Top College Overpopulation Essay Examples & Writing Guide

Are you looking for an overpopulation essay in English? We know that you are so that is why we are here today. All samples that students can find here were donated to us by other students. So, don’t hesitate to use them because they are unlimited, free, and accessible in pdf format. But, please, read more from this guide to know exactly how students can use them and improve their academic writing once and for all.

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Overpopulation Mitigation for Communities

The world is currently experiencing rapid population growth, especially in developing and emerging countries across the globe. The global population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050 with the developing...

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Pages: 4

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Legalizing Marijuana: The Effects on Prison Overpopulation

Marijuana legalization is a topic frequently discussed in this country. Every state has its rules and restrictions regarding the cultivation, possession distribution and sale of this type of drug. Nowadays, many...

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Global Overpopulation: The World's Biggest environmental Threat

Overpopulation is a global environmental problem that we would tackle. Overpopulation is a scenario in which a geographical region has a large number of people and other living organisms beyond its capacity to...

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14 Sep 2023

Human Overpopulation as a Social Concern

Human Overpopulation as a Social Concern Human overpopulation as a social problem is simply a situation where the number of people that live in a given geographical region exceeds the required capacity taking into...

Words: 808

Pages: 3

Views: 156

14 Sep 2023

Goose Overpopulation: How to Deal With the Problem

Geese are waterfowl birds belonging to the family Anatidae. The birds are majorly monogamous and live in permanent pairs all year round. They are, however, territorial during the short nesting season. The geese occur...

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Assignment types
Academic level

What Is an Overpopulation Essay

Perhaps it is better to start with a definition of essay on overpopulation. What is this article and how do students approach it?

First and foremost, you need to understand that this article analyzes a rather current issue. Still, students can take several perspectives depending on their opinion. You are not obligated to say that this topic is a problem. If you have enough evidence, use it to prove any opinion.

With that being said, this article must focus on the growing population of humans. And how it will affect the planet in general.

  • Will it influence the environment, our life, and society?
  • Can this issue be solved by government or changed by people?
  • What would you recommend?
  • Are there any economic consequences for this issue when it comes to the global economy?

Answering these questions will help you to get started.

Free Overpopulation Essay Examples in PDF

Let’s imagine that you’re writing an article. Do you look for an example of overpopulation essay? Do you have a specific kind in mind? If your answer is positive, then you do not have a lot of options available in front of you. We have some samples of overpopulation examples.

  • Argumentative

This overpopulation argumentative essay is one of the most intriguing choices that will allow you to practice academic writing and develop an argument. So, it’s our first choice.

  • Persuasive article

If an argumentative one is not for you — try persuasive articles. They are pretty similar as students are still offering an argument. But it’ll give an opportunity to use academic language and rhetorical techniques.

  • Definition article

The definition article is our last offer for you. However, you’re not obligated to stick with these three types. Definition one is the easiest because you’re not actually arguing something. 

So, the choice is fully up to you!

Overpopulation Essay Outline

Now is a perfect time to analyze the essay on overpopulation with outline for this article. Outline, of course, differs depending on the type and style of an article you have chosen. With that being said, we give you a small example to get started.

Overpopulation paper outline


  • Offer statistics stating how many people live on this planet.
  • Give some background on how society grew.
  • Argue that ignoring this problem will lead to severe economic, social, and environmental consequences.

Main body

  • Analyze countries that suffer the most from this issue.
  • Argue about the economic consequences of the growing number of people.
  • Speak about possible environmental concerns connected with this issue.


  • Remind the readers that ignorance will only lead to more issues.
  • Summarize what you have discussed.
  • Offer some recommendations and state how this issue can be mitigated in the future.

Overpopulation Essay Introduction

If you saw our outline, you know that we will start talking in detail about an introduction of overpopulation essay first. Even though it is the first part of any article that audience sees, we do recommend writing this part after researching, outlining, and drafting your main body. 

The introduction includes the following items:

  • Hook
  • Background 
  • Thesis.

We’ll discuss a thesis in a separate section because it is crucial. Let’s focus a bit more on the hook. There are several things that will do great for a hook. In this case, statistics will do a fantastic job. Of course, students can also use rhetorical questions, data, or a simple but intriguing statement. It’s completely up to you!

Introduction to overpopulation essay

According to United Nation estimations the world population currently stands at 7.3 billion people.  It is safe to say the population has been increasing and there has been overpopulation in many parts of the world.  Overpopulation has been described as the worst threat to the earth because the current population is too much for the earth. The overpopulation in developing countries is as a result of high birth rates.

Overpopulation Essay Thesis Statement

As we mentioned before, overpopulation essay thesis examples are one of the most important bits of any article. It is the last sentence of any introduction. However, it might get tricky because you only have a little bit of space to say everything you want. Therefore, be mindful of the word count and arguments. Besides, you need to mention all the points or at least the majority of them that you will discuss in your main body paragraphs. With that being said, if you have a good thesis statement, everything else will not be a problem. 

Remember, quality over quantity.

Thesis for overpopulation paper 

Overflow in the number of people can have economic, social, and environmental consequences without proper treatment.

Overpopulation Essay Body Paragraph

Next on our list is definitely a traditional main body paragraph on overpopulation essay. We think that main body is not as complicated as introduction or conclusion. Nevertheless, you still have to keep up with a lot of evidence and proof. Therefore, we advise students to have a proper outline before they start writing. And check more than one cause and effect essay sample pdf.

A normal main body is usually around 80% of an article. At the same time, your introduction and conclusion each take 10%. As students can see, any main body is the biggest part. Thus, students should be definitely mindful of the evidence they are using there.

The rest will not be complicated. Just remember that here we are still talking about academic writing. Therefore, language and tone should be fitting. 

Example of overpopulation paragraph

According to Malthus theory of population there is a principle that states that the population when unchecked, increases in geometrical ratio, and subsistence for man in an arithmetical ratio (Dean, 2015). This can be used to describe a situation that is happening in developing countries that are experiencing population explosion. The principle means that the human population is doubling within a particular period but food production is only increasing in minimal units. This means that when the population grows larger the production of food is rarely increasing. Therefore there is a threat of food scarcity in these countries.

Overpopulation Essay Conclusion

Of course, we cannot go anywhere else without mentioning a conclusion of overpopulation essay. This is the last part of any article. Therefore, make it count. The conclusion is quite similar to your introduction. You'll also need to paraphrase your thesis, summarize the main points and think about your final statement. 

There are different ways students can execute your final statement. The majority of students prefer to use recommendations for their last sentence. It is after all a very good technique and a memorable one which is important. Still, it is always up to you what you want to use. The only thing that is actually important is that whatever you are writing actually leaves an impression. If you manage to succeed, there will be no issue whatsoever to be remembered. We also advise to look at problem and solution essay examples in our library.

Conclusion for overpopulation essay

The world’s increasing population is a problem that has led to environmental stress, climate change, biodiversity loss and a lot of pressure on the available resources. The question of the world's overpopulation can be solved by reversal of the population growth by voluntary political and individual will to act on the problem. Politically, the governments can take urgent measures and increase resources to the provision of contraception and education concerning the dangers that come along with the increasing population. Individually, couples should decide to reduce their families to a smaller size for instance to have not more than two children per family. The human population reduction will reduce the stretch for resources to manageable levels.

How to Write an Overpopulation Essay

Our final part of this journey is definitely a step-by-step guide to help you write the best possible essay on overpopulation in world out there. So, make sure to check it out before going anywhere else. 

Step-by-step guide

  • Check samples

You heard it before but browsing an overpopulation essay pdf as your sample will be an excellent way to start your academic writing journey. It will take only a couple of minutes, but be totally worth it in the end. All samples you will find in our database, be it 5 paragraph essay about immigration or climate change essay at StudyBounty.

  • Choose a topic

Once you have that in the back, go ahead and start choosing a topic. Depending on word count, you will have different possibilities with this. Of course, it should be narrow enough for your paper. 

  • Create an outline

Please, never skip this step. Outlining is one of the best things students can do for a successful paper. It is as simple as that. 

  • Write and revise

Last but not least, sit down and write! It will not be easy, but you might as well enjoy yourself. Prioritize your tasks and start now.


FAQ About Overpopulation Essays

1. What is overpopulation short essay?

This article is a short overpopulation essay in English that is usually five paragraphs long. The minimum article length can be 100 words or 150 words. Here you are asked to analyze whether our planet can handle rapid growth in the number of people living here. Students can also analyze whether there can be any social, economic, political, or environmental consequences to the current issue. Overall, there are different senses students can take on this topic.

2. Why is overpopulation essay so important?

These essays on overpopulation will help you bring more awareness. Even if you’re writing it for college or high school, the more we talk about this issue, the more awareness grows. We cannot fight a current problem if no one knows about it. Therefore, it is crucial for you to find compelling arguments and evidence to prove that this issue truly exists. Offer solutions and ways of their development.

3. How to start an essay on overpopulation?

This essay about overpopulation can start with a hook. In the majority of cases, we like to start articles with rhetorical questions. However, considering that it is a highly academic subject, statistics might be better. For example, students can offer information about how many people actually live on this planet compared to the previous entry. But anything that grabs attention will do just fine.

4. How do I write a good essay on overpopulation?

Students should check samples of these overpopulation essays in pdf first. Truly, it is one of the best first steps students can take. After you have seen efficient examples, continue by researching and outlining if you already have a topic in mind. Once you have a topic, evidence, and outline you can start by writing your main body. The last steps involve writing an introduction and conclusion as well as editing and proofreading. Here’s how you write a perfect article!


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