detailed samples. This website offers multiple variants of argumentation-oriented papers. They are easily adaptable to suit exact needs. Download them for free and extract useful tips. Improve scores and skills through these scholarly materials!

Water Pollution Essay Outline

An essay outline for water pollution pieces is a must. No high-scoring paper was written without prior planning and diligent design. Outlining your essays leads to better narration pacing. It gives greater readability and overall improved texts. A competent structure effectively ties all sections together. It unites separate paragraphs and facts into one coherent item.

Water pollution essay outline example


  • Topic statement — agua contamination must be stopped!
  • Background info
  • Main goal, ultimate purpose

Body paragraphs

  • Supportive materials
  • Assess credibility of mentioned facts.
  • More information
  • How can the issue be solved?
  • Examine possible solutions


  • Title restatement
  • A short recap of everything
  • The ultimate plan
  • Call to action

Water Pollution Essay Introduction

The introduction on water pollution is crucial. This first paragraph must focus entirely on engaging in reading, making the reader care. This section is the second smallest, yet it shouldn’t be neglected or ignored. A composer must leave a strong impression on the audience. Intro section mentions the subject, adds a few facts to interest people, and asks a question. That question alone defines the goal and overall direction of the article.

While writing an introduction to water pollution essay, try concentrating your attention on making an impact. Make your sentences loud and catchy. If nothing comes to your mind, read the proposed sample below. Copy it entirely or adopt specific elements. Any decision leads to better grades and a stronger beginning.

Example of introduction about water pollution

Throughout the history of America, water has maintained a significant role in society. It is depicted as a natural resource that is a basic need for human existence. It has served as a major source for drinking, farming, establishing nation boundaries and ensuring developments such as generation of electricity. Though 70% of the earth surface is covered in water, pollution and climate change ensures that much of it can cause health adversities to human and other life populations. This effect has taken place due to the human activities of innovation that prompt abuse not only in the US but also across the world. As a result numerous conflicts among its beneficiaries erupt throughout history. Water sources in Flint, Michigan and Standing Rock Sioux, North Dakota have been contested in recent times due to economic, social, political and technological factors. The following paper will address the importance of water in each of the above factors in America’s history to the present protests regarding water pollution.

Water Pollution Essay Body Paragraph

To write a paragraph on water pollution, a student must demonstrate developed analytical and critical thinking. All gathered facts, numbers, and statistics must be carefully organized and placed in a specific order. Central paragraphs are the main course. They supply all the argumentation and all informational support. These sections occupy the largest volume and must be treated accordingly.

Each central water pollution paragraph should contain information, assessment, and connecting lyrics. Transitioning between every paragraph must be smooth and invisible. The thought must flow fluently, from one idea to another. This can be achieved by copying working, effective elements of presented articles. Download hundreds of samples free of charge for the ultimate growth of personal skills.

Body paragraph on water pollution

As aforementioned, water plays a major role in the economic sustenance of the society. In the US, this practice is evident throughout history where members have incorporated water into numerous economic activities. A huge percentage of water used for economic activities in the 1900s was mainly for agricultural purposes. This consumption depicts the lifestyle of individuals at the current time as many were still conducting farming. As the economy continued to grow, the use of water would grow due to the multiple industries that were developed between the 1880s and 1920s. The cotton industry would steadily increase as a means of providing its society with clothing. This occurrence rapidly increased the value of farms from $8 billion in the 1860s to $30 billion in the 1900s. In this regard, water consumption was escalating at a drastic pace. The government would enable its state citizens to establish a unique system of dividing land for farmers to continue in their economic lifestyle. 

Water Pollution Essay Conclusion

Never forget about a conclusion of water pollution essay. This part serves the essential purpose of leaving a long-lasting impression. All paragraphs before were aimed at convincing, explaining, and telling a story. This section seals the deal, answers all the questions asked, and summarizes everything. Effective conclusion releases the reader’s attention, simultaneously charging them with energy. Authors must leave all people with a strong desire to act and to change things.

To do so, you need a specific set of words and tricks. Narration secrets and impressive techniques can be easily gathered from the proposed conclusion on water pollution samples. Follow the examples closely and use them as guidance. Learn how to generate a unique conclusion for your work.

Conclusion for water pollution essay

Water is an important resource in society that enables economic, social, political and technological developments. However, through the activities of selfish individuals for more than a century, water resources are exploited infringing on the rights of the people it serves. Politics has driven these negative activities where greed for personal wealth and increased power leads officials to disregard the welfare of the ordinary people. The events of Flint, Michigan and Standing Rock Sioux, North Dakota are a clear identification of the continued negligence towards the water resources. A significant number of children in Flint have suffered permanent damage due to such political activities. In light of these events, the Native American tribes have protested against the participation of private corporations who may recklessly endanger their lives while pursuing their personal agenda. Furthermore, the people implore the government to respect their cultural and spiritual beliefs. 

How to Write About Water Pollution

To write an essay on water pollution with ease, a student must complete certain steps. Each step is important and shouldn’t be skipped. By diligently following our instructions, you’ll manage to compose interesting, high-scoring texts from scratch. Make water pollution essay writing easy by implementing these steps:

  1. Topic selection. Make sure you choose an interesting and captivating subject for covering. It should be intriguing for you and your readers.
  2. Data gathering. Before writing, do detailed research. Pay attention to the credibility and scientific correctness of each used fact or number.
  3. Studying samples. Examine how other composers tackled this task by exploring proposed free examples. Look at any essay on pollution in our library.
  4. Outline designing. Specify where each argument or fact is placed and develop a correct narrative pacing. Follow your outline while writing your work.
  5. Proofreading. Before submitting, check every aspect of the final text. Make sure your article does not have any kinds of mistakes. Secure high uniqueness percentage.

This step-by-step guide was created by expert writers who know exactly what elements deserve attention. Implementation of even one element makes essay writing on water pollution much more compelling and trouble-free.

Water Pollution Essay Topics in English

If you’re short on ideas, we’ve gathered a few topics on water pollution for you. Use them directly or modify them to suit your specifications. Remember — grabbing the attention starts with an effective water pollution essay title. The naming alone can engage people and play with emotions or feelings. The selected subject must urge you to study materials, develop the narration, plan arguments, etc. Simultaneously it should engage people in reading and make them forget everything but your covered topic. Here’re water pollution titles for essays:

  1. The impacts of dirty liquid on human body.
  2. How do we harm the environment and aqua in particular?
  3. Chemical industry as the main pollutant of aqua.
  4. Is waste liquid a threat to marine life? Why?
  5. Explore chemical rains and their effects.
  6. Wildlife and animals — how do they suffer from harmful substances in aqua?
  7. Work out a solution to dirtying the oceans.
  8. Jellyfish infestation of the Chinese Sea — explain.

Read more article in this field for some kind of inspiration. Start with a climate change essay or an air pollution essay.


FAQ About Water Pollution Essays

1. Do you provide free water pollution essays?

The website offers countless free essays on water pollution. Download them as convenient pdf files at any time. All materials were donated by former students and cannot be submitted as personal works. Use these texts as guidance or templates for creating custom papers.

2. How long should water pollution essay be?

Students can be tasked with small essays on water pollution or large ones. Size depends on the requirements given by a particular teacher. If no instructions were provided, use our samples as guidelines. If you copy their volume, no issues may occur during the review.

3. Why are all water pollution essays so important?

Composing a short essay on water pollution in English has a positive effect on students. Such assignments strengthen scribing capabilities, improve investigating, thought presentation, etc. Additionally, they teach valuable lessons about being kinder to the planet we live on.

4. What are the 3 steps to finding the main idea for water pollution essay?

If you’re designing an essay about water pollution, you need an idea. Start by analyzing your personal worries and thoughts on this problem. Then — read existing award-winning works. After that — make a guess. The first thing that comes to mind may be it.


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