World War 2 Essays: Useful Guide With Tips

You got an assignment to write an essay about World War 2, but it looks like rocket science. You need to create a text for history class and don't know where to start. Good news is that you will learn everything about this type of paper from our guide. We have valuable tips, examples, and advice to make your essay on World War 2 useful and readable.

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The Great War and WWII Discussion

The world wars are among the most memorable parts of history, which brought about many diverse effects. The results included massacre and massive property destruction among many negative impacts. However, despite the...

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Was it Necessary to Use the Atomic Bombs in WWII?

The atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are credited with ending the Second World War. However, a long standing debate considers the bombs necessary on one side and the existence of alternative...

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Justification of WWII Actions

Introduction The World War II is one of the major wars taking place in the mid decades of the 20 th century. It represents a primary decision by major nations in the world to put the safety of their people at...

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The WWII Atomic Bombs

Harry Truman, the president of the United States at the time of World War II, came to learn that the Manhattan Project had been successful. It is then that he knew he was faced with the toughest decision in his...

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The Post WW2 “Economic Boom” (1945-1958)

As World War II came to an end during the hot season of 1945, the United States' economy became hanged on the extremity of an unknown future. The emergence of consumerism, budgeting during World War II,...

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World War 1 and World War 2: The Differences and Similarities

Central Powers NATION Austria-Hungary Bulgaria Germany Ottoman Empire | DATE OF WAR DECLARATION July 28, 1914 October 14, 1915 August 1, 1914 October 29, 1914 Allies Belgium Brazil British...

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WWII War Crime Trials

The Nuremberg Trials occurred immediately after the WWII. They are further believed to be the first trials ever in the human history to have indicted the whole regime for war crimes. Some of the crimes that were...

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Reminiscing Japanese Relocation Centres in the USA during WWII

Reminiscing Japanese Relocation Centres in the USA during WWII Japan's decision to become the foe frontrunners during World War II impacted heavily on the welfare of its people and people of its ancestry living...

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Japan’s Motives for Going to War in WWII

Introduction The Second World War is by far the most significant historical event in the 20 th century that had profound effects on various nations. One of the major influences was Japan, a country which...

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Background causes of World War II

The First World War barely solved any problems which led to its outbreak and therefore the Second World War was fought and was termed as 'the war to end all wars'. World War II is considered to be the deadliest war...

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What Is a World War 2 Essay

Let's start from the beginning – with a definition of essay on World War 2. Definition: This paper describes, discusses, or provides research on World War, which lasted from 1939 till 1945. This historical event is one of the most horrifying in world history. As it also was broadly researched, it won't be a big problem to collect the data about WW2. Moreover, this topic can be complicated for many students who have never worked with historical data. It is usually up to 300 words but can be more in the case of college research.

If you don't know what to write about in this paper, you can look through our examples for students. 

World War 2 Essay Examples to Receive the Best Grades

We would say that there are many options for students who want to succeed in their studies. An essay on World War 2 for elementary students will definitely differ from the research you may provide in college. On a primal level, you need to define the aggressor, know Hitler's name, and the conflict's purpose. This is your basics. But what about more complicated approaches to your topic? 

You may work with a text about the Hawaii attack and Pearl Harbor. Or it can be an analysis of Hitler's propaganda in WW2. An analysis essay example will help you with this task. It can be a variety of specific topics, but you can learn some principles of good quality writing. We have World War 2 essay pdf examples for different writing styles, subjects, and techniques! Check it out!

World War 2 Argumentative Essay

What can you learn from World War 2 argumentative essay examples? First of all, the structural principle of such a paper. In this type of article, you need to investigate and provide various arguments to explain your thesis in detail. The scheme for this text is simple. You define your idea and then collect all information, historical documents, or other research to support this thesis. It does not mean you need to pursue your reader to stand on your side. Be objective. But what is more important, you need to be comprehensive in your argumentation. 

WW 2 argumentative essay topics will be the most significant guide for you.

World War 2 Essay Outline

If you wonder how to start this essay, we have a solution. Start with a World War 2 outline – a detailed plan of your writing. Let's draft outline examples on World War 2 together. For instance, your topic is the influence of Nazi propaganda on a fight. How do construct a good plan for such a paper?

Outline example


  • Tell a few interesting facts. Use the newest research.
  • Your reflection or comparison with other historical events.
  • Define a thesis. For example, you will argue that a propaganda machine built by Hitler and Hebbels was the most significant weapon in that war. 

Body: Support your thesis with facts and data.

  • Who created this propaganda machine? How did it work?
  • Tell about examples of propaganda.
  • How it influenced public opinion.
  • The psychological principle of making propaganda.

Conclusion: Summarize arguments and point out all insights.

  • Provide some final facts, like the Nuremberg process detailed on propagandists.
  • Ensure that your readers have their own insights on a topic argumentation.

Bonus: Use our word to page converter and determine how many pages your essay should be.

World War 2 Essay Introduction

You have an outline and it is time to work with an introduction on World War 2. How to make readers or your teacher interested in your paper? 

  • Start with a hook sentence or unsuspected fact. Something that will make readers think: "Really?And what next?"
  • Use unique data. Many facts about that war are well-known and you will not surprise someone with them.
  • Make your thesis clear. Don’t try to put everything possible into one sentence.
  • If possible, add personal reflection on this topic. Start with individual fillings.

Introduction matters. This is an open paragraph for your research. No one will read a whole text if it is boring or predictable except your teacher. But we don't think they will be satisfied. 

Also, you can check the sample we have for all users.

World War 2 essay introduction paragraph example

World War II, or simply WWII began on 1st September 1939 and lasted until the unconditional surrender of Japan on 14th August 1945. However, precipitating conflicts began earlier. WWII was the most widespread and deadliest global conflict involving vast armed forces and resources. The most applicable theoretical perspective to explain its onset is fascism, which represents authoritarian hierarchical governance. The terms discussed throughout the paper are nationalism, fascism, hegemony and formation of alliances. System level analysis was applied to discuss nationalism, which triggered fascist countries to pursue hegemony, setting the stage war. 

World War 2 Essay Thesis Statement

Another extra important part of your text is a World War 2 thesis statement. This is your main idea written in a short form for your paper. In the following paragraphs, you will build all your argumentation around this thesis. How to make it clear?

  • Use interesting facts. For example, "How the Pearl Harbor attack changed the War."
  • Thesis statement for WW2 should be specific. Why did the Soviet Union argue that everything started in 1941?
  • Use discussible data. Who won in WW2?

The World War 2 thesis will play a significant role in your essay. Spend some time on research for a valuable thesis.

World War 2 Essay Body Paragraph

To write a World War 2 5 paragraph essay, you will spend a little time researching, learning specific styling principles, and following all requirements. But it is not a big deal. 

Start with a mind map. Put your statements into this map and add as many arguments to support them as you can find. Any argumentative essay example from our library will come in handy for you.

Your next step is an analysis of arguments. Define the best ones, and structure them into your outline. 

Be clear with arguments and use transitional sentences. It should not be random facts about the Second World War. They must be related to your common thesis and be logically connected. 

And our advice is also to check the sample we got for you!

World War 2 paragraph example

Fascism in Europe was born in Italy, under the rule of Benito Mussolini. It spread over several countries within Europe, notably Germany under the rule of Hitler’s Nazi party. This form of governance was characterized by totalitarian nationalism, control over commerce and industry and dictatorship. Hitler was driven by the ambition to expand the borders of Germany, and restore it to dominance in European affairs. Collectively, fascists created a form of military citizenship, which mobilized citizen nationalism under one state parties. This organization was to help maintain the country in a state of readiness for combat. They also supported the ideologies that war can serve the positive influence of national rejuvenation by helping it establish hegemony. Consequently, Germany invaded Poland, Baltic States and the Soviet Union, while Japan constantly attacked China. Such acts steered the world towards war.

World War 2 Essay Conclusion

A conclusion essay about 2 World War usually is not too long. It can be your personal insights or some finalizing ideas from the research you work with. The main goal is to summarize all facts and arguments and outline your final thoughts.

You are writing a conclusion to make a line under all the facts you discussed in your text. Try to connect these final paragraphs with an introduction. Maybe, you mention something that you can also say in the last section. For instance, you pointed out that all propagandists were punished. Then you can outline what judgment they get.  

To ensure the quality of your paper structure, you can also check the sample we have in our base.

Example of conclusion for essay on World War 2

In conclusion, WWII was a result of systematic failures by the multipolar world powers of the time to forge good international relations. Therefore, the rise in selfish nationalistic interests led to expansionist policies against other nations, sparking the formation of alliances to protect each other in times of need. These alliances promoted thoughtless involvement in a war that claimed millions of lives and left the whole world devastated.

How to Write an Essay on World War 2

To write a World War 2 essay, you need to have a good knowledge base on this historical moment and understand the principles of academic writing. Each World War 2 paper has the same algorithms for building a good text. Let's go through it.

  • Make your research

It is the most significant step for WW2 essays. You can not discuss that topic if you are not proficient in it. Only in-depth analysis will allow you to find a good thesis, points of view, and argumentation.

  • Learn from examples

We offer a vast base of paper examples. You can not copy them, but you can learn how they were structured, what stylistics was used, and how other students applied argumentation. 

  • Create an outline

This is a scheme for your future writing – a step-by-step argumentation structure. It is important to pick up a good topic and define good thesis statements. Spend extra time on this section if needed. Your assignments will be graded better if you have a unique thesis. 

  • Write a text

Be clear with your idea and argument structure and ensure that your text meets all requirements. As you already know, it must be an introduction, the main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. 

  • Proofread your work 

Try to fix all grammar and spelling mistakes. Ask someone to read your text to have a fresh view of it. 

Interesting World War 2 Essay Topics

Finally, let's discuss WW2 essay topics that will benefit your assignments. As you already know, this is an extensive topic that can cover hundreds of other subtopics. It was a long conflict and each event or analysis of every year already can be an independent essay. Topics on WW2 can also cover some controversial points of view or be focused on building parallels with nowadays events.

List of interesting WW2 topics:

  1. War crime in 1939-1945 and its consequences.
  2. Women in war.
  3. What did the US do for the victory?
  4. Pearl Harbor attack.
  5. How was the World prepared for Hitler?
  6. How technology became a weapon.
  7. The role of propaganda and free media during 1939-1945.
  8. Rebuilding our World after 1945.
  9. How the World saved hundreds of masterpieces. (Consult: art essay.)
  10. Nurnberg process.
  11. Civilian and military life during the whole conflict.
  12. The cold war was another stage of resistance: All you need to know.
  13. The strategic role of Great Britain in the Second WW.

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FAQ About World War 2 Summary Essay

1. Are your World War 2 essay examples free?

Yes, we offer free essays on World War 2 that you can use for inspiration or learning. It does not mean that you can copy that text. But you can learn how other students structured it, what argumentation is used and how they connect the sentences. Moreover, you can find some facts that you can use in your paper.

2. How to write about World War 2 in an essay?

Essays on World War 2 are particular. On the one hand, they are much more straightforward than research papers. There is no research question or methodology to run it. On the other hand, it still should be informative and include a lot of research information. You can check it out! We created a step-by-step guide in an article.

3. What is the main cause of World War 2 essay?

Students work with World War 2 essays to show their knowledge of one of the most prominent historical events of the last century. It illustrates their ability to analyze facts, structure them and discuss well-known things from a new perspective. You need to demonstrate that you know this topic and can reflect on it.

4. Why is World War 2 essay so important?

Essays about World War 2 are pretty common assignments for different school grades and even colleges. It is essential to be aware of all those horrible things done by Hitler and Nazi Germany. This is a significant moment in history, and we need to know it very well to protect ourselves from the same things.


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