Hero Essays Examples, Topic Ideas & Writing Tips

Writing an essay about heroes? Not sure where to start from? Or stuck at the beginning? No worries, you’ll find help here! We’ve picked several helpful examples showing how you should write My hero essay in English. All of them are free to use as inspiration or reference material. Furthermore, we’ve got some helpful tips and step-by-step instructions for writing a great text. This should help you complete your assignment and achieve a good score. Let’s go!

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The Rebirth of Cult of Beauty and Heroic Ideal

The Rebirth of Cult of Beauty and Heroic Ideal The renaissance is defined as the period that followed the middle ages which was characterized by a dramatic cultural shift that started in Italy and later spread...

Words: 313

Pages: 1

Views: 95

17 Sep 2023
Film Studies

The Hero in Films

A ‘revisionist' film as the name suggests is a film that seeks to revise or retell an established story with major variations that are meant to give a different view that was outlined in the original work. The film,...

Words: 728

Pages: 2

Views: 161

17 Sep 2023

Stages of a Hero’s Journey

Even though heroes may follow different paths to solve a problem and achieve their ultimate goals, their journey follows five stages with similar structural elements; departure, initiation, trials, the innermost...

Words: 396

Pages: 1

Views: 129

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16 Sep 2023

The Messianic Hero in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road

The interpretation of the boy as a messiah is accurate because of characteristics that he possesses that could be likened to those of Christ. The conclusion is arrived at after the character analysis of the boy....

Words: 272

Pages: 1

Views: 159

16 Sep 2023

My Hero Academia: The Complete Series

Everyone has a hero of whatever kind. It may be a super hero like the president, spider man, police officer or just anyone who gets them inspired. Some people consider a hero as something that helps them to...

Words: 573

Pages: 2

Views: 172

16 Sep 2023

Heroes in Ancient, Classical and Medieval Periods

Heroes in Ancient, Classical and Medieval Periods A hero is a person who is distinguished to have brave deeds. Other individuals in the society are the one who crowns someone to be a hero after they perceive the...

Words: 906

Pages: 2

Views: 397

16 Sep 2023

What Makes A Hero?

What Makes A Hero? Heroism is a characteristic that not many people around the world possess. In fact, the act of heroism is mostly animated in film shows and other entertaining videos. Overall, it is obvious that...

Words: 826

Pages: 3

Views: 460

15 Sep 2023

Heroic Medicine-Ethical Debate Paper

Thesis Statement: For a long while now, the question of whether or not to offer life support to patients with chronical illnesses has been an area of debate with different parties taking opposing sides. Supporters of...

Words: 958

Pages: 3

Views: 236

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Military Leakers are Heroes

In 2010, Chelsea Manning (at the time known as Bradley Manning) shared sensitive and confidential data with Wikileaks. The data contained information on a wide range of issues from the country’s military missions in...

Words: 625

Pages: 2

Views: 107

15 Sep 2023

A Thousand Heroes - The Story of the 100th Bomb Group in World War II

Question 1. The NMIS gives foundations that ensure all agencies work together in response to emergencies. Planning for any possibility of an outcome in the crash and having adequate resources to finish the...

Words: 629

Pages: 2

Views: 103


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What Is a Hero Essay

Let’s start with a proper definition of a hero essay. Definition: It should talk about a certain hero (a real person or a fictional character), describe certain heroic deeds in certain circumstances, or discuss the problem of heroism itself. 

Typically you can name someone a hero if they overcome hardships and challenges even putting their own life at risk to achieve the greater good for other people. Such people overcome their fear of danger in order to do good for others. And their actions are selfless. You can choose a historical person or a movie character fitting such a description and discuss their heroism in your literature essay.

My Favourite Hero Essays Examples

Here are some helpful heroes essay examples for you – all of them totally free of charge! 

We’ve divided them into categories for your convenience. 

Choose your category, then pick an example of such an essay that matches your topic best. Inspect it carefully: you might find some good ideas to borrow. Check its structure and style – you can reuse some of that too. Finally, look at their references. Some of those sources might be useful for your essay as well. Just make sure you don’t copy these texts either fully or partially. Use them as inspiration when writing your own original work.

Scroll down to access our student essay examples for this topic.

Hero Argumentative Essay

Looking for My hero essay pdf? Got an argumentative topic to address? We have several good ones for you here.

Such essays on hero require making certain claims about your preferred person’s actions. You are expected to present your point of view on this figure and defend your position. Are their actions really brave? Was their motivation to actually help others or was there something else? Alternatively, you could pick some controversial figures and argue that they have shown courage in certain situations. In any case, you’ll need some research on this topic. And make sure to use strong evidence to back your arguments.

Different good argumentative essay examples of My hero essay 150 words long are available here.

Hero Narrative Essay

Planning on writing a narrative essay about a hero? We can help you!

Such essays should make your reader familiar with certain figures and their great actions. You must present a detailed picture of the character you’ve chosen and describe their actions in detail. Write concisely but make sure you’ll show enough to your audience. Take your time to properly highlight the main qualities of this person. Maintain chronological order of events and ensure all parts of your texts are logically connected with each other. Any narrative essay example from our library can help you with this task. Don’t forget to cite sources of this information, e.g. historical books. Try to add some interesting thoughts to your conclusion for leaving some extra impression.

More than one good example of narrative hero essay is available for you below.

Hero Definition Essay

Need some hero definition essay example? We’ve got you covered! Here are several additional tips for writing such an essay.

You’ll be expected to define courage itself in your work. Depending on your topic, it might be a general definition or an examination of heroic deeds and qualities in specific circumstances. For example, you might talk about selfless healthcare workers who save a life during pandemics or natural disasters. Or about common people whose selfless actions prevent catastrophes.

A proper definition requires some research as well as some proper sources to support it. It is crucial to make time to read how to write a definition essay. Make sure you know your subject well before defining it. And don’t forget to format your essay accordingly.

You can access our sample definition essay of a hero below.

Hero Essay Outline

Spending some time on your essay on hero outline is very important for your success. You can review it carefully once completed. And it will be much easier to find major flaws and make necessary corrections at this stage. 

Let’s have an example of My hero essay outline and show step by step how it is done. Suppose that you are writing about “The Lord of the Rings” book.


  • Make your thesis statement clear and straightforward. E.g. “Sam is a real hero of this adventure through his deeds are always overshadowed by others.” 
  • Briefly comment on the context of this story. Some of your readers may not be familiar with it.

Main body

  • Write at least three paragraphs, but don’t make any complete sentences. List your major arguments in them. E.g. “Sam’s help during the journey” or “Sam’s crucial role at the end.”
  • Think it through and try to connect your paragraphs with each other.


  • Summarize your argumentation in brief phrases. Show that you’ve proven your position. 
  • Think about ways to make your final assumption sound stronger and more interesting for your readers.

Hero Essay Introduction

We have some helpful hero essay introduction examples for you. And here are several tips on writing one:

  • Provide your thesis statement at the beginning, one sentence only.
  • Add some very brief explanations about the context of this problem. It is especially important when talking about books or movies as not every reader might be familiar with them.
  • Make it brief, one paragraph would suffice. Most details, evidence, explanations, or arguments should be provided later.
  • Try leaving some ‘hook’ in your introduction to engage your audience. It can be some unexpected comment or wordplay that becomes clear after reading the main part of your essay.

Our sample is available below, free to read or download. 

Example of hero essay introduction

Literary and scriptwriters and are keen on keeping their audience glued to the content or the screen for as long as possible. The writers achieve this by creating storylines that bring out the adventurous journeys of their heroes and heroines. This strategy is what Joseph Campbell called the hero myth. This concept refers to the journey a hero undergoes through to help his fellow humans to have a better life. According to Campbell a hero ventures from his normal world and goes to a place of supernatural where he fights the real powerful forces and on winning comes back to his world. Further, Campbell noted that this hero while on this journey he encounters a lot of challenges but an inner drive helps him to conquer them. An analysis of Frozen will bring this concept to light through the characters of Anna and her sister Elsa.

Hero Essay Thesis Statement

Let’s talk in detail about writing a thesis statement for hero essay. Strong statements should make unexpected claims or highlight some overlooked qualities. 

We’ve already talked about ‘The Lord of the Rings’ when discussing outlines. Let’s create a thesis statement on that problem.

Hero essay thesis example

Sam is the true hero of the story despite formally being just an assistant to Frodo.

Since your essay involves arguing about a certain point of view, it would be useful if you address the opposing argumentation. This would make your claim sound more objective and thus more convincing. 

Check out the structure of free essay samples available on our website. You might obtain some good ideas for your own one.

My Favourite Hero Essay Body Paragraph

Need help with writing your 5 paragraph essay about a hero? Feel free to examine our example available below. And here are general guidelines for you:

  • Follow the classical structure: 

1 paragraph – introduction

1 paragraph – conclusion

3 paragraphs – main body part.

  • The main part should contain your key descriptions and explanations or argumentation. Keep it formal but straightforward.
  • Divide it into 2-4 paragraphs to separate different arguments or descriptions of different concepts. But keep it logical: the next paragraph should be visibly connected to the previous one.
  • Use proper quotes for your descriptions and assumptions.

Check out our sample below – it is completely free to read or download as a pdf. 

Hero paragraph example

A hero goes through various stages in the journey of self-discovery and achieving his target. According to VanDenBoss (2013), Campbell outlined various stages that a hero has to go through which is duplicated in almost all movies and books. These stages are: call to adventure, supernatural aid, threshold, mentor, helper, abyss, transformation and atonement, and return. However, Campbell noted that it is not a must for a hero to pass through all the stages.

Heros Essay Conclusion

Wondering how you can make the strongest conclusion paragraph for a hero essay? First of all, this part should summarize all your argumentation or explanations provided in the previous part. Make it clear and understandable but brief. It shouldn’t take more than 25% of your entire essay. Don’t repeat any details or quotes. 

Try to add some interesting comments about your main character. E.g. you can mention that a fictional character you’ve chosen for your essay is based on a certain historical person.

Our sample is available here. Check it carefully for some helpful ideas or just for inspiration. Feel free to reuse anything you find, just make sure your own work is 100% original.

Example of conclusion for hero essay

From the discussion, it is true that Anna fits the hero myth going through the various stages she goes through. According to Seger  (nd), a healing myth represents a hero who has real weaknesses, but the heroic journey transforms this individual significantly. Though laden with various weaknesses of her own she goes ahead to bring back order to her town. Anna befits the concept of a healing myth as she is spoiled and weak initially, but her journey to search for her sister Elsa makes her a dependable person who can make informed decisions. According to Shadraconis (2013), hero stories are often laden with archetypes with traits that reflect life themes. In Frozen archetypes are revealed in the form of reindeer and wolves animal characters which help or challenge Anna’s journey. These defining characteristics then make this movie to fit the defining characteristics of a hero myth.

How to Write a Hero Essay

Let’s summarize the information provided above into a set of guidelines on how to write an essay about my hero. 

  1. Carefully choose your topic. Make sure you have enough material for writing an informative paper.
  2. Perform research and collect materials about your main character.
  3. Start with an outline making it very brief but complete. Review it carefully and correct all major issues.
  4. Write the full text following the structure recommended above. Format your paper properly, especially if you use references and citations.
  5. Think about adding some ‘hooks’ into your introduction and conclusion in order to engage your reader. Your essay shouldn’t be boring if you are aiming at getting a high score.
  6. After completing your essay, review it once again. If possible, ask someone else to review it for you. A fresh glance could find some issues that you may have missed during writing.

Hint: Would you like to know how many pages your essay should consist of? It is so easy with our words to pages converter.

If you need professional help with hero writing, feel free to contact us!

Tips for Writing a Hero Essay

Several additional tips on essay writing about My hero. You aren’t required to follow them. However, they might be useful for you especially when you wish to impress your readers.

  • Choose topics you are well familiar with. If you are writing about myths or events unknown to you but familiar to some of your readers, it won’t leave a positive impression on them.
  • Write about less popular figures. When talking about Superman’s strength, you’ll hardly tell anything new to others.
  • However, make sure the figure you’ve chosen can really match the definition of a hero. If there are solid facts showing them pursuing certain personal interests, it would be quite hard to prove their selflessness.
  • Use proper vocabulary in your hero paper.
  • Follow the style that matches your thesis. Don’t hesitate to appeal to emotions if you are writing about a real life protector saving others’ lives, for example.

Need more help with hero writing paper? Your task is due next week? You can always request assistance from our professional authors.

Creative Titles for Hero Essays

Finally, here are several hero essay titles for you to pick from. We’ve collected good titles for hero essays to make it easier for our readers to find great ideas.

  1. Ancient origins of the concept of heroism.
  2. Oedipus as a tragic hero.
  3. Macbeth: A hero turned villain.
  4. Mythological vs modern time heroes.
  5. Can heroes exist in modern society?
  6. Why are celebrities false heroes of our time?
  7. Why Princess Diana is/isn’t a hero.
  8. A person of the honor in my family: My mother/grandmother.
  9. Female heroic figures in history and literature.
  10. Is suffering necessary for making one a hero?
  11. Why do people often view politicians as winners?
  12. How do we change our perception of heroes of the past?

Feel free to pick some of these best hero titles for essay and do your research on them. If you need more help, check out other examples available on our website. And you are always welcome to request help from our academic writers.

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FAQ About Essay on Hero

1. Are your hero essay examples free?

Yes! All these free hero essays are for you to read and analyze. You are welcome to use them as an inspiration to jump-start your creative process. Our mission is to help our readers with their studies and save their time. So, we’ve picked some best examples written by experienced students.

2. How to start a hero essay?

Here are several My hero essays ideas for you: 

1. Choose well-known historical events, books, or movies as your material. Your readers should be well familiar with the context. 

2. Write about lesser-known or overshadowed figures. It would sound more interesting than stories about famous ones. 

3. Write about heroes whose motivation you understand well. 

This makes your story more convincing.

3. What is a hero for essay?

When writing an essay about your hero, keep in mind the classic qualities this figure should possess: saving others selflessly, being motivated by fighting for the greater good; going through troubles and challenges; taking serious risks and fulfilling great deeds, e.g. sacrifices; showing resolve and mental fortitude when confronted with hardships.

4. What can I write about my hero?

If you need a My hero essay sample, just check the ones we’ve prepared for you.

Here are a few more tips: 

  1. Find what they have sacrificed and what troubles they went through.
  2. Explain their motivation, particularly their selflessness. 
  3. Show their strong character and willpower. 
  4. Compare them to other people in similar situations to highlight their heroism.

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