Full Guide to Writing a Great Friendship Essay + Examples

We know that you’re searching for perfect easy essays on friendship for students. We can literally feel it. We also know that it’s very challenging to find samples that you will actually enjoy. So, we try to solve all issues at once! You can get an essay about good friendship in English while knowing that it’s gonna be academic, creative, and unique. Besides, they are also free, available in pdf and without registration. You have nothing to lose here. Try it out!

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Workplace Friendships and Social Relationships

Generally speaking, companies are naturally made up of individuals because they are viewed as a social system. Thus, organizations produce a network comprising various social relationships. Because of several factors...

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17 Sep 2023

The Best Sitcoms of All Time: Friends

The artifact that will be in focus for this analysis is the television series, Friends that aired between 1994 and 2004 on NBC. The program incorporated an ensemble cast of members of six very close friends, three...

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17 Sep 2023

Effects of Social Media on Friendships

Effects of Social Media on Friendships Advance in technology has led to more human interaction from across all backgrounds. Connections established via the social media have opened up the world for information...

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16 Sep 2023

Life Experiences: Family and Friends

Growing up in the nineties and early 2000s in America was a very different experience than it is now. Many neighborhoods had people living like large families where the people would often interact and socialize...

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Dynamics of Managing in a Lifespan Facility

Dear Friend, I write in reference to your request to supply you with crucial information on the reality of management in a lifespan facility. I am confident that this email will fuel your interest in a similar...

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16 Sep 2023

Imaginary Friends: The Best Books, Movies, and Shows to Introduce Them

Early research on imaginary friends often associated this particular aspect with psychopathology as well as difficulties in distinguishing between reality and fantasy. With time, however, positive attributes of...

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16 Sep 2023

The concept of friendship among adolescents with autism spectrum disorder

Friendship is characterized by each individual's inclinations, where each tends to care for each other’s wellness. Good friends are regarded to be close and hold each other dearly. The development of friendship on...

Words: 2066

Pages: 7

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16 Sep 2023

A poem "Friends Forever" based on the "Of Mice and Men"

The day was clear as fire, The birds sang frail as glass, I dreamt of a better future A future that we could look forward to. In my dream, I saw a farm In it was our own place. A beautiful house with a fence...

Words: 146

Pages: 1

Views: 69

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16 Sep 2023

Love Between Friends

Love is a strong emotion that not only represents human kindness but also shows compassion and deep affection. In other words, love is benevolent and unselfish. The power of love surrenders itself, and therefore, its...

Words: 1637

Pages: 5

Views: 176

15 Sep 2023

Aesthetic Movement and the Arts and Crafts: Friends or Foes?

Aesthetic Movement and the Arts and Crafts: Friends or Foes? The Aesthetic Movement/Aestheticism, which occurred between 1860 and 1900, was a provocative and sensual era that aimed to overhaul Britain’s...

Words: 1105

Pages: 4

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Academic level

Essay About Friendship Samples 

Let us tell you a little bit more about a sample of essay about friendship that you can find here. As we said before, you’re not only getting articles. You also get other advantages in the bulk.

  • Free

All samples here are free of charge. You don’t need to fill in any forms or leave your personal information. There is also no need to have a credit card. We don’t charge or take fees. Simply enjoy it!

  • PDF

All articles are given in accessible pdf format. This means that you can read them and download them from any device or platform you are using. Therefore, our service is also convenient. 

  • Easy

Have we mentioned an easy and user-friendly interface? Well, we will now. A lot of professionals worked on this website to make it very straightforward and easy. It will take you only a minute to find a perfect article suitable just for you. 

Winning Friendship Short Essays

Each short essay on friendship here is excellent because of several reasons. Of course, we will enumerate all of the reasons and you can make decisions on your own.

  • Donated by students

Any simple short essay on friendship accessible on the side was written by a student. They simply donated their articles here. Therefore, they definitely follow the academic style and grade level you need.

  • Proved to be good

A short essay about friendship was also checked by a professor before. Therefore, we are convinced that it has good quality.

  • Unique and creative 

Students are known to be rather creative with their writing. Therefore, here you will find topics and subjects not seen on other platforms. The students do an excellent job of combining academic writing with their personal interests. That’s what makes such an article so good. 

Perfect Friendship Essays for All Academic Purposes

A true friendship essay in English pdf will have certain characteristics that make it truly academic. We’re not trying to brag, but articles sound here certainly have all those characteristics you need to look for. So, when googling “essay about my friendship” you should definitely consider that not all samples will do you good. 

The best essay on true friendship will:

  • Follow academic standards, including the style of writing, tone, voice, and format.
  • Adhere to the requirements of your grade, whether you are in school or at university.
  • Be creative without breaking the rules of academic standards.
  • Not to be plagiarized.
  • Format citations if a student has used outside resources. 

Besides, you must also realize that there are different purposes for all articles. So, choose structure, format, and wording carefully depending on the main purpose.

A-Level True Friendship Essays Examples

There are several more intriguing things regarding our examples of essays about friendship. We mentioned before that their style and structure will depend on academic levels. It is pretty obvious that high school articles differ greatly from University ones. The same goes with our essay examples about friendship. 

You will definitely see that the style, format, structure, word count, and other peculiarities change depending on class and grade. As a consequence, you should find an example of true friendship essay that specifically suits your style and needs.

Here you should definitely think about subject requirements, including format and word count. Such articles can range from 100 words to several pages. So be mindful of this aspect.

Friendship Essays for Elementary School 

Let us perhaps start with an essay on friendship 150 words. It is obviously a very short article and you don’t have much space to work with. Usually, we would say that five paragraphs are a staple for articles. However, if you only have a 100 word essay on friendship, work with a different structure. 

You can perhaps start with the basics and answer the following questions: 

  • What do you think about this phenomenon?
  • How do you know that any person is actually your friend and not just an acquaintance?
  • Do you have people who you call friends in your life?
  • Do you think you’re a good friend?

Friendship Essays for Middle School

A middle school essay on friendship 200 words already has a little bit more room. So, you can already partially structure it. We recommend this time having three paragraphs. The first paragraph should be the introduction, the second one is the main body, and the third one is for your conclusion. It is already close to the normal structures we use for other longer articles.

This friendship essay 200 words can talk about the following points. Choose one listed below.

  • Describe the main difference between your friends and your best friend.
  • How do you think people choose their friends?
  • Is there a difference between friends and parents?
  • What would you want your best friend to be? 

Friendship Essay Examples – 300 Words

Let us move further to a friendship essay 300 words. This is already a good academic length. This time you definitely need to know that a normal paragraph has a minimum of three sentences, preferably more. But this is just enough to express your thoughts. We doubt that you will be using a lot of evidence. Still, it is already a high enough class to introduce some reasoning and argumentation. We have more than one argumentative essay example to help you with this task.

Essay about friendship 350 words should include:

  • Your understanding of this phenomenon.
  • Personal thoughts and feelings about it.
  • You can even include personal examples from your life or the lives of your family.

You can use personal instances over academic ones. This will definitely work if you’re in fourth class. 

Friendship Essay Examples for High School

If you have a high school essay on friendship 1000 words or 400 word essay on friendship, you should definitely research more academic standards. It is already an article that requires a lot of learning and several steps you can take. Try thinking of all the following details:

  • Students must have a traditional five-paragraph structure already.
  • Each paragraph must have a specific structure that includes introductory statements, background, thesis, and whatever suits those types of paragraphs.
  • Use lots of evidence to support your point.
  • Adhere to strict standards of academic English.
  • Introduce either a new side of this topic or a deeper understanding of it.
  • Of course, check samples!

Bonus: If you know your essay word count and do not have any idea how many pages it should be, try our words to pages tool. You will get a result fast and easily.

Friendship Essays for College

We have finally come to a college essay about friendship. We obviously have lots of samples at your disposal. Students struggle with academic writing because it takes a lot of time. It also takes effort and thorough analysis. Moreover, simply checking theory online will not be enough to create the perfect academic piece you probably would like. That is why we highlight the need to research various college essay examples before you start writing. 

Another thing anyone and all students should definitely know is structure and style will differ depending on the type of article they choose. Here any student can go to definition articles – narrative, expository, argumentative, compare and contrast, and several others. We are going to explain some of them. Be aware that style and structure change. 

Friendship Definition Essay

We shall start with a classic definition essay about friendship. What is a definition essay? It is an academic paper that chooses a phenomenon or subject and later defines it for the target audience. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? As a matter of fact, it is one of the most popular and easiest articles you can do here. 

We also happen to have a good definition essay on true friendship for students. When checking the donated samples you will find the following things in them: 

  • Definition of the main notion.
  • Preferably one definition from you and another one from an academic paper or vocabulary.
  • Understanding the fact that the audience might not know what you’re talking about.
  • Academic evidence from scholarly resources.

Friendship Narrative Essay

Narrative essay about friendship is one of our favorites here. You can definitely choose several interesting subjects you can discuss here. It is also rather loose on accounts of academic language. You must remember that it tells a story of something you choose to speak about. Therefore, it still must be engaging because it is a narrative essay on friendship. 

An example of short narrative essay about friendship might talk about:

  • A time when a student met their best friend.
  • When they learned a valuable lesson about the main differences between friends and acquaintances.
  • Personal experience with best friends and how they make our lives much better.
  • A sad but educational story about a friend who broke their trust.

Students get bonus points if their stories are not only engaging and interesting but also educational and academic. Study various narrative essay examples to be good in such kind of writing in our database.

Friendship Expository Essay

Expository essay about friendship does exactly what it claims to do. First and foremost, this article exposes certain facts or evidence about your chosen subject. If you’re talking about your friends, you will not have a persuasive or entertaining piece.

Interestingly enough, this article is rather close to definition one. It presents facts and educates the audience on your chosen matter. So, approach it the way you would approach a definition paper.

The language of an expository essay on friendship must be strictly academic. With that said, you still may use personal examples if they are good at educating your audience. Moreover, emotional language is not a good fit here. You’re not contrasting or comparing anything. Your main goal is to state dry facts as if it is a vocabulary entry. Look at our expository essays examples to see how others coped with this task.

What Is a True Friendship Essay

We also need to discuss the definition of a true friendship essay. We think it is rather obvious, especially after we have talked about different kinds of such articles. Nevertheless, it has an academic paper that discusses what it means to have friends and what are characteristics you and they must possess and want to know before befriending someone. 

You still must remember that it is an academic piece. Even though this topic sounds rather simple, it still presents evidence from scholarly research. There are different ways that you can approach articles and the definition of friendship essays.

To make this topic actually academic and not as simple as it sounds, choose different perspectives. For instance, analyze characters from literature or see how philosophers view this notion. There are definitely lots of interesting points of view you can discover. So, search them up!

Free Friendship Essay Outline

We also offer students an essay outline about friendship. Please, don’t skip this step. An outline saves you a lot of time in the process of writing. Another thing you should know is any outline consists of a structure, evidence, and thesis. No full sentences are needed! Look at the sample we have below.

Example of friendship essay outline


  • Give the overall definition of your topic.
  • Offer some background to your audience. You can talk more about what friends mean to you.
  • Thesis statement about your subject.

Main body

  • Initially, you can discuss how students view friends and your topic.
  • Continue by enumerating characteristics you think are fitting for being friends with someone.
  • Finish by evaluating the importance of your phenomena in our lives.


  • Don’t forget to paraphrase your thesis.
  • Summarize characteristics, importance, and views on your subject.
  • Finally state that you cannot imagine your life without friends by your side.

This outline is just one of many samples you can use. We do advise you to cite sources in the outline because it will be much easier for you in the future.

Friendship Essay Introduction

Before we go any further let us start with an essay about friendship introduction. An introduction is a rather important part of any article. It is a paragraph that comes first in any academic paper. This paragraph must include a strong hook, background for your audience, and thesis statement. We will discuss the thesis statement separately.

The structure of an introduction depends on the type of paper you have chosen. For instance, if you have chosen a definition paper, you can give a definition of your phenomenon before starting to write about anything else. If you have selected a narrative one, you can definitely set a scene and main characters in the first introduction. 

Of course, we couldn’t leave you without some excellent examples. Check them out!

Introduction about friendship example

Friendship is a valuable treasure that every one of us appreciates having. Friends are our second family. These are the people we spend much time with, share ideas, have fun with and support us in times of distress. “Show me your friend and I will tell you your character”; this is a famous saying that implies that friends are similar in many ways, but this is not the case, most friends have many similarities but are still considered opposite in some aspects of life. 

Friendship Essay Thesis Statement

As we promised before, we will also discuss in great detail a thesis statement about friendship essay. Many argue that it is the most important part of any paper. It is a statement that contains the main argument of the paper and several separate points. Each point you mentioned in the visa statement, must be discussed in your further main body paragraphs. 

Thesis about friendship

Even though it is hard to find friends in the modern world, they are crucial for successful social life as they provide support in relationships, entertainment, and immense help.

If we take our thesis from the sample, it is clear that we have several points. The first one will discuss mental support, the second one will talk about entertainment and the final one will discuss the overall help they can provide.

Because you’re following these points, it is always convenient to have a thesis somewhere nearby.

Friendship Essay Body Paragraph

Now let’s write a short paragraph on true friendship in English. We need to talk more about the overall structure. We normally say that a good academic paper consists of five distinct paragraphs. The first paragraph is the introduction, the second one is the main body and the third one is the conclusion. In this equation, your main body is 80% of the overall work and consists of three paragraphs. Bear in mind that it is a minimum for a good academic article. Depending on requirements, it can be more or less. 

A friendship paragraph in English should also provide evidence for your arguments and points. You cannot write a successful high-level academic article without using outside sources and quoting evidence. That is why it is so important to check samples before you start writing and see how they mimic the tone and academic voice. 

Example of friendship paragraph writing

Genuine friendships depend on unequivocal sympathy toward one another. Based on this fact, people usually come to each other’s service aiding them in accomplishing some tasks just out of friendship but not with any vested interests. This implies that friendships can stir up mutual understanding, well-being, comfort, as well as the experience of regard and trust, of being recognized and esteemed. 

True Friendship Essay Conclusion

Our final structural point concerns the conclusion about friendship. We recommend writing this part with your introduction. Trust us when we say that it makes sense! The introduction and conclusion are very similar. Moreover, they share the thesis statement in common, even if a paraphrased one. So, writing both in one go is an excellent way to save time.

Any conclusion has the following structure:

  • Restated thesis 
  • Summary
  • Concluding statement.

Concluding a statement includes many things. For instance, remind people of their own friends, evoking emotional responses. Or give them final advice. Your goal here is to be remembered! We advise students to check the samples though. 

Example of conclusion paragraph for friendship essay

In conclusion, there is a dire need for people to choose friends shrewdly. Based on the psychiatric point of view, a vital issue in determining friendship is the means by which one’s companion would react when he or she is in a bad position. From diverse dimensions, passionate and viable supports amid emergencies are without a doubt gainful. Nonetheless, when presented to life troubles being let around a friend, has appeared to aggravate matters than having no companion by any means. This situation creates the impression that though once people used to depend on their companions to remain alive, for now, they rely on them for something similarly essential: exploring the mental parts of life.

How to Write an Essay About Friendship

It’s time for you to write an essay about friendship. But we do have a final guide just in case. Find it below! 

  1. Check samples. There’s a reason we always stress this step. It is much easier to mimic the tone and academic voice if you have samples in front of you. So before you do anything else — start with our website!
  2. Do research. Every good article requires preparation. This step concerns research as well. Research should be done before and after you come up with a good topic. Research beforehand will allow students to choose a topic that has a lot to offer! 
  3. Select a topic. There are many things a good topic should look like. First and foremost, it should be relevant and modern. Secondly, it should not be studied fully. There should be room for further research. Lastly, narrow it down! You can use age groups or geographical profiles to do that. 
  4. Write English essay on friendship. Now the best part — writing. You will be surprised, but writing is one of the easiest parts. If students follow all the previous steps, it will be a piece of cake. Just start writing and let your outline take you further down the rabbit hole.
  5. Proofread and edit. Please, don’t skip this step. Many avoid editing like the plague. However, it is a crucial step that secures the overall quality of your steps. We would want to avoid unnecessary confusion, little errors, or spelling mistakes.

Tips for Friendship Essay Writing

We only have a few more things to say about essay writing on friendship. We couldn’t leave students without some helpful tips and tricks to use when writing about friendship.

So, check these essay writing for friendship tips for students:

  • Don’t be afraid to use personal examples if applicable.
  • Avoid complaining about your friends.
  • Follow structures that fit the type of one’s article (narrative, definition, etc.).
  • Have a thesis in front of you at all times for helping stay on track.
  • Don’t take up large topics students cannot discuss properly using their word count.
  • Proofread and edit before submitting.
  • Utilize a language that is both academic and engaging for the readers.

Some of those tips might be slightly basic. But they also serve as an excellent reminder to follow them. Especially we want to highlight the part about proofreading and editing. Many students skip this part because it takes a lot of time and no one is willing to edit their writing. However, it is one of those things that makes any paper much more academic, professionally written, and with top-notch quality. Be sure to use every single tip to have an A-graded article on your hands. 

Friendship Essays Topics for College Students

We will wrap everything out with essay topics about friendship. They range from very simple to actually rather deep. But we know it can be hard to come up with your own topic. That is why we have prepared them ourselves. You can be inspired by them, use them for your own article or combine them with ideas you already have. You may find a perfect topic on friendship essay right here and now. So, be sure to check them out! 

Essay topics on friendship

  1. My best friend.
  2. Difference between a friend and acquaintances.
  3. How to make friends online.
  4. Influence of pandemic restrictions on the way people make friends.
  5. What makes a person go from being a friend to the best friend.
  6. Can family become your friends? 
  7. From enemies to friends.
  8. The best duo of friends from classical literature.
  9. Can a teacher become a friend? 
  10. Understanding of friends according to Aristotle.

Suppose you are looking for other topics such as family essay or happiness essay You will find them here and much more.


FAQ About Friendship Essays

1. Are your friendship essay examples free?

Yes! We have all the free essays on friendship. So yes, they are all free of charge, and we do not require additional payments or fees. Keep your credit card to yourself. They were donated to us by other students. Therefore, they are part of an educational platform and nothing more. You will have lots of fun with them. Seek inspiration, read, download them, and stay motivated.

2. How to start an essay about friendship?

All excellent essays about true friendship start with the so-called hook. A hook is the first statement of your introductory paragraph. This sentence can contain a lot of things, including rhetorical questions about friends, statistics, or even a quotation from a famous person. We think that there are a lot of quotations about this topic. So be sure to use them!

3. What is the importance of friendship essay?

An essay on true friendship can also discuss its importance. We all have dear friends and acquaintances in our life. So writing an article about their place and our life is an excellent way to start. You can mention that they offer support during tiring times and are fun to be around. Sometimes, friends also substitute for family. Think about things your friends do for you.

4. What are the benefits of friendship essay?

Essay on friendship in English contains a lot of benefits of having friends. We are sure that you can come up with different benefits and advantages. For instance, you can say that friends are always there to support you when you’re struggling. You can also tell them your secrets and if they’re true friends, they will help you anytime. But think about personal examples or stories you’ve had with your friends.

5. What are the good titles for friendship essays?

There are many good friendship titles for essay. Everything will depend on the type of article you’re writing. For instance, you can write about “My best friend” or “Characteristics of a good friend.” However, choose a topic that will be both narrow and not started enough. You can also select something that is personal to you.


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