Eating Disorder Essay: Guide for College Students

You’re probably sitting at home or at the coffee shop looking for perfect essays on eating disorders. It is great that you stumbled on this website because that’s exactly what we are going to offer you. You will find all the best samples, papers, and instructions here. Moreover, you will have unlimited use of all the materials that are given to you in an accessible pdf format. Everything is for free! What’s not to love? Besides, every essay about eating disorders was previously donated to us by other students. Therefore, they match your academic level and excellence. Read this guide and enjoy all the samples!

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17 Sep 2023

Psychological Disorder – Anorexia Nervosa

Eating and weight management behaviors have profound effects on public health outcomes among adolescents, teenagers, and young adults in the US and worldwide. Anorexia nervosa (anorexia) is one of the debilitating...

Words: 1145

Pages: 4

Views: 102

17 Sep 2023

The Origins of Eating Disorders

An eating disorder is characterized by the tenacity or disruption of consuming related products which result in the altered absorption or intake of food which considerably harms the health or psychosomatic...

Words: 2024

Pages: 8

Views: 348

16 Sep 2023

Eating Disorders and Crisis Intervention

Eating Disorders and Crisis Intervention Eating disorder is a mental problem that is characterized by extreme, abnormal feeding habits that are aimed at preventing gaining of body weight. There are various types of...

Words: 879

Pages: 3

Views: 382

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16 Sep 2023

Eating Disorders: Sociological Factors

Over the past years and decades, eating disorders were mainly a primary concern to the women, and especially to the gymnastics, who were more concerned with their shape appearances to meet their career. However, over...

Words: 602

Pages: 2

Views: 444

Understanding Eating Disorders – Implications and Coping Mechanisms

Understanding Eating Disorders – Implications and Coping Mechanisms The American Psychiatric Association (2015) posits that eating disorders tend to go unrecognized because they are commonly perceived as lifestyle...

Words: 541

Pages: 1

Views: 401

16 Sep 2023

Eating Disorder Development in Male Adolescents

Eating disorders are the most prevalent public health concerns that affect the general public. The nature of the ailment has been established to follow a gender orientation pattern. Several epidemiological studies...

Words: 307

Pages: 1

Views: 68

Anorexia Nervosa: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Abstract Some people think of eating disorders as a lifestyle choice or fads, but they are severe mental disorders. They affect people mentally, physically and socially and may eventually lead to threatening...

Words: 1800

Pages: 7

Views: 132

16 Sep 2023

Detecting Eating Disorders in Early Adolescence

The prevalence of eating disorders among adolescents is mostly described by a condition known as Anorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is the third most common persistent illness among adolescents after asthma and...

Words: 749

Pages: 3

Views: 372

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16 Sep 2023

Application of the bio psychosocial model to Eating Disorder

Application of the bio psychosocial model to Eating Disorder Eating disorders have been established to affect an average of six percent of youth. The main impact on health has prompted the World Health Organization...

Words: 842

Pages: 3

Views: 391

16 Sep 2023

Globalization of Eating Disorders

Introduction The problem of eating disorder has grown over the past few years to become a major problem for most Americans today. The problem can be dated back to the late 1960s where anorexia nervosa (AN), an...

Words: 567

Pages: 2

Views: 157


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College Essays About Eating Disorders

A typical eating disorder college essay example is at least five paragraphs long. Nevertheless, everything will depend on the requirements of your professor and what you’re trying to achieve. For instance, definition papers may not require as much information as argumentative ones. The same can be said about narrative, persuasive, expository, and any other college essay examples on eating disorder. Thus, before writing about eating disorder college essay check with your professor. 

Another thing that students should do before writing is to check the examples we have here. They were written by other students and donated to this platform. So, you will definitely learn how to write a perfect article.

Eating Disorder Paper

Who needs this paper on eating disorders? You would be surprised but a lot of people come to this website to search for samples. Besides, there are not only students. Do you see yourself among all these people?

  • Students

Of course, students are our priority. Academic writing is already challenging as it is, especially with any eating disorders paper. Therefore, we do our best to simplify it. 

  • Teachers

Sometimes even educators, teachers, and professors come to this platform. They need these samples to show their students and ease their journey into academic writing. 

  • Tutors

If you're tutoring someone in English or any other subject that requires writing papers, the samples are also helpful and perfect for you. 

Eating Disorders Essay Examples to Score Well in Academics

Every eating disorder personal essay is free and easily accessible here. You don’t need credit cards or even personal information. However, we not only provide articles. We also wanted to make sure that students can actually write their very own papers. So, this is how students can do it:

  • Check samples before doing anything else.
  • Select proper eating disorder persuasive essay topics.
  • Research what side of this issue you want to discuss.
  • Outline your paper.
  • Actually, start writing.
  • Don’t forget to edit and proofread.

You must follow all these steps in order to succeed. Having any essays about psychology samples nearby will allow you to use academic tone, voice, and structure. But we will get to outline and structure a little bit later. 

Eating Disorders Argumentative Essay

There are also different types of articles students can write. You will be surprised with the variety of eating disorder argumentative essay topics. Let’s figure out argumentative essay on eating disorders now. It is pretty obvious that students should offer an argument. For instance, students can argue that a healthy diet should be introduced as early as childhood. It can be a family responsibility among other factors. People should have healthy relationships with food and it is their main point. 

In order to develop your argument, there are several things students can do. First and foremost, use academic language. Using a proper tone will help a lot in crafting your argument. Second, you should use an outline fitting for an argumentative essay about eating disorders. Last, but not least, all students should use evidence from academic resources and scholarly articles.

You cannot develop an argument without proper evidence. That is why all students do proper research before they start writing.

What Is a Eating Disorders Essay

Now we can finally get to the definition of essay on eating disorders. It is hard to define such a paper because there are different types of articles. But we can try. This paper studies the human relationship with food and how it can be spoiled. Overeating or undereating is a huge problem in modern society. It can be linked with mental or physical issues. 

In some cases, society is one of the main reasons people develop poor relationships with food. Therefore, students can take different perspectives. Offer treatments on this issue and say whether people can actually solve it. 

Eating Disorders Essay Outline

Another important thing worth discussing is an eating disorders outline. We will later analyze each part of an outline separately including introduction, main body, and conclusion. 

Even though it is true that your outline will mostly depend on the type of article you are writing. We would like to offer our example. So, find it below! 

Outline for essay about eating disorders


  • Explain that hardly anyone always diets correctly.
  • Mention the importance of a healthy diet.
  • Argue that there is a difference between dieting healthy and obsessing over your diet.

Main body

  • Introduce the main elements of a healthy diet and what it should contain.
  • Offer evidence from scholarly resources that obsessive dieting is unhealthy.
  • Argue that people can enjoy junk food if it is balanced with other meals.


  • Remind the readers of your main argument concerning the differences between a healthy and unhealthy diet.
  • Summarize your main points.
  • Close your article by recommending everyone have what they want as long as it is balanced. 

Eating Disorder Essay Introduction

Introduction to eating disorders essay is the first element that any reader sees when reading your article. Therefore, it must be memorable. You can treat it as if it is the cover of a book. It should be interesting, colorful, yet also informative.

Therefore, students should always start with an opening statement or a hook. It can be anything from statistics, quotations from someone famous, or even a rhetorical question. Once you have a good hook, students can also add some background and mention what you're going to talk about.

Your last stop here is to have a thesis statement. In our case, your thesis can discuss healthy relationships with food. We will come back to it later. 

Introduction for eating disorder essay

Eating disorders are increasingly affecting an enormous number of people especially young adults and adolescents. The most dominant types of eating disorders include night eating syndrome, anorexia, bulimia nervosa, purging disorder and binge eating disorder. Anorexia and bulimia, for instance, occurs when a person refuses to eat for fear of gaining weight and binging on food respectively. Most eating disorders are psychological in nature in which individuals misperceives one's weight and assumes a certain weight that they thinks is acceptable in the society e.g. slimness (Le Grange, 2009). As such, eating disorders remain a global challenge that continues to kill us prematurely

Eating Disorder Essay Thesis Statement

Thesis statement for eating disorder paper is the last sentence of your introduction. It also contains your main argument and the majority of points you will discuss in the main body paragraphs. Therefore, it should be short, yet informative. 

We always advise using only one sentence for your thesis. However, if you have a large argument, students can also use two sentences.

Another thing that you will be happy to know about a thesis statement is that you use it twice in your paper. One time make it the last statement of your introduction. Another time it should be paraphrased as the first statement of your conclusion. But, examples speak louder than theory.

Examples of eating disorder thesis statement

Parents should educate their kids on a healthy diet from an early age, so they can have healthy relationships with food, and not suffer from mental or physical affects of overeating or undereating.

Eating Disorder Essay Body Paragraph

Main body and any paragraph for eating disorder essay usually take up to 80% of the overall work. Let us imagine that you have a five-paragraph essay – a traditional one. Therefore, three paragraphs will be fully dedicated to the main body. 

Considering that you have a lot of space to work with, students should outline what points and evidence to discuss. First and foremost, each body paragraph should be linked to your argument and whatever you have mentioned in your previous thesis statement.

In order to prove your argument, main body paragraphs should contain evidence and proof. Get them from scholarly sources or academic articles. Study every synthesis essay example at StudyBounty to work right with information from different resources. Students also like adding personal or professional examples to prove their case. Overall, if you do have an outline ready, writing the main body paragraphs will not be a problem. 

Example of eating disorder essay paragraph

A proper intervention to help adolescents vulnerable to eating disorders need to include parents as children’s keepers. Therefore, I think that the Family-Based Treatment program (FBT) is the best intervention model for treating such disorders. FBT is an intervention treatment program where parents learn about matters related to eating disorders. The knowledge they are taught equip them with ideas which enable them to manage the process of weight restoration in their kids (Freeman et al., 2015). Nevertheless, FBT allows parents to maintain constant re-feeding habits for their children until they can be responsible enough to carry on the process by themselves. Aftercare programs should also be conducted to ensure long-term recovery of the children. The parents and their children should also keep attending FBT family days to keep themselves updated on any new occurrences or trends in eating disorders.

Eating Disorder Essay Conclusion

Now, it is a perfect time to finally get to the conclusion for eating disorder essays. You will be happy to know that the conclusion is rather similar to the introduction. Its first sentence is actually a paraphrased thesis that you already have. Therefore, you only need to write several bits and pieces. 

One of such pieces will be a quick rundown or summary of your main points. You have several sentences to remind the readers what you were talking about before. Once you have done that, students can close with a strong statement. This last sentence can include some recommendations for readers.

In this case, students can encourage everyone to stick to a healthy diet, while having cheat days with ice cream and junk food. After all, we all love a good cheat day. 

Eating disorder conclusion paragraph

Eating disorders and poor diets are quite popular amongst the young generation nowadays. Most adolescents either suffer from anorexia or bulimia. The situation is worsening; hence, it is the duty of parents, teachers, and all other stakeholders to help adolescents establish healthy eating habits and weight control measures.

Free Eating Disorders Essay Topics for All

After a thorough discussion of our outline, we want to propose a couple of essay topics about eating disorders students can use. You don’t have to use common or serious topics. You can always be inspired by them. Students also like combining such topics with their own ideas. This leads us to actual topics.

Eating disorder topics:

  1. Consequences of an unhealthy diet: Psychological and physical health.
  2. View of food and diet on social media.
  3. Modern TV and its influence on diet.
  4. Undereating as seen in many teen dramas.
  5. Education as a way to combat unhealthy relationships with food.
  6. Possible problems and consequences of bulimia.
  7. Anorexia in the modeling business.
  8. What causes obesity.
  9. Reasons behind pica.
  10. Genetic night syndrome and its causes.

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FAQ About Eating Disorders Essays

1. How to start an eating disorder essay?

All such free essays on eating disorders usually start with a hook. This first sentence can be anything. But we always advise our students to use statistics, rhetorical questions, or even quotations from famous people. Whatever you’re using, it should get the attention of your readers and inspire them to read further.

2. What are the best titles for eating disorder essays?

There are many eating disorder essay titles students can actually use for this paper. First and foremost, students can use this one: “How to maintain a healthy diet for your child.” You can also try to find something more controversial. Here’s an example: “Representation of healthy diets in popular TV shows.” Whatever you’re using, don’t forget to narrow down your topic. You only have several paragraphs to discuss it.

3. Can you write a college essay about an eating disorder for me?

Yes, of course, we can write for you an essay about the cause and effect of eating disorder. We have some of the best writers in the world. They go through rigorous testing and interview processing before they start working with us. Therefore, we definitely do not advise you to submit the samples we have here. Order a paper and you will have an original and top-notch quote product created specifically for you.

4. Should I write about my eating disorder in college essays?

Everything depends on your free eating disorder essays. If you’re writing a reflective piece, students can definitely use personal examples. However, if it is more of an academic piece of writing, there should be more professional examples. Therefore, it is your own choice. If your personal example is fitting, then we would definitely advise you to use it.


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