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To be or not to be – that is the classic theme to write about in an essay on Hamlet. StudyBounty offers you a big paper samples library that will aid you in writing your next work about Shakespeare's play. You can view our essays about Hamlet both online and offline. They are completely free. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right into it!

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17 Sep 2023

How "Hamlet" evokes the theme or role of women in society

Hamlet's mother, Gertrude and his rejected lover, Ophelia are the only women represented by William Shakespeare in the play. Gertrude and Ophelia have similar and contrasting characters throughout the play...

Words: 299

Pages: 1

Views: 177

16 Sep 2023

The funeral of King Hamlet and the wedding of Gertrude and Claudius

The new King is marrying Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother and his brother’s widow. It happens in less than two months after the demise of old King Hamlet. On the wedding day, many people had come to witness King Claudius...

Words: 524

Pages: 2

Views: 196

16 Sep 2023

The analysis of the character of Hamlet

Hamlet is a contemplative person who does not act on impulse. After learning from his father’s ghost that Claudius is responsible for his death, he does not revenge without analyzing the matter. He finds out a way of...

Words: 494

Pages: 2

Views: 231

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16 Sep 2023

Hamlet: The Ultimate Guide Free

William Shakespeare is widely known for his works that tend to create controversial, easily misunderstood characters who have more to their role than the reader can grasp at any one reading. They could come across...

Words: 1700

Pages: 6

Views: 112

16 Sep 2023

The connection between the parents and their kid in "Hamlet"

The connection seen between the parents and their kids are exceptionally significance to the development of the plot of “Hamlet.” Hamlet, Laertes, and Ophelia are the victims of bad parenting. Nonetheless,...

Words: 303

Pages: 1

Views: 88

14 Sep 2023

Why did Hamlet decide to kill Claudius?

_Question 1 _ Hamlet is hesitant in taking King Claudius’ life. Although he believes the man is evil and the world would be better off without him, he also believes in God or perhaps the sanctity of a spiritual...

Words: 372

Pages: 1

Views: 128

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14 Sep 2023

The different ways that Hamlet is trapped

When an individual suffers betrayal, they endure pain. This pain affects the quality of their lives and hinders their pursuit of happiness (Kelly, 2009). The worst form of betrayal is that committed by trusted...

Words: 608

Pages: 2

Views: 139

14 Sep 2023

Analysis of Hamlet Traditional and Modern Versions

In my review of Hamlet I watched Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet 1996, a film spread for four hours and rated as the most famous Shakespearean movie. It incorporates complete Shakespeare text. The movie is unique compared...

Words: 601

Pages: 2

Views: 440


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What Is a Hamlet Essay

If you've been wondering about Hamlet essay definition, you've come to the right place. It is, as its name suggests, an academic paper about the play on the Dutch Prince. It describes his actions or people surrounding him. In this type of writing, a writer can explore suicide motives. Hamlet contemplates suicide in the "To be/not to be" monologue but doesn't go through with it. Discuss the relationship between Gertrude and King Hamlet. Explore how gender roles reflected women's status in Elizabethan times.

This type of paper is often about the implications of the main character. It can draw on personal experiences. So, when deciding what to write about, be sure to read a good example. It should explore the play's underlying themes. Browse our personal essay examples together with reflective essay examples to ease your writing process.

Hamlet Essay Examples for Your High Grades

Have you been looking for Hamlet paper examples? StudyBounty is your perfect template library. We have many paper samples about this classic play. But make sure you read each one carefully! Writing essays on this topic is not easy. They should be taken literally. The meaning of certain words or symbols must be taken into consideration.

A lot of essays focus on Ophelia's character, who isn't even Hamlet's sister! This is not the best choice because the essay's focus is too limited. The author skips over important themes in the play. Ophelia's madness is based on her relationship with Claudius and Gertrude and is unrelated to her death. Although this gives a solid overview of the character, it is not comprehensive.

It is vital that the play has a theme of madness. But you shouldn't simplify it. This play's characters are multifaceted and complex. So, poorly written work may create even more problems than solutions. That's why it's a good idea to read this play a few times before attempting to write a paper about it. We have plenty of examples on this topic that can inspire you. Make sure you read them all! Write a high-grade-worthy work. 

Hamlet Argumentative Essay Examples

When looking for a way to start your paper, look at different Hamlet argumentative essay topics. Hamlet explores the themes of justice and morality in a timeless play. After all, Oedipus may be ambiguous but the Prince is far more complicated than that mythical character. He may actually be a more representative example than Oedipus. Hamlet’s speech and imagery can help support your argument. 

While writing an argumentative essay on Hamlet, analyze the influence of tradition on characters' actions. An argument in your paper is possible because of the conflict in this play. Take into account the use of imagery by Shakespeare and Ophelia's relationship with Hamlet. Do not forget about the importance of tradition within this play. Finally, examine the role of love and morality in the play.

Discuss the themes of different love/hate relationships. Consider whether Rosencrantz and Guildenstern served a comical or deeper purpose. Talk about how their tragic deaths in act V may have caused Hamlet's tragic end. In any case, you'll need evidence to back up your claim. Use our example argumentative essay to deal with this task.

Hamlet Literary Analysis Essay

It is a play that explores complex moral questions. Consequently, your Hamlet analysis essay could address them.

This play was popular for a long time but was criticized because of its primitive nature and lacking decorum. Later critics started to pay more attention to the characters and how they interrelated. 

In your literary analysis essay on Hamlet, you can focus on Princes’ accusation of betrayal (coming at Queen Gertrude), or rejection of love that will deter him from revenge (Ophelia). There are many Hamlet literary analysis essay topics you can choose from. Browse more than one analysis essay example to understand how to write this kind of essay.

Use appropriate quotations in your paper. After all, Shakespeare's quotes can help to clarify ideas or support them. But do not overuse these quotes, even if they may help you convince others. 

Critical Essays on Hamlet

There are many ideas you can research in Hamlet critical analysis essays. For example, he is compared to God throughout the play. God is the creator. From the very beginning, the ending is determined. The Prince sees himself as the mirror of the man he wishes to destroy. His Renaissance-driven principles, however, serve as his procrastination. But is he really God? He also believes in soul immortality, in particular. It is important to take this into account when you write critical essays of Hamlet.

In a critical essay about Hamlet, the Prince's role in deception can be discussed further. While becoming a victim of deception, he manipulates others for his own gain. Though this behavior may appear to aid him in some ways, it can be detrimental to others. That is why it's important to examine how the Prince and his actions have an impact on other characters in this play. Check out our critical analysis examples and see how you can make your own critical essay amazing.

Hamlet Essay Outline

Creating an essay outline for Hamlet will help you to organize your thoughts and ideas into a coherent text. To make an outline, start by indicating the title of your paper, personal information, and course. 

Organize your essay according to this structure:

  • Add an introduction, followed by your main part. 
  • Provide a detailed analysis of each topic sentence as well as different perspectives and uniform information in your main body part. Use subheadings if you need to clarify the major ideas.
  • Sum everything up in the conclusion part.

If you need an immediate outline template, take a look at the one below.

Outline for Hamlet essay example


  • Hook: you can intrigue your audience here with a catchy quote or small story.
  • Thesis statement.

Body paragraph #1

  • Introduce a topic sentence. Explain his delusional state which makes an appearance when he sees his father’s ghost.
  • Introduce a quote supporting it.
  • Provide your own arguments supporting your point of view.

Body paragraph #2

  • Introduce a topic sentence, in which you explain his maniacal state which makes an appearance when he kills his uncle without remorse or any show of emotions.
  • Introduce a quote supporting it.
  • Provide your own arguments in support of your point of view.

Body paragraph #3

  • Introduce a topic sentence. Explain his bipolar state which makes an appearance when he toys with Ophelia and her feelings and kills her father and brother.
  • Introduce a quote supporting it.
  • Provide your own arguments supporting your point of view.


  • Restate your thesis statement.
  • Write a concluding sentence.

Hamlet Essay Introduction

If you’re searching for good Hamlet essay introduction examples, we’ve got your back. They are not easy to write since there are so many papers on this topic, but they can still be interesting. Start with reading this play and understanding the main characters, if your task is about them. After you've understood the conflict between the Prince’s ambitions that are beyond his capabilities, you will be able to analyze his moral dilemmas. You can also analyze the main character’s physical appearance and the relationship he has with his real life.

A paper on this topic can discuss this play’s philosophical significance and your introduction can reflect that. Include a strong thesis statement that will emphasize that. Tease your audience about your essay’s content.

You can write about the themes of revenge and death in your introduction since they go hand in hand with this play’s topic. And remember to check out this sample. 

Introduction of Hamlet essay example

Shakespeare is globally known due to his metaphoric genius, generous-minded and psychological profundity in what he gives to his audience. Hamlet by Shakespeare remains one of most criticized literature works for an extended period and even today. Biblical and mythology are the major features that characterize the analysis of Hamlet, the main protagonist. Denmark’s young prince equates the several individuals around him to biblical and mythological features. As a result, this allows the readers to conclude his brainpower and maybe his insanity as exhibited through these insinuations. Throughout the play, Hamlet continuously uses allusions to express his feelings and thoughts toward the people in his life.

Hint: Still not know what to do with your title page? Try our title page generator and make it academically written.

Hamlet Essay Thesis Statement

To tie everything together in your introduction section of a paper, write a Hamlet thesis statement. You should create it during the outlining process. Then make revisions once you have written an essay. There are many Hamlet thesis topics, but we advise you to make up your own.

The thesis should only be one sentence. It must tell readers what your essay will look like. Use action verbs and conjugates to strengthen your statement and make it more concise. Your thesis should not only take up a controversial topic but also be clear and to the point. 

Make your thesis broad enough to support your text but not too narrow. We advise you to pick a topic that you will easily explain in your essay. You can combine themes from this play, in addition to picking the best theme. For example, if you're focusing on death, you might discuss the idea of spirituality. The Prince looks at the possibility that death could provide answers for many of his deepest doubts. His lingering dilemma of knowing what truth is in a world filled with confusion may be solved by death.

Take a look at this thesis statement below: 

Hamlet's madness increases throughout the play because he was the only person who was seeing a ghost, killed a person he grew up knowing without remorse, and caused Ophelia's madness.

Hamlet Essay Body Paragraph

For your first paper on this topic, we suggest you write a standard Hamlet 5 paragraph essay. This is a well-researched play with plenty of themes to write aboutю So, its body paragraphs must be well-written and interesting. The body can be about anything in the play, from revenge to character and symbol analysis. 

In this part of an essay, you can:

  • Write about Hamlet’s relationship with Horatio. Horatio, in the first scene, watches as a story unfolds. One of his dreams is to become an enlightened king and Prince could be one of those. Horatio is Hamlet’s only true friend. He is also a staunch guardian of his thoughts and innermost feelings.
  • Take into account a play's tone. It is written with misogynistic tones. Ophelia is his lover and Gertrude is his mother. Ophelia is verbally and physically abused often by Hamlet.
  • Explore this play’s characters from a historical perspective. 
  • Analyze this play's language choices. While many of Hamlet's language choices suggest a crazy mind, his wordplay is more indicative of a normal mindset. Hamlet's use of language indicates his active mind and ability to pick up double and even triple meanings. Hamlet's wordplay has subtleties. But it is able to switch among meanings depending on what an audience wants. 

Check out this sample to see everything with your eyes.

Example of Hamlet essay body paragraph

In act 1 of the play, the images of the Garden of Eden are used as a reference to compare Hamlet's kingdom which was his paradise. Hamlet is depicted as a good man who happens to be a victim of a horrible murder that is committed by his brother, whereas Claudius is the evil one as he is behind the murder of his brother. Just like the Garden of Eden where the serpent tore the garden apart, Claudius, in this case, is compared to the serpent as he stripped Hamlet's paradise and exposed its weaknesses. Act 1 Scene 5, Hamlet says “As I slept in my orchard, a serpent stung me.” Referring to Claudius as a serpent is a powerful allusion used by Shakespeare in the story.

Hamlet Essay Conclusion

Conclusion for Hamlet essay should summarize all points of an essay and provide a clear understanding of its content. It’s a good idea to restate your thesis statement but don’t rewrite it word for word. You also shouldn’t add any new information in a final paragraph for Hamlet essay. You have a body paragraph for that.

Wrap everything up with a strong concluding sentence that will make your essay about literature memorable for your audience. This will ensure they’d look up your topical research later.

Take a look at a sample we prepared for our users.

Example of conclusion paragraph for Hamlet essay

In conclusion, Shakespeare uses Hamlet to portray different allusions and hidden meanings throughout the play. The characters are compared to classical figures and different scene is compared to biblical script as well. The play in general has compared a lot of Greek mythology and the Bible.

Good Hamlet Essay Topics for Free

Looking for great essay topics for Hamlet? We have plenty since this play is famous and well researched. It explores human nature, society, and effects it has on various aspects of your life. In addition to its plot, it explores issues of revenge and love. It is a powerful example of the power of words. By choosing among Hamlet essay topics for high school, students can analyze this play’s themes, characters, and more. 

Check out these Hamlet paper topics:

  1. A Comparison of Prince and Laertes.
  2. An analysis of madness in William Shakespeare’s play.
  3. Most unique elements of Prince’s character in Shakespeare’s tragedy.
  4. Emotional and physical hardship of Prince in Shakespeare’s tragedy.
  5. Reasons why Hamlet did not procrastinate needlessly.
  6. Delayed revenge of Prince in “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare.
  7. Hamlet as a hero in Shakespeare’s tragedy.
  8. A relationship evaluation between Prince and Ophelia.
  9. Role of Hamlet's father's ghost in Shakespeare’s tragedy.
  10. Close relationship between Horatio and Prince.

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FAQ About Hamlet Essays

1. Do you provide free Hamlet essays examples?

Yes, we provide all our Hamlet essays for free! You don’t have to pay if you want to browse through our samples, and you shouldn’t register or set up a new account. Moreover, you can download any paper you need in pdf format, so you can check it out both online and offline.

2. How do you write a Hamlet essay?

When you write a free essay on Hamlet, there are a few ways to start. First of all, you should pick a topic you’d like to write about. We advise you to select several and then narrow them down to one. Next, do your research and create an outline. You can revise and edit your outline during your writing process. Lastly, you can start writing – we suggest you write a standard 5-paragraph essay. Don’t forget to revise your paper after you finish it.

3. What should I write my Hamlet essay about?

There are many ideas to write about in your short essay on Hamlet. You can focus on a more obvious topic of revenge and death, betrayal, and cheating. But this play is not all about Prince killing people. Write about other characters' emotions and inner (and outer) conflict, as well as the consequences of their actions.

4. What are the funny Hamlet essay titles?

We offered you some good titles for Hamlet essays in our article, but in case you want some more options, consider writing something from this list: 

  1. Laertes and Ophelia as character foils. 
  2. Who was to blame for Ophelia’s insanity. 
  3. Hamlet through his foils – Laertes, Fortinbras, and Horatio. 
  4. Are Gertrude and Ophelia merely pawns in the world of Hamlet?

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