Vietnam War Essay: Writing Guide With Examples

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Vietnam War: The Dispatches by Michael Herr

Vietnam War: _ The Dispatches_ by Michael Herr Platoon , film inspired by Oliver Stone, portrays a close-to-real-life experience of the Vietnamese War. The movie sets a tone that shows a true picture of what many...

Words: 867

Pages: 3

Views: 112

The European and American involvement in Vietnam war

THE EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN INVOLVEMENT IN VIETNAM WAR Introduction At the center of American misconceptions lies the belief that the U.S involvement in the Vietnam War was for a noble purpose to save Vietnamese...

Words: 2040

Pages: 6

Views: 146

16 Sep 2023
Military Science

Time to Reconnect with the Vietnam Veterans

War is tragic as past incidents prove. The Vietnam War is one of the few ways that have left a bitter taste in Americans’ tongues due to the issues of the illegitimate murder of innocent civilians and the over 1,600...

Words: 862

Pages: 3

Views: 115

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16 Sep 2023

The Wall and the Vietnam War: A History

In The Wall, Joseph Krivda (2015) shares his views regarding the symbolic role that the Vietnam War Memorial (the Wall) serves. The predominant sense/image that he presents is that the wall is representative of...

Words: 348

Pages: 1

Views: 196

The Vietnam War: American Public Opinion

Several intriguing questions come to a person’s thought system while talking about the long and bloody war in Vietnam. One tends to wonder whether the American involvement in the Vietnam War was justified. On the one...

Words: 609

Pages: 2

Views: 146

15 Sep 2023

The Vietnam War: A History from Beginning to End

The use of drugs during the Vietnam war was unethical since it let to an upsurge in the use of illicit substances. According to Windle (2016), there was an increase in the usage of heroin among the troops which later...

Words: 330

Pages: 1

Views: 112

The Cold War and the Vietnam War

This war (cold war) was as a result of rivalry that arose after the World War II, mostly because the Soviet Union decided that it wanted to be the major influencer of various worldly goals such as promoting democracy...

Words: 669

Pages: 2

Views: 229

Vietnam War Speeches

Vietnam War Speeches The Vietnam War is among the most divisive events in America. America had the choice of supporting the Vietnamese to get their independence or to remain neutral in the troublesome event....

Words: 996

Pages: 3

Views: 403

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The Vietnam War: A History from Beginning to End

Herring depicts that the United States made South Vietnamese become over- reliant on foreign aid for them to survive; they did not teach the Vietnamese how to provide for themselves (Herring, 2014). Also, the United...

Words: 290

Pages: 1

Views: 89

The United States’ Stand on the Civil Rights Movements and the Vietnam War

During the 1950s and 960s, the United States of America experienced a dramatic change in its perspective of the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War, influenced by political and technological developments. The...

Words: 601

Pages: 2

Views: 95


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Free Vietnam War Essay Examples

Writing a Vietnam War short essay can be challenging since you’re gonna discuss America's ignominious conflict which divided the country. Although the outcome was tragic, there's no doubt it continues to be a pertinent topic for any Vietnam War paper. This bitter, long-running battle went on for almost four decades. The world looked very different during that time. Many survivors are still alive today. It has changed the perception of a military conflict by shaping American and international thinking. All of this can be turned into a topic for your new academic paper.

StudyBounty offers you a library of free essay samples. You will find different essays with various international relations essay topics. Download them in pdf format and browse through them both online and offline. You won’t be disappointed!

High School Vietnam War Essay

Vietnam War essay for grade 12 in pdf download is available at StudyBounty’s sample library. Use them to boost your inspiration or check out how you can properly format your own work.

After all, this type of paper can be challenging to approach. This topic was well-publicized and had a profound impact on the history and culture of America. The conflict was fought between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Australia and the United States were involved. They had formed an alliance in 1959. The conflict was long and expensive and further intensified by the cold war. Students from high schools should know about this military conflict, its consequences, and how it ended. 

You can download a Vietnam War essay for 5th grade from our website. Just use a filter to find your perfect sample, and you’re good to go.

College Vietnam War Essay

There are many Vietnam War argumentative essay topics you can examine for your paper. It was a well-researched theme with lots of evidence from both academic articles and live witnesses. But if you’re going to write a Vietnam War reflection essay, you need to know the basics of the conflict and its significance on behalf of the US. You can also write that Vietnam was under French occupation before the Cold War. Do not forget to look at an example of reflection essay we have in our library.

This conflict was complicated. It can be a challenge to describe it in a single argumentative essay on Vietnam War. You can write about why the conflict started and what were its driving forces. Explain that the country was divided between opposing sides of communist north forces and south forces. Discuss that both national and international controversy arose from the conflict. And of course, you can check out our process analysis examples to see how you can do all of it.

What Is a Vietnam War Essay

What is a definition of essay on Vietnam War? It is an informational, argumentative, narrative, or any other kind of academic paper about an international conflict. Communist North Vietnam battled the South Vietnamese. This fight escalated into a costly and bitter conflict that grew worse during the cold war. This Vietnam War has been the subject many essays were written about. It is undoubtedly one of history's most interesting military conflicts.

There’s a lot to write about when it comes to this topic. You can explain how this conflict left behind a legacy of psychological and physical handicapping as well as cultural fractures. Numerous films have documented events in Vietnam and the sacrifices made by soldiers.

Vietnam War Essay Outline

A sample of the Vietnam War essay outline is great to help you with avoiding mistakes during your writing. It will assist you in distributing the importance of your main theme equally among all subthemes. With its help, you can create a coherent narrative. Make sure your title reflects the way your position and methodological approach will be taken. 

But if you need a visual example, here you go:

Outline for Vietnam War essay


  • Hook: Pick your audience’s interest with a relatable story, a quote, etc.
  • Thesis statement.

Body Paragraph #1: Military conflict beginning

  • How did it start? Why? When?
  • How was America involved?
  • How did the US escalate the conflict?

Body Paragraph #2: Build up

  • Who were major figures in this conflict?
  • Where were major battles?
  • What was considered to be the crisis in this conflict?

Body Paragraph #3: Consequences

  • When did it end?
  • What were economical/political consequences and casualties for all involved parties?
  • What were/are consequences for the veterans [today]?


  • Restate your thesis statement.
  • Concluding sentence.

Vietnam War Essay Introduction

Your introduction of Vietnam War essay can start with a simple statement. State that it was an intricate conflict that began in 1954. It eventually led to an international conflict. Many historians, students, and others have done extensive research to gain more information. It can greatly assist you with your own research. 

A key to writing a perfect introduction to the Vietnam War paper is to grab your audience’s attention. Do it with a well-crafted hook. It can be anything from a relatable and topical story to a good quote. Then, include your thesis statement. Remember to use transitional words to make sure that your introductory paragraph blends seamlessly into your main body part.

Also, be sure to check out this sample below. 

Essay on Vietnam War introduction example

The Vietnam War entailed a cold-war period in Vietnam that emanated from 1955. It is necessary to affirm that the Northern Vietnam and the Viet Cong regimes were fighting to reunite the country against communists. The conflict was identified as a colonial war against French and American forces. However, it later escalated to South Vietnam. Evidently, sentimental imperialism is present throughout the conflict. It is correct to affirm that Asia has evolved in many ways and interacted with many nations. However, the interaction with America was different because of the special U.S foreign policy. In this case, the policy is not related to the material conditions of the other countries. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the Vietnam War and identify the facilitation of sentimental imperialism from America.

Vietnam War Essay Thesis Statement

It isn’t obvious but the overall quality of an academic paper can depend on your thesis statement. In our case, it is a thesis statement for Vietnam War essay. This will be the backbone of your entire work. It should be discussed and supported by arguments in the main body.

One example of a good thesis statement can be about this conflict’s effects on US economics. After all, it had a devastating effect on American society. It rekindled tensions in society and altered government work. It raised moral questions as well. It has prompted questions of morality in many nations. Many works on Vietnam focus on factors that contributed to this military conflict and its aftermath. Compare the life of a vet with the one of a soldier. It helps highlight this war's cruelty. Or discuss stages of Mao's rebellion to a military conflict.

Do you need great Vietnam War thesis statement examples? Take a look at this one:

Vietnam War, before Afghanistan, was one the most violent, divisive conflicts in US History that left many psychological handicaps, cultural divides, and many other marks.

Vietnam War Essay Body Paragraph

In your main Vietnam War essay paragraph, you can write about different events of this conflict. You can write about different ways it affected surrounding nations. For example, the influx of Vietnamese refugees forced all neighboring countries to support them during this military conflict. Or you can explain that chemicals used by Americans had caused pollution of the environment. Thus, it created health hazards. 

This paragraph should cover all effects of this conflict. Explain how its consequences forced America to change its foreign policy. Discuss its negative impact on millions of Americans' lives. This also affected the public's confidence in their government. However, this military conflict shaped many people's values

Take a look at our proposed sample.

Example of Vietnam War essay body paragraph

The eruption of the Vietnam War is associated with a certain course of incidents. Throughout World War II, Japan had colonized Vietnam. However, the country had been under French rule since the late 19th century. Ho Chi Minh initiated a league that was aimed at restoring the independence of Vietnam by fighting both the Japan and French colonial rule. However, Japan withdrew its forces in 1945 and left another emperor to be in control of Vietnam. Immediately, Minh’s forces arose and seized the northern city of Hanoi. Additionally, he declared the Democratic Republic of Vietnam with Ho as the president.

Vietnam War Essay Conclusion

Your conclusion of Vietnam War essay must be memorable for two reasons. First, it will be easier for your audience to research further the topic you’ve brought up. Second, it was a major military problem deserving proper attention and respect. To conclude your paper, sum up main causes of this military conflict. Review effects on the country and balance of powers in the international community.

Avoid using generalized language when concluding your academic paper. You should revisit an original question at the end. Restate your thesis statement. This way your readers can see all context. It will help make a decision about whether your essay is worthwhile reading.

Check out this sample for a better understanding.

Example of Vietnam War conclusion for an essay

Although the foreign policy is based on high moral standards, the sentimental imperialism did not favor the well-being of both Vietnam and America. Non-sentimental imperialists are better than sentimental ones. It is worth mentioning that if the U.S. was non-sentimental imperialist, it could have benefited both Northern and Southern Vietnam. In essence, peace talks would have helped in creating an agreement between the two factions. Other forms of conflict solving models could have been applied instead of war. The foreign policy should have been constructed in a way that benefited all the parties. It is pertinent to mention that the foreign policy of a country should aim at the well-being of other countries.

Great Vietnam War Essay Topics for Free

Do you want to get great essay topics on Vietnam War for free? Here you are! The list below contains several amazing ideas about this conflict. We have prepared it for you. You will find a number of topics including short answers to questions and more detailed research. Start with these topics! They will be a huge help in writing a good essay. Remember to make more detailed and comprehensive research. So, you’ll succeed in your assignment.  

We collected these 10 great Vietnam War essay titles for you:

  1. Vietnam War veterans would rather not speak of their experience.
  2. World War II and Vietnam War: Prisoners treatment.
  3. Vietnam War: Controversial military conflict in American history.
  4. Issue of civilians in Vietnam during this conflict.
  5. Why it was an unsuccessful effort by United States against communism.
  6. Political/social context of the end of this War in America and Vietnam.
  7. Vietnam War: Its economic devastation and Vietnam's general stability.
  8. Differences and similarities between World War II and Vietnam War.
  9. A comparison of Iraqi and Vietnam War in US foreign policy and security.
  10. A summary of symbolism in “A Rumor of War” novel by Phillip Caputo.

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FAQ About Vietnam War Essays

1. Are your Vietnam War essay examples free?

Yes, we offer you only free essays on Vietnam War! You don’t have to pay a dime to browse through them. You also don’t have to register or set up a new account. Just visit our website and use the filter. Find a paper sample perfectly suited just for you!

2. What was the Vietnam War about short summary?

A Vietnam War summary essay must explain exactly what was in its name – a short summary of the conflict. There, you can explain what were the prerequisites for the conflict, who were the major figures, and what and when were the turning points/crisis parts.

3. How to start a Vietnam War essay?

Starting an essay on the Vietnam War is fairly easy. A complicated part is finding the right topic you’d like to write about. Do detailed research and choose a few titles that sound good. Then, choose the one you would like to write your essay about. Start creating an outline while doing additional and more detailed research on your topic. By doing this, you’ll be able to add more arguments and topic sentences to your outline. Once you’re done, start writing your paper.

4. Can I use your Vietnam War essay samples?

No, you can't since all of our essays on the Vietnam War have a 100% plagiarism score. Our samples are already posted on the Internet. Moreover, they were submitted by your fellow students which will make you have to deal with authorship and copyrights.


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