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Essay on happiness only seems easy at first glance. Actually, this question is philosophical and a happiness essay in English can have a lot of reflections. Thus, the time allotted for writing is significantly increased. However, do not panic! We have prepared free samples on this topic. You can use them to choose the best template for your writing.

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17 Sep 2023

Moral Behaviour Is Necessary For Happiness

Introduction Ethics is a broad field within the larger field of moral philosophy that aims at distinguishing between good and bad. It sets the standard by which people in a society should behave towards each...

Words: 1940

Pages: 7

Views: 167

What are the pros and cons of having risk officers as part-time assignments within different functions and business units?

Businesses are subject to risk from both internally and externally. These risks could harm the business’ productivity and eventually productivity. For this reason, business enterprises have embarked on hiring risk...

Words: 324

Pages: 3

Views: 203

16 Sep 2023

How Happy Relationships Affect a Person

Building good relationships is a critical requirement in life for one to be happy. A person’s mental and psychological wellbeing is highly linked to how they relate with other people whether it regards social or...

Words: 534

Pages: 2

Views: 74

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Philosophy for a Happy Life: Ways to Find True Happiness

While happiness is a subjective concept, every happy employee derives satisfaction about the work they do. From enjoying the task at hand, feeling right about workmates, financial benefits, all making the...

Words: 309

Pages: 1

Views: 106

16 Sep 2023

Age and Happiness: The Relationship Between Age and Happiness

It is possible to relate age with happiness, but at the same time, the relationship can be inverted depending on the circumstances within someone’s life at different stages. The most common and evident relationship...

Words: 266

Pages: 1

Views: 130

16 Sep 2023

Happiness and Well-Being Reflection Paper

Emotions are a crucial part of a human being’s life. People experience different emotions based on different encounters, roles, and day-to-day activities. Emotions may be positive or negative. They affect the...

Words: 840

Pages: 3

Views: 145

16 Sep 2023
Military Science

African Americans in Times of War: Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

At the beginning of Civil War, African Americans men who were free dashed to volunteer for service with the Union armed forces. Even though Blacks had taken part in the navy and army in the times of American...

Words: 732

Pages: 2

Views: 71

16 Sep 2023

Happiness in Varied Cultures

Social standards are one of the most predominant influence on the happiness of people that varies from one culture to another. Different societies and cultural settings have varied standards of living and perceive...

Words: 292

Pages: 1

Views: 430

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16 Sep 2023

Why Our Screens Make Us Less Happy

Our monitors and devices are essential devices but constant staring and using them can not only cause-effect to one’s eyes but also it can make one unhappy in so many ways. Continuous exposure to screens at home and...

Words: 356

Pages: 1

Views: 105

16 Sep 2023
Marketing and PR

Procter & Gamble Febreze Breathe Happy Campaign Launch

1\. Apply the principles of perception to the three insights listed in the case Perception of stimulus takes place through the processes of attention, sensation, and interpretation by the brain. Perception...

Words: 1165

Pages: 4

Views: 187


Assignment types
Academic level

English Short Essay on Happiness

A short essay about happiness in life should be very specific. That is, an author should write about one small episode, such as reading a book in the woods, for example. However, it is worth describing every detail so that a reader can easily feel this overwhelming joy. Do not forget to pay attention to all senses, namely to write about tactile and odors. This excites the brain as much as possible! Your teacher will be able to feel with each cell what you are talking about in your article.

We encourage you to review our examples to understand what we are talking about. You will feel the magnificent joyful moments of each student who donated these works to us. They will inspire you to create something no less exciting!

Happiness Essay Examples

There is more than one happiness example of everyday life on our website. And the great news is that we have an example of happiness essay for almost every such case. This essay type’s main feature is the student's ability to draw a picture in words. To do this, you need to imagine this happy moment in your head as best you can. If you write about a cup of coffee in the morning, do not forget to describe its aroma. Tell how you feel it and what it awakens in you. Although the question of joy is quite philosophical, its answer must be concrete. We advise you to browse philosophy essay examples to get some ideas for your writing.

Our archive of examples can lead you to write something really personal. They are universal. So, they are suitable for users with any request. The beauty of such a phenomenon as joy lies in its simplicity. We even have essays on happiness for high school students! 

Happiness Definition Essay Examples

Wonder how to write a definition essay? Definition essays on happiness are not that rare. This type is not surprising. Any topic can be revealed in various essay types, and this topic is no exception. The main task of such a work is to provide a definition and its scope. Thus, a definitive of this task is more of academic work with a touch of psychology or philosophy. 

Happiness definition essay outline generally does not differ schematically from other essay types. It is important to form a clear thesis and draw a strong conclusion that will prove it. A quality conclusion will be guaranteed in an article with a meaningful main part.

Happiness Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay about happiness is one of our favorite types. Their highlight is that an author has the right for holding certain debates with readers. Use our argumentative essay writing examples for some kind of inspiration. They include an opportunity to look at issues from another angle. It helps consider different scenarios for thought development. This rule works with almost all argumentative essay topics on happiness. For example, we should write an argumentative article on the topic: “The happiest memory from school years.” Everyone has a different school experience. It is not positive or negative, it just is. Task of such an article is not to evaluate someone's experience by comparing it with their own. It is about giving a reader a more detailed perspective.

The thesis of such an article will be: 

Everyone has something to remember with a smile from school days.

In the main part, we can bring something from our own experience – winning a competition, an internship abroad, having fun with friends or delicious food in the canteen. Also, support this with another person's argument. In conclusion, we should find confirmation of this thesis. 

For example:

No matter what the experience of school life is, everyone can remember at least one bright moment. 

What Is the Happiness Essay

The definition of happiness essay is much more multifaceted. We must proceed from what the actual purpose of such work is. If there is a more philosophical question, then an answer must be broad and deep. This applies to cases where an author gives an opportunity to discuss with a reader. Thus, a writer should lay the groundwork for readers' own thoughts, to provoke them to carry out their own research on this topic.

On the other hand, an article on this topic can be exactly what it is. Namely an essay on the personal joy of an author. What makes them smile every day or wake up in the morning and why they move forward in life.

Happiness Essay Outline

In this section, we will share an outline for happiness essay example. This is a handy template that you can apply to your task. We recommend creating such sketches for each written work. This will help you see your article structure and its framework. After that, it will be easier to add meanings and thoughts. They will be more consistent because you will already understand how and what to talk about. You will see the main thesis and ways to reveal it.

Now let's move on to specifics. We present an example on the topic: Why am I happy working at night? First, the title of our example is very strict, from which you can already understand what the article will be about. No matter what size, its title should always be accurate and contain your main idea. Much depends on title success, but more on that later! Check out an example of happiness essay outline for each section below. 

Hint: In case you need to know how many pages you should write, our words to pages converter is here at your disposal.

Happiness Essay Introduction

An introduction of happiness essay can block your thoughts by its blank page, just like an introduction to any task. But do not give up, we`ve prepared samples! To begin with, single out your thesis. It should complete your introduction. Then, find your way to it using words. It must be a coherent reflection, written according to logical laws. We have a step-by-step guide that should help write a good introduction.

  • Briefly describe your work and its objective shortcomings. 
  • Make a special twist for the thesis. It should be interesting.
  • Create a thesis. This is a concentrated in-depth content of your work. 

Let's look at a sample we created for a better understanding.  

Example of happiness introduction

For one to experience true happiness, they must be willing to experience a great deal of pain and suffering. It is a notion that few individuals are willing to embrace. Most people believe that fulfillment of personal desires is happiness and lack of satisfaction of these wants means to experience suffering. It is associated with luck, good fortune and pleasure. Contentment is in most instances coupled with people’s images of health, job, security, family, friends, money and possessions. Often when people make plans for the future, they refer to the good times and experiences they hope to have. It is normal to seek happiness in life. It is as a result not perturbing to find that many individuals suppose that the principal goal in life is to capitalize on happiness. As a result, thousands of books and articles have been produced on techniques to maximize happiness. Although it is widely agreed that the chief objective of life is to receive happiness, most individuals seldom reflect on what that truly encompasses. Buddhists assert that true happiness should not be viewed as the omission of suffering (Rinpoche). One must experience suffering to truly understand happiness.

Happiness Essay Thesis Statement

Here we will help you learn to form your thesis statement about happiness essay. A strong thesis guides many internal processes in your article. It manages and influences work structure. The thesis helps a reader understand basic concepts that will operate on your topic.

A well-written thesis is a thesis that performs several functions at once. First, it should identify a topic for discussion. If your article is about joy, there is a need for mentioning something more detailed. For example, a cup of coffee, a smile of your loved one, and a spark in the eyes of a cat. All of this is specific and helps strengthen your thesis.

Second, any thesis summarizes the main arguments and persuades readers to continue researching your topic. You can view our archive and determine what is a strong thesis for you. What examples really caught your attention? As a reminder, you can use these examples as a guide to writing your work!

Happiness Essay Body Paragraph

Still looking at how to write a paragraph on happiness in life? Here is your stop! The main part of this article should reveal a thesis. It should include at least 2 points that most fully support your thesis. Read 2 points below that help reveal the topic.

  • My work gives me the delight of smelling fresh bread. It reminds me of a carefree summer in my grandmother's house. She always created a kind of magic, the result of which was this unsurpassed fragrance.
  • Nothing compares to the bakery’s silence. This moment is really unique, but it can be surpassed by one quiet sound. It turns out bread can speak! Cracking freshly baked bread is fantastic. I like drinking strong coffee in silence catching these negotiations notes between the loaves.

This is a scheme that can be used in articles by both children and students. This theme of our work is quite personal and paradoxical, but it makes it quite universal. What's more, you can browse our free samples and find inspiration for creating your own happy story. We have this short paragraph below.

Example of short paragraph on happiness

Suffering defines people’s character and views of life. In most conversations, people talk about their desire to receive happiness in future endeavors and work towards the achievement of that desire. No one craves suffering, yet it is inevitable. Often when individuals discuss the past, happiness is not the only focus of their dialogue. They tend to center of ordeals that seem most significant to them. Individuals aim at receiving true happiness but acknowledge that their pain and suffering define them. Suffering tends to take people out of their comfort zone and bring them to a different kind of reality that life is not as they imagined. It makes one appreciate the trivial things in life. It changes people’s perceptions of life and redirects their attitudes and beliefs.

Happiness Essay Conclusion

How to write a conclusion for happiness essay? It is exactly what we are going to discuss now. The last word in the conversation is always remembered. This principle also works in the world of writing. There are often cases when teachers reread theses and conclusions. This is done for refreshing the memory of what you read.

Connection between thesis and conclusions must be unbreakable. Our thesis was the following statement: 

Happiness lies in the details. And as we know, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Our main part revealed this thesis. We reinforced its significance, examples were concrete and touching. Every conclusion should summarize everything mentioned in your article. It should lay the groundwork for further research or for readers’ reflections. Look at our sample below.

Example of happiness essay conclusion

Happiness and suffering are two sides of the same coin. One cannot be truly happy without experiencing pain and despair. Happiness should therefore not be considered as the absence of suffering but the victory and consequence of overcoming the suffering. The ability to look beyond the torment and appreciation of what life has to offer. People should be able to turn suffering and happiness into enlightenment. They should be able to live past the fear of enduring suffering to realize the true form of happiness. The first step to experiencing real joy in life is realizing that suffering is imperative. It enables one to appreciate the mere fact that they exist. They learn to derive happiness from their inner self rather than the material world. Happiness and suffering are states of the mind that people must learn to control.

How to Write a Happiness Essay

Is it obligatory to know how to write about happiness? This kind of topic is quite popular. It can be coded in matters of lifestyle, education, money, etc. This theme is sacred for everyone. The same is true of its disclosure.

We have noted its structure above. But in an essay on happiness, its content is more important. Such task value really lies in its sincerity and straightforwardness. We recommend focusing on happy memories. You should create a clear picture in your head of what you are describing. It may sound ridiculous, but yes, the writing process, in this case, is very similar to a spell against dementors!

After writing, you should reread your work. Does it evoke in you that feeling you described? If so, this work will convey your position to a teacher. If not, think about how you can improve it. Perhaps our examples can inspire you to certain language expressions that will better reveal your opinion.

Interesting Happiness Essay Topics

As we have already noted, topic about happiness essay can be obvious and hidden. In this part, we present our list of such topics. According to our editors, they are quite interesting to reveal. The author's approach to highlighting details and placing accents makes the themes uncluttered. We emphasize that shifting readers’ attention from obvious to something more personal can only improve your topic on happiness essay!

For example, a happiness topic for you is your favorite football team match. But shift emphasis from this game itself to some little things. Hot dogs at the stadium, fans’ behavior, referee’s work – these are details that make any writing more real.

  1. What is happiness for you?
  2. Is it true that happy people wake up early?
  3. What do I eat when I feel satisfaction?
  4. What are the criteria for determining memory as the happiest?
  5. Debunking the term “female happiness” in retrospect of the feminist movement.
  6. How do animals feel happy?
  7. What happy memory would I show to aliens to tell more about humanity?
  8. Is it possible to buy happiness?
  9. What is wealth for you?

We have a long list of different kinds of topics besides happiness. Are you looking for love essay or freedom essay. You will find them here with ease.


FAQ About Happiness Essays

1. Are your happiness essay examples free?

Yes, we allow you to view our free essays on happiness. They are of good quality and this can serve as a beacon for you in writing your work. Unfortunately, you cannot use these essays in your academic life but our service can write you an original essay on any topic!

2. What to write in an importance of happiness essay?

Importance of happiness essay is a great way to reflect on your life. It is worth noting what achievements the feeling of happiness pushes you to. What happiness awakens in you, what thoughts fill your head in such moments. The importance of happiness is in its availability. Each of us is made happy by completely different things, but the result still remains the same.

3. What are the benefits of happiness essay?

An essay about happiness in life has a wonderful psychological effect. The author mentally returns to safe memory or to habitual ritual. In turn, this allows our nervous system to take a short break from stress and relax. Such essays draw our attention to truly valuable things in life, laying the groundwork for further reflection. For example, you like to eat breakfast slowly but can't do it because of work. An essay on this topic will allow you to start thinking about how to return this important ritual to your life, qualitatively changing it for the better.

4. What is the best title for happiness short essay?

Happiness essay titles are no different than regular titles. They should be short, intriguing, and informative. For example, we write essays about pottery classes. The title “My first cup” will be appropriate. It is short and intriguing. After its reading, readers will think about the first cup of coffee in the morning, and not about pottery. Breaking expectations is the basic rule in storytelling. This fascinates a reader and it will be harder for them to break away from your essay!


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