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17 Sep 2023

Effective Strategies for Children with ADHD

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, commonly referred to as ADHD, is a common brain disorder that tends to affect concentration, self-management and other skills considered significant in day to day life...

Words: 2169

Pages: 8

Views: 346

17 Sep 2023

Social Cognition in Schizophrenia

Social cognition is a field in social psychology that focuses on how people store, retrieve, perceive, regulate, and encode information about themselves, other people, and social situations. Some of the processes...

Words: 824

Pages: 3

Views: 365

17 Sep 2023

Winning a Lawsuit against ADHD Misdiagnosis

Misdiagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) among school- going children is a common phenomenon in the United States and beyond. Physicians have continued to prescribe medication following ADHD...

Words: 715

Pages: 1

Views: 475

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17 Sep 2023

Token Reinforcement in Schools to Treat ADHD in Students

“Clinicians often deliver tangible reinforcers using an accumulated reinforcement arrangement or token economy to decrease problem behavior and increase desirable, appropriate behavior,” describes Abul-Khadhim, Obaid...

Words: 3075

Pages: 11

Views: 54

17 Sep 2023

Bipolar Disorder: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Bipolar disorder often considered a mood disorder that characterized by impairing episodes of depression and mania. For the most part, the onset of this disorder occurs either in adolescence or early adulthood, even...

Words: 2356

Pages: 10

Views: 172

17 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

The Insanity Defense in Criminal Prosecutions

The insanity defense is a concept that means that an individual suffering from a mental illness is not enough in proving legal insanity. This type of defense during criminal prosecutions is based on the assumption...

Words: 352

Pages: 1

Views: 199

17 Sep 2023

Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Major depression is expressed by an individual having a depressed mood most of the time, especially in the morning. An individual lacks interests when exercising their daily routines and even in relationships....

Words: 570

Pages: 2

Views: 100

Treatment of Schizophrenia in Children and Adolescents

Decision One: Differential Diagnosis Carrie is a 13-year-old and displays a different behavior with those of her agemates. Based on the information provided by her parents and an examination of Carrie's...

Words: 704

Pages: 2

Views: 104

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17 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Mental Illness and Risk of Violent Crimes

Introduction Mental illness and violence are critical topics that have continued to raise interest and extensive research in the forensic and mental health fields. The connections between the two terms have...

Words: 5664

Pages: 20

Views: 65

17 Sep 2023
Criminal Justice

Inmate's Mental Illness as an Issue for Correctional System

In the United States, there has been a steady escalation in the number of incarcerated people suffering various psychiatric or psychological disorders. U.S Department of justice statistics reveal incidents of recent...

Words: 1346

Pages: 4

Views: 66


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What Is a Mental Illness Essay

Before we get any further, let us start with the definition of mental illness essay and how long it should be. We think that it’s pretty obvious that this article will discuss psychological disorders. There is a wide range of topics and subjects students can choose from. It is also good that a student can choose the age or geographical profile of the people they will be studying. This definitely allows us to narrow down the search.

This is excellent because such papers are usually not long. If we take standards into consideration, 5 paragraphs are a normal length for short academic articles. Therefore, you should definitely aim for 500 words or ask your professor for requirements. Moreover, your word count will depend on the type of paper you’re writing. 

Free Mental Illness Essay Examples in PDF

Here you will find not only an excellent college essay about mental illness example but also other advantages associated with it. So when researching, try the following steps below:

  1. Check available samples.
  2. Select a topic.
  3. Narrow down your subject so it fits the length and requirements of your paper.
  4. Create an outline that will definitely save your time in the process of writing.
  5. Do research before writing.
  6. Start the main body before writing an introduction and a conclusion.
  7. Make sure to provide evidence and avoid offending individuals who possess either opposing opinions on your topic or those with psychological disorders.
  8. Always go back to proofread and edit.

As you see, these steps are very simple and you will not find any issues with your essay on medicine following them. Still, academic writing is a precise science if we may say so ourselves. Therefore, samples will allow you to mimic the tone and voice of writing. 

Mental Illness Argumentative Essay

There are different types of articles you can go with, including an argumentative essay on mental illness. This topic is definitely more than relevant. There are dozens of different opinions on how psychological disorders should be treated. It is discussed in the media and perceived by society. You can definitely learn a lot from developing an argument about this subject.

Mental illness argumentative essay topics can take varied perspectives on the issue. For instance, you can argue that cinematographers should stop associating instabilities and psychological disorders with violence and crimes. You might have noticed yourself, that it is often a case when a criminal turns out to be unstable.

This is just one idea on argumentative essay topics about mental illness. You can come up with so much more by browsing more than one argumentative essay sample pdf.

Mental Illness Persuasive Essay

You can also go for persuasive essay topics on mental illness. Maybe you will ask ‘What is a persuasive essay?’ It is a type of article that convinces the audience that your point is truthful and should also be considered. As society possesses a variety of opinions on mental asylums or disorders, who can take a controversial position here.

Let us imagine that you’re writing about mental illness. For instance, your audience truly believes that people with psychological disorders should not be allowed on the streets. You, on the other hand, want to argue the opposite. There is no harm if they take their medication, don’t take off special bracelets indicating their disorder, and are peaceful. 

But you always should remember, like any other student, that evidence in such articles is essential. It is the only way to prove your point and not offend anyone in the process. 

Mental Illness Essay Outline

All good articles require an outline for mental illness essay. You can view the outline as a more detailed structure. Here you can include evidence, a thesis statement, and your main points. Don’t skip this step as it will definitely allow you to achieve much better results. 

Mental Illness Essay Outline Example


  • Give statistics on how many people are kept in asylums and mistreated because of their psychological disorders.
  • Highlight that not every individual with psychological issues is aggressive.
  • Argue that such people deserve equal treatment. They can function in society with proper medication.

Main body 

  • First paragraph: Discuss asylums' nature for unstable individuals. How they can be mistreated.
  • Second paragraph: Argue that most of them are peaceful without violent outbursts.
  • Third paragraph: Advice society to help these people by not stigmatizing and accepting them.


  • Remind the audience that people with disorders are justified to have the same position in society. 
  • Summarize main points.
  • Conclude by highlighting that mistreatment furthers psychological issues and doesn’t help to resolve them. 

Hint: Do not know what to do with your title page? Try our title page creator and prepare academically right page.

Mental Illness Essay Introduction

Let's start with the introduction of mental illness. It is one of the first parts readers see when they open an article. Therefore, it must be impressive and intriguing.

All good introductions have several things in common. Those things include an intriguing hook, thorough background, and a clear thesis. Do you have all of those things?

If you answered "no" to our previous question, don’t worry! That is why we are here. By checking samples you will be able to see that introductions are not that hard. Students prefer to start them with a quotation, statistic, or a rhetorical question. Later, you should give at least some background on what you’re talking about. Finish everything with a thesis. Please, check the sample below to see that we are right.

Mental illness introduction example

One of the most interesting and amazing experiences that a person can have is childhood. From the time an individual realizes that they are going to be a parent, they start imagining how the life of the child will unfold. After the child is born, the parents start evaluating the possibilities and future of the kids. Within a few weeks or days, they may start developing some cognitive abilities. It is at this moment that the picture or imagined future of the child may change when the parents realize that their child may be different. Some parents start analyzing the difference and question if the peculiarities should be checked by a doctor while other parents ignore hoping that it will eventually correct itself. There has been a lot of speculation regarding children diagnosed with mental illness. The speculation is related to the stigma associated with mental illness and may hinder the necessary help that the children should receive. 

Mental Illness Essay Thesis Statement

Mental illness thesis statement examples are definitely a must for any student. A thesis is arguably one of the most important parts of the whole paper. Evidence, main body paragraphs, and conclusions are important too. However, a thesis is the best place where you can present your argument and the main points. 

It should also be concise and clear. Even though the thesis can take several sentences, we do recommend using only one. Try to use as few words as possible. Of course, you can see everything for yourself in samples donated by other students. 

Thesis statement for mental illness essay

The essay will seek to analyze parents in denial, barriers to proper treatment, recognizing the signs, and treatment of mental illness. 

Mental Illness Essay Body Paragraph

It’s time to get to the mental illness essay paragraph. The main body should be one of the first things you actually write. A normal paragraph has a minimum of three sentences, but preferably more. It also includes such elements as introductory statements, evidence, and concluding sentences.

We mentioned this before, but this topic is rather popular. It means that all claims you make can be proven using scholarly articles. There is a wide range of materials and papers available. So, make sure you take your time. Do the research, and choose data that supports your argument. 

We also recommend using statistics. It is a subject that can be supported by data and numbers. They make papers even more trustworthy and accurate. You will see that many of our samples follow this advice. 

Example of mental illness essay paragraph

Some parents believe that when they admit that their children have mental illness is similar to admitting that they have something wrong with themselves. All parents tend to believe that all their children are healthy and there is nothing extraordinary to worry about. When parents fail to admit that there is a problem with their children, the children are allowed to suffer through a condition that can be treated with behavioral therapies. In most situations, doctors dealing with such conditions do not offer medication until there is an absolute necessity such as reducing potential dangers to others or themselves, and when medication may improve their quality of life (Kaplan 73). Separating the disappointment and hurt regarding their future from the requirements for treatment will assist parents to care for their children in a more effective and loving way. 

Mental Illness Essay Conclusion

Last but not least we have a conclusion of mental illness. Students often say that conclusion is very close to the introduction. In one way or another, they are truly very similar. At least they both have thesis statements. However, any conclusion is used to leave an impression, while an introduction hooks the attention of your readers.

Any successful conclusion will have a paraphrased thesis. It should contain a summary of the main points and some recommendations. Let’s say that we’re still talking about psychological disorders and using our previous outline. At the end of the conclusion, we can state that our suggestions can be implemented in practice in the future.

Another thing you should definitely remember about your conclusion – it is closer to a summary. It means that no new information should be presented or no new data should appear. Stick to what was said and you will be successful! For a better understanding, look through the sample below.

Example of mental illness essay conclusion 

The essay analyzes parents in denial, barriers to proper treatment, recognizing the signs, and treatment of mental illness. All children should have the experience of being loved unconditionally. A parent should tend to the needs of their children even if they have mental illness. Poverty, stigma, embarrassment, and shame may cause parents to have denial of the condition facing their child. Furthermore, they may be unable to find the required treatment. When parents fail to admit that there is a problem with their children, the children are allowed to suffer through a condition that can be treated with behavioral therapies. Parents should be taught how to recognize the symptoms and signs of the condition. If a parent suspects that their child has a mental health issue, they should consult their family physician. Furthermore, the condition should be openly addressed so that it can minimize the impact of social and cultural stigma. Furthermore, parents and children should be aware of the rights to adequate mental health treatment according to the federal law.

Mental Illness Essay Titles

We also have several titles for essays about mental illness. Here only your imagination and requirements can limit your research. Nevertheless, this subject offers several points of view and perspectives students can take on this topic. We decided to offer some of them. But you can easily combine them with subjects that interest you. Or narrow them down using either geographical position, specific disorder, or an age group. 

Clever essay titles about mental illness:

  1. New treatments for schizophrenia.
  2. Should patients with paranoia be allowed to work and function normally in society?
  3. Negative attitudes: Stigma around mental illnesses.
  4. Perception of psychological disorders in media.
  5. How to deal with violent patients?
  6. Ban outdated treatments for psychological disorders.
  7. Bipolar disorder: Reality vs fiction.
  8. How can employers help their employees with psychological problems?
  9. What is the pandemic influence on people with instabilities?
  10. Dealing with insomnia.

We suggest our users read other articles before writing their tasks. Browse such articles as schizophrenia essay, bipolar disorder essay, or autism essay.


FAQ About Mental Illness Essays

1. Are your mental illness essay examples free?

Yes! All essays about mental illness are totally free of charge. They were donated to us by other students. Therefore, you can download as many samples as you’d like. Also, we do not require any fees, charges, or even credit cards. There is no need to register either. Just use this platform, improve your academic writing and enjoy!

2. What is a good topic for essays about mental illness?

There are many interesting mental illness essay topics that you will definitely enjoy writing and reading about. Would you recommend focusing on specific disorders as it will narrow down your topic? For instance, you can discuss “How might schizophrenia in families influence young adults?” Research shows that this disorder has a higher risk of developing after 20 years old. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how the risks may affect young adults.

3. Can I submit one of your mental illness essays?

No. All essays on mental illness that you find here were previously donated to us by other students. This means that they have already submitted their works, and they were graded. Using their papers would mean that you are plagiarizing. The academic world does not allow or accept plagiarism. However, you can always ask us for help in making an original article just for you.

4. What is the importance of mental illness essay?

Essays about mental illness often discuss the importance of this topic. There are several subjects that are often stigmatized. If we continue talking about them, people with psychological issues will not feel left out or mistreated. Education is one of the first steps toward allowing people with such disorders to function normally in society. So, definitely mention this advantage in your writing.


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