World War 1 Essay Examples & Outline

Students from all over the globe are often tasked with essays about World War 1. Such scholarly pieces act both as writing practice and as a great educational element. Students, despite living a long time after conflict, must know how and why it happened. An essay on World War 1 heavily relies on academic research and accurate event representation.

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Forces that Led to WW1

Several factors led to the start of World War 1. The killing of Austria–Hungary’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and Imperialism were among the many factors resulting in WW1. However, the war’s impacts were felt across...

Words: 228

Pages: 1

Views: 172

17 Sep 2023

Glen Curtis' Contribution to the Development of Aviation

Glenn Hammond Curtis was born on May 21st, 1878 at Hammondsport, N.Y. USA (Trimble, 2010) . He is said to e the pioneer and the leading American manufacturer of aircraft by the time the USA was entering the World War...

Words: 521

Pages: 1

Views: 124

To What Extent Was Trench Warfare an Effective Tactic During WW1?

Table of Contents Section A: Identification and Evaluation of Sources 2 Section B: Investigation 3 Section C: Sources and Word Limit 8 Section A: Identification and Evaluation of Sources ...

Words: 1654

Pages: 5

Views: 69

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16 Sep 2023

World War 1 Poetry: 10 Classic Poems From The Great War

World War 1 is among the worst events to occur in human history. It led to the senseless loss of millions of lives and the disruption of many families and unions. However, it also inspired great poetry. Poets, most...

Words: 300

Pages: 1

Views: 114

16 Sep 2023

World War I influence on the culture, politics, and society of the US

President Woodrow Wilson informed a common sitting of congress that the United States should remain neutral during World War 1 to ensure calmness. His main aim was to ensure the United States did not join the war nor...

Words: 594

Pages: 2

Views: 97

How Technology Helped Win World War I

Influence of New Technologies New technologies are among the factors that influenced the direction and outcome of the First World War. Among these technologies include machine guns, mines and barbed wire...

Words: 557

Pages: 1

Views: 98

Economic Effects of World War One

From the time World War One ended, there have been a number of historians who have come up to explain the reason why the United States entered the war and the general effects of the war. This paper explores the...

Words: 286

Pages: 1

Views: 118

16 Sep 2023

The soldier's experience of the World War 1

The soldier's experience of the World War 1 War constitutes an important part of history that has helped shape many incidences experienced in the present as well as in the future, and the World War I is no...

Words: 1766

Pages: 6

Views: 430

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World War 1 and World War 2: The Differences and Similarities

Central Powers NATION Austria-Hungary Bulgaria Germany Ottoman Empire | DATE OF WAR DECLARATION July 28, 1914 October 14, 1915 August 1, 1914 October 29, 1914 Allies Belgium Brazil British...

Words: 587

Pages: 4

Views: 219

Niall Ferguson’s Analysis of the Germans and Allied Forces in WW1

The First World War was historic given its diverse perspectives regarding documentation by popular media as well as historians concerning its impact on the people. It is often depicted as one of the most dreaded wars...

Words: 1534

Pages: 6

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Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a World War 1 Essay

Written article depicting certain aspects of a great historical event of the 20th century  – from the definition of World War 1 essay. Despite being already a hard task to complete, these articles require following strict rules regarding writing and formatting.

  • Academic correctness

Papers must comply with all regulations of the authors’ educational institutions. This involves size, formatting, structuring, and argumentation.

  • Historical accuracy

All depicted events or elements must be real and proven by sufficient data. No free fantasizing is allowed.

  • Strong sources

Authors are obliged to use only credible sources, checked and approved. Only widely-available data or historical documents can be used.

World War 1 Essays Examples

If you’re tasked with a World War 1 summary essay, looking at some samples is helpful. Similar academic pieces are dependent on the quality of research and argumentation. On this site, everyone can download multiple pdf papers on World War 1 summary for students. Proposed examples of argumentative essays can sufficiently simplify the writing process. Look at the list of their benefits.

  • Clever structuring

Every article sample follows an outline that was specifically designed. It improves narration, transitioning, and readability.

  • Advanced wording

Subject-specific vocabulary has been used. Authors diligently picked words that are easily understandable.

  • Improved narration

Pacing and coherency of a narrative are superb. Our examples of narrative essays will help you with it. So, your texts will be easy to read leaving a long-lasting impression on readers.

  • Confirmed credibility

All sources used were proven to be credible and trustworthy. Historical events are depicted with utmost attention to detail.

You can also find such articles in our library as World War 2 essay or Vietnam War essay to read and get some new ideas for your writing.

World War 1 Essay Outline

Outline of a World War 1 paper acts like a unified structure that unites every text element into one coherent piece. The creation of an outline must be performed before the initial writing process. It should be divided into three separate sections and mention included data in each section. Such scholarly pieces as research papers about significant historical events must have a strong structure underneath. You can check this prepared sample below.

Example of World War 1 essay outline


  • Introduce the main topic to the audience
  • Background data regarding depicted events
  • Thesis statement – short text version

Body paragraphs

  • First argument
  • Proofs, examples, historical data
  • Second argument
  • Examples, proofs, relevant data
  • Repeat if needed


  • Short topic restating
  • Repeat the thesis statement
  • Small summary of events, meaning

World War 1 Essay Introduction

For WW1 essay introduction is as important as for any other paper. First, 20-25 percent of text volume is dedicated to this section. It must properly introduce the audience to a discussed topic. This paper type provides an excessive historical overview. An intro must reflect that feature.

Additionally, including small information regarding this major event is needed for complete understanding. Next, add a thesis statement. More in the next chapter.

This paragraph must hook readers' attention and make them interested. All reading experience depends on an introduction quality. Look at the proposed sample below. This sample was donated by a student and written in compliance with all regulations. It demonstrates an informative yet creative approach to text beginning.

Introduction paragraph for World War 1 essay example

The causes of World War I are significantly founded in controversy.  Many historians believe it was first caused by the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Austria-Hungary. This led to profound fragility in terms of the balance of power within the Balkans. The annexation enraged many pan-Slavic and Serbia nationalists across the European continent.  This move weakened Russia as well as enhanced worries across Austria of a possible expanding Slavic movement in the region (Franks 71). Another notable reason was the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand by the Serbian nationalist secret outfit. He was the successor to the Austro-Hungarian throne. This brought about tension and demands by Austria-Hungary that Serbia bring the assassins to justice or face nullification of sovereignty. The German invasion of Belgium was another cause of the war.

World War 1 Essay Thesis Statement

Thesis statement on World War 1 essays plays a vital role in hooking the attention. This sentence must encapsulate all following text into a small form. If you’re analyzing the causes and effects of an event, your thesis must present a shortened version of them. A good thesis statement for World War 1 article is informative, coherent, and easy to read.

Scholars often have problems with writing a thesis statement. This sentence alone can be harder than the entire article to write. For additional inspiration and structural ideas look at freely available samples. Each example showcases a different approach to such statements. Look at used wording, sentence structuring, and mentioned data. Try implementing similar techniques in custom-written pieces.

Bonus: Use our top-notch free thesis generator to make this part of your essay excemt!

World War 1 Essay Body Paragraph

Central paragraph for World War 1 essay is its all information. The second section takes the biggest volume of all parts delivering all the necessary information. Intro was preparing the audience for body paragraphs. These must include all historical data, all facts, arguments, reasons, and outcomes. All information you can gather must be mentioned in central paragraphs.

This section can be divided into smaller chapters. It is advised to keep the number of middle sections up to three. Keeping it within these margins will ensure good readability and coherency. A balanced decision is creating a four-paragraph essay. This separation makes it aesthetically pleasing to read and perfectly balanced data-wise. Examine a proposed sample below to see how it’s done.

World War 1 paragraph essay example

Germany made the move with the intent of engaging French Armies and capturing Paris by The Schlieffen Plan. The other reason behind the First World War was the European Alliance System (Franks81). The Alliance system saw European countries step into the war due to the need to collectively defend allies against perceived enemies.  There were different alliances such as Franco-Russian, Entente Cordiale, Triple Entente, Dual Alliance and the Treaty of London, 1839.

World War 1 Essay Conclusion

Final section is reserved solely for a conclusion on World War 1. This paragraph, despite being the smallest, presents valuable information. It repeats your intro part in some moments rephrasing the topic and thesis statement. The last text chapter acts like a remembering of everything mentioned recouping all data. Only with a competent conclusion of World War 1 paper students can expect high grades.

If you’re struggling with this part of our work, look at the proposed sample below. These academic pieces present unique and interesting approaches other students used. Look at wording, sentence structure, and data amount. Learn how a conclusive part must be written by studying free examples. Use this knowledge to create unique, custom scholarly pieces.

Conclusion paragraph for World War 1 essay example

The changes that Germany is experiencing after the end of World War 1 will have a huge impact on America in the coming years. The total collapse of Germany would make America adopt an isolationist strategy of not involving itself in conflicts that do not concern itself. This will make Americans develop a sense of xenophobia, paranoia, racism, and fear of foreigners due to the guilty consciousness they would have developed. It will also increase a sense of patriotism on the part of American Citizens who would want to stick together against perceived enemies. This feeling of patriotism would make Americans support the government and big businesses which would lead to economic successes. 

World War 1 Topics for a Paper

WW1 essay topics leave multiple options for interpretation and in-depth exploration. Writing process starts with selecting an interesting subject. If students can select their own topic, it significantly increases motivation and final paper quality. Argumentation gets better and reasoning is more detailed and carefully presented. Teachers often give a choice of World War 1 topics for essay. If you can select a custom one, look at the list of World War 1 argumentative essay topics below:

  1. Describe countries involved from the ideological side of things.
  2. Could this military conflict be avoided and how?
  3. Advances in technology brought by the war.
  4. Discuss how this event started the rise of nationalism in Germany.
  5. People during this conflict – examples of kindness.
  6. A million reasons for the conflict to exist – discuss three major ones.
  7. How did airplanes and rockets change the course of the conflict?
  8. Changes in society that led to this horrific event. (Check our international relations essay.)

FAQ About Free Essays on World War 1

1. Are your World War 1 essay examples free?

The website offers numerous free World War 1 essays for all students and teachers. Download files for free as pdf or read them online. Study each sample closely to get meaningful, useful insights. Use them as a guideline for successful, informative, historically accurate written pieces. Eliminate any problem by following competently written text examples.

2. How do you write World War 1 in an essay?

There are multiple ways to write an essay about World War 1. The type of paper depends on the topic. It can be a discussion of reasons and outcomes, or a comparison of military power. Each topic leads to a completely unique approach to writing. Examine presented paper samples to get a complex understanding of such assignments.

3. What is the main cause of World War 1 essay?

Essays on World War 1 often ask students to reflect on the causes of military conflict. It requires conducting proper research beforehand and analyzing various sources and possibilities. Then, the authors must select the main reasons and present them in detail. All data must be fitted into a small volume of body paragraphs.

4. What is World War 1 summary?

The rare task is writing a World War 1 essays summary. Such articles often require creating a full analysis of all outcomes the conflict had. It does not always involve digging into the newest history. Focusing on the first 30 years after the conflict is necessary. Look at the proposed samples for guidance and inspiration.


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