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Writing an essay on freedom is a common assignment for students not only in America but all around the globe. Discussing various concepts and forms of liberty is something every student encounters during high school or college. Despite seemingly straightforward internal filling, such papers usually dig deeper. They require not only critical thinking but in-depth research. If you're having trouble with a short essay about freedom, look at proposed free examples. Examine them closely for clues, tips, tricks, and useful insights.

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Liberty Challenged in Nineteenth Century America

Liberty Challenged in Nineteenth Century America Final Paper The South laid special emphasis on the slave culture that perceived slaves as an integral part of the economy, although they got no social, legal...

Words: 525

Pages: 2

Views: 85

17 Sep 2023

Freedom of Speech and Expression

The freedom of religion and the freedom of the press are fundamental rights that are protected under the First Amendment of the US constitution. The First Amendment makes it clear that there is no religion superior...

Words: 702

Pages: 2

Views: 112

17 Sep 2023

New York Civil Liberties Union Website

After reviewing the New York Civil Liberties Union website, there are three interesting facts. It is interesting that federal bodies that have the capacity to protect and advocate for their interests while at the...

Words: 245

Pages: 1

Views: 70

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Limits of Individual Freedom in a Democratic Society

Limits of Individual Freedom in a Democratic Society The popular assumption of freedom and democracy is that individuals are allowed to do whatever they wish. In fact, people in different countries in the world that...

Words: 307

Pages: 1

Views: 352

16 Sep 2023

Ethical and Legal Considerations in Freedom of Speech

In the 1960s, when the United States was at war with Vietnam, three public school students from Iowa opted to demonstrate their opinion on the issue by wearing black arm-bands to school. The three students – Chris...

Words: 853

Pages: 3

Views: 150

16 Sep 2023

Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement

Barbara Ransby`s Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement is a radical democratic vision that expresses the black civil rights activist Ella Baker, who assisted in spreading the black freedom movement for over three...

Words: 808

Pages: 3

Views: 141

16 Sep 2023

I’d Hammer Out Freedom: Technology as Politics and Culture

I’d Hammer Out Freedom: Technology as Politics and Culture According to Richard Sclove, polypotency is the ability of technologies to exhibit a remaining feature that distinguishes them from other social structures...

Words: 508

Pages: 2

Views: 387

16 Sep 2023

Freedom and Resentment by Strawson

Key concepts Determinism (P1) – For those who claim to comprehend the idea of determinism, it is the idea that human attitudes are as a result of past events or happenings and thus freedom and responsibility...

Words: 1076

Pages: 2

Views: 107

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The Struggle for Freedom and Equality in the 20th Century

The Struggle for Freedom and Equality in the 20th Century Following the years that spanned the 1954 decision of the Board of Education v. Brown through the eventual pronouncement of passing of the 1965 Voting Rights...

Words: 1468

Pages: 5

Views: 359

Berkeley College: Budget Challenges Faced by Unit and Suggested Solutions

Description of Unit/Department, My role, and the Current Fiscal Climate with Supporting Evidence from the Literature Berkeley College is a private college mainly found in New York and New Jersey. It offers...

Words: 1904

Pages: 6

Views: 103


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a Freedom Essay

Definition of freedom essay is inconsistent from one author to another. Every person has a unique way of defining liberty. For some, it’s a free will to do anything. For others - it’s nothing more than an outdated social construct. Every author gives a personal, unique explanation of this term.

Students must explore this subject, share personal opinions, and discuss its various aspects in such written assignments. Range of possible topics is wide leaving a lot of space for interpretation and exploration. Texts of this type can either be informative or argumentative. Read how to write an informative essay or argumentative one any time you wish here. Authors, depending on a given subject, select an approach to storytelling.

Freedom Essay Examples for A+ Essay

Creating a thoughtful short essay on freedom is a challenging activity. Make it easier by studying proposed free paper samples. Look at this list of benefits every freedom essay sample has:

  • Advanced vocabulary

Each article is written in a perfect language, free from mistakes and errors. Wording is topic-specific, informative, and easy to understand.

  • Structural coherency

Creative outline was used as guidelines during writing. It resulted in a clever presentation of each argument, a strong foundation visible under each argument.

  • Well-paced narration

Above mentioned outline in combination with smart pacing allow for a consistent, coherent narration throughout. Every sample of freedom essay in English is readable and easily comprehensible.

  • In-depth argumentation

All reasons and arguments are either supported by credible sources or presented in such a way that no questions arise.

Freedom Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay about freedom is the most common type of written assignment on this topic students get. Concept idea is hidden in the name – argumentative. Students have a topic they must showcase from different perspectives. Such papers are not particularly hard to create, yet they require advanced skills in argumentation.

If no such skills are present and you must squeeze an essay on freedom in 100 words, only examining existing samples helps. Presented pdf examples of argumentative essay on freedom give multiple options that allow for a solid argumentation without time-consuming preparations.

Study offered free argumentative essay examples in detail. It helps with inspiration, narration techniques, and argumentation tactics. Learn pacing, structuring, and thought presentation easily. All texts are distributed freely, download them with no charge added.

Freedom Definition Essay Examples

Definition essay on freedom is different from an argumentative paper. This text type of scholarly piece relies on authors’ personal, unique look at liberty. Structure is identical to a previously mentioned essay type. If possible, try presenting an essay on freedom in 150 words. What data must be included in such articles?

  • Unique attitude

Authors’ personal opinions and definitions are crucial. Definition essay about freedom is based solely on the writer's unique look.

  • Detailed description

This opinion must be presented in detail showcasing all its aspects. Why did it form this way and what influences it?

  • Supportive examples

If possible, proof of the author's opinion must be mentioned. It is not an obligatory yet important element to think of.

We have various definition essay examples at your disposal. Use any of them as often as you need.

Freedom Essay Outline

Creating an outline of a freedom essay is the basic step that leads to a competent, coherent article. Correct paper structuring provides strength and consistency to it. Without an outline, arguments will seem out-of-place, poorly connected into one piece. Spend some time on structuring to get readable, solid texts easily.

If you are new to structuring, here’s an example for you. Modify it according to your custom subject or use it as-is.

Example of freedom essay outline


  • Present the topic briefly
  • Define what freedom is
  • What’s the author's opinion?
  • Will text present positive or negative aspects?

Body paragraph

  • First argument protecting liberty
  • How does liberty affect our lives?
  • Second argument
  • Why is it needed for everyone?
  • Additional optional arguments


  • Restate the topic
  • Repeat personal attitude
  • Did it change after arguments?
  • Were reasons successful in presenting positives?

Freedom Essay Introduction

Competent introduction for essay about freedom is what makes the audience care and invested. It must be written with diligence, carefully structured, and stay informed. It occupies the first paragraph.

Start by stating the topic and presenting it in detail. Add background information, relevant to it. Next, provide a definition of liberty. Personal one or from a dictionary - everything depends on a subject and text type. After, state the direction and goal of this exact article.

Keep it short and informative without mentioning too much or too little. Look at the proposed sample below. It showcases a perfect balance between being interesting and informative with creative ways of hooking readers’ attention.

Example of introduction to essay on freedom

Various philosophers and historians have added their view to the much controversial issue of the meaning of freedom. Various views of freedom have been considered to have a significant impact on the study and understanding of this debatable topic. The French Revolution, Wordsworth, and Hegel have all added their voice into understanding and describing what freedom means. While Hegel argues that to be free is to stand in the right kind of relation with respect to oneself and others, the French revolution is of the opinion that freedom is the ability to act according to one’s thinking and reasons whereas Wordsworth takes it as the ability of an individual to freely and independently make judgments about certain issues.

Freedom Essay Body Paragraph

Second text paragraph on freedom is the biggest one. Authors describe every aspect of their topic, present arguments, and support them with examples or proofs there. This section can be divided into smaller paragraphs for increased readability. Follow the previously created outline closely to create the best body paragraph.

This paragraph on importance of freedom seems the easiest one of all. What’s difficult in argumentation? But it must be written in compliance with regulations strictly within the created outline. Terms, definitions, and reasons must be supported by sources or personal examples.

Study the proposed sample to get unique hints on successful task completion. Acquire knowledge of structuring, pacing, argument presentation tactics, and convincing techniques. Any sample is available free of charge to every user – students and teachers.

Importance of freedom paragraph example

According to Hegel, freedom is a situation where one can affirm the basic institutions of social life. While it is a common idea that freedom starts with the idea that people are social atoms unto themselves, Hegel’s view of freedom goes beyond this by claiming that even though we are social atoms, we are not isolated individual atoms. He claims that the practices, institutions, norms, and traditions found in our surroundings are partially constructive of us. He further argues that it is difficult for us to see ourselves as being at home in these institutions and traditions. However, he says that under capitalism, it is not easy to see ourselves in the basic institutions such as the markets since we don’t have control over such institutions. In support of Marx idea, he argues that capitalism has helped in the development of various technical skills and institutions. He, however, notes that under capitalism, production and other resources are under the control of a few individuals who want to make profits.

Freedom Essay Conclusion

Final chapter is the conclusion of freedom paper. Conclusion gives a satisfactory, informative ending. This section starts with restating the topic. Next – author’s attitude must be rephrased. If any changes did occur after all presented arguments, this change must be mentioned. If text volume allows it, reminding of major arguments from before is welcomed. The last thing is mentioning whether an article was successful in reaching a goal from the intro.

Below you will find our sample. Read it carefully and analyze structure, main elements as well as wording. Extract useful tricks – implement them in custom scholarly pieces for an ultimate paper summary. Inspire yourself and create fresh pieces from scratch!

Conclusion for freedom essay example

The difference in the three views is that while Hegel sees freedom as the ability of an individual to affirm basic institutions of life away from control by a few individuals, the French Revolution is of the point that freedom is the ability of an individual to act according to own reasons. However, both the three views agree on a similar ground that freedom is the situation in which one can act on a free will, away from any restrictions, influence or political coercion.

How to Write an Essay About Freedom

For all articles about freedom writing process consists of multiple steps. It starts long before actual typing. If you want your freedom essay writing experience to become better, follow the proposed algorithm. It will ensure high quality of your text, improved structuring, and narration as well as better readability and argumentation. Here’s how competent this kind of writing looks like:

  1. Make your time. It is crucial to plan everything. Our assignment calculator will be great for to make this step.
  2. Select an interesting topic. Creative, captivating text subject substantially elevates the paper's attractiveness. Generate a custom one or choose one from the list below.
  3. Think of contents. Brainstorm ideas and formulate several talking points. Think of text design, its goal, and its purpose. What data must it include?
  4. Make an outline. Designing a structure is crucial for all academic pieces. Solid outline improves pacing, narration quality, argumentation, and transitioning. Do it with diligence and craftsmanship.
  5. Read text samples. Look at examples of similar articles from other students available on this website. Use them as inspiration, source of ideas, wording, and structuring knowledge.
  6. Create drafts. Never submit the first version. Type the whole thing down in one go and let thoughts flow. Make multiple versions of a text if possible.
  7. Edit mistakes out. Read the final version. Search for logical mistakes and bad wording. Eliminate spelling and grammar errors where necessary. Do your best to make your work excellent. 

Freedom Essay Topics Ideas

There are numerous topics on freedom to choose from. It all starts with subject selection. The first step of a writing process determines the quality and captivation of an entire article. Choose a unique, interesting, likable topic. Author’s personal interest greatly improves motivation. It increases the initial quality of arguments, research, and reasoning. If no topics about freedom were given by mentors, look below. You’ll find a list of popular freedom topics for an essay. Use them directly or create a custom one. 

  1. Can liberty be unlimited? Discuss pros and cons.
  2. How does personal liberty get butchered by corporations?
  3. Does free speech influence our lives now?
  4. Meaning of the word “liberty” through time. (Check essay on philosophy.)
  5. Is liberty something we’re born with?
  6. How does the definition change in other countries?
  7. Governmental control over nations' liberties.
  8. Personal definition of liberty with real-life examples.
  9. Is the desire of being free in human DNA?

We have much more essays on different topics for our users. For example, the American dream essay, freedom of speech essay and Civil Rights Movement essay. Browse, and you will find what you need.


FAQ About True Freedom Essay

1. Are your freedom essay examples free?

The website offers multiple free freedom essays in pdf format available for download. Any teacher or student can download them or read them online. Every file was donated by former students and is distributed freely. Read it any time and examine for clues, tips, tricks, and narration tactics. Improve writing skills free of charge!

2. How to start an essay about freedom?

A perfect essay about freedom in life starts with an introductory paragraph. It showcases the topic and presents background information and the authors’ personal attitudes. For creative, informative, comprehensible beginnings read proposed text samples. Extract wording, sentence construction, and attention-hooking techniques. Use these examples as guidance for creating memorable, captivating introductions.

3. What is the importance of freedom essay?

An essay on freedom in English questioning the significance of it is less prevalent. This rare assignment does frighten students. Creating such a scholarly piece requires skill and knowledge, hardly obtainable during the education process. Additional help can be received from freely available paper examples showcasing various approaches.

4. What are the best freedom essay titles?

Above we’ve specified some freedom titles for essays we consider to be interesting and attractive. Glance at them to choose the one you like. If no subject suits you, combine multiple topics into one. Good text subjects make readers interested, engaged, and invested. Stay creative, persistent, and attentive while selecting a paper subject.


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