Complete Gun Control Essay Guide With Examples

Students often get tasked with essays on gun control in high schools, universities, and colleges. Such written tasks engage critical and analytical writing pieces students to present a certain attitude towards the problem. It can be a personal understanding or a fixed idea. An essay about gun control creation rarely requires additional research. More often it needs individual knowledge and experience with the subject. The best way to make these articles’ writing easier is by checking out free paper samples.

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17 Sep 2023

The Gun Control in the United States

Running head: GUN CONTROL 1 Gun Control Introduction One of the critical debates in the United States today has been on the need for having to establish policies that would help in limiting the number of guns...

Words: 809

Pages: 3

Views: 78

17 Sep 2023

Get a Knife, Get a dog, but get rid of Gun

Molly Ivin’s essay is outstanding, valid, and well informed because of well- presented opinions that relate to every member of American society. Ivin uses facts and intrigues the reader to connect to gun violence not...

Words: 284

Pages: 1

Views: 65

17 Sep 2023

Guns and Gun Control

Gun violence and gun control have been among the most debated topics, especially in the United States. Horrific mass shootings continue frightening the residents making the debate to be more and more emotional every...

Words: 2510

Pages: 9

Views: 146

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17 Sep 2023

Gun Violence in the United States: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions

In the U.S., guns remain a controversial topic with concerns emerging regarding whether or not individuals need permission for storing their homes in their homes privately. Various advantages and disadvantages exist...

Words: 841

Pages: 3

Views: 61

How Extensive Background Checks Can Reduce Gun Violence

Introduction Gun violence has become a severe issue in the United States attributed to the increased number of mass shootings experienced in the country. Security reports indicate that the United States has been...

Words: 3795

Pages: 14

Views: 116

16 Sep 2023

Restrictive Gun Laws and Gun Violence in America

Gun policy and restrictive gun laws has been a contentious debate in the American political, social, and judicial landscape throughout the country’s history. United States is known to be most armed nation worldwide...

Words: 1080

Pages: 3

Views: 388

16 Sep 2023

Gun Laws Consequences and Responsibilities

Gun Laws The term gun laws refer to established rules and principles that govern and control the handling of guns. These laws are set up to regulate all gun circulation stages from their manufacture, sales and...

Words: 1773

Pages: 6

Views: 225

16 Sep 2023

Gun Control: Everything You Need to Know

Introduction “ _A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”_ Arguably one of the most famous and cherished...

Words: 327

Pages: 1

Views: 74

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16 Sep 2023

The Social Dilemma of Guns Ownership and Control in America

The Social Dilemma of Guns Ownership and Control in America The debate on gun ownership and control in the U.S. is escalating with the growing trends of mass shooting increasing each year. October 1, 2017,...

Words: 1503

Pages: 5

Views: 119

16 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Gun Control is an Ineffective Way of Controlling Crime

Gun control relates to a set of policies or laws that aim to govern the production, modification, transfer, sale, and utilization of firearms or guns by civilians (Kates & Mauser, 2007). Many nations have a...

Words: 1132

Pages: 4

Views: 161



Assignment types
Academic level

What Is a Gun Control Essay: Definition

By a common definition of gun control essay, it is a written piece exploring the popular problem in a clear and concise way. This article type is not very different from other essay papers. What makes it unique, interesting, and relevant is the subject. For multiple countries and governments, weapons and their popularity among people are  an issue. For example, in the USA this problem does have federal importance.

Writing similar scholarly pieces requires strong argumentation and description skills, strong ideas, and justification. These skills and knowledge can be acquired either by time-consuming studying or by copying free paper samples. Multiple articles are available freely on this website, check them out!

Great Gun Control Essay Examples

Using gun control examples of articles as guidance for students is the best way to save time and improve writing. All academic pieces require time and effort to be spent on them for achieving high scores. With free paper samples, everybody can get a full understanding of how such articles are written. Samples offer a wide variety of approaches towards narration,  argumentation, and transitioning.

Each gun control essay sample was written by a former student who got the highest scores for it. Browse through hundreds of different articles until you find one that suits you. Examine proposed texts for additional inspiration and argumentation techniques. Extract relevant wording, facts, and numbers. Make unique articles from scratch. Download every high school gun control essay pdf freely!

Gun Control Argumentative Essay in PDF

Students, teachers, and professors – everyone has access to hundreds of argumentative essays on gun control. Numerous sample pieces give an unseen range of options and helpful tricks every person must possess. Read and know what benefits every example of an argumentative essay about gun control has.

  • Developed structure

Each text proposes a unique approach to structuring and narration pacing. A strong outline is seen behind each sentence.

  • Advanced subjects

Proposed papers demonstrate various argumentative essay topics for gun control. Difficult problems get explored in detail.

  • Strong argumentation

Articles showcase proper ways of reasoning supporting each argument with data from credible sources. Unique ways of argumentation are presented.

  • Academic correctness

Spelling errors, repetitions, and grammar mistakes – every imperfection was edited out. The uniqueness of these papers was proved by various tests during the submission process.

Free Gun Control Persuasive Essay Examples

Every student will benefit from free persuasive essays on gun control. For this exact paper type, it is needed to convince readers of one idea proposed by the title. Such articles have different approaches to argumentation and reasoning.

Persuasive academic pieces must fulfill their purpose. The message must be conveyed throughout the whole paper. Learn how it’s done from free persuasive essays examples about gun control. Different variants are freely available on this website both for downloading and online reading.

Creating a competent persuasive essay for gun control does require possessing special skills and knowledge. Mimic them by copying effective elements of proposed article examples. Extract valuable insights, argumentation tactics, and message-conveying tricks. Implement extracted knowledge in the personal writing process.

Gun Control Essay Outline

Gun control outline plays a major role in articles. It provides a concrete foundation for narration. Creating such structure is needed to build solid argumentation, reasoning, improve narration, and transitioning. A competent and developed outline effectively improves the quality of final scholarly pieces. Multiple examples of such structures can be found on this website freely. Here’s one for you.

Outline for gun control essay


  • Topic – weapon availability is a daunting problem
  • Background information – regulations, facts, numbers
  • Thesis statement – where it is going
  • Personal attitude

Body paragraph

  • Argument #1
  • Supporting facts, numbers, statistics
  • Importance of this argument
  • Additional arguments with proofs


  • Restating text topic
  • Reminding of arguments from before
  • Thesis statement and its change
  • Change in personal attitude
  • Sum up the conclusion by answering the main question

Gun Control Essay Introduction Example

Introduction for gun control essay occupies the first paragraph. As seen from the proposed outline above, it effectively introduces the text subject to its audience. This section must supply all background information necessary to complete subject comprehension. It does include small historical remarks on this topic and statistics. Try emphasizing the urgency of this issue and its effect on everyday life. Make readers invested, interested, and motivated to read further.

Look at the introductory paragraph's proposed example below. Written by a smart student, it proposes an interesting way of tackling the task. Examine it for sentence structuring and data placement. Use it as guidance for writing custom, unique intros to scholarly pieces. Read, study, and copy its style – improve personal writing skills!

Introduction paragraph for gun control essay example

Many feel that in light of the tragedies in Colorado and Connecticut, Congress ought to implement more grounded firearm control laws. The explanations behind weapon control are inconceivable; be that as it may, there have been various debates concerning the issue. The law of guns among private residents started as a method for keeping a few groups of the general public from gaining weapons (Alasdair p.200). In any case, advocates against control display contentions against this proposition. Both sides trust they are justified, and the other isn't right; however, the reality stays: more grounded laws for weapon control should be executed and authorized to keep encourage slaughters from happening (Alexander p.167). The public argument on whether gun control is advocated requires basic chronicled investigation of weapons and their uses in the assembled states.

Gun Control Essay Thesis Statement Examples

Central place of introductory sections is taken by a thesis statement on gun control. Crafting this one sentence for students is harder than creating an entire article. It presents the direction a text is going. Being a shortened version of an entire article, it takes pressure and difficulty to the extreme.

A good thesis statement for gun control essay proposes a direction for future narration. It asks a question that will be answered in the conclusion. Writing this part requires strong writing skills and knowledge of readers' behavior. Every writer selects a custom approach to this piece. If you have no experience with such article sections, look at the sample for a deeper understanding of this part of the writing process.

Thesis statement about gun control

Laws should be in place to ensure that guns are used for the right purpose and that innocent people are protected against gun-related violence.

Gun Control Essay Body Paragraph

The biggest gun control essay paragraph is dedicated solely to argumentation, reasoning, and proving a point. This section fully covers all data, providing credible arguments with supportive facts and numbers. If an article is aimed at proving something, a paragraph guides readers through the text to their full comprehension. Creating this part is easier when you have an outline to follow. Competently crafted structure makes transitioning between all arguments more seamless.

Explore the proposed sample below. Look at structuring, wording, and argument presentation. Discover new methods or tackle this uneasy part. Try copying appropriate parts from samples and evaluating personal writing skills that way. Approach it with diligence, attention to detail, and care. After reading, make sure all mentioned data serves the purpose.

Example of gun control essay body paragraph

After tragedies in Colorado there has been an open clamor for stricter firearm control laws like a restriction on attack weapons and more grounded personal investigations. Our general public has a long history citing the second change's entitlement to remain battle ready as an original case on both sides of the contention (Alexander p.167). The restriction expresses that we ought to keep the constitution the way the designers needed, that our ''entitlement to keep and carry weapons shall not have encroached.'' However, the supporters of firearm control assert that the composers created the constitution as indicated by the time it was formed and that we ought to advance and correct the law to mirror the moment (Alexander p.167). 

Gun Control Essay Conclusion

A comprehensible conclusion paragraph for gun control essay creates a memorable and interesting finale. The outline of such a part is similar for various essay types. Start by restating the topic, remembering why this article was written. Next, repeat the thesis statement, its changes over time. If size allows, mention information from body paragraphs shortly.

The final section should be shorter than the introduction and provide fewer data. Focus on showcasing the main message of an article in a clean, concise manner. Keep conclusion on gun control persuasive essay brief, stay on-point. Don’t add new information or introduce fresh questions.

For inspiration, guidance, and helpful tricks look at a free sample below. It demonstrates an effective way of summarizing data and arguments. Try adapting the approach to your personal writing style.

Gun control conclusion example

In conclusion, it is likewise conceivable that stricter measures on firearm control and more grounded individual verifications ought to be actualized because it would keep pointless ambush weapons off our avenues, keep the mentally sick from having such arms and keep assist measures from happening.

How to Write a Paper on Gun Control

If you were looking for a complete guide to “gun writing”, here you’ll find a step-by-step instruction. Follow the proposed steps closely for creating competent papers on gun control. With this guide, you’ll not only increase text quality but improve your writing skills.

  • Interesting topic

Writing process starts with subject selection. For a comprehensible, readable article try selecting a topic you’re interested in.

  • Brainstorming the ideas

Write any thoughts you have on paper. Even the smallest ideas can result in interesting twists and unexpected turns.

  • Outline creation

Using previously brainstormed ideas, create text structure. Choose where and which data is mentioned and how the narration will be paced.

  • Conducting research

Select trustworthy sources if the topic requires data-mine appropriate relevant information. Adjust research complexity on a given topic.

  • The first draft

Write the first version trying to reach perfection. If possible, make multiple text variations for seeing different vantage points.

  • Editing, eliminating mistakes

Proofread your draft eliminating all spelling, grammar, or content-related mistakes. Check for plagiarism and originality.

  • Asking for opinions

Ask somebody for a reading and a sincere review. Try asking multiple people to get complex, detailed feedback.

  • Final draft

After all edits have been made, read the article once again. Make final adjustments and corrections. Only after that, you can submit gun control papers.

Do not know how to form your title page? We have APA title page generator that will create an academically right page.

Gun Control Essay Titles

Look below to find good titles for gun control essay pieces. We’ve selected some topics that may be interesting for authors and readers. If the option of custom topic selection is available, select one from the list. Such a relevant subject has millions of questions to explore. A short thinking process will yield a unique topic in no time. Here are some creative titles for gun control essay:

  1. Weapon ownership as a pillar of American freedom.
  2. Reasons for strict weapon control in modern America.
  3. How will such measures affect the everyday life of people?
  4. Gun control law and its impact on crime rates.
  5. Effective measures against the abundance of weapons among civilians.
  6. Strict regulations need to be introduced – prove it. (Check government essay.)
  7. Are such actions needed only in the USA? Describe a worldwide situation.
  8. Can weapon regulation measures prevent mass shootings?
  9. Pros and cons of such gun control measures.
  10. Financial effect on the weapon-manufacturing industry of regulations on gun ownership.

To get more ideas, browse different articles from our database that can be related to your topic. Look at an essay on police brutality, for example.  


FAQ About Gun Control Essays

1. Are your gun control essays free?

This site offers countless free essays on gun control to any student, teacher, or professor. These papers help students in writing and improve skills and grades. Download each sample as pdf or read it online – free of charge. Example texts were donated by other students and offer extensive topic coverage, effective narration techniques, and argumentation tactics.

2. What are the best gun control essay topics?

Above we’ve showcased exceptional essay topics on gun control. Each proposed subject provides space for interpretation, research, and argumentation. The best topic is the one you’re interested in and invested in. The writer’s involvement and interest positively affect article quality. If no subject suits you, generate random ones yourself.

3. What should I write about in gun control essay?

Scholarly pieces like a guns control essay follow a strict set of rules. Text contents must cover the title subject and serve a purpose. If you’re curious about what data is mentioned, look at the proposed paper samples above. Students have donated multiple articles, showing various approaches to content. Examine them closely for inspiration and fresh ideas.

4. What are the two arguments for gun control?

Essays on guns often ask for two main arguments. Each author must conduct personal research or access their own experience to answer this question. Those reasons and their order is unique to every person. Look into available paper samples for inspiration. Check how other students have tackled this task.


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