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17 Sep 2023

Violent Videogames and Teenage Aggression

Over the past few years, the debate over the effects of violence in video games has erupted. A lot of politicians have made this a national talking point blaming it for the increase of school shootings. The two sides...

Words: 546

Pages: 2

Views: 88

17 Sep 2023

Do Video Games Cause Anti-Social Behavior?

Video games are prevalent around the globe. They are played on mobile devices, computers, and game consoles. People play them at arcades, at home, in automobiles, at school, and virtually any place that an electronic...

Words: 1990

Pages: 8

Views: 99

16 Sep 2023

The Effect of Violent Video Games on Children

Technological changes have changed the concept of routine activities and tasks mainly due to product innovations. There have been perceptions of exercises which have changed and revolutionized the world. Video games...

Words: 1102

Pages: 4

Views: 370

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16 Sep 2023

Do Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems?

Do Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems? There is an immense amount of violence that is depicted in the violent video games. There is an ongoing debate as to whether such violence can be responsible for...

Words: 2193

Pages: 8

Views: 96

Brazil Olympic Games

An international sporting event like Olympic Games serves to bring together sportsmen from all around the world. They have held after every four years with the Winter and Summer Olympics 2 years apart. There are more...

Words: 1376

Pages: 5

Views: 319

16 Sep 2023

Forecasting the Market Demand for Video Game Project

Statistical and regression techniques are significant in determining the reasons for changes in demand. Industrial developments and macroeconomic variables lead to changes in the market demand for products. To...

Words: 295

Pages: 1

Views: 84

Simulating the Battle for Video Game Supremacy

TO: Board of Directors FROM: CEO DATE: November 11, 2021 SUBJECT: The Platform Wars Determine the price of the video game console | Console price | Net profit ($ millions) | Market Share...

Words: 492

Pages: 2

Views: 76

16 Sep 2023

Are violent video games necessarily bad for children?

Are violent video games necessarily bad for children? Gaming is an activity that brings forth pleasure and relaxation of the mind. Games freshen the mind, keep the body fit and are important for both adults and...

Words: 1963

Pages: 7

Views: 86

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16 Sep 2023

Effect of Video Games on Children Behavior in UAE

Various research studies suggest that excessive use of video games and other technologies may affect children's behavior; for instance, a child is likely to become more aggressive or violent ( Greitemeyer & Osswald,...

Words: 329

Pages: 1

Views: 178

16 Sep 2023

The Influence of Video Games on Children's Behavior

Video games represent one of the most popular leisure games among children and adults. The followership of video game fanatics has significantly increased from 2011 up to date due to the rising increase in technology...

Words: 1803

Pages: 6

Views: 461


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Academic level

What Is a Video Games Essay

Let us start first with the overall video games definition. There are millions or even billions of people now playing online. There are thousands of interesting mechanics, genres, and plots to enjoy. One would think that they are endless and one can always find a new application to enjoy. 

There is no one ideal definition of video games available online. We usually consider this any activity that can be played online using a preferred platform. 

There are different types available for users. One can go for narrative-centered and plot-driven ones. Others prefer enjoying the thrill of the chance and shooting. By the way, genres are among the things one can discuss in their article. 

Video Games Essay Example

Any essay on video games students find here is guaranteed to be excellent. Moreover, by following these examples, you will be able to write your very own article with more ease and in less time. Before we elaborate more on writing tips, here's how one should approach their paper on this topic.

  • Select a topic that will allow you to dive deeper into the sphere.
  • Think about user experience and what makes a product successful.
  • Talk about niche applications.
  • Understand that here opportunities are endless.
  • With that said, follow a traditional introduction, main body, and conclusion structure.
  • Have fun with it! Discuss your own favorite video game.

If you have this topic in front of you — you are very lucky as it is a very interesting one. You will have lots of space to move around and students, especially those playing themselves, love these papers. 

Video Games Informative Essay

First and foremost, here one can find a good sample of an informative essay about video games. How to write an informative essay? That's a good question! Some of the following items might help you figure stuff out.

  • Lots of evidence.
  • Examples from real users or applications.
  • Much deeper thee than a simple history of one plot or mechanic.
  • Understanding what makes a great user experience.
  • Thorough research into the topic.

This topic is overall very flexible. Select among varied niche themes, combine them into one and even dwell on the psychology of it. Be informative and pretend as if your readers know nothing about the industry. This is how you succeed in making any paper, including this one, informative. 

Video Games Persuasive Essay

The main goal of a persuasive essay on video games is to convince the readers of something. What you will be talking about is up to you. Below you will find a general structure of what appears to be a traditional persuasive article. At the same time, browse different persuasive essay examples in our library. 


  • Start with a hook to engage your reader
  • Background information on your topic
  • Thesis statement (mention all points that will be discussed in body paragraphs)

Body Paragraphs (1-3)

  • Introduction of the main point
  • Evidence
  • Conclusion and transition into the next paragraph (if necessary)


  • Rephrase a thesis statement
  • Conclude all our points leaving a final impression

This is how anyone can write a successful persuasive essay about video games. The only thing left is to work more on the topic having this structure.

Video Games Expository Essay 

An expository essay about video games has a very specific purpose in mind and that is to educate the readers. Like you did before, one should definitely pretend that their readers don’t know anything about the topic. Imagine that they have only seen books or films, but never applications or things for people to play with one another.

For instance, introduce different genres and how or why they are liked by users. We can also say that such applications can be multiplayer. This means that people can play with their friends or even some random people online. Education here is the most important bit. Provide as much evidence as one can. Prove to your readers that your point is not only truthful but excellent. Using our expository essays examples will help you with this kind of writing.

Video Games Evaluation Essay

An evaluation essay on video games is exactly what it sounds like. Considering that here we are talking about user experience and different applications, choose one genre or product to judge. Here are several criteria one can consider:

  • Is the chosen product famous?
  • Why do users love it?
  • What was done to improve users’ experience?
  • What can be said about its sound design?
  • Have the game designers made unique additions to the product or never seen before mechanics?
  • How available and accessible is the game?

Come up with your own criteria here. See what you would personally value in the product. Do you like its art? Do you like its sound design? Go point by point and you’ll be great at evaluating it. You can use any evaluation essay example in our database for making this task.

Video Games Essay Outline

We couldn’t leave you without a proper outline of video games article. Your actual structure will depend on the type of paper you're writing. However, we do have some general outlines ready for you. Remember that an outline is full of evidence but doesn’t have full sentences. It is a map that will guide you through writing but not a complete article. 

Introduction Paragraph

  • Hook
  • Topic background (general information)
  • Thesis statement

Body Paragraph 1-3 

  • Topic sentence
  • Supporting pieces of evidence
  • Transition and concluding statement


  • Rephrase your thesis 
  • Summarize and connect your key points
  • Leave a final impression with recommendations or future developments

Fill the structure above with your own details. We also recommend citing sources you use also in an outline. The more time you spend on your outline, the better and easier your paper will be. So take your time with this one!

Video Games Essay Introduction

The introduction of video games essay is the first thing we will talk about, yet the last one you will write. Remember that introduction should be written after you have evidence and the main body. It will be much easier and better for you to do it this way.

When it comes to this topic, one can definitely mention an application or product you will be talking about. Talk about its importance to other people or maybe you personally.

  • What is the product you have chosen?
  • Why did you choose this one and not any other?
  • Why should other people be interested in it?

Take those questions into account or check the sample you will find below. 

Example of introduction for video game essay

The rapidly increasing selection of video games as entertainment options has extended beyond the traditional computer games to include the Massively Multiplayer online games (MMO). Just like the traditional console games, online games occupy a lot of time in the schedules of young adults, consequently reducing gamer’s exposure to the traditional media. Discussions on the role of video games in socializing individuals have evoked varied opinions with one school of thought suggesting that video games enhance positive development of individuals and the other maintaining that such games are not only useless but also expensive and addictive (Greenfield 72). Through reviewing various literature, the paper will analyze how video games and the most recent Massive Multiplayer Online games influence the socialization process of teenagers and young adults.

Video Games Essay Thesis

A thesis about video games is definitely fun to write, considering the topic. The first thing your thesis statement needs to mention is the actual product you’re writing about. Depending on the type of paper you are writing, the thesis can mention several points.

For instance, if you are writing a persuasive essay, your thesis must mention what makes this project as excellent as you claim it to be.

Example of video games thesis

Doom remains a relevant and popular product even after several decades as it constantly improves user experience, its UI, and graphics.

Therefore, your body paragraphs will later talk about the points we have mentioned here including graphics and user experience. 

Video Games Essay Body Paragraph

A body paragraph about video games will have all the evidence you’re able to gather to prove your point. There are several things that make an excellent body paragraph below.

  • The balance between evidence and explanation.
  • Well-developed introductory and concluding statements.
  • Presence of all the points you have mentioned in the thesis statement.
  • Clarity and brief matter of writing.

Usually, you have around three paragraphs to discuss all the evidence. They normally take 80% of your overall work. At the same time, your introduction and conclusion each take 10%. However, even with a lot of words available and a lot of space, you should be smart with it. One of the first things to do definitely is to check the sample below. 

Example of video game essay body paragraph

According to the research "Game Transfer Phenomena and its associated factors: An exploratory empirical online survey study," both quantitative and qualitative studies on effects of video games on users suggest that most gamers experience altered perception accompanied by involuntary behaviors and thoughts following each video game section.  The resultant experiences include pseudo-hallucinations and automatic motor activations among other such experiences common among gamers.  A recent survey from Nottingham Trent University that assessed 2362 players, related The Game Transfer Phenomena, (the resultant altered perceptions and behaviors of a gamer) not only to preexisting medical condition but also to playing video games consistently for over three hours. Similarly, deciding to play for varied reasons such as for customization, exploration, mechanics, as well as to avoid the real world and to get immersed, were also attributed to the Game Transfer Phenomena. The research further saw the need to monitor the amount of time spent by young adults playing video games, and to examine the extent to which pre-existing medical conditions predispose individuals to the Game Transfer Phenomena. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Games Essay

Let’s look at an essay about video games advantages and disadvantages. Even though we are big fans of this industry, we still need to discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

Staring with advantages:

  • Lots of interesting subjects and topics to discuss.
  • There are not many researchers who have talked about it.
  • It is definitely relevant and will find its target audience.

Disadvantages of video games essay:

  • The academic world is still rather strict. So, choosing a very modern topic might come with a price.
  • Not everyone will understand the importance of this industry.
  • There is no large quantity of resources available for research.

If you’re okay with such advantages and disadvantages, then you will definitely enjoy writing about the subject. Personally, we are definitely big fans of it. However, it is always your choice.  

Video Games Essay Conclusion

A good conclusion for video games essay will leave your readers speechless. It is always good and effective if you leave a good impression on your readers. Even though the introduction here is important, the conclusion is the last thing they will read.

Basic structure:

  • Restate thesis statement. Don’t use the same words!
  • Give the readers a basic summary of your article. This way they will not forget about it.
  • Leave a nice final impression. Say why anyone should care about your topic or what else can be done with it.

The theory is one thing, samples are the other. So, be sure that you not only read structures and tips but check the samples we have here. 

Example of video games essay conclusion

In a nutshell, video games can both positively and negatively influence the process of socialization among young adults. Whereas uncontrolled and unmonitored exposure to video games increases the risks of altered perception of male and female gender roles, planned structured and controlled exposure can develop helpful social and physical skills as well as enhance the learning process. The main concern on the representation of female characters in video games is that characters presented in the video games act as the role models for the children. The main problem is that children are likely to develop their social schemes, roles, and identities based on the characters they observe in the video games.  When adolescents and young adults perceive an ideal woman as sexy and attractive, and males as strong and masculine as presented in the video games, they are likely to suffer from low self-esteem when they realize that their bodies are less of such definitions. However, video games can also be used constructively to enhance educational learning experiences of both children and young adults.

How to Write a Video Games Essay

You may want to write about video games. But it may not be as simple as it seems for you now. You will notice that this topic is definitely interesting and beyond exciting. You have a lot of possibilities with that, yet they all have a price. However, we will not bore you with details, but give you some tips.

  • Select a topic you’re personally interested in.
  • If you are not much into this industry, then check blocks or ask other people what they like about it.
  • Play yourself and have a firsthand experience with it.
  • Be smart with the word count. Even if you’re writing a short essay on video games, it must be informative.
  • Make claims only if you have evidence to prove them.
  • If you’re not able to find scholarly resources, find articles online. 

Keep in mind that every student can calculate how many pages they should write. All you should have is a certain word count and our words to pages tool.

Pros and Cons of Video Games Essay

Essays on video games are getting more and more popular. But there are several more things you need to know before you start writing. 


  • Relevant 
  • Modern
  • Popular
  • Interesting
  • Can be connected with one’s hobby.


  • Not enough information on the topic
  • Not everyone will like it for academic writing
  • The gaming community has strong opinions. Be careful not to offend them.

Overall, this subject is definitely worth the trouble. Once you start writing, you will learn that it’s not only interesting but fun and exciting. Do you have lots of material? If you’re personally interested in it, it will be a treat. Check out any reflective essay example, it will be useful for this kind of writing.

Essay on Video Games Positive Effects

One can easily write the positive effects of video games essays. Such products along with many other things have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you’re writing a persuasive or informative article, it is a perfect topic. Let us think together about what can be possible positive effects of this industry.

  • It can be educational.
  • This industry allows more places for engineering and technical professions.
  • It boosts the development of such industries as art, sound design, and application development.
  • It motivates young people to become a part of this industry.
  • This kind of essay offers a variety of plots, narratives, character development, problems, and mechanics.

We might be too biased to talk about positive and negative effects. As one can see, come up with plenty of them. 

Essay on Video Games Negative Effects

The positive and negative effects of video games essay can be discussed together, in one paper. Since we have mentioned some of the positive effects, here we can definitely talk about negative ones. Once more, we might be biased when it comes to this industry. However, we clearly see that there are some negative things we can talk about. 

  • Distract some people from work or starting.
  • Those playing might strain their eyes.
  • Many believe that violence in this industry badly affects young minds.
  • It creates an unbelievable standard for real life.

There are many negative effects one can talk about. Sadly, it is true. But it’s up to you to decide which side you’re on, negative or positive. It is a very relevant and interesting subject to discuss in your essay. So, be sure you consider it. 

Video Games Essay Topics

We have prepared several video game topics to write about. Look through them, combine around with your own ideas, or be inspired by them. Since we are huge fans of this industry, we took our time crafting them.

Here is a list of essay topics about video games:

  1. It Takes Two: What makes it so popular?
  2. Teenagers should be allowed to play as much as they want.
  3. Playing online stimulates brain activity.
  4. Online platforms suit as the best grounds for social networking.
  5. The Witcher: Evaluate its narrative.
  6. Evolution of iGaming: Then vs Now.
  7. 80 Days: Is it still relevant?
  8. Can social casinos be allowed on widely accessible platforms?
  9. Xbox vs PlayStation.
  10. Trending games of the 21st-century.

If you go with these topics or any other, we’re sure that they will be interesting to talk about. Everything that deals with this industry is considered to be modern and exciting. Good luck!

Note: We have various essay topics you may be asked to write about. Browse them in our library, you will definitely find what you need.

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FAQ About Video Games Essay

1. Are your video game essay examples free?

Yes! An essay about video games that you find here is absolutely free. This means that we don’t require credit cards, payments, charges, or fees. We don’t even need registration or your personal information for you to use everything. So, feel free to use our website as much as you need and create your first successful article on this topic. Are you still here? Check the samples now!

2. What is the main benefit of a video games essay?

There are many benefits of video games essay. We cannot possibly name all of them, but we can give you several ideas:

  • This topic is relevant and modern.
  • You will find that it’s not thoroughly studied. So, you have a place for deeper research.
  • You get to study something you possibly enjoy yourself.

Overall, this topic doesn’t seem to be a traditional academic one. You might have lots of fun in it as it is modern, interesting, and neat in research. Good luck!

3. What are the types of video games essays?

There are several types of video games essay one can easily choose from. We can give you some of them to start:

  • Persuasive
  • Informative
  • Pros and cons
  • Argumentative
  • Narrative
  • Expository
  • Compare and contrast
  • Rhetorical. 

There are many more to choose from. Everything depends on your personal desires and requirements from your professor.

4. What is the best title for a video games essay?

There are many good titles for essays about video games available. We chose some of them to get you started:

  • The new Halo series: Does it do justice to its origin?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of iGaming.
  • The future of the iGaming industry.
  • Psychological effects of violence are constructed in the plot of applications.

Moreover, these titles must be telling enough to give the readers information about your paper.


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