Othello Essays: A Quick Writing Guide & Examples

Need help or guidance with your essay about Othello? It’s good that you are here. Many helpful tips and real student paper samples about this Shakespearean play are available for every user. All our content is absolutely free! Go ahead and check out our examples. You’ll get some inspiration from them. Find some useful ideas you could borrow.

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17 Sep 2023

The Downfalls of Oedipus and Othello

The Downfalls of Oedipus and Othello The downfall of great men in literature appears to follow dramatic events either forged by the author as the will of the gods or the consequence of their actions. Whether the...

Words: 1402

Pages: 5

Views: 478

17 Sep 2023

The connection between Othello and Medea's characters

Character The characters in both plays, Othello and Medea exhibit a connection. As such, both Othello and Medea’s love lives are tested by what was thought to be unfaithful spouses. While Othello was led to...

Words: 551

Pages: 2

Views: 123

16 Sep 2023

The main themes represented in Shakespeare's "Othello"

Introduction Othello is one of the earliest works of Shakespeare of the sixteenth century, an era that is in context depicted by nature through which the play is built on. The review context by Michael Neil...

Words: 1654

Pages: 6

Views: 211

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16 Sep 2023

How Shakespeare's “Othello” thrives the audience

Shakespeare's “Othello” thrives the audience expressing the strength of deceit, hatred, and racism. Roderigo has invested a lot of money to pay lago to help him win Desdemona but learns that she has married Othello....

Words: 179

Pages: 1

Views: 117

15 Sep 2023

Emilia’s Role in ‘Tragedy Othello’

'Tragedy Othello' is a play written by William Shakespeare. Focusing on Emilia, whose origin dates back to a 1565 tale known as Un Capitano Moro, we find that the character's description got stated as honest and...

Words: 1525

Pages: 5

Views: 101

15 Sep 2023

Does Othello fit for the leadership position?

Othello, the army leader, is fit for his leadership position for several reasons. Firstly, he is a mercenary warrior and hence, on the battlefield, can lead the followers through serving as an example. Another...

Words: 512

Pages: 2

Views: 119

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15 Sep 2023


RACE, AND SYMBOLISM OF COLOR, IN SHAKESPEARE’S OTHELLO Othello is a tragic play written by William Shakespeare in 1603. The play is based on the story of a Moorish general, Othello, who was serving in the Venetian...

Words: 2480

Pages: 10

Views: 144

15 Sep 2023

Reading Response Shakespeare’s Othello

Question 1 The plot of the play is made of love, deception, murder and envy. Shakespeare tells the story of the main character Othello. Othello is a Moorish general who serves in the Venetian army and is married to...

Words: 323

Pages: 1

Views: 446


Assignment types
Academic level

What Is Othello Essay

First, here is your definition of essay on Othello. This tragedy by William Shakespeare is among his most famous works. It has been well known in different countries for centuries. In your paper, you could view it from various angles. For example, true love destroyed by blind jealousy, betrayal by a close friend, loss together with agony, and so on. As a world classic, this tragedy has had many critiques written over the years. It makes it easier to find some quality reference material for your paper.

Depending on your level, it may be a short 400-500 words text or a longer 1000 words one. Just be sure you know all your requirements. 

Othello Essay Examples: List of 5+ Best Samples

Looking for Othello symbolism essay? As former students, we know everything about the struggle when you are overwhelmed with numerous assignments and pressed by tight deadlines. To make it more convenient for our readers, we’ve picked some top-notch paper samples. We divided them into categories. So, here you can find:

  • Symbolism essay

It addresses allegories, metaphors, and other symbols used in this play. It can be symbols of love, jealousy, treason, or loss.

  • Summary essay

Here you should explain its plot to your audience. Highlight key moments and show their meaning in your Othello summary essay.

  • Analysis essay

Such a paper should focus on the play’s structure, its characters, and key features. Analyze what literary devices Shakespeare used there. We’ll talk about this type in detail below.

Othello Analysis Essay

When writing an Othello character analysis essay, these are key figures you typically focus on:

  1. Othello, whose passions (namely, love and jealousy) shape the course of tragic events.
  2. Desdemona, his loving and innocent wife, falls victim to his subordinate’s intrigues.
  3. Iago, Othello’s subordinate whose intrigues have directly caused their tragedy; and others.

In an Othello literary analysis essay, you should review the following elements in detail:

  1. Setting
  2. Symbolism
  3. Allusions
  4. Themes
  5. Dramatic irony, etc.

Need more references for a literary analysis essay on Othello? An example is available below — scroll down to access it. Browse William Shakespear essay in our library. If you need some writing assistance, feel free to contact us and request help from our professional academic writers.

Othello Essay Outline

Several Othello college essay outline examples can be found on this page if you need some guidance on that step. Additionally, we’ve got some tips for you.

Start your writing process with an outline. It will actually save you much time and effort. When you have drafted your entire paper, reviewing it is much easier. Serious issues such as logical gaps can be quickly found and solved.

Let’s suppose you’re writing about the reputation problem in society as depicted in Othello. Here are recommended steps:


  • Start with shaping your thesis statement. Spend some time brainstorming and make it complete. You’ll need it for a better understanding of your further direction of thoughts.
  • Add some short hints disclosing context around your thesis. Think about adding some ‘hook’ into this introductory part. E.g., mention that Shakespeare’s take on contemporary social norms is not what it seems after first glance. This could help intrigue your reader.

Main body

  • Think about your key arguments. Briefly put them into separate paragraphs. Research and collect your references but don’t make full quotes at this stage. Make sure your sketched structure looks logical and straightforward.


  • Briefly summarize your findings. Make sure they correspond to your thesis.
  • Review your outline before proceeding with writing.

Othello Essay Introduction

Now, let’s discuss writing an introduction paragraph Othello essay. We recommend using our examples with an excellent intro. One of them is available below. Additionally, here are some tips:

  1. Build your introduction around your thesis. We’ll talk about that part later, giving you more details.
  2. Ensure your audience knows what that is all about. Some might not have read or seen the play, so provide some context, just in case.
  3. Keep it very brief, however. Your main body will provide all extra details, argumentation, and reference material. So, avoid repeating yourself.
  4. If you’ve found how to engage your audience better, add this ‘hook’ in this paragraph. 

Othello Essay Thesis Statement

Need thesis statement for Othello essay examples? We’ve got some for you – just scroll below and check them out.

How should this part be completed? First, do an original thesis, sounding strong but concise and straightforward. If you need some help, try our user thesis builder anytime you wish.


Quick judgment without verifying the credibility of information sources can result in tragedy, as shown in Othello. 

When viewing this story from such an angle, you might tell your audience something new. Particularly, mentioning the problem of source credibility, which is so important nowadays, you show how relevant this play is.

Othello Essay Body Paragraph

An essay example with thesis and body paragraph on Othello is available below. Be sure you check it out. You’ll find some helpful ideas there you could borrow.

Need more guidance? Here are our tips for this part:

  1. Break your text into paragraphs. Each major point or argument should be thus separated from other ones. This makes it more readable.
  2. Keep these paragraphs logically connected with each other. Avoid gaps; otherwise, your audience might lose their focus.
  3. When analyzing literary tools or making claims and assumptions, make sure you properly support all of those with references. Choose credible sources. Don’t forget about formatting.

Othello Essay Conclusion

Finally, let’s talk about composing an excellent conclusion paragraph for Othello essay. 

Here are some recommended steps:

  1. Make sure it fully corresponds to your thesis. It should answer the question you’ve asked there or confirm your claim.
  2. Summarize all explanations or argumentation in your main body part but do not repeat anything. No reference materials, additional details, or extra arguments should be put here.
  3. Keep it brief and concise. Try using some strong assumptions at the end. It should leave lasting impression on readers.

Check out our free samples for proper conclusion material for getting some inspiration.

How to Write Othello Essay

Need more great Othello essay ideas? If you’ve checked our free samples, you should have found something useful for writing an Othello tragic hero essay. Besides, we’ve summarized all our tips provided above into detailed step-by-step guidelines:

  1. Pick your topics carefully. If you choose to write an Othello as a tragic hero essay, make sure you know this subject well.
  2. Conduct good research and collect enough materials you can use to support your claims.
  3. Don’t skip an outline. Prepare and review it carefully. This way, it will be easier to compose a great essay.
  4. Follow the general structure: 1 intro paragraph, 1 conclusion paragraph, and 3+ paragraphs should be for your main part. Don’t be too wordy, and keep it concise.
  5. Keep your tone professional. It is a tragedy and world classics piece, so it is better to follow a literary critique style when writing about it.
  6. Make sure your essay is logical and well readable. Review it once again upon completion.

Othello Essay Topics Ideas

Need some Othello essay prompts? Worries no, we have everything for our users. We’ve searched through various essay topics for Othello and picked several best suggestions for you:

  • Is military heroism compatible with happiness in love?
  • Passionate love and jealousy: Do they always develop together as told in this play?
  • Powerful female characters: Desdemona and Emilia.
  • Racism and Racial Prejudice in this tragedy.
  • Domestic violence is a theme in Shakespeare's play.
  • Othello and Iago: Who is a villain and who is a victim?
  • Evils of society are manifested in Iago’s character.
  • Is Othello an ideal representation of the tragic hero?
  • Transformation of characters and the techniques used to describe it. 
  • Reasons for this play's popularity throughout different periods: from the 17th to 21 century.

Read also:

If you like some ideas, try to mix them together. You can contact us if none of these Othello argumentative essay topics seem fit for your purpose. Our experienced academic writers can assist you at any stage of the writing process.


FAQ About Othello Essays

1. Are your Othello essay examples free?

Sure, we only suggest free Othello essays on this page! You can view all our samples on the platform or download them in pdf to keep everything on your computer for convenience. There is no charge for that at all! Just make sure you don’t directly copy any content from them.

2. How do you start Othello essay?

Typically, essays on Othello begin with a thesis statement. It is an excellent intro for your text if you make it strong enough. Sometimes it is better to give some context to your audience before that. E.g., you can tell readers about Shakespeare’s writing methods or his works’ importance.

3. What are the 3 steps to finding the main idea for Othello essay?

When writing essays about Othello, you could start with:

  1. Research and find similar critique articles addressing related problems.
  2. Brainstorm your thesis, making it strong and fully original.
  3. Collect valid sources that would help maintain your claim.
4. How long should the first paragraph in Othello essay be?

The first Othello essay paragraph can be 3-5 sentences long, depending on your chosen problem. An absolute minimum is one detailed sentence describing your thesis and a few words to explain its context. Above all, you should mention Othello and Desdemona there.


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